tagBDSMA Perfect Fit Pt. 20

A Perfect Fit Pt. 20


Mark suggests they stop off and pick up something for Freddy. "We can't show up empty-handed."

"You're right. What's on the menu?" Jenni asks.

"I don't know, but I know it's a big production, whatever it is. He's been planning something special for a few days," says Lizbeth.

"He's so good! Maybe we can bring him flowers? People do that for hosts, right?"

Mark laughs at the idea of bringing a man flowers.

"I think he'll like it if they come from Mark," Lizbeth answers. She and Freddy don't see each other too frequently because of their respective family commitments, but they've become friends with benefits. Freddy's described the sex as "athletic and stress-relieving" for the woman. She likes to ride him like it's her last night on earth, talking dirty to him the whole time. She likes him passive, which he prefers, too. She tells him when to come and even likes that he keeps his collar on. She doesn't care that it bears the imprint of another man's ownership and that may even be part of the turn-on. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by his reaction if you bring your man flowers, Mark," she coaxes, wanting to see this.

"Yeah, okay. Good idea, baby girl. Where can we get decent flowers?"

"I know a place." Lizbeth takes an exit to a shopping center and they find themselves at a "Whole Paycheck."

"You should choose," Lizbeth says.

"What about these? These look nice," Mark says about some yellow tulips.

"Oh, those are nice... if you want to express your friendship."

"Not romantic?" he sighs. He tries again and chooses some luxurious orange/red blooms. "These? What are these?"

"Peonies," Jenni answers, regretting it.

"Heh-heh. Tell me again?"

"You heard me the first time, Daddy. And, yes, those are romantic flowers."

"Brides carry them," Lizbeth adds with a twinkle in her smokey eyes. "You should give him those." She clearly likes the thought of her boyfriend receiving a feminine love token. Mark raises an eyebrow.

They purchase the dozen red peonies and a pound of their finest espresso beans, then drive the remaining short distance to Freddy's house.

"This is almost like the countryside!" Jenni exclaims as they drive down Freddy's leafy street. The houses tend toward seclusion, set back behind hedges and wilder greenery. Devoid of city sounds, it's quiet enough to hear the wind rustling through the trees and a rooster announcing it's the kind of neighborhood where people do a bit of home farming.

Lizbeth's been here before and turns into an old-fashioned ribbon driveway with tall grass growing between the paving stones. She parks behind two cars. One's Freddy's, the other Jenni doesn't know.

"Oh, wow. I knew he'd have a cool place, but this is..." she says.

"I know. Doesn't this look just like him?" Mark agrees.

Freddy's recently built house has the quirky charm of the tiny house movement, but it's quite tall. A wrap-around porch keeps it from looking like it will topple over. The wooden exterior is painted dark brown with green trim to blend with the surrounding trees. They look up to see a round window just below the high, pointed roof.

"This looks like the way I'd draw houses when I was little," Jenni marvels.

"Freddy designed it, for the most part," Lizbeth says reverently. "Wait until you see the inside."

At the front door, they notice a sigil painted on the door frame. The mat reads "Blessed Be."

"Is Freddy a pagan?" Jenni asks Mark.

"I guess I assumed that. Maybe we'll find out."

Lizbeth walks in without knocking and they follow. The interior is immediately welcoming and Mark and Jenni smile. The living room is long and narrow, but the high, skylighted ceiling makes it cozy without being claustrophobic. It's appointed with beautiful pieces Freddy probably made himself. There's a small wood stove, not in use because of the warm weather. The most striking detail is the way the walls are lined with books. There's even a built-in rolling ladder because not even the occupant could reach the highest shelves.

"This room makes me feel guilty for not readin' more," Mark whispers.

"I was just thinking the same thing!" Jenni laughs.

They hear the sounds of cooking and conversation and follow Lizbeth through the long room to the kitchen where Freddy is in the middle of preparing dinner.

"Freddy! What a cool house!" Jenni greets him.

"Thanks. It's much nicer with you guys in it. I'm glad you all could come."

He pauses his machine-like chopping for Lizbeth to give him a peck on the lips. His kiss with Mark lingers. They can't help themselves and no one can help but watch them. Freddy's looking especially handsome in a blue short-sleeved button-up that matches his collar and complements his vivid hair that's neatly parted and shiny with pomade. Lately, he's looking more like a heartthrob from 1950 than the Viking who'd impressed her in the winter. He makes a lovely contrast to his owner's feral, rock 'n' roll beauty. His grown-out hair falls to his shoulders these days, except for the pieces that still sometimes hide his face.

