tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Perfect Christmas Gift.

A Perfect Christmas Gift.


Judy was running late for her Christmas caroling party, she was trying to get dressed in a hurry and catch up with the group. She had gotten off work late and she knew that her time frame was limited. Luckily she had laid out her clothes before she left this morning.

Judy was a happily single, church going young woman. She was 24, a few years out of college and making fantastic money as a private duty nurse. Judy often volunteered for extra church functions and Christmas caroling was one of the things she loved most around the holidays. Her physical appearance was stunning. She had the face of an angel, clear skin, high cheek bones and she could be a model with those eyes alone. Sparkling green cat eyes as all her friends called them. Judy looked in the mirror and looked over the rest of her body.

At 5'6", and 145 pounds she wasn't quite slim but she was very sexy she thought. A 36C chest, which she normally hid beneath oversized shirts and sweaters. A tapered waist that was flattering to her figure as her hips flared out. She wasn't a small girl but she was built tremendously. She often wished that a man, any man would come along and have her same values and desires. Judy was by no means a virgin but yet she was also quite pure.

The young woman had sex on a sporadic basis she could count the number of lovers she had taken into her bed on one hand. In college she had finally given in to her long time boyfriend and had a few weeks of wild sex with him showing no inhibitions when suddenly he had died in a tragic car accident. When Jason Kringle had died, it had been nearly Christmas then as well and what she would never know is that he had been on his way to her apartment with an engagement ring and her father's permission for her hand in marriage.

The holidays had been lonely for the last five years since then, her parents had passed away in almost the same fashion a few years later during a summer vacation trip. They had been hit head on by a group of teenagers out drinking and driving on a desolate patch of highway.

Judy had inherited quite a bit of money from her parents deaths and she didn't really need to work anymore but it kept her happy and content. She stood there reflecting on all of this and then wiped away a few tears and chastised herself and rushed to finish dressing.

She quickly finished and ran out the door and jumped into her car and sped off to meet up with the group. Once they all arrived at the church and were armed with backpacks of cookies and thermoses of hot chocolate, they set out to go a caroling. Judy's face was pink and rosy from the cold night as they made their way from house to house. The group would sing one or two songs at each as the family's gathered at their windows or doorways and waved.

Some would offer to let the group come in and sing and warm up while others just stood with there family snuggling and warm and content watching. Two hours later the group returned to the church and said their good byes. A few of the gents had asked Judy to join them for a nightcap or a leisurely drive up to the snow covered peak that overlooked the town. Of course she declined, a bit lost in her sorrow that was threatening to overwhelm her now as she thought of another Christmas alone.

Judy politely turned each of them down before slipping away and returning home. Snow started to fall as she got closer to home and what had been tiny flakes resembling sleet were now big puffy white flakes that were sticking to the roads and grass. She pulled up outside her home and rushed inside taking a moment to turn around and look out into the yard and watch the snow falling as she gave a melancholy sigh. She slipped the key into the locking mechanism on the door and turned it. As the door opened and cracks of light from the street lamp shone in she saw wet footprints on her linoleum floor.

She gave pause at this but had no idea how or why anyone would break into her home and on Christmas Eve nonetheless. She pulled out her cell phone and planned to dial 911 when she saw a little envelope on the table just inside the entryway. She could see there was some markings on it and went over to pick it up. It had her name written in free flowing penmanship. Judy noticed though that it said: To My Judith. She opened the envelope and pulled out the stationary from inside. Flicking on the light switch without thinking that it could alert the intruder she sat down on the step and began to read.

Dearest Judith,

Santa wishes he could delivered something to you this year that would brighten your life, if just for one night. So instead of dropping off a meaningless gift that would only be appreciated for a day or two and then forgotten I have arranged with other cosmic forces something unique. Before the night is over you will know just what I mean. P.S. Sorry about the footprints but I stepped in some freshly fallen snow. You deserve this for your servitude to another higher power and always being on the good list... enjoy. And it was signed Jolly Ole St. Nick.

