tagBDSMA Perfect End to a Bad Week

A Perfect End to a Bad Week


He'd told her to call around 8. She'd been eyeing the clock for almost an hour, watching the minutes tick by, minutes that felt like an eternity. She'd talked to Him only a few hours before and yet she craved hearing it again.

She didn't know what turn the call tonight would take. She thought it might be a chance for them to share some intimate time together. She'd of course be thrilled just to talk, of nonsensical things, of important things, anything ... time with Him was so very precious. What they did, what they talked about truly didn't matter. But she felt she should prepare a bit anyway, so she would be ready for Him if He wanted her.

So prepare she did. She undressed, slipping on just her short black robe, thinking of the time she'd spent with Him in person in that very robe. Her fingers brushed the gold chain at her neck. The chain He'd given her during their first time together. The chain she wore during all of their most intimate moments. The chain that held such deep meaning for her. The chain she'd been wearing for almost a week now, having needed to feel Him close to her during what have been a troublesome week.

She grabbed the wooden paddle-type hairbrush from it's place on her antique dressing table before she left her dressing area. The next stop was the bedroom. She reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a vibrator and a dildo, toys He most often asked for her to use. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should take anything else. She could always come back up if He wanted. Down the stairs she went.

She laid a soft blanket out across the wood floor, again preparing in case He wanted her tonight. She knelt for just a few minutes, gathering her thoughts, remember moments they had shared. He hadn't asked her to prepare. She had no idea if she needed to, but she loved these moments by herself when she filled her mind and heart with only Him. Standing, she moved to the couch and curled up. She dialed the phone with slightly trembling fingers....

His voice filled her immediately. They spoke of various things ... what they'd been doing since they last spoke, how long each of them had to talk, and others ... and then He asked the question that made her heart skip a beat. "What are you wearing?"

"Just my robe," she said a bit shyly. She knew that He begin to realize she has prepared, hoped even, that He might use her tonight.

And then ... "Did you bring any toys down with you?"

She could feel her cheeks blush bright pink as she told Him she had. "i like to be prepared," she joked.

Then she heard the change in His voice as He said her name. As always, she suddenly couldn't breath. She was immediately immersed. Filled with Him and only Him. Nothing else existed. Nothing else mattered.

"What did you bring down?"

She giggled nervously, "The brush of course, and a vibrator and dildo."

"Describe the dildo for Me little subbie," He prompted. He could practically hear her squirming.

"i ... i can't ... it's ummm about 8 inches." She thought she couldn't blush much more. She was wrong.

"8 inches? In what way?" He asked.

She could hear the grin in His voice, could picture it. "8 inches long. What else..."

He cut her off, "What is it shaped like?"

She closed her eyes and let her head fall back, laughing a bit. She wasn't sure she could answer.

"A cock," she squeaked.

He mimicked her squeaky voice. He teased her for a few more minutes. "Does it have ridges... does it have a head ... what does your Master like you to do with this dildo?"

Her embarrassment and nervousness got the best of her and she could barely answer and His voice changed. "Get the brush pet. On your knees."

She groaned, "Yes Sir." She knew what was coming. First her right ass cheek. She lost count of the strikes. Then her right nipples. Then the inside of her right thigh. With each strike her need grew. Her immersion deepened.

"What can your Master do with that dildo pet?" He asked her with a bit more force. Her mind swirled. Nerves. Embarrassment. Pain. Pleasure. Need. "Listen. Feel. Act." He told her. "Don't think."

"You can fuck me Master," she said softly.

"And what do I fuck with that toy?" He asked her.

She squirmed on the floor and said "My cunt."

"And what game does your Master like to play pet?"

"Shallow and deep," she whispered breathlessly. She could feel the warm wetness between her legs, the sting of the brush still racing through her body.

"On your back. Grab the dildo. Feet flat on the floor. Put the dildo at the entrance to My cunt little subbie," He commanded her.

She quickly complied, "Yes Sir." She waited. Anticipating. Barely breathing.

He began the game. "Deep... deep..." She moaned deeply with every stroke. "Whose cock is that fucking you?" He asked her.

"Yours Master," she sighed. And it was. She could feel Him so clearly. His body covering hers as He took her, as He claimed her body, mind and soul.

He continued until she was writhing on the floor, whimpering, moaning and when she thought she couldn't possibly take anymore ... "Cum," He told her.

She cried out, His name almost a whisper as her back arched as her body tightened and released. As she started to come back down, He began the game again until He commanded her to release again. She thought her body must be on fire. She could feel Him with her, feel His eyes watching her as His name tore from her lips again. She was lost, beyond thought. Completely His.

She tried to catch her breath as He told her to get the vibrator. "On low. Run it over and around My cunt little girl." She of course did exactly as He commanded. "And now pet, your Master has something to do. You keep at that until I come back."

She groaned before she could bite her lip to stifle it. "Yes Sir," she whimpered.

She had no idea how long He was gone for. It felt like forever. She moaned and gasped. Was He listening? She had no idea, but she couldn't have stayed quiet if she'd wanted. She was squirming. She thought she'd scream from her need. She'd beg if that's what He wanted.

And every time she thought she couldn't hold back any longer, she thought of the words He'd said to her so many times. "Those cums are Mine to give, not yours to take." She could hear Him even though He was silent. She could feel Him even though He was far away.

She actually jolted when she heard Him return. "Who owns you little gir?"

"You do Sir," she whimpered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, very," she gasped.

"100 percent? Even after a rough week like this has been?" He questioned her.

"Yes Sir. 100 percent."

"Would you do anything I asked of you right now?"


"Anything?" He repeated.

"Yes Sir," she said breathlessly, squirming more. She knew she would in fact do anything He asked. Pleasing Him was all that mattered. Making Him proud of her was her deepest desire.

"Would you go to the window if I asked?"

"Yes Sir."


"i promise," she whispered. The window ... she disliked the window, being on display. But she would truly give Him anything He asked for.

"Cum!" He growled in her ear. She screamed as her mind and body shattered yet again. His name her only thought as she released for Him for the last time that night ...

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