tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Peaceful Investigation

A Peaceful Investigation


This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real person or entity are entirely coincidental and unintended.


Within a month or so, Liz and I had more-or-less settled into our new home. We had also been welcomed to the small community and outed to our neighbors as nudists. (see A New Investigation). We soon resumed our running routine. Since the developer who had built our cul-de-sac had gone bust before he could finish the development of which it was meant to be a part, there was really nothing around us. Liz and I could run four or five miles without seeing anyone save for an occasional car on the state highway that led to our cul-de-sac.

Before long, however, we started seeing Lisa and Grant running fairly frequently. Since we seemed to have similar running habits to theirs, I suppose that it was natural that the four of us started running together. The four of us had been running together four mornings a week for a couple of weeks when something changed our routine.

It started with an offhand comment from Grant. The four of us had put in a reasonably fast six miles one Thursday morning. We had finished up on the Coopers' back patio, and were taking on water when Grant said, "Shit. This place is so deserted, we could run naked and no one would see us."

Lisa turned to Liz. "Have you two ever run naked?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, we have," Liz answered.

"How was it?" Lisa asked.

"Great," Liz responded. "I actually prefer it to running clothed."

Lisa grinned. "You know, Grant's right. We could run naked. Are you up for it?"

Thinking that Lisa and Grant would never follow through, I said, "Of course. It's no big deal for us."

Grant said, "Let's not push our luck. How about just after dark? Say Saturday around 10:00 p.m.? We can leave from here and run the route we used today."

I looked at Liz, who just smiled. "Sure," I replied.

"Great!" Lisa exclaimed. "It's a date. No one takes any clothing with us. We'll see your bare asses Saturday night."

As Liz and I were walking back up the street to our house to shower and get ready for work, I asked "Do you think Lisa and Grant are serious?"

"I think," Liz replied, "that, if we show up ready to go through with it, they will because they'll not want to back down in front of us."

"I don't know," I said. "Sure, they've gone nude with us around their pool, but that's a lot different than running through the neighborhood naked."

"I guess we'll find out," Liz said with a smile.

Saturday night, Liz and I walked down our street to the Coopers' in our running gear. Liz had brought her little fanny pack into which she had put a small flashlight, spray can of mace and an extendable baton, just in case. You could do a lot of damage with the baton if you knew what you were doing, and Liz did.

We rang the Coopers' doorbell just before ten. It was almost dark. Lisa answered the door. "I thought you might chicken out," she said with a smile. "Grant, Liz and Harry are here," she called out. To us, Lisa said "come on back." She led us through their house to the back patio where we usually started our runs. Lisa was wearing a tank top and nylon running shorts. I thought that she was swishing her butt a bit more than necessary.

On the Coopers' patio, we pulled water bottles out of a cooler and drank. After a couple of minutes, Grant came out in a tee shirt and gym shorts. He looked a bit sheepish. "Are we seriously going to do this?" he asked.

"Of course!" Lisa responded enthusiastically.

The four of us stood there looking at each other for a minute or so. Finally, Liz said, "Time's wasting" and pulled off her top. Naturally, Liz had nothing on under her top. Even in the dim light coming from inside the house, Liz's breasts looked fantastic as always. I pulled my tee shirt over my head as Liz pushed down her shorts and pulled them off over her shoes. I quickly did the same. Liz and I stood there, nude except for our shoes and Liz's fanny pack.

Lisa giggled and said, "I guess that means that it's our turn." Lisa took a deep breath and pulled her top over her head. Like Liz, she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Even in the dim light, Lisa's erect nipples were noticeable. Lisa pushed down her shorts and worked them over her shoes. While she wasn't Liz, Lisa was a very attractive woman when she was naked. Lisa giggled, "Come on Grant. The rest of us are naked."

Grant said, "Shit" and pulled off his tee shirt. Grant pushed down his shorts and the compression shorts he wore underneath. Grant was just a bit excited. Lisa bounced over to her husband, kissed him, squeezed his dick, and giggled, "Are you pointing the way Dear?"

Nude, the four of us started stretching. Of course, Grant and I were both watching the girls. The girls knew that and seemed to enjoy it. We probably stretched more than was really necessary. Finally, Liz straightened up and said, "Ok. Show's over. Let's run." She took off at a reasonable pace in the direction that ran behind our and our neighbors' backyards. Grant and I let Lisa follow Liz, and we both followed Lisa.

