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A Perfect Day



Michael woke up first, to the sound of the radio alarm. Static and raucous, early morning D.J. prattle drew him out of bed to hit the snooze alarm brusquely.

"Eight days and a wake-up," he muttered as he crossed back to the bed and under the covers for another nine minutes of sleep. His head had no sooner touched the pillow than he was back in that place between waking and dreaming.

"The alarm baby," came a murmured reminder in his ear nine minutes later. It was that which finally roused him from his rest, and not the loud, unclear announcement that the number one hit this week was the new hit single from the current number one pop sensation.

"I know," was Mike's mumbled reply, as he forced himself out of bed again, shutting the alarm off this time instead of hitting the snooze button. "Got it," he said again as he made himself head for the bathroom instead of the bed. He pushed open the door, shouldering the sticky door jamb open. He flicked the light on and turned on the water without thinking, the cold liquid splashing on his forearm. He waited a moment for the water to warm up, glancing over at the still sleeping form of his girlfriend. She'd take her shower after his, as usually went their weekday routine.

It wouldn't be the routine for much longer though, he thought as he stepped into the small, one-person shower an adjusted the nozzle. Warm showers never really woke him up very well, but he sure as hell wasn't going to be taking a cold one: that was for if you needed to kill an erection or if the hot water was out.

Fortunately, he was in neither condition. In fact, the sex last night have been downright nasty; lately he and Misti had been expanding their sexual horizons, and it had yielded some incredible results. Just the thought of it was enough to get him a little horny, and a little more awake.

He opened the shower curtain slightly and glanced at the pocket watch he kept on the door handle, so he'd know how long he could shower for. His time was just about up, so he stepped out and grabbed a towel from the rack, moving over to the bed and drying himself.

"Come on baby, time to get up," he whispered to Misti as she forced herself awake. Mike leaned down and kissed her cheek, and she made a vague attempt back as she slid out of the bed, naked, and ambled into the shower.

He went over to the computer and turned the volume back up, playing some wake-up music. He dressed in uniform quickly, the Air Force blues of Monday through Thursday being replaced by Friday's BDU's.

"Certainly hope if we get attacked it's on a Friday," he said to himself under his breath, in sarcastic commentary about the policy of wearing dress uniform four days of the week, but battle dress uniform for the last. "Since we'll all be dressed for it."

He heard the shower water shut off just as he finished dragging a razor over the stubble on his chin. Sitting on the edge of the bed to tie his boots up, Mike watched Misti emerge from the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and clutching the towel to her body for warmth. He loved her slim, water soaked figure, and more importantly the smile that adorned it. He watched with a small measure of amusement and curiosity as she dried her face and hair; the water beaded up nicely on the hair between her legs. She usually shaved her pubic hair, but when she spent time on base with him, the one-person bathroom didn't afford enough room to maneuver well enough. He didn't mind, really; her pussy still tasted the same either way.

She smiled at him as she caught him looking, covering up and drying down there so he wouldn't have anything to look at. They were both like that: demons in bed, but when out of it could blush at the wrong turn of a phrase. Or, in the right mood, be as irreverent as hell. It was one of the most fantastic things about their relationship: it covered everything. The whole gamut.

"I've gotta get going hon; I'll see you at lunch, ok?" Mike said as he stood up, the camouflage gear framing his figure. He was trim, athletically muscular; his normal shock of hair on top had all been trimmed close. Not only was summer in the south unbearably hot with hair, but Misti really liked him with short hair. Not many people agreed, but he didn't really care. If she liked it, she got it.

Misti smiled and nodded, brushing her teeth and mumbling an "I love you" around the toothbrush. Mike laughed and kissed her on the forehead, and then left the room, closing the door behind him solidly.


Whenever Misti was around, work dragged by incessantly. He knew she was going to be online, waiting for him to get home for lunch so they could spend it together. He was actually pretty confident that he'd be able to get off work early, since there wasn't that much to do at the office today. And if the NCO's let their troops go home early, that meant that they could go home early too: everybody won.

He was sitting at his desk, moving back and forth in the wheeled swivel chair when the email notification sound went off on his computer. He arched an eyebrow and swung around to face his computer, quickly clicking his mouse to open it up. As he'd both expected and hoped, it was from Misti.