He's not hidden now, with his head tilted up to kiss his boy. Freddy bends at the knees obediently, unconsciously, and Mark holds him firmly by his sides. Freddy doesn't touch him, still holding a wickedly sharp knife. The angle of their faces and open mouths show off Mark's leonine profile and his sub's pretty bone structure. They kiss for two deep breaths, then separate so as not to be antisocial.

"I got ya some flowers."

"Really? You got them for me?"

Jenni looks at Lizbeth: Freddy's doe eyes and submissive tone are the reactions she'd hoped to see. She looks ready to pounce on him.

"Thank you, Sir. They remind me of home," Freddy says softly. He sets down the knife and wipes his hands. When he reaches up to a high cabinet, Mark openly follows the graceful movement with his eyes, admiring his lover's form.

"I can do it; you look very busy," Jenni says and takes the glass jar and the peonies from him.

"Thank you, Jenni. Mark! You made me forget my manners! No one ever gave me flowers before! Lizbeth, this is Evie and her friend, Jasper. Mark and Jenni know Evie, but Jasper's new to our unusual little family. He's a journalist who's just done a piece about Evie that's coming out in the Arts section."

"It's the Style section, but it could just as easily be the Arts section. I think the distinction is a little outdated. I mean, most people's definition of 'art' is broader nowadays than just painting and stuff."

Mark snorts, but he grins.

Jasper realizes his faux pas. "Oh, shit. You're a painter, aren't you! I didn't mean that in a demeaning way. I love to cover painting exhibitions..."

"Some of your best friends are painters?" Mark drawls.

Jasper looks taken aback he'd joke like that with a person of color he's just met, but takes it in the spirit in which it was intended and laughs out loud. "Kind of, actually! I just meant that what Evie does is art and I want my readers to be able to see that."

"I agree. Evie's work is art. Freddy's house is art and whatever he's up to here is probably art,": Mark says, admiring Freddy who is once again at work creating neat little piles of about ten different fresh herbs.

"Please help yourselves to drinks," Freddy says. "I have my hands full with art."

Mark notices Jasper's beer is low and gets them each one from the fridge. "Cheers, man," he says and takes a sip to be social then sets it by Freddy's cutting board for him to finish.

"Freddy, is this pink wine for me?" Lizbeth asks.

"It's the one you like, right?" Freddy thinks of everything. "The juice boxes are for our little one."

Said little one is arranging the flowers in the sink. "I'm really excited to read all about Evie!" she says. "I'm sure it will be a fascinating piece." She's not being sycophantic; she really is curious about Evie's background. She particularly hopes the article mentions Evie's age, which she estimates anywhere between 65 and 80 something. Jenni hates that she's as curious as she is about something that doesn't matter.

Looking at her date is no help; Evie likes younger men. He has salt and pepper dreadlocks pulled back, but some people go gray at a young age. He's trim with confidently aligned posture, same as Evie. He's dressed about like Freddy, in nondescriptly fashionable clothes that would work for any age group. Jasper's not boring, though. He has an intellectual but unpretentious demeanor that's charismatic. He seems relaxed to be around five new people in a lifestyle that many would deem very fucked up.

"Well, I hope I did justice to her and to IDEAL. I'm not in that world, but it interests me when people find their own path in life. I think the same things that drew me to writing about art made me contact Evie. I was lucky she said yes and was so generous with her time."

"It was my pleasure," Evie says in a caressing tone to leave no doubt they've slept together. Jenni's pleased; it means he's in their group.

Freddy's meal is coming together more rapidly. He's happily doing about five tasks at once, just listening to the others' conversation. The kitchen is getting rather warm and starting to smell like exciting foods.

"Freddy... what exactly are you making? Can't I help with anything?" Lizbeth asks.

"Yes, please. In the fridge, there are two trays in the roll-out drawer. If you could set them on the counter, that would be great."

Freddy stirs a sauce on the stove and decides it's ready. He pours it into a bowl.

"Now what?"

"Now you eat these. I bet you're hungry. These spring rolls have shrimp in them. I have something in just a moment for the vegans."

"Oh my god, Freddy!" Lizbeth squeals. "These taste amazing!"

He smiles distractedly, taking a dish that's been warming in the top oven. He spoons some of the mixture into a cupped lettuce leaf. When he goes to hand feed it to Mark, he's met with a quizzical look. "But babe, I can't have meat. You forget?"

