tagBDSMA Perfect Fit Pt. 16

A Perfect Fit Pt. 16


IDEAL is an out and proud kind of place, so their paper bags bear their black and red logo. Jenni's swings as she walks down the street, happy with her useful new toy and to be with her men. Her other hand holds her Daddy's and Freddy walks behind them, but only for the sake of the sidewalk traffic. All three are very much together, the warm lust flowing between them in a lively, complete circuit.

Jenni's beginning to suffer again from the needs brought on by the infusions and whatever else may be going on in her body. Under her rather conservative dress, her bare labia kiss with each step and she's wet down to the sticky lace tops of her stockings. They are starting to burn her soft inner thighs. She stops walking abruptly.

"What is it? Are you in pain?" Mark asks with a new layer of concern in his voice. She's not just his little girl suddenly; she's likely the mother of his baby.

She grips his arm. "No, not pain... I just came a little bit," she says with a shy grin.

"That's awesome. Wait 'til I get you home and can do everything to you, tie ya up..."

"Oh!" She closes her eyes through another small aftershock. Mark did have a way of making things worse when it came to her sexual needs. That is, before making them all better, as he's promising now in a low rasp.

"... we'll get ya home, fuck you nice and slow all night, in every way ya like, until you can't take any more orgasms. Maybe you'll fall asleep with us inside you. How does that sound..."

"Unf. You better stop the dirty talk, Daddy. I'm ready to tear this dress off right now," she says seriously, but with that same happy smile.

They glance back at Freddy, whose eyes are averted but his dimples are showing. "Is she okay?" he asks.

"Uh-huh. But we better make this quick; she really needs to be alone with us as soon as possible," Mark replies.

"I know the feeling. I need that, too," Freddy says.

"Oh my, have I got two needy subs in heat? Good thing I'm feelin' the same way. I think that woman of yours put a spell on all of us," he chuckles.

"I think she probably did. Just a friendly one. She's quite generous like that," Freddy says, sounding like a fanboy of the witch.

"C'mon, we'll get this over with and then we can find the fastest way home to enjoy the magic," Mark says as he leads the way to the drugstore.

As soon as they walk into the crowded store, Jenni is struck by the fact that she seems to be able to smell a thousand products through their packaging. Unless Evie had also gifted her with an odd superpower, that probably indicated what this test was going to say. She was starting to feel a little queasy, too, but that could be psychosomatic. Shit! She was still a child in many ways. Can she have a baby? She hadn't even been thinking about it, though her body seems to have had its own plans, first by using Mark's like a sex object when she ovulated, not that he minded, and now by circumventing her birth control. 'No,' she tells herself, 'I took the pills correctly. It's 99.9 percent effective.' She turns that phrase over and over like a mantra as they find their way to the family planning section.

They study the array of home pregnancy tests.

"You don't have to buy too many," Freddy explains. "If it's positive, that's probably accurate. If it's negative, you should just wait a couple more days. Taking ten tests like in the movies doesn't make sense."

"How do you know about this, man?" Mark asks with inquisitive eyes.

"I went through it a lot with an ex-girlfriend. She knew about my fetish and thought I was trying to impregnate her. I'd never do that to someone. Still, the idea that she couldn't trust me took hold and it became intolerable."

"Poor Freddy, you have a knack for getting involved with crazy people," Jenni sighs.

"Yes, but this time it's different," he says, smiling happily.

"Spoken like a crazy person."

Mark is no longer paying attention to their banter. He's reading the boxes and decides on two that look trustworthy for whatever reason. Jenni approves and he puts them in the basket Freddy's carrying. They also add a few boxes of condoms and bottles of lube-- the nicer stuff at IDEAL was still a bit expensive. "Porn stars" they may be, they aren't made of money and if there is a baby on the way, they'd have to be more careful with their spending. Being in love has made them spendier than usual.

Freddy casually drops a box of large-size condoms into the basket.

"Are you tryin' to tell me somethin', baby?" Mark asks him.

"Whenever you're ready, I think I am," is Freddy's shy reply.

"You've been practicing like I told you?"

"I'm practicing right now," his boy whispers. "I have a plug in."

"You don't!" Mark exclaims, looking amazed and delighted. He takes the basket from him and sets it on the floor, then pulls him close by his belt for a sultry, lingering kiss. It's so beautiful that Jenni momentarily forgets all her own concerns.

