tagBDSMA Perfect Fit Pt. 04

A Perfect Fit Pt. 04


"Can I come in, sweetheart?" Mark asks behind the closed curtain.

"Of course, Daddy," comes the sweet response. The steam has further softened Jenni's submissive voice so that it's a natural child's voice. Just that tone has Mark tingling all over; she sounds pure of heart and full of the promise of sensual delights like Marilyn Monroe.

He opens the curtain and places her new things on top of a cabinet. "Are ya ready to get out now, bathin' beauty?"

She makes a face but rises quickly from the warm water. Her teeth start to chatter instantly and he carefully helps her frigid body from the deep tub to wrap her in a bath sheet. He rubs her vigorously all over to dry her as fast as he can. "Ya poor little wet fox," he coos to her.

"Uh-huh, I am a poor little fox," she pouts.

"Spread your legs, darlin'," he directs gently.

She obediently steps her feet apart for him and he pats her damp fur as though anything but the lightest of touches could hurt her. It makes her shiver again, but this time, not from the cold. She's anticipating the care with which he'll open her up and enter her body. She can tell he's going to treat her as if she's a virgin, not a semi-experienced pain slut who can take a hard punishment. That may never have even occurred to her new Dom. However, Jenni wants for nothing at the moment; she enjoys the way he chooses to play. Mark gets on his knees to dry her all the way to her feet, then kisses her belly button.

"Your face is tickly, Daddy," she giggles.

"That's because I'm a man, honey. Here, try these." He hands her a pair of the cartoon underpants. She slips them on and they're pleasantly tight. She can tell by Mark's eyes that the mostly white fabric shows every private contour. He drinks in the sight, then kisses her covered slit. "Ya want this now?"

"Yes, that will be cozy!" Jenni steps into the plush get-up and wags her tail.

"Ya look adorable. C'mon, it's dinner time."

Jenni follows him to his makeshift kitchen. The paint-stained utility sink is the only permanent fixture. He has a few countertop appliances and a small table and chairs. He pulls hers out for her and she sits. Her stomach growls and he hears it.

"When did ya last eat, darlin'?"

"This morning, Daddy."

"Well, it's night now. Are ya thin on purpose? That somethin' you and Dr. Z. talk about?" he asks seriously as he sets a bowl of mac n' cheese in front of her as well as a side dish of peas and carrots. Like a kid would, she combines the two to disguise the vegetables in cheese sauce. He smiles, waiting patiently for her to take a few bites before addressing his concern. The girl appears to be trying to control her ravenous hunger.

Jenni understands this is important to him. She answers in the same child's voice, but with a mature demeanor. "It's not part of my issues. Some of it's that I'm poor. I'm also just not great at taking care of myself."

"Don't think ya deserve it?"

"Sounds silly to say it out loud, but yeah, I think that's it."

"Are ya happy I'm in charge of that now?"

"For real?" she says, mouth full. Mark goes to the fridge to get her a juice box, a little something he'd sneaked into the cart on impulse.

"This is as real as ya want it to be. I think you'll find that the sex makes up for my annoyin' parental side. Good girls get their rewards," he drawls in that exotic accent she loves. It brings some color to her heart-shaped face that peers at him beneath the animal ears. Is she de-aging before his eyes?

"I will let you take care of me. Just don't let me get too helpless, okay? I still have to figure out how to live my life."

"That's fair. I do wanna see ya helpless like ya were in the office earlier. In my arms, you're gonna be helpless," he states. "Every night."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Want some more?"

"A little bit more, please. Aren't you having some?"

"Nah, I got my own thing I have at night," he says and rises to serve her. She can feel his pleasure in doing so like a caress. Then he takes a few canisters from the shelf and measures out scoops of different powders into a blender with some rice milk. "This is gonna be a little loud."

Mark returns to the table with a glass of thick greenish-grey stuff.

"Ahh," she says knowingly.


"That's your beauty secret."

He cracks up. "Not exactly. Back when things were really bad... I drank bleach. It kind of ruined my stomach, so I have to be careful of what I eat. Dr. Z. got me on these health drinks."

Jenni's eyes well up with tears. "You wouldn't ever do that again, would you? Y-you can't own me if your gonna..."

"Hey, hey, shh, don't start that. I don't even think them thoughts anymore, I swear to ya. I won't do that to you, Jenni."

"Better not," she sniffs.

"Zavodny wouldn't have introduced us if he thought I was suicidal, right?"