For a moment, I was just focused on Liz's and Lisa's bare asses. However, as we ran behind our neighbors' houses, I became almost giddy with the feeling of doing something slightly naughty. We had been nude outside a great deal, but that had been either in places where nudity was accepted or where we were unlikely to be seen. Now, we were just running naked through the neighborhood.

I could see lights on and people moving inside most of the houses. Patti and Jeff Nash lived next to us. Although it was largely dark, I vaguely thought that I saw someone on the Nashes' back patio as we ran by. We ran out to the road, took a right, and started the main part of the run. After a few minutes, I stopped thinking about being naked and just focused on my running. We went along the road for about two miles and then turned down what was meant as another cul de sac. A dirt road into the scrub was as far as that one had gotten. Running on the dirt was a nice change from the pavement.

The would-be cul de sac ran about a half mile, ending in a stand of trees. It was very dark under the trees. We stopped for a moment to catch our breath. Liz came up and kissed me in the dark. She was sweating. Her bare skin felt wet, very warm, and very wonderful. Lisa giggled, "This is great! I'm never running with clothes on again! Now, let's really push it going back!" The shape which I took to be Lisa took off at almost a sprint. I heard Grant exhale and saw a shape start running after the first shape. Liz reached between my legs and gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

I patted Liz on her bare ass and started running. Liz followed. We didn't go out at the frenetic pace Lisa had started with, but we didn't dog it either. We caught up with Lisa and Grant where the dirt road met the paved main road. Lisa was no longer sprinting, but she set a brisk pace and held it all the way back to our cul de sac. The lady was in shape. The four of us were probably an amusing sight with tits and dicks bouncing. However, there was no one out on the road to see us. I was a little disappointed.

We used last portion of the run, behind the row of houses including ours, as a warm-down. It was fairly dark, but I again thought that I saw someone on the Nashes' back patio. Oh well. If they saw us, I hoped that they enjoyed the view.

Back in the Coopers' backyard, we all needed several minutes to get our wind back. Even that late in the evening, it was still warm and we were all dripping sweat. Once Lisa got her wind back, she was almost giddy, exclaiming how great it was to run naked. She hugged and kissed Liz. Then Lisa hugged and kissed me. In spite of, or maybe because of, her body drenched in sweat, I really enjoyed Lisa's bare hug.

After we had all sucked down a lot of water, Grant asked "Anyone want a beer?" Beer sounded good right then, so Liz and I both said yes. Grant went inside and came back with four beers.

As we stood sipping our beers, Liz said, "Lisa, since you enjoyed it so much, we'll have to do this again."

Lisa jumped on that idea. "Absolutely! Let's do a naked run at least weekly. But, you know, I'd really like to try it in daylight."

Liz laughed. "Are you hoping that someone will see you?"

"Maybe," Lisa replied coquettishly.

"With my luck, we'd be seen by the Sheriff," Grant groused.

"Lighten up sweetheart," Lisa replied, "Liz and Harry are cops. They have a 'get-out-of-jail-free' card."

Liz laughed again. "I'd not count on that, but this area doesn't seem to be a high priority for patrol. I'd say that our risk is fairly low."

"So you're up for a daylight run?" Lisa asked. Assuming the response, she continued, "Great! How about 9:30 next Saturday morning? It will be hot, but not beastly yet."

Liz looked at me. I shrugged, indicating that it was her call. To Lisa, Liz said, "Okay. It should be fun. Remember sunscreen." Turning to me, Liz said, "Harry, are you about ready to go?" Liz paused and then said to Grant, "Damn. Beer on top of all the water. I need to pee. May I use your bathroom?"

Lisa interrupted. "Screw the bathroom. Just squat in the yard. I need to pee too. Let's go." Lisa took Liz's hand and led her out into the yard. Liz looked back at me. I shrugged again.

Lisa walked a few feet out into her yard, squatted down, and started pissing. She said, "Guys, it's ok, you can look." So we did. After a moment, Liz squatted and joined Lisa.*

Grant quietly said to me, "I don't know about you, but I don't really get off watching a woman piss. Lisa's on a roll tonight."

I quietly replied, "I'm with you, but humor her and you'll probably get laid once we leave."

Grant smiled. "I'm counting on it."

After Liz and Lisa finished their business, Liz and I picked up our clothes and walked back up the cul de sac to our house. I don't know about Lisa and Grant, but Liz and I had great fun the rest of the evening.

