A Penny for Your Thoughts

byMany Feathers©

Ten minutes later, the two who had gone in came back out. The guy with them, hands behind his back, handcuffed, looking bewildered as hell.

Unfortunately, the last thing I needed was for anyone to be asking me any questions. So I left, returning the very next day however. Debbie wasn't working, hadn't come in...taking the day off according to another waitress that worked there. I asked her what had happened the previous day. She told me they'd run the guys ID, his description etc. And found out in the process, there was a warrant out for him in another state. A warrant for suspected rape, after a positive test had come back on his DNA. Unfortunately by then, he had fled the state. I managed a big sigh of relief. And knew then, what I could do could be beneficial. Not exactly a super-power if you will, nothing quite like that. I wasn't quite ready to run around in some sort of a skintight suit with a cape or anything. But I was feeling pretty good about myself, and my ability to "flick my Bic" for the good of mankind perhaps. But then I also realized, I could use it for somewhat wicked, or possibly evil purposes too.

Decisions, decisions.


One thing I wasn't was a cowboy wearing a white hat. Besides, I didn't think that would go very well with a cape either by my way of thinking. Nor was I wearing a black one either. More grey really, somewhere in between perhaps. But enough so, that I did at times certainly entertain specific thoughts. Don't we all? And never anything that would ever hurt anyone, or ever force them into doing anything they didn't want, or wouldn't do under any circumstances. Still...it was fun to wonder at times. Fun to occasionally listen in on someone's thoughts, especially if I was lucky enough to catch someone, particularly someone attractive who was entertaining similar thoughts, even if it wasn't about me. It was sort of like peeking through the proverbial keyhole, watching someone else having sex. Maybe it wasn't me, but it was still exciting nevertheless.

I wasn't a perv. Not in the real sense anyway. But I had again, quite by accident discovered that one of the best places to go, if there was the hopes of picking up on someone's naughty thoughts, was to sit there close to the fashionable, somewhat risqué lingerie stores. I waited until I saw someone that looked attractive to me, someone I'd enjoy sleeping with of course, or at the very least enjoy seeing naked. Naturally, I couldn't very well walk in and actually do that, nor would I. But I had learned to go in, browse as though I was looking for something for a girlfriend, or even a wife perhaps, even wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring, for just such an occasion as this. With luck, I'd see the woman picking out a few things to try on. I'd wait until she'd selected a room, or if I was really lucky, I'd get close enough to drop one of my magic pennies in a bag or something, ensuring she'd then be taking it with her when she went inside one of the rooms to dress. Once, I'd had to resort to actually rolling a penny beneath the door, though that had worked well enough too. Once I felt that connection however, I more or less sat back. I'd even discovered that once a connection was made, I could hold onto it for a considerable distance. Walking out of the store again, taking my seat once more, and listening in on every thought or emotion the person I had chosen was thinking. There were times it made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

I knew this particular woman was special for some reason, so I'd dumped every bit of my charge into the Penny I had dropped in another shopping bag as she went by. Now I sat listening in on her thoughts, juicy ones. Really naughty juicy, dirty ones as she stood there admiring herself, thinking about all the hot naughty sex she was planning on having later on that same evening. The images now...not just thoughts any more, which I sometimes managed to pick up, though only when I had fully charged the penny, as she imagined, envisioned what she was fantasizing about, was better than any porn movie I'd ever seen! I sat there getting aroused even more than usual, though content to remain where I was, surprised when she came walking out of the store only moments later. She walked over, sitting at the far end of the bench I was sitting on, rummaging through her purchases, combining a few of them into larger bags making them easier to carry.

I looked at her thinking. "God I'd love to see you naked, actually fuck you, lick that pussy of yours, which I'm sure would be sweet tasting as hell!" She glanced up, looking right at me, the oddest expression on her face I'd ever seen.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" She asked.

Now it was my turn to look at her weird. "Ah no, I didn't...why do you ask?" I asked.

"Oh nothing...not really, was just thinking," she said smiling to herself then, and at me too, though I'm not sure she knew why she was.