"Yes, Daddy. You're right."

"Good girl."

Jenni finishes every morsel and washes her dishes, feeling Mark's kind gaze on her back the whole time. 'God, we're really falling for each other,' she thinks. It would give her butterflies in her tummy if she'd left any room for them to flutter. Mark is going to fatten her up, she realizes.

"Wanna come sit with me on the couch, little one?"

She nods happily. She's warm now and clean, full, and wrapped up in his dominant aura. Even if he didn't give her his amazing cock again tonight she'd go to sleep perfectly satiated. Still, the unbidden memory of it is hard to push aside. Her pussy starts to swell and leak in the tight underpants. She pictures his fat, succulent glans and her mouth waters, too, like she's hungry again.

"What are ya thinkin' now, darlin'?" he asks curiously.

"Nothing. I'm not thinking anything at all. Let's go sit together." She reaches for his hand and he leads her to his living room area at the front of the loft.

They make themselves comfortable on a deep velveteen couch. Jenni curls around Mark with her legs across his lap. "You fit me just right," he murmurs against her cheek. "Ya warm enough?"

"Yes, Daddy. You're very warm."

"Maybe I'll even make ya hot," he jokes, knowing it's a corny thing to say.

"You do."

They settle into a comfortable silence, snuggling subtly closer with every relaxed breath. She inhales his earthy smell and he removes her fox hood to enjoy her strawberry-scented hair.

"Would ya like to watch somethin'?" he asks.

"Okay, Daddy."

He switches on his small screen and goes to Netflix. "What movie does my little girl like?"

Jenni tries hard to remember. "The Princess Bride?"

"As you wish," he quotes and starts the film. The way his thumb strokes her inner thigh suggests they are not going to make it very far into the story. They both know that they aren't watching this for the sake of enjoying a film: It's part of a play they're improvising. The strangers-turned-lovers are pretending this is a typical evening for Daddy and his little girl, not the life-changing series of events set in motion yesterday when Mark simply expressed his heart's desire. It was almost enough to send either of them into an anxiety attack if they looked at the situation head-on, so they just cuddle even closer and try to focus on Princess Buttercup for a while.

"She's so pretty," Jenni remarks. "Do you think so, Daddy?"

"Yeah. You're gonna be just as pretty when you're grown."

"You promise?"

"I know it. What about him. Do ya think the farm boy is handsome?"

"Yes," she giggles.

"Yes? Does my little girl have a crush?" he teases, tickling her ribs.


"Oh, I think yer sweet on him."

"Am not!"

Mark pushes her flat on her back and pins her lightly. He eases up on the tickling because laughter is no longer the response he seeks. He pets her instead. Jenni looks up into his unique eyes and sees centuries' worth of joy and agony swirling behind them. No, no good-looking movie star had anything on Mark. "I like your face better, Daddy," she whispers.

"Give me one of your sweet kisses, baby girl."

Jenni tries it in character like a little girl might kiss, but it turns lustful fast. They lick into each other's mouths, lapping up all the bliss to be discovered. Mark's kiss has a pattern to it that draws her deeper into his control, but it never gets boring. There's too much dynamic energy flowing through his body, emanating from his wild mind. He feels solid on top of her, heavy in a way that makes her feel free.

"Ya want your treat now, baby girl?"

Jenni doesn't understand. "Which one?" she murmurs. Looking at Mark was a treat. His painful honesty was a treat that made her feel like anything less was superficial. Then again, the two probably went hand in hand; anyone who could see (or hear) might overlook Mark's red flags for such a sexy, if damaged, guy.

"That cream. Or is my little one still full from eatin' well for once?"

"I think I just want to taste you first... your own taste, Daddy."

Mark looks touched by that. "Hmm. It might be a little strong. You've made me sticky a few times tonight and I ain't washed yet."

"Sticky, Daddy?" she asks, slipping a little further into roleplay. It does feel a bit like playing with fire to pretend she knows nothing about sex when playing with this god of sex, as if the part of her brain that retains her experience could just turn off and she'll be rendered an innocent for real. Mark likes the way she plays along: His wordless rumble of pleasure against her body lets her know she's on the right track. What she wants more than anything is to be perfect for him. He nuzzles her neck with his lips and chin whiskers.

Jenni looks up into his clear eyes and sees his creative mind working; he's establishing how much his little girl knows, how far she typically goes with her Daddy when they play together. He decides to start at the beginning and attempt to explain sexuality to someone with the mind of a child. He gives her a sweet, awkward grin then licks his well-kissed lips.