Judy shook her head in disbelief having given up such childish fairy tale ideas as Santa long ago. She hung her coat up and walked through the house making sure everything was in its place and that she was alone in the house. Suddenly, she thought of her mother's pearls locked away upstairs and she slipped out of her shoes and ran up the steps nervously anticipating the worst.

When Judy opened her bedroom door she was nearly blinded by the brightness of the candle light flooding the room. She blinked a few times and her heart raced. Her eyes finally adjusted to the soft glow of the candlelight, before her stood Jason. Immediately tears streamed down her face this had to be a hoax or some sort of delusion. She could smell wild lilies and a hint of Jasmine and it only made her cry more. Jason, god bless his soul, had always remembered little anniversaries and such with handpicked lilies or Jasmine scented oils and lotions. They had always been her favorite thing.

Judy finally found her voice and asked what had to be an apparition, "Is that really you Jason?" Now it was his turn as he stood there looking a little forlorn to speak, "Y Y Yes, I think so," he said in a low raspy voice still seemingly searching for his prior voice. "I am not quite sure what to make of all of this Judith my love," he spoke once more.

Judy's head swam and everything went black she took a deep breath and heard a thud. She awoke a few moments later on her bed the scents of the flowers invading her nostrils and reminding her of the current situation. She could feel a cool cloth draped lightly over her head and a big hand rubbing her cheeks. Judy turned her head towards the hand and once more saw Jason smiling at her. Her heart resumed it's racing pace and she didn't know whether to laugh, cry or jump up and run like hell.

Jason spoke having apparently found his voice now, "Judy, Judith, I know how I got here and I also know why but I am not sure you would believe me now even if I told you the whole story my dear."

"Try please Jason," she pleaded as she reached up and held his warm hand. She thought that it was strange, that he should be cold and clammy since he was dead or that her hand should even pass right through him. But none of this was true right now and she even wondered if she was dreaming or unconscious or if this was possibly years of mental anguish unleashed all at once.

"Well Judy," he started once again, "I was lying in my grave and pondering so many things, when suddenly my spirit was lifted from those depths." He paused unsure of how to explain everything. "I drifted slowly from that casket and floated up towards the heavens where I was united with my grandparents and friends that had passed before me," he continued. "I guess I had struggled to remain here on earth not wanting to leave you for almost the entire time since I had died until earlier today." He paused and took a deep breath and they both thought it strange for a ghost to do so but neither was about to question that.

"Anyway," he proceeded, "I encountered your parents and then was brought in front of the almighty, and the almighty spoke slowly telling me that since I had served a good life and been torn away and that the one I loved was suffering more deeply than anyone had before I was about to be returned." He smiled now as he was realizing all that had been returned to him, and Jason spoke yet further, "I was told that I would be joining Santa, ha Santa, and returned to your home, I have until dawn to convince you that I am real once more and that there is a way I may stay with you until you shed your mortal coil."

Judy spoke quickly as Jason paused, "Anything, my love anything at all I will do to keep you with me." As soon as this was spoken she sat up and kissed his cheek which was now gaining it's color back and he was no longer just an apparition but filling out in the flesh and looking more human than a ghost with every passing moment.

Jason explained, "I must convince you to retire at least for the next year, move away from here, where I am known. I was also given one final task if that is to come to pass." With that he pulled away and spun her around so her knees were draped over the side of the bed. He looked up into her eyes and reached inside his shirt pocket and cupped something never breaking eye contact with her.

Judy's heart fluttered once more and she was overwhelmed with joy and fear at the same moment. Could it possibly be true that she was about to be given the chance at a happy life. One that had Jason in it and that she could devote herself to nothing other than a man.

"Judith Maria Clause, I love you with all of my heart and soul and I would be the happiest man, um dead or alive if you would do me the privileges of becoming my wife," he asked with a ray of hope. As he uttered these words he slipped his palm over hers and dropped the ring into his other hand in one fluid motion and she felt his hand spread her fingers as the cold metal loop pushed up her ring finger and came to rest at it's end in a perfect fit.