But now I was wondering. This was new. And so I thought, looking at her, actually trying to concentrate as I thought it. "You're horny, and obviously a bit of an exhibitionist," I told her directly without actually speaking, projecting it perhaps, though it was the first time I'd actually attempted doing this. I had of course gathered up that much from her own thoughts, from the brief glimpse of imagery she had shared with me. I then suggested, she might see me as a challenge, something naughty to do, to thrill herself perhaps in doing so. "Show him your tits," I thought again, still concentrating. "He'd like that, and you would too, the thrill of quickly exposing yourself to a perfect stranger, the added excitement you will have later on tonight knowing that you did. Laughing about it later with your partner, surprising him with your sudden boldness, go on...you can do it, go ahead, lift up your tee shirt, and bra...give him a peek a little flash, no harm...no foul."

I watched as she suddenly looked off to one side and then the other, and then turned towards me. She was smiling, winked, and then reached down lifting up her tee shirt and bra. I sat there with an open mouth, stunned for several reasons as this beautiful woman who was way out of my league, flashed her tits at me.

It would be two days before I could experiment again. But it gave me time to write down what I'd learned, think about it further, and plan out another worthwhile, and hopefully just as successful little experiment.

But I couldn't help smiling every time I thought about the gorgeous brunet who I'd so easily manipulated into flashing her tits at me. This was going to be interesting.


There was a girl I worked with at my part-time job during the evenings. We worked for a packaging and distribution company, boxing up product, and then sending it out. It was boring work at times, but it paid well. We had peaks and valleys too. Sometimes so busy you hardly had time to think. At other times, so slow that we'd very often find ourselves just standing around waiting for orders to come down. It was during those times that I'd gotten to know Gayleen, my new friend and co-worker fairly well. So well in fact, that over time she'd finally opened up, told me a little bit about herself, even a few semi-intimate details without getting really specific. We didn't exactly flirt or anything, beyond the normal almost casual flirtation that most everyone did without getting too carried away with it.

She was fairly attractive too. Not a raging beauty mind you, but cute. She had dishwater blond hair that she wore for the most part in a ponytail. Green eyes, thick lips and a cute button nose. And though her breasts certainly weren't large by any stretch of the imagination, they looked nice enough. Her ass however was sensational, especially in a tight fitting pair of jeans. I was somewhat attracted to her, but I knew she had a boyfriend. Though I also knew, she hadn't quite yet committed to sleeping with him yet. So we had discussed some of those more personal intimate details yes. But she had also hinted at something else, once almost telling me, sharing with me whatever horrible secret it was, as she later declared it to be, thus ending the discussion, not comfortable enough in "going there" as she'd put it. Obviously, it was something she was both embarrassed about, as well as ashamed of by the way I saw it.

Gayleen then became the perfect choice here. I knew enough about her to make a few reasonable guesses and assumptions based on what she had told me. And I also had a pretty good idea how to steer things in that direction again if given the chance to do so. We had in times past actually gone out to the parking lot, sitting in either her car, or mine, and continued on with our discussion for a while longer before driving off. It depended upon how busy it had been. I preferred doing that, sitting outside with her as Gayleen for obvious reasons, tended to open up a bit more, especially if there was little or no chance of being overheard. I knew we had a particular order we'd be running tonight, a busy one. So I figured we'd not have too much of an opportunity to chat, except during our one short break. That would be when I'd hopefully direct the subject, and then with luck, continue it on with her some more later on after work. I also knew, she'd be wearing jeans, just as she always did. Jeans with copper rivets which made it a much better conduit, as they were much closer to the person wearing them. And it had been very easy for me to quickly brush one, or touch one, and let that full spark go into them. Usually it was so quick, no one ever saw the quick burst of blue-white light whenever I did that. And if they did, it happened so quickly that most everyone just thought they were seeing things, especially as no one ever reacted to it. Especially me.

