tagLoving WivesA Perfect 40th Birthday

A Perfect 40th Birthday


"That feels wonderful," I told her.

"I'm so glad I can properly please you, Master," she replied with a smile, and after which she resumed her gentle kissing and licking of the underside of my cock. "Would you like some more scotch, Master? I hear the ice cubes clinking in that empty glass.."

"Only if you promise to return to what you were doing when you get back. Maybe focus on my left side a little?"

"It would be an honor, sire..."

She quickly rose up from where she was on the floor, and after sliding her full and naked bosom up my body to deliver a passionate kiss, and saying, "I'll be right back, Master. Please don't move a muscle," she turned on her heels and left the sofa to depart for the hotel room minibar, making sure to wiggle her anklet, jiggling the little silver bells attached to it along the way.

I sighed with the utmost contentment. "How did I end up with such an amazing wife?"

"You'll have to ask her when she returns at checkout tomorrow morning, Master," she replied with just a hint of mischief.

(several hours earlier)

I had been looking forward to my 40th birthday getaway ever since she hinted that my fantasy was FINALLY going to be fulfilled once we check in to the hotel. The sitter was lined up, and we were guaranteed privacy from the outside world from the moment we arrived at the hotel until we left the following morning at eleven.

As we finished checking into the hotel, I had asked where dinner was, and she replied with a grin, "Room Service! But, you need to give me a few minutes to prepare the room upstairs. Why don't you tell the bellhop to bring up the bags. You wait downstairs here in the lounge, have a drink- I recommend an energy drink- and open this when I text you." She then handed me a card inside a red envelope, titled, "My one and only love. Happy 40th." A quick kiss later, and she was gone.

The next "few" minutes turned into thirty. It seemed like ninety! But, while I was finishing up my Red Bull, her text finally arrived: "Time to open your card, my love, and see you tomorrow..."

See you tomorrow? I opened the card, and the front was of a dancing harem girl. Inside, it read:

"My love,

As a special treat for your fortieth birthday, I have decided to transform myself into your ultimate DreamGirl. Until we check out, I will be your adoring, worshipful, totally devoted slave girl, dying to pleasure you in any way you wish, until we check out tomorrow morning.

So, now would be a good time to pick your jaw up off the floor, wipe up any drool that may have happened, and when you are ready to have the evening and morning of your dreams, come on up to the room.

Or as I like to call it, your throne room. :)

This may never happen again, darling. Don't get used to it... but enjoy it while it lasts. That's MY last "command" to you until we check out, love.

See you soon, your loving wife.

P.S. You OWE me. xoxo"

I was upstairs in about .5 milliseconds.


As I opened the door, in the middle of the living space of our two room suite, she was there waiting. The room felt a little warm, but I could see why she had the heat up: my gorgeous wife was kneeling on the carpet, and she was wearing nothing at all but a silk scarf, dangling lazily around her neck, partially covering one of her magnificent breasts, and a pair of matching panties.

The curls of her strawberry blonde hair were lazily resting just above her bare shoulders, and her posture was such that she was thrusting out that amazing bosom. She had bright, "fuck me red" lipstick, perfectly matching the color of her freshly manicured nails, which were resting on her luscious thighs. I could smell the scent of fresh body lotion- Vanilla? Jasmine?

Once I entered, she sweetly said, "Master, you have finally arrived! I have waited my whole life to greet you for your birthday! May I come welcome you with a kiss?"

I think I stammered out a "Yes," but I'm not sure.

She quickly rose, and it was only then that I noticed that she was also wearing the harem girl anklet I had purchased for her many months (years?) ago, complimenting her delicately pedicured toes- matching the color of her fingers and lips perfectly. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and delivered the most passionate kiss I ever remembered.

"I have a suggestion, Master, if you'd allow me the opportunity to present it," she whispered in my ear, as she continued to shower me with kisses.

"Of course, honey, how could I say no to you?"

"First, while you may call me 'honey,' or any other name you would prefer, please remember that I am your devoted slave this evening. Your wish is my command, Master.

"Second, my suggestion is this: I have the Jacuzzi all filled up, and it is just the right temperature for your bath. But, I thought you would like a quick blowjob first, to take the edge off? Plus, it gives you time to recover for the rest of the evening? How does that sound, Master?" She leaned into my ear, and after another quick kiss and nibble, and a gentle fondling below my belt, whispered, "May I suck your cock, Master? Please?"

How could I not play along with this? "Of course, my slave. Nothing would please me more."

"Thank you, Master. I won't disappoint you," she replied, and quickly drifted down to her knees, while simultaneously removing my pants and boxer shorts. "Just let me know when you want to sit down, sire. I'll start like this, if you don't mind..."