TO: yourguy@hotmail.com
FROM: someone@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: Hey baby...

Hey baby! Can't wait to see you for lunch. Do you think you'll have the afternoon off? If so we should go out to eat, maybe take a walk down to the Waffle House like we used to. Love you ooches and bunches!


TO: someone@hotmail.com
FROM: yourguy@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: RE: Hey baby...

Sounds wonderful hon; and yeah, I should be able to get off this afternoon. Can't wait to get lunch with you! Love you tons and infinitiestest!

Mike smiled as he hit the send key, and then looked at the clock; half past ten. Only another half hour. It wouldn't be long before it was...

"...time to go, man."

Mike glanced from the clock to his co-worker and fellow airman, Jeff. Jeff was the closest thing to a friend he had down here.

"What do you mean? We've got another half hour, don't we?"

"Nah," he replied, while gathering up his things. "Sergeant Kahney said that we could cut out; the rest of the day is a bust, so no need to just kill time until we get to leave. We're outta here." Jeff snatched up the keys to his truck, and headed towards the door. Mike blinked once, shrugged, and snapped off the power on his computer without bothering to shut it down properly. Hell, it was the weekend: he could deal with computers again on Monday.


"Careful hon, walk on the other side," Mike said as he and Misti walked along the side of the highway. They had just had a wonderful lunch at the Waffle House: they'd packed away enough coffee, juice, toast, eggs, hash browns and grits to last the rest of the weekend.

They were trying to beat the approaching storm clouds; they were about half a mile from the base, and the streets were practically deserted with, unbeknownst to Misti and Michael, a severe weather warning issued for the state of Alabama.

They had only gone another few dozen yards when a car pulled off the road a little bit in front of them. Mike and Misti both watched it but thought little of it; the driver was keeping the motor going, so the two assumed that they were just checking a map or some such.

When they were within ten feet or so of the vehicle, the passenger side opened up, and out stepped a tall, lanky black man with the biggest afro that Mike had ever seen. He walked with purposeful strides towards the couple, and Mike was immediately suspicious. Misti tightened her hold on his hand slightly.

"Gimme your purse," the guy said with a southern accent almost too thick to understand. Mike stepped in front of Misti, pulling her behind him with his right hand, the other out in front of him, palm out and fingers splayed unaggressively.

"She doesn't have a purse, and I don't have my wallet on me," he said off the bat, the quickest lie he could come up with. The thug had his right hand in his pocket, and something was jutting against the fabric. Whether it was a gun, a marker, or just his fingers Mike couldn't really tell. He was trying to feel out the situation, but he knew that a situation like this usually didn't last long enough to feel out. This was a hit-and-run heist.

"Fuck you nigga, gimme your motherfuckin' wallet man! The bitch's too" he shouted, taking another step forward. "Or I'll fuckin' blow your ass away."

The man was half a step away from Mike and Misti, Mike between the two of them. He wasn't sure, but he -thought- the guy was bluffing about the gun. He frowned, and hesitated for just a moment before making up his mind.

He didn't say a word, just made the motions that he'd thought about in his head, in case something like this ever happened. He started to turn to his left, moving his body at the waist. With his left hand pushing back behind him, he forced Misti to move to her right; he felt her stumble against the sudden push. He didn't have time to tell her to go right and duck, so he had to push her out of the way. With his other hand shooting out, he made a grab for the man's left arm, hoping to spin him to the man's right, so that the gun would be pivoted away from himself and Misti.

He almost made it; he had the man's arm for a half second, before he wrenched it away. Mike hadn't been able to push forward far enough to get a good hold, because he had to lean back a little to push Misti to the ground. "Shit," he thought, as he saw the guy start to pull his hand out of his pocket. "Should've given him the wallet."

It wasn't a gun, though; Mike had a second to thank whatever fates were watching over him right then before realizing that it was still a weapon; a switchblade in fact. At least, he was pretty sure, that Misti was safe for the moment. He could hear some kind of yelling from the guy who was driving the car, and for a moment his attacker hesitated.