The night went perfectly, according to plan. We were busy, so did very little talking. When our midway break came, Gayleen and I headed down to the break room for a cup of coffee and our usual chat. I purposely looked a bit glummer than usual however, baiting her to ask me the question. She knew that I too didn't have anyone I was seeing at the moment. But I'd decided to use that as a reason to direct things hopefully in the direction I really wanted them to go. Seeing my face, my abnormal silence as we sat down, she quite naturally asked.

"Brian? What's bothering you? Anything wrong? Anything you want to talk about?" She asked.

"Not anything I think you'd care to hear about," I began. "More like a guy thing...it's a problem I have, something I need to deal with." I said baiting the hook hopefully.

And as I'd hoped, Gayleen tried to lighten the mood a little, just as I usually did for her. "Well I hope it's not some sort of a disease thing, or anything like that, from something you picked up someplace," she said trying to tease me a little.

"I wish," I responded looking up at her trying to smile. "That would at least mean I was getting some...which I'm not obviously, but that leads into the other little problem I'm dealing with, which I'm damn sure you don't want to hear anything about."

Now she was curious. The bait in the water. The question was, would she take it?

"You in a hurry this evening?" She asked.

I tightened the line, still silent for a moment, pausing, waiting until she bit again.

"We could...we could talk, outside after work if you'd like," she now added.

"Ok, maybe," I said, setting the hook and slowly, ever so carefully...reeling her in.

After we had finished our shift, we walked outside, not quite ten o'clock yet, though dark enough that where we parked we had plenty of privacy, though we always waited for everyone else to leave before going out and getting into one of our two cars. As was usually the case, Gayleen simply followed my lead. Tonight, it would be my car. For one, it was a nice car, though an old car. A 1970 Chevy Super Sport. What I liked about it, was that even for a muscle car, it had a bench seat in the front, nothing to really get in the way of anything, making it a bit more intimate and cozier. I directed her that way, stepping around to the passenger door, opening it for her as she prepared to get in.

I reached out, just briefly touching one of the rivets on her jeans, letting the full charge go. The movement, the light coming on inside the car, coincided with the quick flash of light I'd discharged. I figured tonight, with luck...we'd have a full fifteen minutes or so to do a little bit of experimentation. But that also meant, I didn't have a whole lot of time to be wasting either!

The moment I slid in next to her, I looked at her and said. "You're sure about this, you really want to hear about what I'm dealing with, even if it weirds you out?" I could already sense her curiosity, and oddly enough...a little arousal coming from her too. There was definitely an attraction there, though not one either one of us would normally have admitted to, or acted upon.

"I'm sure," she said easily, sitting comfortably in her seat, obviously relaxed. And I could sense that she truly was, so I decided to go ahead with the rest of my plan, my experiment.

"Ok, here it is then Gayleen, and I hope I don't shock you, but the reason I broke up with the girl I was seeing? Was because she wanted to have sex, and I simply wasn't quite ready to go there yet."

She looked at me oddly. "But didn't you say inside that you..."

"Intercourse, I wasn't ready to do that yet no. But what I do enjoy, and was enjoying, in lieu of that, was masturbating in front of her, for her, while she did the same for me. I enjoyed that, and I'm pretty sure she did too. But then it wasn't good enough. Yeah sure, we'd enjoyed oral with one another on occasion as well, but I was perfectly content with just leaving it where it was...short of, well you know, actually fucking. But then she told me she was growing tired of that, wanted and needed more. So...we broke up. Needless to say, now I'm not even enjoying that much anymore. And to be perfectly candid about it Gayleen, it's just not as much fun jerking off all by yourself, with no one to share that with, after you've been doing that. In a sense, it would be like refraining from ever fucking again, once you actually had."

Her mind and her thoughts were going a thousand miles an hour. The excitement almost too much for even me to make sense of, or comprehend. I had to slow her down a bit, calm her, getting her thinking in one direction, and then see where this might lead the two of us.

I then used the one thing she had only briefly hinted at a few weeks earlier, which I felt was along the same lines, the same thing I'd just admitted and confessed to her.

