tagBDSMA Peek into Directed Masturbation

A Peek into Directed Masturbation


Hello. This is not a story. It is more of an assignment. If you aren’t a submissive or submissive curious female, don't bother with this exercise. If you just want to read it that’s fine too. This is not a free story. Well, it is free in the sense that you don’t have to pay money, but if you do complete the assignment, I ask that you send feedback. This can be anonymous.

When I first got this idea, I brought it up to a female acquaintance, and the first thing she said was “what do you know about female masturbation?” I certainly don’t know what feels good to you. Therefore, you may modify the physical techniques to suit what works for you. This is not a lesson in how to masturbate.

If you chose, the Dom, or Master, or man, may be I. It is my honor if you choose to envision myself. Alternatively, it can be a past lover, current lover, neighbor, or pro-athlete. The first thing I want you to do, if your budget allows, is to go out and buy a pair of new panties. Color or type isn’t important, just whatever you think looks good on you. In addition, during this assignment I want you to feel beautiful and attractive. I’m not saying make yourself into something you are not, but rather have the Dom look upon you with a pleased eye.

You will also need four candles, two clothespins, and a vibrator that you are able to use inside you if you have one. If you are short on funds, you can do with the candles, but you need either nipple clamps or clothespins.

Make a date for this when you are able to be uninterrupted. If you have had a bad day, then do it another time.

A word about time lines: Some of you cum very quickly, some slow. So I won’t specify a time in each position. You probably have an idea of how long you take and can work through that as you go after you have read the instructions.

Wash the new smell out of the panties if you bought some. When you are ready to begin, put them on. You may also wear socks if it is cold. If you are actually doing this, you will probably be wet just getting ready. Place the four candles around the room. Put on what you consider sexy music. For this scene, I would suggest something soft rather than Rock or Rap.

Lie down on your bed. Take a few minutes and quiet your mind by concentrating on the breath going in and out your nose. Don’t go to sleep and burn down your house. Soon, sexual thoughts will start entering your mind. You’ll feel the warmth and wetness between your legs. Hear my voice in your head saying “Rise.”

Get up and go stand in front of the mirror. Feel me behind you. My cock is hot and pressed against your ass. Feel my mouth on your neck. Imagine my hands on your breasts. Start squeezing them with your hands. Focus on your nipples now as you pinch them. Pinch them hard enough to make yourself moan. Feel that nerve catch fire that runs from your nipples down to your pussy. Feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter. Now clamp or clothes pin both nipples at the same time. It will hurt a little but it will be erotic pain. If it is your first experience you may cry out, but they will adjust to them quickly.

Now drop to your knees. Put three fingers in your mouth and suck on them while you think about my cock. With the other hand, touch your pussy. Do this for 30 seconds, then crawl to your bed. Turn on your stomach, and rise on your knees, ass in the air and face on the bed. Reach back and rub your pussy with the flat four fingers of a hand. Stay on the outside of your panties. Feel how wet you are. You’ll want to touch flesh. When you can’t stand it any long, slip two fingers inside the crotch, and enter your pussy. These are my fingers.

Now turn around on your back. Ask aloud, “May I take my panties off, Sir?”

Take them off and rub the wetness on your neck. Smell your sweet musk.

Once again ask, “May I touch your pussy, Sir?”

Touch it with one fingertip, and pretend it is my tongue. Trace your lips, dip it in your wetness, and then stroke the side of your clit. But don’t cum yet. If you are fighting an orgasm, switch to your toy. Imagine it’s my cock fucking you hard. Fight off the orgasm as long as you can. When you can’t hold back any longer, ask, “May I cum, Sir.”

“You may.”

But right as you begin to cum, remove the clothespins. I think you will find it a very intense orgasm. And don’t forget to send feedback.

A special thanks to mwbs_slave for the fastest editing job in the history of Literotica.

And to Shadowsdream who taught me the nipple/orgasm relationship.

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