"Fuckin' lucky, nigga; I'm gonna kill you next time I see you," he threatened, and then slashed at him almost nonchalantly. There, Mike made his second mistake and threw his arms up reflexively. His form was good, if he had been struck at with a fist. As it was, however, the knife cut across the top of his forearm as slickly as a hot knife through butter. The man got into the car, and peeled out back onto the highway.

It had happened so suddenly that at first there wasn't even any pain. He had felt the knife cut him, and there had been a shocking sense of revulsion, as immediately he thought "Oh man, there's going to be blood, it'll probably be pretty bad, and Misti's going to freak..."

He was right, there was blood. He wasn't sure if he was right that it was bad, but he did know that he was wrong about Misti. She was at his side almost immediately, swearing profusely at their attackers and looking at his arm.

"That was stupid you know," she chided him sternly, as she looked over his arm. "You should have just given him the wallet."

Mike sighed and nodded; even if the wound wasn't bad, listening to this -would- be. Both because it was something he knew she would say, and because she was right. The trip back to their room was long and arduous if only for that fact.


It took the better part of the day to fill out the forms, both civilian and military, and at the end of it the two of them were ready to settle in for an evening together, in their room. The door opened, they shuffled in, and it closed resolutely. They both collapsed onto the bed heavily, Michael with a slight wince.

Eventually they got up, and went about preparing for the evening.

"That was still a stupid thing to do in the first place, you know," Misti said again, swatting him weakly on the ass. She was on her back, and he was laying on his stomach. The two of them had just finished taking showers, and both were wrapped in towels.

"Yeah, I know," he muttered, wiggling his ass back appreciatively at the slap. He couldn't tell if he had done it out of habit or because he really was feeling wiggly, but he decided it didn't matter.

"Does it still hurt?" she asked, rolling onto her tummy and laying partly on Mike, resting her head on his shoulder, looking at the small, fine hairs on the nape of his neck.

"Lil' bit," he mumbled, resting his chin on the bed and letting his eyes slip closed. She was still a little strung up on adrenaline from what had happened; while everything was going on it had just been a shock of anger and frustration. Afterwards, the adrenaline had kicked in. She had a feeling she wouldn't be able to get any sleep tonight.

But that was ok; she was sure she could think of other things to keep her busy. She smiled a little and ran her fingers over his neck, lightly playing with the hairs there. A small sound of enjoyment rumbled from his chest as she slowly traced her hand lower over his bare back, tracing the tattoos there and continuing lower.

Her fingers hit the ridge where the towel and his skin met, and with a deft hand nudged it lower, tugging it and pulling it open. Mike turned his head to face her, but she was looking down at the curve of his ass as her fingers played over the supple flesh there.

"What're you doin'?" he asked slowly, curiosity mingled with anticipation. There was a gleam in her eyes as she looked back at him, resting her palm on his ass cheek, cupping and squeezing it. She was feeling particularly aggressive, he figured; probably had wanted to take that guy by the afro and smack him around, calling him Susan.

"Just hush and enjoy it," she said, knowing he loved having his ass played with. He smiled and shrugged slightly, crossing his arms above his head and resting on his forearms, his eyelids closing as he laid back to enjoy it.

She turned her attention back to his ass, intent on enjoying the evening to the fullest, however she wanted to. It was, she knew, going to be a very fun evening. Her fingers continued to tease lightly over his ass, playing through the very fine hair over most of his ass cheek, and then closer to the spot where his cheeks curved and met, the hair darker there. She brushed through the hair there, her fingertips lightly teasing over his asshole. She spread the cheeks a little and caressed it, grinning when she noticed how it puckered a little. He moaned at the sensation, which was always a good thing too.

She didn't say anything yet, just kept his ass cheeks spread and slowly dragged the pad of her index finger up and down that valley, watching his body react to her touch. She loved how she could turn him on, how one minute he could be fighting violently and the next be just putty in her hands. Well, she was going to enjoy the hell out of this putty tonight. She knew he loved it when she took control, when she was aggressive and just used him for her pleasure and enjoyment.

Her finger moved up and down, occasionally moving lower and tangling through the hair by his balls. She loved the thick curls there, and played her fingers through it, occasionally teasing his balls. She noticed his cock getting harder, and it gave her a rush. Such a gorgeous body, and she could make it react however she wanted. She loved it.