"You feel the same," I directed looking at her, though acting as though I was still waiting on a response to what I'd just told her. "You enjoy masturbating, you do it all the time...sometimes you even convince yourself you do it too much, that there's something wrong with it... with you. But there isn't Gayleen, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and you're even thinking about it now, thinking about watching me, watching me masturbate in front of you, and then you, playing with yourself in front of me!"

I could sense her struggle at this point, wavering, her emotions mixed, jumbled, fearful even, but likewise, aroused. It was an odd sensation even for me. I could sense this mist, this fog...even see it as she sat there struggling with her thoughts. And then it slowly began to dissipate, clearing rapidly a moment later.

"I think we're sitting in the same boat Brian," she began once again shifting in her seat, but this time looking far more relaxed than she had been. "But neither one of us are going to go anywhere unless we put our oars in the water," she smiled.

I knew then I had landed my fish.


I looked at her, pretending I didn't know what was going on, or what she was talking about.

"You're not the only one with those same problems and worries," she managed to sigh, looking almost relieved to finally be sharing what I knew she was about to. "You know me pretty well Brian, but probably not as well as you think you do. There are things I haven't told you about myself. But...since you have, since you've shared things with me, I feel more comfortable in telling you, I am basically a pretty sexual person. It's gotten me into trouble at times because of it. Which is why I eventually decided to really slow things down with guys, until I was sure there was truly something there at least. But yeah...I do know what you mean Brian; I masturbate constantly, like three...four times a day. Maybe I'm some kind of nympho or something. I've even considered seeing someone because of my...my...addiction."

"In the first place Gayleen, masturbation isn't an addiction. It's a natural normal thing that everyone does, whether they're willing to admit to it or not. And trust me...three, four times a day isn't abnormal either. Some do it less often, some do it more. I think most do it for simple stress relief. I know I do, at the end of the day, just so I can sleep better."

Gayleen smiled at that, again the emotions and sensations I was picking up from her was soothing her anxiety. I paused, once again concentrating on her, soothing her worries and fears further, and then continued on.

"But admittedly what I do miss, is that level of excitement, that sharing excitement that you can only get with another person. That's what I miss Gayleen, more than anything. But just because I do miss it, it doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to stop jerking off either. I know I will. It just won't be nearly as much fun not having someone else to share that with."

I almost smiled. I could already hear her thoughts even before she formed them into words.

"Let me ask you something Brian. Obviously, we both feel much the same way about things. Not wanting to make the kind of commitment with someone that we're just not sure about yet. However...that being said, I...like you, also enjoy that "excitement" as you call it. Sharing things...doing things, without necessarily taking it to the next level. I guess what I'm proposing, and asking is this...how would you feel about, you and I...maybe doing that, for each other. As long as we understand the boundaries, limitations, and accept the fact, we're doing it just for those reasons?"

I was grinning from ear to ear...inside. Trying to look serious on the outside, weighing her offer, considering it. But I could sense the elation inside her own head, the sudden turn of events emotionally as now I sensed her hope...her excitement, and now...want.

"You're sure? I mean...we're talking about, hell Gayleen...getting nasty together," I quipped, "Within reason of course," I smiled. And of course she smiled. I was now picking up all kinds of wickedly erotic thoughts from her that seemed to be pouring out of her emotionally like a river jumping it's banks. But I had sensed another side of her as well. One she was finally allowing herself to feel again. She loved that "nasty" edge, that naughty, dirty sensation. It excited her, aroused her, almost beyond reason.

"Let me show you just how sure I am," she smiled almost devilishly. She reached up, and began slowly unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing. I sat transfixed, my eyes glued on her as she did that, one button at a time. I could still hear her thoughts as well as she did that.

"I'm so fucking horny Brian, you have no idea. How long I have actually fantasized, imagined seeing that cock of yours, wanting to watch you play with it, me...play with it, even sucking it...and maybe one day..."

I'd run out of time, but it mattered not. No longer able to hear her thoughts anymore, my little experiment had been a rousing success. I knew I'd want to continue it with her, learn more, do more. But now was not the time. Right now, the two of us were simply going to enjoy a bit of wickedly naughty fun together.

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