tagInterracial LoveA Perfect First Date

A Perfect First Date


I was so nervous, pacing around my living room. In only a few minutes my phone would ring, and you would be saying that you were nearby, ready to meet up. We had been talking online and on the phone for some time now, and wanted to finally put faces to the personality and flirtation. I hoped the chemistry was there in person, nervous about whether you would find me attractive, excited to finally meet the man I had been fantasizing about.

The phone in my hand started to vibrate and ring as you called. I answered the phone while grabbing my bag, locking up and flying out the door, not wanting to wait a second to see you. I got to our prearranged meeting point, and was stunned when I finally saw you. Sure, I had seen your pictures, but they didn't do you justice.

You were so tall, with broad shoulders. Your coffee colored skin covered beautiful bone structure; a dignified profile and piercing, dark eyes. We smiled at each other, your face lighting up as your dimples revealed themselves. Greeting each other with kisses on the cheek, we started walking through town, settling down when we found a nice café to grab a drink and a bit to eat.

Conversation was easy between us, as always. As we talked, I found my hand meeting yours across the table, our fingers caressing each other. When my eyes strayed from yours, they would watch the way our flesh looked together, the different pigments so striking together, contrasting and bringing out each other's beauty. I found myself smiling much of the time, enjoying the time we were spending together.

While there had been many sexually explicit conversations before our meeting, I still was worried about seeming too forward. I was careful to show that I was interested in you, without coming on too strong. I tried to follow your lead, as the conversation, and our physical contact, progressed.

During the course of our communication, I couldn't help but ask about something that worried me. Over the years, I had experienced some prejudice; people were sometimes unwilling to date me because of my Jewish family background, even though it is not the religion I practice. You have never said anything about it after I told you, but I could not be certain how you felt, especially considering your Arab heritage. It was easily settled between us; clear that this was not something that was a problem for either of us. We continued talking, and it was dark outside when we finally left the café.

I was increasingly flirtatious, taking every opportunity to press my body against your, feeling the bulge grow in your pants. You held me close to you, my ass up against your hips, as you whispered in my ear, telling me that you have a hard time resisting temptation. I grinned and wiggled slightly, my body rubbing against your hardened shaft. We walked on, wandering the narrow streets of the small city.

As we approached a darkened corner, I 'accidentally' brushed up against the bulge in your pants, grinning and giggling. I started to walk on, but that was not in your plan...

You grabbed me by the arm, turning me around, then clasped your hand around my throat as you threw me up against the wall in the shadows. You growled before leaning down and kissing me hard, your tongue probing deep into my mouth. Pressing you hips against mine, and maintaining your hold on my throat, you pulled back from the kiss, and continued to tease me, as I would strain against your grip to kiss you, and you wouldn't let me actually reach you unless you wanted it. You felt me grinding my hips against yours, clearly aroused, making you laugh. You growled into my ear, "So, I guess a male dominated culture works well for you, huh?" I blushed and lowered my gaze, embarrassed at my arousal at your control over me. Squeezing slightly on my throat, you ordered me to look you in the eyes, telling me that it's not polite or respectful not to answer the question. I managed to nod and say yes, and you rewarded me with a kiss.

Satisfied with my response, you moved your hand from around my throat to being in a fist in my hair. Then you turned me around, so that you were against the wall, still holding me close to you. You told me that you wanted to taste me, and I could chose between your finger or mine, but one way or another it would happen. I hiked up my skirt slightly and slid my finger into my juicy cunt, covering it in my wetness before pulling it out for you to suck. You licked my finger, sucking it into your mouth, before slipping your own finger inside me.

I moaned softly, but was also a bit wary; this is not what a lady does on a first date. You bit down on my neck while running your finger over my clit. I gasped and pulled my hips away slightly, worried about letting things go too far. You growled and told me to come closer, not to resist you. Relinquishing control of the situation, I moved my hips closer to you, give you free reign over my desperate cunt. Your fingers continued to caress my tender parts, and soon my muscles tensed and my body writhed as my orgasm flooded over me. For a while, I rested my head against your chest as I recovered, but I felt the hardness still present in your pants, and started to stroke you through the material.

Looking up at you, I asked if I could take you in my mouth, and you nodded. I knelt right there on the street as I unzipped your pants, pulling them down along with your boxer-briefs, your hard cock popping out at me. I smiled widely as I licked up the shaft, my wet tongue swirling around the throbbing head before sucking you into my mouth. Your shaft was so long, and thick, I had a hard time taking you very deep, but I slid your member along my tongue until you reached my throat, wanting you as far in my as possible. I bobbed up and down on your hard rod as your hand continued to hold me by the head, guiding your shaft into me, fucking my face. My jaw was becoming sore, but I continued on, wanting to taste you, too. I heard you groan as you thrust deep into my mouth, shooting your hot cum inside my willing entry. Swallowing every drop, I then licked up and down your shaft, being sure to clean you.

We separated slightly, adjusting clothes and other aspects of our appearance that had been tussled in our encounter, then interlinked our fingers and continued to walk on. It was getting late, time for me to go home, and you insisted on walking me to my door, the perfect gentleman. We stood in front of my door talking for quite some time, and I thanked you for a wonderful evening. I kissed you and put my key in the lock. Turning around, I wanted another kiss, and grinned as I told you that it was a thoroughly satisfying date.

You kissed me and opened the door behind me, pushing me through. Growling again, you told me that you had enjoyed it, yes, but that you wanted more. Reaching under my skirt, you again entered me with your fingers, feeling my wetness. I moaned and ground on your fingers, trying to get you as deep as possible inside me. Feeling down your pants, I could feel that familiar bulge growing again, and started stroking that, too.

You continued to back me up, until we reached the stairs. I lay down on them, as you lowered your pants, revealing your beautiful cock. Now in the light, I could see the perfect shape of it; not only was it long and thick, but also straight, with a gorgeous rich color. With little warning, you slid it deep into my dripping wet cunt. I looked down, watching your dark cock pound my pale flesh, moaning and gasping. I felt myself cum once, and then again, your staff hitting all the spots inside me, inundating me with pleasure. My orgasms were overwhelming, unending. I told you that you could cum inside me, that I wanted to feel you cum in me. You just smiled and continued to pound me, your dick hitting against my cervix, delivering that sweet pain. I was cumming again, when you held me tight for leverage, pumping deep into me, faster and faster, like a piston, before finally grunting and moaning as you came in my wet cavern.

We lay there for some time, catching our breath and basking in the afterglow. I knew you had to go, needed to get home because of work the next day, and gave minimal protests as you pulled out of me and pulled your pants back up. You game me one last kiss before turning to go, leaving me on the stairs. When you turned around to say goodbye at the door, you saw me smiling, cum dripping out of my pussy, my fingers trying to catch it so that I could taste you once again. You grinned widely, and we agreed that we would see each other again soon. Just before you closed the door, you winked at me, and thanked me for the thoroughly satisfying date.

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