tagFetishA Pee Lust Story Ch. 01

A Pee Lust Story Ch. 01


The evening had been relaxed, fairly informal, vanilla even. He had made a simple and elegant meal and he and his sub lounged over the last of a bottle of unoaked chardonnay from a local vinyard. Normally when she came over they jumped straight into the fun and games but tonight he'd decided to go a bit more slowly. Maybe even get to know her a bit better outside of the bedroom.

Although she didn't possess super model good looks, his new sub was by no means unattractive. At 5'5" with a curvy, voluptuous body, she fit more than comfortably in his arms. She had very soft, extremely fair and as he was learning slowly, extraordinarily markable skin. No question her best attributes were her legs, ass and pussy.

He had originally contacted her via Fetlife because of those very attributes. In browsing through profiles of local submissive women he had run into hers. A brief glance had shown that on paper she matched what he was looking for. Just a few years younger than his 40 years, sub, well written profile with a link to Literotica and more writing. Then he clicked her pictures link.

Damn. The first, her profile picture was fairly tame, if hot. A shot of her shapely, well muscled but slim legs. Number two was a black and white of her... from behind... bending over. What an ass. Just looking at it got him hard and imagining her hands, reaching behind and pulling those cheeks apart for him. Presenting him with her small, tight asshole.

No imagination was needed for that. The third picture was something he hadn't seen often, if ever, on Fetlife. A pussy shot. Not a full body with a hint of pussy, not a convoluted sex position that offered a good view of the pussy. Just a beautiful, straight up image of her cunt and asshole. Nothing else. The fact that this woman was even willing to put up such a flagrantly sexual picture was hot. So he messaged her.

A little over a month later they were still in the early stages, but things were showing promise. Where their kinks didn't exactly match both had shown willingness to compromise. And where they did match... well, explosively hot was a reasonable description.

And now, after a nice dinner that included some actual conversation, she cuddled in his arms as he stroked her soft hair. It was comfy, warm and affectionate but eventually he had to move.

Removing his arm from her shoulders, he rose whispering in her ear, "I'll just be a minute, pet," and strode quickly to the bathroom.

As was he custom, he went to the en suite off his master bedroom instead of the main bath. It was large for a second bathroom, decorated in muted tones and tasteful fixtures. The centre piece, in his opinion, was the tub sized, walk in shower enclosure. It was ideal for his tastes and he hoped to make good use of it with his new toy.

Over the toilet, unzipping and letting his mind wander, he was interrupted just as he was about to start by a soft rustling.

He looked quickly over his should and there she was. With her hand on the door frame and her head peeking around, spying in fact, she looked younger than her years, especially as the flush of embarrassment rushed to her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, looking down and letting her shoulder length hair fall across her face. He noticed that she had unconsciously clasped her hands behind her back, a sure sign that she was feeling submissive.

A moment of thought and then he released his flaccid but rapidly thickening cock and held out his hand to her. "Come here."

She looked up, startled, and opened her mouth. To say what he never knew because she closed it and took three slow, silent steps to him. He pulled her to his side and took her small right hand in his. Pausing for a few seconds, he looked at their hands. Hers ridiculously tiny in comparison to his own, soft, almost childish, and relished the thought of what was about to happen. As he placed her hand on his dick, he felt her other arm creep hesitantly around his waist.

"Hold it here and point." He tried to keep his voice light, conversational, uninvolved. It was a struggle with the tidal surge of lust rising right to his throat and he gritted his teeth to keep the sexual growl out of his tone as he released his piss.

As it started to flow he was watching her. Eyes widening and her left arm tightening around him, she whispered, "Oh! You can feel it coming out."

They watched it together, he head against his shoulder, his against hers. He had never felt closer and wished that it could last longer but there is only so much and far too soon it trickled down to the last drops.

"Shake it." She did. He was about to direct her through tucking and zipping when she unexpectedly dropped to her knees before him. Looking down at her, slightly stunned, he met her gaze, mischievous, while she stuck her tongue out and with the very point, licked the miniscule droplet of pee that clung to his piss hole.

Unable to control himself, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her forcibly to her feet. "Oh god, you-." He couldn't finish and slammed his lips brutally over hers, fucking her mouth - that slutty, nasty and he imagined, pissy, mouth - with his tongue.

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