"Well, when ya touch me so... romantic, like a big girl, or ya look so sexy for me, my body wants to be closer to ya. Do you understand what I mean, baby?"

Jenni stares at him with her china doll mouth pressed tight. She's got a talent for this, making her eyes hold confusion and also a spark that his partner is still in there, tracking this scene every step of the way. "You mean how Daddies make babies."

Mark grins, enjoying the strangeness of this exercise. Neither of them laughs, though. Silly as it seems, it's touching something deep in both of them.

"Yeah, that's what I mean. We don't have to make babies. You're too little yet. We can just do it to make... love. Have you heard grown-ups say that?"

"Uh-huh. But I don't understand what they mean."

Mark shifts to lie beside her and strokes her plush-covered side and jutting hip bone. He takes her hand and places it against his erection. She's not acting when her round eyes go a little wider. She's not used to it yet and he still feels unnatural, especially without the view. "What...?" she starts to ask, realizing that the vocabulary for his little girl might be different from her typical sex talk. This could be tricky.

Mark swallows hard like a parent would when having 'the talk.' "That's my penis." They try not to grin at each other. Somehow she gets the feeling it's not the first time he's had to explain that in intimate moments.

"Ohh," she says with sudden understanding. "Boys at school are always talking about penises. And dicks."

"Boys do that. You can say 'dick' but only with Daddy because it's not a nice word. It's for when we're alone like this, okay sweetheart?"

"Okay, Daddy. It's a secret I know that word."

"'Cock' is a better one," he adds mischievously. Jenni giggles.

"Do I have one?"

Mark raises an eyebrow, unsure where she's going with this. She's young, not daft, after all.

"Well, no, honey. You're a girl. Why would you think that?"

"Because I'm all sticky, too, down there. Is that bad?" she asks, hiding her face in his delicious neck.

"Aww, you don't have to be shy about that. That's what happens to big girls when they need their Daddy. Want me to check ya and make sure you're normal?"

"Yeah," she breathes into his ear in a little voice.

Mark carefully drags her zipper down to her navel and slips his hand into the warmth. His girl trustingly opens her thighs for him.

"Ohhh, oh my girl."

"What's wrong, Daddy?"

"Nothin' at all. You're soaked."


"No, baby, that means you're ready for me. For my body. It means you're a very good girl." He kisses her ardently when words fail him; he needs to let the character and the real woman know how excited he is to touch her amazing arousal. His fingertip delves under the elastic of her crotch to pet her plump, silken lips.

"Ngh!" Jenni whines. She hadn't realized the urgency of her female hard-on until the feather touch grazed her clit.

"Oh, honey. Tell me what that feels like to you."

"It's all tingly some places. And it hurts inside."

"Hurts? Always tell me if somethin' hurts, okay?"

Jenni looks intently into his eyes. She needs to tell him she's so turned on her cunt's spasming in minor stabbing pains. "It aches, more like. Like when I started growing and my legs ached and you made it better."

Mark kisses her forehead to let her know he wishes he could have made everything better for real. "I know how to make this better, too. Ya want your Daddy to show you?"

"Yes, Daddy." She's relieved she didn't misstep by mentioning something a real father "used to do." As far as she knows, this fantasy has nothing to do with him fathering her. Still, the thought that his blood flows in her veins makes perfect sense. She responded to this man with her whole being from the first look into those Siberian husky eyes of his.

Mark sits up and pauses the movie. "Don't want ya distracted your first time. Ya better shed your fur, little fox." She does and doesn't feel the chill because she's flushed to her chest and can feel sweat prickling just under the surface of her skin. He pulls her across his lap, her weight on his hard cock, ruined childish underwear still in place. Her back is arched and she feels nicely pinned with her hips lifted for his ministrations.

"Will it hurt?"

"No, but it might feel funny until you're used to it. I promise I'll never hurt ya. Not in a way I can't fix."

That's the only promise he can honestly make and she's happy he understands that.

His fingers glide through her slick folds then leave her. He's sucking them. "You're sweet all over, especially your cunny," he states, educating his sub. Jenni likes the odd word. It's another secret dirty one, but cute-sounding for a little girl. He could make any awful choice sound hot, though. Then she realizes the reason for the raspiness to the young man's voice and shudders.

"Ya scared, baby?"

"No, Daddy. Want you to."