"Oh yes, Jason," she exclaimed excitedly, "I will marry you and do whatever it takes to keep you here." Tears were flowing freely now between the both of them and as she issued the last of her words Jason's body fully materialized and the flesh now was the same as it had been before his accident.

He stood up and removed his palm from her hand allowing her to see the ring that had been in his family for generations, the one that had gone with him to his grave and had been destined for her finger. He stood her up and kissed her fully on her lips and his hand slid down her back sending chills up and down her spine, tickling her while at the same time stoking her passion and setting aflame a stirring deep inside her loins.

Jason's tongue slipped against her closed lips and teased them open until she found herself dueling his tongue with her own. She had long forgotten the sensations of a man kissing her and showing true affection instead of just trying to get inside her panties. She ran her hand up through his thick mane of black hair from the back and her nails dug slightly into his neck. That had always been her way of indicating to him that more stimulation was allowed and needed. Judy felt his hands trail down her sides as he lifted her up and lay her down on the bed.

There was no rush, he had not burdened her with the knowledge that he had to make love to her before dawn as a seal of their souls, for he had also been told that they had been soul mates destined to share their lives with one another and his death had been purely a mistake. He had been ripped from life in less time that it had taken to blink and it was due to an error in the great book. But he was being given one chance to rectify it and this one chance and its limited time frame was going to stretch into a 70 year lifetime of love and bliss as long as the bonds were consecrated prior to dawn.

As she felt Jason lay her back on the bed she felt the lily petals beneath her hands, she had failed to notice them earlier but they were all about the room and the bed was covered in them. Judy felt Jason's lips brushing against her neck and that was one of her most sensitive points, her on button as it were. He kissed and flicked his tongue against the tender sweet flesh and sucked gently. Her heart pounded in her chest and she ran her nails up and down his back. There was no way she would turn away his advances tonight, it was after all the season of giving. She cooed and moaned as he undid the buttons on her blouse, deftly opening it before slipping his lips down the valley between her bra clad breasts.

Jason had thought about this for five long years as he lay in his grave, thinking about the way Judy felt beneath his lips and fingertips and her body beneath his. He kissed each inch of flesh sucking and nibbling that glorious space between her pendulous breasts. He once more sat her up and put his finger to her lips as she opened her mouth to speak, silencing her. Judy didn't mind this playful quieting tactic and she sucked his finger between her lips and swirled her tongue around it reminding him of her oral skills and delights. She bobbed her lips up and down his finger as he struggled to undress her with one hand as he felt the waves of orgasm threatening to be unleashed.

Somehow Jason managed to remove her blouse now slipping it free of her arms and then he worked on unclasping her bra. Not an easy task for most two handed men let alone a one handed man that was getting his other hand's finger sucked as if it were his cock. Judy realized the plight here and she reached behind her and helped him undo the clasp, once unhooked she shrugged it off her shoulders and pulled the bra free from her chest. At once she was on her back again still sucking his finger as his well trained lips pursed over her nipple and sucked tenderly. He lapped with his tongue at the rising bud of flesh as he pulled his finger from her mouth. He circled the other nipple with his fingers mimicking the motion of his tongue on her other.

Judy was already trembling and having tiny little orgasms, and she knew that once he had buried himself inside her she was going to climax with ten times the intensity she had ever before. She pulled Jason's head from her breast and looked down lovingly into his eyes and she gave his head a soft push downward. She had always loved his oral expertise as she knew he had also loved hers. Jason pulled away with her hand and shook his head, "Not yet my love I will get there all in good time." He was smiling his radiant childlike mischievous smile which always meant that she was in store for a bout of teasing and moaning.