Their bubble of bliss is punctured by the sound of the word, "faggots," spoken by a man walking past the end of the otherwise empty aisle.

"Yeah? Either one of them could kick your ass!" Jenni snaps after him, regretting it instantly. He stops, turns around and steps closer. He's dressed like he's on his way to play golf, but his face is red and contorted with unhinged anger. Something unwell is going on inside him, it's plain to see.

Mark sighs, "Of all the days..." he whispers against Freddy's lips and turns, chest out, to face whatever bullshit was coming next.

"I don't give a fuck what you call me, but my boyfriend don't deserve it," Mark growls. "He's the nicest person you'll ever meet, probably give ya the shirt off his back if you needed it."

Freddy just looks amused at the word "boyfriend." "Thank you, Sir. But I only take off my shirt for you."

"It's a figure of speech, baby."

This little exchange makes the interloper turn redder. Jenni doesn't like this one bit: She was confident that Mark could put this guy down with his fists, but these days, people get shot in situations like this. "You're gonna kick my ass?" the guy shouts loud enough that soon people will be hovering around with their phones out. "What are you gonna do, faggot?"

"Nah, today's your lucky day. My girl's pregnant and she don't need me in jail right now. Best just move on." Mark takes Jenni gently by the shoulder to pull her behind him.

Golf shirt guy takes in the picture they make, looking them up and down, eyes lingering too long on the girl's enormous rack. In the excitement, Jenni's lost a button to show the top swell of her inflated and tantalizing tits. She realizes what Mark's doing and she tries not to make the situation worse by smiling. Mark's not posturing like a typical male, but he is showing off: This handsome man is mine. This cute little girl with the tits you're ogling is having my baby. Who the hell are you compared to me?

This he doesn't say aloud, of course, but it's written all over his face, from the set of his jaw to his glittering eyes.

"Fucking perverts! It's bad enough immigrants are taking over this country without trash like you pushing your sick agenda on decent Christian people! Marriage is for a man and a woman, not three people!"

"Who said anything about marriage?" Mark drawls. "Look, just walk away, nobody has to ruin their day over this."

"I'm an immigrant," Freddy mutters indignantly.

"That's not helping," Jenni whispers.

Unfortunately, the guy heard Freddy's comment which unleashes another torrent of anti-almost-everyone invective.

"Hey, shut the fuck up, pendejo!" calls a voice from elsewhere. Yes, this was becoming a "scene," and not the fun, kinky kind Jenni enjoys.

"Here's what's gonna happen. We're walkin' away now. Anything that happens next is all on you, man," Mark states with infuriating calm.

"Fuckin' perverts! I feel sorry for that baby! It doesn't have a chance!" the man calls after them.

"Well, that was a surprise," Mark laughs shakily. "What else do we need before we get the hell out of here?"

"Batteries. Lots of batteries."

"You really are one-track today. Glad that guy didn't upset you too much, baby girl."

"Sorry, Daddy. That was my fault. I shouldn't have provoked someone like that."

Mark snorts. "There's no way you brought all that on. Besides, I get the feelin' you wanted to see me beat him up. A little, right?"

"Just a little. I'm so glad you handled it better than that. You're very strong, Mark. I was scared and you weren't scared at all."

"Guess I don't scare easy anymore. Maybe it's meds," he jokes.

They pick up the batteries and Mark suggests some bottled water to get her ready for all the peeing she'll have to do. "I'm already full of, like, a gallon of liquid," she protests.

"Yeah, and you're losin' it. I can smell it, baby."


"Just teasin' ya. I'm allowed. You smell delicious."

"Maybe it was you being the Dom protecting your family that got me all wet."

"I'm always the Dom," he growls at her and she squeals.

Jenni reaches for a bottle of water to be his obedient sub. The majority of his commands were things that were simply good for her health. The rest were for his deviant pleasure.

"Not that one. Get this one instead," he says, handing her a glass bottle. "Plastic's not good for the baby. There's chemicals and shit in bottled water, I read it somewhere."

Jenni looks up at him big-eyed. "Mark... does that mean we're keeping it?"

He looks alarmed at the suggestion they wouldn't. "Course we are! Unless you don't want to. I'd understand. It's your choice," he says, coolly, but she can hear the note of pain in his voice.

Freddy has wandered off, probably sensing they were having a moment. Surely there would be many talks to follow because a crappy, crowded drugstore wasn't the best place to make life decisions. Yet, here they are, a bewildered young couple totally unprepared and trying to feel each other out on what would really make each other happy.

