tagBDSMA Perfect Fit Pt. 17

A Perfect Fit Pt. 17


All characters are over 18 years of age.

* * * * *

Mark winds the soft purple rope around Jenni's wrists. He bought it especially for her because of her penchant for "unicorn" colors. Mark's approach to dominating his subs is based more on the feelings he inspires in them than any intimidating aesthetic. In younger, punker years, black leather restraints and stainless steel gear would have been the obvious choice, but all that stuff remains locked away in a trunk unopened since he met his little girl.

He's the same with his big, strong male sub. He treats them both more delicately than they even require because they are precious to him. Freddy because of his pure heart and that he's still a virgin in some ways and vulnerable with Mark. Jenni because she's got that child in her tortured brain and now one in her belly, too.

Christ, what will he be like with a baby? 'I'll probably end up completely soft with a dad bod,' he thinks with a smirk.

Jenni looks up with dark shining eyes and a blissful smile. Her brown irises have compressed to show only the midnight blue rim around the outer edge. She tests the ropes: Mark has left enough slack where the rope threads through the headboard so she can thrash a little, which excites her more than being immobilized. And this way he can turn her over easily as needed.

He gazes down at the composition. Arms tethered to the headboard, naked and panting in her bizarrely inflated body, that lust-crazed expression on her little girl face, she looks nearly demonic.

"You look possessed, little one," he observes.

"Yeah, by you. Fuck me, Daddy," she growls in a deep, throaty voice, and flings her legs open in a wide split. One falls heavily over Freddy, who's stretched out on what's become his side of the bed. He doesn't mind.

"Oh, we will." Mark takes a step back to seduce her unnecessarily further by undressing, slowly. His girl eyes him with raw hunger. "You feelin' good?" he checks.

"Very good. Thank you, Daddy." She licks her lips as he unbuttons his jeans. 'I can't believe she ain't used to the sight of me yet,' he thinks. Then again, Mark delights in looking at his beautiful property. He is an artist, after all. "You, too, Freddy. Ya gotta help me with this sex maniac here." Jenni pulls at her restraints to show off her little biceps like she'd attack if he hadn't tied her down.

Freddy slips from under her leg to undress. He always waits to be told. He's shy, but after a few minutes of intimate touch is completely at ease in his wonderful body. Mark certainly likes what he sees; he's testing the tensile strength of his boxer briefs as he gazes across the bed at Freddy with a wolfish expression. Freddy strips down to nothing but his collar, ink, and piercings. Mark admires his adornments and when his gaze lowers, he finds something else to admire.

"I wish I could get erections like that." Mark's fascinated by the way his boy's cock points toward the ceiling. He always gets hard as a perfect fuck toy and comes easily, too, the first time. Mark and Jenni both love this; it makes them feel powerful and his boyish sexual excitement is contagious.

"Mark, if you had any more blood in your cock, you'd pass out."

Jenni giggles. Her Daddy's equally fascinating to her in a different way. Mark flexes and his dick sways in front of him. "Are you two going to stand there flirting all day?" she asks. She bends one knee up provocatively to give them the clearest view of the terrible state she's in.

"You're demandin' when you're knocked up, you know that?" Mark goes to the dresser and gets the jar of massage oil. He enjoys the curiosity in her eyes and sits beside her, then dumps an excessive amount between her tits. Mark rubs straight up and down in a path to suggest what's on his mind.

"I've been thinkin' about this since I watched your tits swelling bigger and bigger... then when she made 'em orgasm I knew where I wanted to put my cock when I got ya home. I don't care if it seems childish, the shape of you is just beggin' for it."

"Oh, yes, Daddy," she moans as he massages the oil into the taut globes that take up her entire slim chest to make them shine even more. Mark loses himself for a moment in the sight and feel of the erotic oddity in his hands.

"Whoever said anything more than a handful's a waste never imagined you, baby."

"Mmm, you're so sweet, Master."

Mark hums at the endearment. Jenni only used it when she was in a darker, more BDSM state of mind, especially when she's tied up or he's in a particularly directive, commanding mood. It made sense to him she'd slip into that today, with all the adult transformations to her body. He takes it as the honor it's meant to be and, in this moment, he allows it.

"That feel good, sweetheart?" he asks as he caresses her. "I wanna do what your witch did to you, feel you comin' in my hands."

"It feels even better... because it's you. I think you'll make me."

Mark straddles her rib cage and lowers down cautiously. "Tell me if I get too rough; I know you're real sensitive like this, okay?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl."

Mark gently pushes her breasts together to make a passage and slides his cock inside. After a couple of strokes, they moan together, both surprised.

"This feels better than I thought!" Jenni exclaims.

"Nghh," Mark answers her. He squeezes her flesh a little harder and circles her red, enlarged nipples with his thumbs like he's masturbating twin clits. 'She's like sci-fi, with buttons all over her,' he thinks in his fevered mind.

"Freddy," he gasps. "Go on. Go ahead."

"You're sure, Mark?"

"Very... help me fuck her. It's her birthday."

Freddy rolls on a condom. It's still too soon since he was last tested to be sure enough to share in their unprotected sex. He understands and isn't disappointed at all. Jenni's swollen lips had felt incredible earlier and he was desperate for another taste. He gets between her spread legs and glides into her. She cries out like she's never felt anything like it and he nearly loses it right there.