The next day, Sunday, I was sitting in our front yard trying to make a dent in the weed collection when I heard "Uh hum." I looked up to see Patti Nash, our next door neighbor, standing over me. Liz and I hadn't yet gotten to know Patti and Jeff very well. They were, I thought, our age, give or take a year or two.

Patti was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She had great legs and, I knew for previous encounters, what looked like a nice tight ass. Her breasts were a bit small, but pleasing. She had short blond hair, large blue eyes, and a wide mouth. I don't think that you'd call her face beautiful, but it was both humorous and sexy.

"Mr. Stone," Patti started in a severe tone, "was that you, your wife, and the Coopers whom I saw, not once but twice last night, running naked behind our house?"

Busted. I didn't know Patti well enough to know whether or not she was really upset. Still, I really had no choice but to own up. "It was," I admitted.

Patti frowned. "I am extremely offended."

I thought, "Oh shit. Life here will be much less fun if we have prudes for neighbors."

Still frowning, Patti said, "What offends me most," and she paused. Then, Patti broke into a smile, "Is that you didn't invite Jeff and me. The next time you guys decide to go running with no clothes on, we want to come too."

Being a guy, I suppose, I couldn't help but imagine what Patti looked like naked. She read my mind. With a smile now turned sexy, she cocked a hip and said, "Jeff thinks I'm pretty good, but you'll never see me if you don't invite us."

My admiration for Patti was increasing dramatically. "Well, "I said, "we've decided that our next naked run will be at 9:30 next Saturday morning."

Patti thought for a moment. "Daytime, huh? Even that early, it will be too hot to get a really serious run, but it ought to be fun. Yeah, we're in if you'll have us."

"I'll have to talk to Liz, Lisa, and Grant; but I can't imagine why any of them would object."

"Great. Thank you," Patti replied. "I'm looking forward to seeing more of you." She grinned, turned, and walked back to her house. Her lovely ass did a pronounced wiggle as she walked away.

I went inside our house and found Liz. "Uh, Dear, here's a bit of news. Patti Nash just came up to me in the yard. She saw us running last night. She and her husband want to run with us next Saturday."

Liz smiled. "That's great! Let me call Lisa just to make sure that it's okay with them." Liz picked her cell phone off of the counter and dialed. I heard Liz explain the situation to Lisa. After Liz ended the call, she told me, "Lisa says that, if they're serious, she's happy to have them. I don't think that she bothered to ask Grant."

I got home from work late the next Friday night. Liz wasn't home yet. I had just gotten out of my clothes when the front doorbell rang. Looking out a window, I saw that it was Jeff Nash. I thought "If they're running with us tomorrow morning, he might as well see me nude now." I went to the door, opened it, and invited Jeff in.

Jeff stepped inside. After a moment, he asked, "Do you and Liz stay naked all the time at home?"

"Pretty much," I answered. Pointing to some shorts and tee shirts we had hanging by the door, I continued, "We usually dress to answer the door. I figured that didn't matter if you and Patti are coming with us tomorrow morning. I hope that I'm not offending you."

"No, no offense at all. That's why I came over. This run is still on?"

"Yes," I said. "We meet at the Coopers and leave from their backyard. Don't forget sunscreen."

"Ok, good," Jeff responded. "We haven't gone naked in public much. There was a nude beach where we went on our honeymoon. But, Patti saw you guys last Saturday night and decided that we ought to start going naked more. She's really enthused about it. What's it like?"

"Running naked is a great experience," I replied. "The breeze on your body feels wonderful. There is also a thrill to it. Breaking the taboo and the risk of getting caught, I suppose."

"Do I have to keep looking at the ground?"

I laughed. "No. If you are naked with other people, you've pretty much committed to the idea that people are going to see you naked. I know Liz, and I think Lisa, would be offended only if you don't look. They'll be looking at you, I can promise."

Jeff was a big fit-looking guy, a bit bigger than me. I guessed that he had an athletic background. He smiled. "So, there is a showoff element to this?"

"Of course," I answered.

"Patti will like that," Jeff said.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Well, Patti is definitely the leader on this idea, but I'm ok with it. New experience and all that. Besides, who'd turn down a chance to see Liz Stone and Lisa Cooper naked, no offense."

"None taken," I said. "I enjoy seeing Liz naked too and she enjoys being seen naked."

"Do you enjoy being seen naked?" Jeff asked me.

"Yes, I do," I replied. "I haven't figured out how to articulate the reasons, but there is something pleasurable about being seen naked by other people."