"Gonna give ya a taste of what it'll feel like when we're together... like we're making babies," he chuckles and slides a thick finger inside her, curling it to press her front wall and soothe one of her aching spots. She bites her lip at the squishing sounds.

"I'm so messy!" she frets.

"It's a good kind of mess. Like fingerpaintin'. It means your body loves me."

"I do."

"Now. This is what you gotta do when you're feelin' this way and I'm at work or somethin'," he explains, adding his other hand to circle her huge clit with two fingertips.


He continues with the perfect pressure and pace. Her eyes snap open with the question: 'How the hell are you better at this than I am?' but she can only moan helplessly.

Mark shifts beneath her. This is exactly what he wanted, his girl helpless in his arms, and he must be painfully hard and full by now. She was going to serve him so well tonight, even if she has to unhinge her jaw.

"Can't wait to make you feel good like this, Daddy," she pants.

"Mmm. Ya feeling good, baby girl?"

"Your fingers are like heaven!"

"Yep." His smug smirk shouldn't be as endearing as it is. Just when she's feeling almost jealous of the others who might enjoy his touch he adds, "And they're all for you. Every night, 'cause you're mine, ain't ya?"

Jenni can't stand it. "Daddy, it's... something's happening..."

"That's it. You're about to come really hard, sweetheart. Don't fight me, just let it fill ya and you'll be real happy like ya never felt before."

Mark takes complete control, bearing down harder like she craves and pushing a second finger into her clenching cunny. She screams to haunt the whole old warehouse.

"Did I hurt ya?" he asks lovingly, but he doesn't relent because he knows the answer is no.

"Daddy!" she cries and claws at his chest like she means to pluck out his beating heart.

"Right here, baby, just let me help ya."

"Ohhh, Daddy," she groans in a deeper tone than he's heard yet. It's a womanly tone from a G-spot orgasm. "Whoa," she hears him say under his breath. He holds his fingers inside her until her body releases him.

"Well, look at that, little one." He waggles his pruney fingers before returning them to his mouth.

Jenni rolls off his lap onto the floor between his knees and eyes the bulge in his jeans greedily.

"Oh! Don't you wanna recover first? Ya don't have to attend to me right away, honey."

"I'm very ready."

"Yes, ma'am." Mark grins at his girl's determination to have him. He stands just inches from her and unbuttons, then yanks down his jeans and shorts before sitting back looking every inch the glorious Dom.

"Daddy, you're so..."


"Pretty to look at."

It was the truth. He's long and thick in beautiful proportion, perfectly straight and uncut. Like the rest of him, his cock barely looks real. Then Jenni notices something. The trimmed hair around the base is honey-colored.

"Are you blond?" she asks, surprised.

He rolls his eyes at his lot in life, not at her. "I don't mind that ya think I have a pretty cock, but I don't hafta be that pretty. I dye my hair. That seems vain, doesn't it?"

"You think you look less attractive with dark hair and those light blue eyes?"

"I get less attention. You don't want a pretty boy for a Daddy, do ya?"

Jenni shakes her head in disbelief at the strange man she's fallen in love with. "I just want to be yours."

She runs one fingertip tentatively from base to tip and swirls it in the fresh pre-cum. She tastes as he'd done with her juices. Mark closes his eyes at the beauty of the sight of his hungry girl on her knees.

"Does my little girl like the taste? Sure ya don't want any whipped cream?"

"You're my treat. You taste so clean and pure."

"Must be that I can't eat nothin' bad for me. All those green beauty drinks," he cracks sardonically.

"You smell like lemongrass. You aren't going to be able to keep me away from you, Daddy," she warns, wrapping her tiny hands around him, growing bolder.

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm not tryin' to do that. Just know this... isn't easy with me. I don't expect ya to hold it in your mouth or suck me off. That would be painful for ya. I like the way ya lick my neck. Do it like that."

It's almost imperceptible that it's a command, but it is and she revels in it. She feels uncertain of what to do because she's never given head in this manner, but maybe it's okay that Daddy's little girl doesn't know how to suck cock like a porn star. He lets her know when she's in a pleasure spot and she soon has him rocking his hips and moaning emotionally. The sound makes her hair stand on end: Her man is noisy like a woman. Jenni's never made a man vocalize the way he does. It's so beautiful the new exhibitionist inside her hopes some of the other artists are working late to overhear them.

The sweet fluid pours steadily now and she slurps it up to leave no doubt she does adore his taste. Suddenly, he gets even harder like his thick veins have been replaced with stone.

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