"Good baby?" Mark asks.

"Oh, yeah! So good, Master!"

Mark growls; he especially likes that term when he's sharing. Did she know that?

Freddy matches his Master's tempo, but with a rounded motion as Mark slides with a cruder in/out required for tit fucking. He knows the little girl is a size queen, but also just what to do for her; he's explored her with his fingers already and knows her intimately inside, alien as her outer parts are today. He can't invade her like Mark, but is very hard and very knowledgeable. She rewards him with strong, clenching muscles and gushes of thick cream. He can fuck her harder, too, hitting all the best places and never the wrong one, which makes for a tasty change of pace for a slut who wants every possible thing.

Jenni opens her eyes to see male hands exploring Daddy's body; Freddy's stroking him all over and Mark loves the added sensation as they fuck her together.

"Oh my god, that's hot!" she whispers. She can't put it into words, but knows a threesome where everyone makes love to everyone else equally, gets more than they need, is very rare indeed.

Mark looks down at his girl, recognizing the subtle tells that she's close. It's not always when she's wailing the loudest.

"You gonna come for me, baby girl?"

"Yes, Daddy! Really close..."

"Where? Here?" he asks, pulling her nipples a little roughly in his eagerness. Mark is determined to give her a mammary orgasm out of Dom pride. He'd be damned if his little family's grandmother could make his girl come in a way he can't.

"Yeah!" she whimpers. "Oh god, oh god..."

Both men hear that loud and clear and fuck her in a steady, reassuring rhythm.

"That's a good girl, we won't stop," Mark says through gritted teeth in a voice that belies he's struggling to hold back.

Perhaps it's his imagination or just what shines through on her guileless face, but Mark feels sure he can feel her orgasm coming to life in his palms without her telling him. This variety is quiet, expressed in her arms straining the ropes to reach him, and eyes shut tight like she's enduring a rollercoaster of sensations. He feels her go limp for a moment, her movement coming only from Freddy inside her. When she opens her eyes, the loving and stunned look makes him come, too. He fills up her suprasternal notch until it overspills and runs down either side of her neck like a natural collar.

Mark climbs off of her gracefully and then kisses her. "You look so pretty like that," he praises and then pivots on his knees to attend to his boy.

The unobscured view of Jenni's bouncing tits and cum-covered throat is too much for Freddy. Mark strokes his strong back and tells him, "I know you're real close, baby. I want you to pull out now, take the condom off and come all over her. We're gonna do that every time until we got nothin' left and she's covered in our spunk..."

This is one of the easier commands to perfectly obey. Freddy does as he's told, throws the condom onto the floor and shoots with force from her breasts to her soft belly. Jenni's already a mess after the hasty overture.

"Very good boy," Mark purrs.

Freddy twists to his owner for an ungainly hug and kiss, then politely excuses himself to stumble to the bathroom.

Mark flops down next to his girl. "Your wrists okay? Want to be untied?"

"Nope. I feel good, Daddy."

"You sure do."

"I feel well, I mean," she laughs weakly.

Mark reaches up to take her bound hand. There's too much to say, so neither even try.

From behind the curtain, they hear the sound of something clatter against porcelain, then faint, foreign curses.

"Oh my," Mark whispers. "I think that was the plug he was wearin' all day."

"He really is a very good boy," she agrees.

After a moment, she adds, "Daddy, I think I do want to be untied."

Mark immediately unties the purple rope and kisses her wrists.

"I think I'd like to take a walk... by myself."

"What? Now?"

"Yes. I want you two to have some time alone. I think I know what's coming and that should be special, just between you two..."

"Yeah, that sounds great. 'How was your birthday?' 'Oh, fantastic, my man kicked me out of the house to have gay sex!'"

Jenni laughs. "It's not that way at all! I had a great day and we have all night, too. Besides, I'm hungry..."

"Oh shit, of course you are!" Mark is a great owner, but his stomach how it is, he tends to forget to feed his possessions.

"Uh-huh. I was thinking I'd take my new comics to Danny's and get my usual."

"That sounds okay. There is something you have to do for me, though."

"What, Daddy?"

"You have to get the big green juice. Ya can't live on carbs and cheese. Our baby will come out stupid. And ya have to leave your phone on. It's dark now and I'll be worried if you're gone too long, got it?"

"Got it." Jenni dresses in baggy sweats to conceal her body, but it doesn't work. Her nipples show through the thick material. Mark groans, but knows she's right and respects her freedom to take a walk on her own.

She packs her shoulder bag with new books Freddy bought her, a small sketch pad and a few pencils, then kisses Mark's lips and then, the tip of his cock, for good measure.

"Bye, baby girl."

"Bye, Daddy."

Jenni hurries out before Freddy can finish his ablutions and feel bad about her smart decision.

When he does emerge from the curtain, her absence is loud.

"Where is Jenni?"

Mark shifts to take up all the space in the bed, sprawling languidly like the big, lovely animal he is. His dark hair's fanned out on the pillow as he turns his beautiful face toward his lover.

"Ready, Freddy?"

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