"Yeow!" he yelped as she suddenly smacked his ass sharply, a devilish grin on her lips. She uttered a light chuckle and rubbed the spot that she had slapped, caressing it with her palm and fingers. "Mmmm... you like that, bitch, don't you," she whispered as she massaged his ass cheeks some more. The low groan was enough to tell her what she couldn't make out from his whispered reply. She spread his ass cheeks wide again, and this time leaned down, dragging her tongue the length of that valley; from the base of his ball sack, up over his ass hole, and past over his back.

She dragged her tongue back down again, retracing the route she had taken, pausing and licking his asshole a little more, pushing down and sliding her tongue inside his ass. She could feel his legs and the rest of his body tensing up, shifting and grinding against her mouth. He groaned loudly, pulling his legs underneath him slightly and spreading them wider apart, giving her better access to his tight, puckered hole. She tongued his asshole, licking and probing inside of it, loving how much she knew he was getting off on the idea. Finally she stopped, licked her finger and started to tease his asshole, watching him push against the bed, clutching at the sheets and wriggling his ass in her face.

"Mmmm, you like that don't you, you dirty little whore. Love getting your ass teased and played with. God, you're such a naughty little bitch." He writhed and moaned, whispering back: "Oh yeah... yeah, I love it... love it because I'm such a good little bitch for you."

She continued to tease his ass with one of her hands, while she licked the palm of the other. Her saliva coated it slickly as she reached underneath, between his legs and grabbed his hardening cock lightly, rubbing it up and down, jerking him off slowly while her other finger played with his asshole.

She stopped for another moment to smack his ass again, loving the red handprints that rose up after a few moments. She grinned and smacked him again. "Such a good little bitch; I love smacking your ass you nasty little bitch. Tell me how much you love it," she said as she slapped him again.

"Oh yeah, I love it... love it when you smack my ass... please, please smack my ass, fuck me good baby..."

"Oh, I will," she said as she pushed him onto his back, the towel pulling off as his cock, stiff and rigid, laid on top of his belly. She grinned, and licked it as she started to crawl up his body, cat-like in her grace. He watched her approach with wide eyes, his body anticipating everything that might come. She paused at his nipples, a wicked glint in her eyes as she viciously grabbed one and pinched hard, tugging it away from his chest.

"Mmm, good little bitch... you like that don't you bitch... fucking love it don't you." She loved the chance to cut loose, to be as lewd as she had ever wanted with him, loved that he was comfortable enough with her to let her call him those names and how turned on he got by it. She used her other hand and grabbed the other nipple, squeezing them both mercilessly; the harder she pinched and pulled, the louder his moans got. His hands covered hers, strong and compelling, and pinched with her, urging her on harder. Her hips were straddled over his, and she ground her pussy against the length of his cock, slicking it up with her juices.

She finally finished playing with his nipples and crawled further up, moving over his chest and to his neck, her knees on either side of his face as she looked down at him. The view was imposing, and she loved it.

"I'm gonna fuck your face so good, you little whore. I'm gonna fuck you reeeeeally good." She turned around so that she was facing his cock, so she could play with it if she wanted, and then lowered her pussy to his chin. She was soaking wet, and she could hear her juices squelching into his face as she rode him wildly, humping his mouth and slicking his face with her wet cum. She shivered and massaged it into his face, feeling his tongue and lips wildly eating her out, his chin rubbing against her clit over and over as she fucked his face. "Mmm yeah... yeah, eat me out baby.. that's it..." She felt his tongue go for her ass, and then straightened a little, moving forward just a little. If he wanted at her ass, well, she'd definitely let him.

"That's it, you nasty little bitch... eat my ass. Lick my asshole baby..." she didn't wait before she put her weight on her knees and then reached back, spreading her cheeks widely, her nails digging into her skin as she gave him access. His powerful arms were wrapped around her thighs as his wet, strong tongue snaked between her ass cheeks, teasing the pink, puckered hole. She hissed with pleasure and whispered "Thaaaaat's it my little ass licker... open your mouth wider... get it up there nice and good... lick that asshole... yeah, oh yeah god yeah... lick it, bitch... lick my ass like a good dog.. lick it all up you little fucking bitch..."

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