"I'd never feed you something that would hurt you," he says tenderly. "It's jackfruit. It's from a tree, no face."

Mark takes a bite. "Holy shit! You're a genius. It tastes just like barbecued pork."

Freddy is more visibly chuffed by Mark's compliment. "That's what people usually say. I wanted to make you something sexier than tofu for a change."

Mark takes the remaining bite and hand feeds it to his girl. She agrees it's outstanding.

"That's so interesting," Jasper remarks.

"What, that a plant can taste like roasted meat? You gotta try one of these!" Mark insists.

"Thanks, I will," Jasper says, taking one of the lettuce cups, "but I've eaten jackfruit before. I meant, it's interesting that when Freddy feeds you it looks like he's serving you. When you feed Jenni, it's... not like that. Stop me if I say something ignorant."

"Uh-huh. I think you got it right. Same act, two different meanings. I guess it's because of who we are to each other, not any particular behavior. But hand feedin' is just affection, too. I think lots of people like it, even if they aren't D/s."

"In that case..." Lizbeth says and takes a spring roll to Freddy as he stands over the stove. "Nobody fed you yet, sweetie." Freddy obediently opens his mouth for her to offer him a bite.

"Well, when in Rome..." Jasper takes Evie's food from her hand to feed her.

Freddy has the pleased look of a naughty little boy; everyone enjoys his cooking and also the flirty eating is slowing them down. This is just the appetizer and they have to save room for the main course.

"Freddy, I feel bad not helping. What can I do?" Evie asks.

"Um, you can set the table. I thought we'd have dinner outside."

Everyone loves that idea. A few minutes later Freddy looks up from his work to gaze out the bay window to the backyard. Evie's got as far as placing the plates on the table and is trailing a cloud of smoke as she examines his vegetable garden. "She's such a hippie," Freddy says fondly.

"I never knew you like to garden, Freddy," Jenni says, impressed.

"I try. A few things we'll be eating tonight come from that garden. Last year, the bunnies ate almost everything, but this year I got smart: Coyote urine," he says.

Jasper coughs, mid-bite.

"Oh, no! Not on the produce! Around the edge of the lawn!"

"I bet the bunnies were cute," Jenni says.

"It did make it hard to get angry about all that work down the drain... speaking of which..." Freddy trails off to remove a heavy pan from the bottom oven.

"I wondered what smelled so delicious! That's my favorite!" Jenni laughs, delighted.

"I bet that duck was cute, too," Mark teases, tickling her. "Freddy, I don't feed ya nearly well enough, I'm realizin'. Thanks for feeding us so well, especially my girl." Mark kisses his cheek. "You're gettin' so spoiled later you got no idea..."

"Aw! I wanted to do that!" Lizbeth says, pouting. She's already a little tipsy on her pink fizzy wine.

"Well, you can help. I'll allow it," he growls, poking fun at himself. Jenni gets a shiver anyway. Having a sense of humor about their "lifestyle" didn't make him less the real thing. "We'll have him beggin' for mercy..."

"Mark! I'm trying to concentrate, please." Freddy's carving the duck like an expert.

"Sorry, babe."

Evie returns through the side door and cozies up to Jasper as if she was afraid to leave a normal person alone with them. "You doin' okay, hon? You look a little flushed."

He grins. "It's warm in here. I'm well."

"Guess what, everyone? We can eat now," Freddy announces.

They all carry the many serving dishes to the patio. Freddy runs back twice for extras people might want, like a collection of hot sauces.

"Freddy, sit down. Everything's perfect," mellow Evie says.

"Okay, just one more thing. It might get cold when the sun sets." He quickly makes a fire in the adjacent chiminea.

Freddy takes his place at the table between Lizbeth and Evie. Mark sits opposite him with Jenni and Jasper on either side so that everyone is either next to or across from a partner. It's unplanned.

"If we need anything else, I'm getting it. Look at all you did!" Lizbeth tells him.

"Well, there is one thing I almost forgot," he says sheepishly. Freddy makes up a small decorative plate that doesn't match the other dishes with a choice slice of duck and pours some honey sauce over it. He adds a taste of everything else. "If you don't mind, you can place this in those trees over there."

Lizbeth looks at him curiously, like he's playing a joke on her. "For the kitchen goddesses who helped me avoid any catastrophes and brought such lovely people to my table."

"Nicely done, honey, " Evie says.

"Now please, everyone dig in."