And then, her lips, tongue, and mouth were too occupied for speech. She kept my shaft wet with her passion, and far too quickly I erupted into her mouth. I never even had a chance to even suggest we move to the sofa, and came while leaning against the wall with my arm and shoulder. I guess the magnificent scene she had set up was too much for me to hold out. She looked me in the eyes as I came, and after swallowing it all, said, "Thank you, Master. I love pleasing you, especially when it means I get to suck your cock. Please say I'll get to do this more before we check out? Please?" She scooped up a wayward drop from my shaft, and after slowly sucking it off of her finger, she said, "May I have the honor to bathe you now, Master?"


And what a bath that was! Candles, soft classical music, and lots of kissing and caressing. By both of us. Thank goodness that tub was large enough for two. She used a soft sponge to carefully wash every inch of my body, paying special attention to places that would generate the largest sighs and moans of pleasure: my feet, my thighs, my hands... and when it came time to (finally) wash my cock, she only used her hands, with the occasional kiss to make sure I was enjoying the moment. She carefully dried me, making sure to kiss me liberally all over as she went. I felt like a true king, from some magical kingdom of long ago.

At her very wise suggestion, the bath was followed by a long massage. We moved to the king sized bed, and she spent almost an hour kneading, caressing, kissing... using the most amazingly scented oil. Lavender maybe? Jasmine? Vanilla? Whatever it was, it was incredible, and it was impressive that I almost fell asleep at times, given the sexual excitement that this entire evening was causing in my body.

She would have happily continued for longer than an hour, but once she turned me over to my front, I insisted that she abandon the use of her hands for massage, and solely use her lips. Both sets of them. :) She wickedly smiled, and said, "Of course, Master. I live to please you." She then lowered herself onto my rock hard shaft, and began to do what she does best: make passionate love to me. She slowed and quickened her pace, all to maximize my pleasure. I told her that I loved watching her breasts bounce, and she answered with, "Well, it is convenient that they please you in that way, since that is their only purpose- to give you pleasure, my Lord."

She continually showered me with similar gratitude and praise, never forgetting to call me by some worshipful title. It must have been somewhat annoying to her, to continually feed my ego in this way, but she never let it show for one moment. It was amazing. She has repeatedly said that, in the past, that she wasn't an actor... but she must have either been lying, or was just surprising herself this night, because every word she said was coated with the utmost devotion and worship.

Before I came, I had her stop, and had her switch places with me. I then went down on her, which I'm sure was a surprise, since this night was supposed to be all about me. But getting her in a good mood was important; especially since after she came multiple times, I tied her to the bedposts with her silk scarves, and tickled her mercilessly, even commanding that she beg for more. Which, to her credit, she did with amazing sincerity. I even finally got the chance to do something she never would let me do: suck her delicious toes! I commanded her to not resist, and to only say, "Thank you, Master," in between giggles and laughter.

I then asked her to bargain with me to untie her, and she promised to go back to riding on top of me, fucking me while I laid back and enjoyed her efforts, while she begged me to cum inside of her the whole time. That was an easy sell... and it didn't take her long at all to achieve just that- the best fuck I'd ever had. Even the cuddling afterward managed to be special, with her mixing in some light massage, before whispering in my ear, "Ready for supper, Master?"


Supper was also what I should have expected: all finger foods. Chicken bites, veggies, chips, french fries, grapes. All foods that did not require me to ever lift a finger during the meal. The novelty of lying in her lap wore off fairly quickly, and soon we commenced eating rather normally. If by "normal," of course, we mean having the baseball game on the television and her alternating between massaging my shoulders and my feet while I ate.

I did move back to her lap for the grapes, however. How could I pass up that opportunity, to be fed grapes while caressing and suckling those breasts? So full, 34Cs after her pregnancies, and so supple. She usually only permits me to touch them for seconds at a time, and then maybe a little more during our normal lovemaking.

But now? She actually leaned in the direction of my fondling, to make it easier for me. I'd alternate between having a grape fed to me, and then sucking and kissing her nipples, all the while tickling and cupping those amazing globes of delight.

It didn't take long for me to become excited again, and once the grapes were gone, I wanted to fulfill one of my all-time fantasies. I sat up, and commanded my temporary slave to get up and change the channel (mostly to watch wiggle over and bend over to do so), and then kneel before me on the floor.

"My pet, I would like to spend the next stretch of time watching television while your unequaled oral talents amuse me. I don't want to cum from this; I just want to enjoy your ministrations for a while. This isn't going to be about the destination, but about the journey. Do you understand?"