"That's good," Jeff laughed. "I think Patti is going to be checking you out. Hey, thanks for answering my questions. I won't take any more of your time. I'll see you, and I guess you'll see me, tomorrow morning."

Jeff left. He seemed like a decent guy. I reported the conversation to Liz when she got home. "Maybe I'm feeling a bit naughty tonight," Liz said, "but I'm looking forward to getting Patti and Jeff involved. Just seeing him out in their yard, Jeff reminds me a little of you. I think that it will be fun to have him seeing me and I'm going to enjoy Patti ogling you."

You understand why I love Liz? We never fixed dinner that night, but I ate nonetheless.

Lisa, Grant, Liz, and I were in the Coopers' backyard and were already naked when Patti and Jeff walked up in their running gear the next morning. Patti and Jeff stopped once they saw the four of us naked. After they had both given us a good look, Patti said, "I think that we're in the right place. Jeff, Dear, I think that we are overdressed. We need to fix that."

Patti pulled her shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her breasts were small, but not unattractive. Patti turned around, intending to show off her best asset I suppose, and pushed down her running shorts. Again, she wore nothing underneath. As I had suspected, Patti's ass was perfect and, together with her firm legs, more than made up for any fault one might find with her chest.

I had been so focused on watching Patti undress that I was oblivious to the fact that Jeff was undressing too. When I finally followed Liz's gaze, Jeff was nude. He was a big man with muscular shoulders, chest, and thighs. I slight bit of fat was accumulating around his waist, but we all fight that. You also could not h help noticing that his dick, while not very long, was extraordinarily thick.

Patti and Jeff started stretching. Lisa interrupted, "Uh, sunscreen?"

"Shit!" Patti declared. "I left it on the damned counter!"

Liz reached into her belly pack and pulled out our bottle. "Use ours," she said as she handed the bottle to Patti. The four of us watched unabashedly as Patti and Jeff covered every bit of each other with sunscreen.

We all stretched for a time. Of course, Grant and I were watching Patti while Jeff's attention was divided between Liz and Lisa. Patti seemed to be watching me as intently as I was watching her. She smiled at me a couple of times.

Done stretching, we all stood. Patti said, "You guys lead the way."

We let Lisa and Grant take the lead. Liz and I paced ourselves with Patti and Jeff. Running along the back of the lots towards the state highway was the warm-up part of the run. While it hadn't seemed that hot before, the heat seemed to intensify exponentially within seconds after we started. The couple who lived in the house nearest the highway on our side of the cul de sac was out in their back yard as we jogged past. Patti waved. God knows what they thought about their six naked neighbors.

Once we reached the two-lane state highway, Lisa increased the pace. That lasted about a hundred yards. The heat was really bad. Running in the daylight appealed to our exhibitionistic sides, but it was not a good idea. Nonetheless, we all slogged on about a mile along our regular route until Lisa stopped.

"Shit," Lisa said. "This heat is kicking my ass." We were all suffering. A couple of cars went past, but no one honked or said anything. I did wonder what the drivers thought on coming upon six people bent over beside the road who were wearing only running shoes.

Liz was the first of us to, sort of, recover. She came over, smacked my ass, and said, "Okay, let's take it back easy." Liz started off on a jog and I joined her. Lisa and Grant and Patti and Jeff fell in behind.

About 400 yards from our cul de sac, the highway (actually a two-lane unlimited access road), made a large, sweeping curve. As we rounded the curve, I saw a light bar atop the oncoming car. "Shit," I thought, "now we're getting arrested." Seeing the words "Sarasota County Sheriff" painted on the car as it went past didn't ease my anxiety. To my astonishment, the car didn't even slow down. (Although I didn't know it then, the driver was a female deputy who later became a friend of ours and joined a few of our naked runs.)

No one was out as we dragged our way from the highway behind the lots in our "development." As we came up behind Patti and Jeff's house, Patti said, "Let's stop here." That suggestion was immediately adopted.

Lisa, Grant, Liz, and I stood in the shade with sweat pouring onto Patti and Jeff's back patio while Patti and Jeff went inside. They were back in a short time with a tub full of bottled water and Gatorade. God love them!

Once we had all recovered, Patti said, "We can all clean off in the outdoor shower." She walked over to a wooden enclosure built off of the back wall of their house. I had assumed that it concealed HVAC equipment. Patti opened a door and I could see that it was, indeed, a shower enclosure.

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