The length of Freddy's table is laden with everything the kitchen goddesses enabled him to do and it's a feast. In addition to the duck that has everyone's mouths watering, there are green papaya and cucumber salads, eggplant with sweet basil, a mild coconut curry for Mark, and a more traditional version with mussels and shrimp. And of course, plenty of brown rice and some white jasmine rice, for whoever preferred it.

"How do you know how to cook like this?" they all want to know.

"I took a course... in Thailand. I'm not a great traveler, so I need something to do when I visit other countries, like building something, learning something... I never had that skill of just wandering. I suck at that," Freddy says, almost apologetically.

"I've never even been out of the States," Mark confesses.

"Well, we'll take a trip! After the baby's big enough to travel," Freddy says. "Anywhere you want to go."

"Oh! Little mama! I never even asked how you're doing!" Evie says.

"I'm good, thanks. We got our ultrasound picture today. I can go get it, if you want to see it..."

"Yes! We want to!" Lizbeth interrupts.

"Sit," Mark says putting his hand on his mate's shoulder. "I'll get it. You just relax and eat for two. I think your brother had that in mind for all of us. Anyone want anything?"

"More wine, please. There's a nice French bottle in the fridge," Freddy says. "You guys are sleeping over, right?" he adds to Jasper and Evie.

"Do you have room for us?" Jasper asks.

"Of course. You don't even have to sleep in the flesh pile if you don't want to."

"Baby, you'll scare him!" Mark calls as he walks away.

"He's glowing," Evie remarks when Mark's out of earshot.

"When isn't he?" Jenni sighs, aware of how lovestruck she always looks. Everyone laughs.

Mark returns with Jenni's bag and the chilled Viognier. "Thank you, Daddy."

She takes a look at the photo and smiles at it before passing it across to Lizbeth.

"Aww! That little face!"

No one is expecting Freddy's reaction when he's handed the image. His eyes well up and he stands immediately to go around to kiss both of the expectant parents. If Jenni had any doubts Freddy's part of their family for real, she can't any longer. "And you and the baby are fine?"

"Everything's fine, Freddy. He's healthy," she says soothingly.

Evie studies the photo with soft eyes and hands it across to Jasper. "Congratulations," he says. "I didn't know you were expecting, but I should have guessed."

"You thought I was just fat," Jenni teases him. "That's fine," she sniffs.

"It's the way you are together, the body language. I thought that was just him being..."

"My Daddy?"

"Yes, " he laughs. "File this one under: Some things are just as they appear to be. I'm happy for you; it's obvious how much you love each other."

"Thanks. What about you? Do you have kids?" Mark asks.

"Me, no. I never did. Guess it wasn't in the cards."

"What about you, Evie?" Jenni asks.

"I have two boys. They're twins and both military men. Strange, no?"

"A little. Kids always rebel, don't they?" Jenni replies.

Freddy pours Evie a glass of the new white. "At first, I thought that. I was pissed when they enlisted right out of high school. I took it personally. Now I can see how much they craved order and discipline... structure. Their dad and I failed in that respect. They're brave boys and I'm proud. I used to just worry all the time about them getting killed. Now they're high up in the ranks, so that's less likely. These days, I just worry about their happiness. Neither ever married and I have no grandkids. So believe me, I'm 'Grandma' to that little guy, whether you like it or not!" she says, pointing emphatically at Jenni's belly.

"That's good! He won't have grandparents, otherwise. We'd love that, for him to have you as his Grandma."

"Well, you'll need a little help, as new parents, from someone who's raised babies."

Mark and Jenni exchange a meaningful look. She nods for him to go ahead.

"Actually, we were just talking about that with Zavodny." Mark glances at Jenni and she nods again that it's okay. "She can't be alone with the baby on account of Little Jenni, so we might need someone to be with her from time to time."

Evie says yes without blinking. Mark explains Jenni's strange condition for the benefit of Lizbeth and Jasper because it would be rude to have a private family conversation right in front of them.

Lizbeth is at a loss for words. Perhaps she wants to offer her help but is barely getting by on her own. It is quite a thing to hear.

"Fascinating," replies the journalist.

"This is off the record, right?" Mark jokes.

"Does it look like I'm at work?" Jasper says, patting his lean tummy to indicate he's been indulging in food and drink as well as anybody else. "This meal is truly excellent, by the way. The flavors are so clean and fresh."

"It's all thanks to the coyote urine."

* * * * *

"Don't even think about trying to clean up," Freddy commands to everyone's relief. No one was in the mood to wash a mountain of dishes. He looks in a kitchen cabinet. "Oh, do NOT tell me..."

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