Jason scooted her up until her head rested on the fluffy pillows and then he reached beneath her slipping his hand down her naked back and his fingers found the zipper on her skirt. This whole time he was kissing her neck and then her sweet honeysuckle tasting lips. She had used the same lipstick and chapstick since she was little and it was honeysuckle flavored and scented. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and ran his tongue over its soft ridges as he worked the zipper down to it's starting point. As soon as it hit bottom he sat up and pulled the skirt from her along with her panties. She noticed that Jason was still dressed and had yet to remove a stitch of clothing. That would not be the case soon enough she thought to herself as she lifted her hips and allowed him to draw down the last of her coverings.

The soft white petals kissed her legs and the soft curves behind her knees, she could also feel the petals resting beneath her bottom and a few working against the puffy blood engorged lips of her sex. Jason slipped from the bed and threw the switch for the gas fire place before he returned to the bedside. He stood there watching her face not speaking as he pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed them down and left only his silky blue boxer shorts on. Judy could see the hard pink cock poking against the fragile silk fabric as he stood near her and she felt her mouth water and her pussy grow even more damp in anticipation of being filled completely up by his staff.

Judy had never found a man that fit inside her so wonderfully as Jason, he had been the perfect fit for her and she had gone through a few other guys only to find that one had been to small and another too thin, one was thick and stubby while the other was just too big to even fit. So in four tries she had given up and allowed herself only pleasure with fingers and toys in these last years. Now she was going to get Jason and his big hard cock back to herself for the rest of her days.

Jason spoke, "Penny for your thoughts sweetie." This snapped her out of her reverie and she looked up into his pale blue eyes and reached out and stroked his shaft through the cold silk. "This is what I was thinking about she said as she sat up still stroking him and leaned forward sucking on the tip of his shaft through the boxers. Her mouth and body could wait no longer as she unbuttoned the one button standing between her and a mouthful of flesh. She would have just tugged down the waistband of his shorts but she wanted to tease and prolong the inevitable just a bit longer. She reached inside and wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft and pulled it down until the head poked through the opening she had just made. Her lips sucked in the head making it disappear immediately as she swirled her tongue around the tip and flicked her tongue as well. Jason moaned, "Uhh, how I thought of this so many times my love, my darlingggg."

Judy loved the musky scent of his balls and manly perspiration in his groin area. She also loved the salty sweet drops of cum that he leaked from the slit centered on his cockhead. She ran her tongue up and down this slit now craving more than just little drops of pre-cum, she wanted the whole load that his heavy balls contained. She would gladly wake him up many a morning in the future with her lips wrapped around his cock, trying desperately to drain him of his male essence. She sucked and slurped on the head and then peeled back the boxers a bit more freeing more of the long shaft. Judy looked up into Jason's eyes and watched a smile play across his lips as her mouth slipped down over the exposed shafted.

Jason not wanting to be a selfish lover here pulled his cock from her mouth with a great deal of reluctance to let this happen. But she smiled as she saw just what it was he intended to do now. He swung his legs over her head and his big balls and cock hovered over her face. Just out of reach of her lips but not her tongue, she snaked her tongue around the shaft and licked it up and down fluttering her tongue against the veins on the underside of his enormous shaft. She reached up and cupped his balls holding them out of the way and pulled his prick back to her lips. She tilted it down and then opened her mouth wide and closed her lips once more around the flesh of her lover and future husband.

Jason was ready now to put this coupling up another notch. He reached down and spread Judy's legs and at once ran his tongue up and down her slit, his tongue spreading the folds and his lips capturing the fleshy bud of pleasure between them. He sucked her clit and nibbled on it as his hands searched for a few of the larger lily petals. Once he had a few within his grasp he pulled his mouth away straining to not flood Judy's mouth with his cum yet, he wanted them to climax together.

Jason drew the petals up the inside of each of Judy's thighs and felt her shiver beneath his weight. He let once of the petals tickled the inside of her thighs just near her puffy pussy lips and the other petals danced over her clit making it feel like it was being stroked by light little butterfly wings. Judy arched her back and spread her legs wider, her lips slid further up the shaft of Jason now, as she neared his pubic hair with her nose. She breathed in deeply inhaling it's scent. Judy had no concept now of what was a lily petal and what was Jason's tongue.

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