I knew that this was definitely not something that she appreciated, and it would be (maybe) the biggest test of the night. But, any worry I had about pushing things too far evaporated instantly once she blinked her eyes coquettishly, and said in an almost too sweet lilt, "Of course, Master. It is such kingly treatment that you were meant to experience, and that I was born to provide for you." As she leaned forward, I dropped one of the sofa pillows down for her and she said, "Thank you, Master. But, stop worrying about me. This is all about you. Enjoy your slave..."

I leaned back, grabbed my glass, sipped my scotch, and sighed the sigh of a sultan.


And so, here we are now: Once she returned with my refilled glass of scotch, she resumed her slow, steady, seductive and... well... SLAVISH oral attentions between my legs.

Even though I was starting to get used to this treatment, I still tried to be polite."Thank you for the refill. And I missed you!"

Apparently, she had no intention of dropping character. She replied with, "Thank you for letting me lick you, again and again, my Master. It was your left side that wanted more attention, correct?" And, knowing she was correct, she proceeded to bathe my left ball with sloppy kisses, and the left side of my shaft with warm and wet licks.

I guess it was time to get another fantasy fulfilled, while I had the chance. "My faithful slave, will you wake me up this way, tomorrow morning? It means having to wake up before I do- I'm sure that won't be a problem- and having the first thing I'm aware of is that incredibly talented mouth of yours, sucking my sleep away..."

She took her lips away from my shaft for a brief moment to say, "It would be my honor, Master," and then swallowed me from tip to base in a slow, wet slide, before working her way up, with a slithering tongue, and then resumed her pattern of kisses and licks on its underside. "Is that the alarm clock you had in mind, Master?"

I had a slightly wicked thought, and mute the television.

"Stand up, please."

"At once, sir." She quickly rose.

"On those delicate toes, please."

"Yes, Master."

"Place your hands being your head, and slowly turn in a circle for me."

"Yes, Master."

She became my own, life-size music box dancer, spinning to imaginary music. Except more beautiful than any I've ever seen. Her breasts thrust out, showing their magnificence. She was breathtaking.

"Keep slowly spinning, and do not stop. If things get ticklish, all you may say is, 'Thank you, Master.'"

I proceeded to fondle her amazing body, and pepper her everywhere with kisses, while she spun. Every once in a while, she muttered "Thank you, Master," though I could tell she was doing her best to stifle it, as a matter of pride.

I eventually moved to the bed, and got on my back, while she continued her majestic twirling. After another minute of watching the love of life visually pleasing me, I decided to truly test her resolve.

"You may stop now, my love."

"Yes, Master."

"I'd like to exercise your vocabulary now. I want you to kiss and lick your way up my body this time, starting at the tips of my toes- in fact, I'll let you pick one of them to suck on for a few seconds to begin with- and in between your kisses and licks, every five to ten seconds, I want you to work your way up and down the alphabet, verbalizing your devotion to me. So, you can start with "I adore you, Master," and that takes care of the letter A."

For a brief moment, I saw a smirk. But, not a smirk of anger, or annoyance, but one that relished showing me that she could not be broken. The smirk quickly turned into that enchanting smile, and she demurely replied, "At once, Master. What an inventive task. I can't wait to begin."

"Neither can I, my dutiful slave girl."

She quickly moved to my left foot, and without breaking eye contact with me, she spent several seconds sucking my index toe, taking great effort to make sure I could feel her tongue swirl around it one way, then the other. She removed it, and immediately said, "I ADORE you, Master," which was followed by gentle and wet kisses and licks up to my ankle, which was only interrupted by, "I BELONG to you, Master."

How was I ever going to repay this? I could be her slave for a night, but I didn't think she'd be into that- she never seemed to show any interest in that kind of role playing. Though, after this weekend, she might very well reassess that interest. Nothing like karma, right?

My thoughts were interrupted by, "Your CUM is the only drink I ever need, Master."

"Oooh! Stay right there. That felt nice." She was underneath my calf, halfway between my knee and my ankle. "But massage my foot as you work."

"As you wish, Master. My DEVOTION to you knows no end." (kiss kiss lick) "My ENERGY for you is unENDING. You get two that time, Master." (kiss lick kiss kiss)

"Make the next one using the word FOREVER, my love. And use your other hand to massage my cock. I want to keep you really busy."

(kiss kiss lick) "I wish I could be your slave girl FOREVER." (lick kiss lick) "Kissing you FOREVER," (kiss kiss) "Licking you FOREVER" (lick lick) "Sucking your cock FOREVER..."

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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