"I don't think I can have an ab-," she says.

"Then don't," he cuts her off like he doesn't want to hear the word.

"Not if it's yours. But... will you still like me?" she asks, welling up. "I mean, I'm your little girl. Then I'll be a big fat pregnant lady. That's different from what you like, Daddy."

"You're what I like. You'll still be my little girl. We'll have to find a way to hide it around the kid, but I'm still 'Daddy' to you, understand? Now you're just my naughty little girl who got herself in trouble."

"I can't believe you're taking this so well, cracking jokes..."

"How am I supposed to take it? Like a child? Baby, I'm a bit older than you. Lots of people my age already have a couple of kids. I did all my crazy, dumb shit already. I think you have, too. I'm settled. Got the woman I want, life is good. If you ain't ready I won't be mad. It's your body. I just think it would be a mistake not to do what's right 'cause we been told we're too damaged. I should tell you, it does run in my family."

"Mine, too. Maybe we should check with Dr. Zavodny."

"Ask him if you can keep our baby? Sweetheart, I know we depend on him a lot, but I don't think this is his decision. You do have to tell him as soon as we know because of your meds. I have no idea if you can take them while you're pregnant... or if you'll be okay without them. I guess if this is gonna hurt you we won't have a choice," he says sadly.

"I might not be, you know."

"Pfft. Ya are. Evie saw it and she's... somethin' else," Mark says with admiration.

"A witch," Jenni laughs.

Freddy's found his way back with snacks, including Jenni's favorites, goldfish crackers and gummi bears, and they head over to the long, long line.

"Ugh! Not today," Jenni whimpers.

"It's okay, darlin'. We'll be home soon."

He stands behind her with his arms around her, a bit mushy but socially acceptable except for the fingertip tracing the undercurve of her bust. "Daddy, you're making it worse!"

Jenni is ready to rip off her dress and fling herself on the floor in a sex tantrum.

Mark whispers in her ear, "I'm a real bastard. Look what I done to you, made ya so weak an' desperate for me, every inch of you on fire..."

"Freddy, tell him to quit it!"

"Quit it, Mark," he says without an ounce of authority in his gentle voice. Freddy cranes his neck to see over the crowd because the line isn't moving at all. Everyone is grumbling about it. One voice rises above the others.

"Jesus! That guy again? I thought he'd have fucked off by now," Mark says.

Yes, "that guy's" plastic was all declined and he's getting more and more agitated. It goes on for a while and no one comes to the poor checkout girl's rescue. Freddy can see from his height what's shaping up. "Oh, she doesn't need this at all." He sets down the basket and starts off toward the commotion.

"Freddy!" Mark hisses. "What the hell, man?!"

"It will be fine. Hold our place."

Freddy walks to the front of the line and politely shoulders his way into the situation. "Does this cover it?" he asks the girl, who gratefully grabs the bills and quickly finishes the transaction. The guy loses it.

"Do I look like I want charity from you?!" he screams.

"It's not charity," Freddy explains in a loud voice like Jenni and Mark have never heard from him. "It's to move you along. No one wants to spend all day trapped in here with you... you... foolish little man!"

"Sir, you're all set. Take your items please!" the cashier says. She's more assertive now with Freddy there on her side. Honestly, the guy was not a little man, and big enough to be scary with his red face and bulging eyes. Surprisingly, he does snatch the items and storms out ranting things not worth repeating until he's through the door.

Freddy turns to head back to his people and is treated to a small smattering of applause that grows into a full-on expression of collective relief. "Nicely done, dude!" someone calls out. Freddy looks perplexed and takes a shallow bow. "Happy Valentines, everyone," he says by way of explanation in his regular, pleasant voice. Jenni wonders if they notice the collar.

He returns to his owner's side looking pale. Mark rubs his back.

"That was great, baby. But why? I wouldn't have bought shit for that piece of shit."

"Two reasons, well three, actually. One, he was buying baby diapers. Two, the checkout girl is black, and who knows what was going to come out of his mouth next. Three, I really do want to have sex sometime very soon and I'm over this."

"Makes sense to me, baby. Broke guy with a baby to take care of, losin' his mind. He's still a bigot asshole."

"I know, Mark. I bet the baby isn't."

"And he said our kid didn't have a chance," Jenni sniffs. Mark kisses the top of her head.

They fall silent for a moment, then Mark gets the giggles. It starts in little fits, then he loses the fight.

"What's funny, Daddy?" Jenni asks.

"Your brother. 'Foolish little man!'" he wheezes. "Good lord. Where did you come up with that?"

"I don't swear very well in English, Sir."

"That's okay. Ya got the job done. I bet it confused the hell outta him, you not even cursin'."

"I'm sure hanging around with you, I'll get better at it."

"That's my boy."

The line's moving fast now. When they get to the front, the checkout girl is all smiles, almost like she's happy to be stuck behind a counter on her own in retail hell.

"And how are you all on this beautiful day?" she asks them. She really seems like a nice person, which makes Jenni even more grateful Freddy stepped in before that got uglier.

"We're good. How you holdin' up?" Mark asks.

"Better now, thanks to your friend here. Seriously, thank you. I didn't know what I was going to do with that guy!"

"Sometimes money fixes problems. Sometimes."

"I think it was a little more than that," she says warmly as she rings up the suspicious collection of items with a suppressed smirk. Jenni guesses what she's thinking, unless, of course, she's just thinking about Freddy, which is possible. As Mark pays by card, she hands Freddy a piece of paper. "This is my phone number. Call me if you want to go out sometime," she says casually.

"Oh. Okay, maybe I will. Thanks."

* * * * *

Outside, Jenni remarks, "Freddy, a woman gives you her number every time we go on an adventure."

"It's probably something Evie did to me," he says modestly.

"You gonna call her, man? You can, you know," Mark says in an encouraging tone.

"We'll see. She's cute, but looks very young. I get the numbers of the elderly and teenagers. I think I prefer women closer to my age."

"Which is what?" Jenni asks.

"I'm 37."

"Are not!" Jenni was not expecting that he's older than Mark. She can't imagine being dominated by a younger person. Maybe it's different in your 30s, or that she's a little girl. Mark's her Daddy, he's not Freddy's. That is something still evolving. It's clear that Freddy belongs to him, which seems to be the most important thing.

"What about Evie?" Mark asks.

"Evie is ageless, to me, " Freddy states.

They agree they'll take the train to get home.

"Are you sure you're up to it, baby? We can call for a ride."

"No, we already spent a fortune today. I can make it," she says bravely. "I probably can't sit down; I think the vibrations might kill me."

"You can sit on my lap, darlin'."

"That might kill me worse."

* * * * *

On the train, Mark gives his girl a break to sip her water and eat goldfish crackers to settle her stomach. He decides to torture Freddy instead by whispering sweet obscenities into his ear. They stand close to the doors away from the platform side of the train. Mark leans in, tilts his face up to whisper.

"I think I'll let you help Jenni with her milk when the baby comes. If there's enough, she'll feed ya, too. I know you'd both enjoy that a lot."

"Mmm. Thank you, Sir. I'd be honored you'd share with me."

"Well, I'd like to see it. Besides, I'm allergic. You can use a breast pump on her while she plays with one of her toys. You know how erogenous her tits are for her... she ain't gonna want a kid sucking on her. You doing it for her is gonna make her sooo hot."

"Please, Sir. I can't hear this right now."

"Why not?" asks his owner innocently.

"Because you're making me hard. It's bad enough I can't stop thinking about what happened in Evie's room."

"Yeah, wasn't that amazing? Shit. Where is the camera?"

"Right here. I wouldn't let it out of my sight." Freddy has the case slung over his shoulder. "If it was stolen, strangers might see us having sex," he says sarcastically.

"Thanks for keeping track of it. I can't think straight since the sight of her all spread out on that table, her cunt lookin' like the most delicious peach..."

"Mark, please," Freddy says helplessly, not really wanting him to stop.

"Don't worry. You can have as much as you want while she's in this state. I don't think she'll be able to get enough cock until the saline goes down. Then the rules are back in place. Until then, think of all the positions we can put her in..."

"You're putting me in an awkward one now, Sir."

Mark's lips graze his neck. "Okay, I'll stop. It's just fun to see you both like this."

Jenni sits a few feet away in the first forward-facing seat. She can't sit with her legs together, but looks more child-like than sluttish with her short legs dangling. She inhales and exhales as carefully as possible, trying to control the rising arousal and nausea, too. The two sensations seem to hold each other in stasis; she's too nauseated to give in completely to the creeping orgasms in her breasts and between her legs, but her body feels too good all over to succumb to what's probably morning sickness. She focuses her gaze out the window on the cityscape rushing by.

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