A Perfect Life


DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All scientists and Wizards in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, swearing, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!


The reasons

I am not writing this myself. I have finally convinced someone to do it for me. She promised to post it on the Internet, but only as fiction. I suppose it is a bit unbelievable.

It all started with the best of intentions.

I had married my love while we were still in college. She was beautiful, brilliant, and fun to be with. We married and lived together under very 'hand to mouth' conditions. There was never any disposable income to buy anything but the barest necessities.

I would tell my lovely bride, "One day honey, I'll make enough money that you won't have to work. You will only have to stay at home and be beautiful. I will be able to hire maids and handmaidens who will wait on you hand and foot. You won't even have to dress yourself. The only thing you will have to be ready for is occasional sex with your horny husband. I'll see to it that you have only the most beautiful clothes, the sexiest underwear, and the body you always wanted." That last part was really, the body I always wanted her to have, and not the body she always wanted. I assumed that she would want to look so beautiful that I couldn't keep my hands off her. What a jerk, eh?

Well we were both getting high honors in our respective fields. I was getting an MBA in manufacturing. My lovely bride was getting her Doctorate in genetic engineering.

We both graduated about the same time. I got work at a major aerospace company. Kylynn started work for a startup company out of the east side.

Oh, I didn't tell you my name yet! I am Vernon Spencer Solman. At least I was.

The Night Before

Okay on with the story.

We were finally making some money although we were both spending far too much time apart, but that is how it is with two career minded people. I was putting in many extra hours to advance my career so that I could provide for my lovely bride. I worked my butt off for that company.

Then it happened, peace broke out and I found myself laid off, no job, and no future, just another manager sitting at home whilst his wife's career is going great guns. She seemed to move up in her company's organization on a daily basis. Kylynn was beginning to bring in enough money that it was embarrassing the hell out of me since I was temporarily without a job.

I tried my best to do those little things around the house to keep the place neat and tidy, but Kylynn was making so much money that she hired a maid to keep the place spotless. She said that she didn't want me toiling away all day when she could afford to have maids do it for us.

Now I was desperate, I had nothing to do all day except watch this sexy thing clean our house... that and drool a lot while I watched her.

To keep away from temptation I concentrated on writing and submitting résumé after résumé, however there were no responses from any of the companies. I know that times are hard right now, but all of the rejections were shattering my self-esteem.

I became very depressed, so when Kylynn would finally drag herself in from work, I wasn't able to do much but whine about my lack of results. I know that I wasn't the best of company at this point and Kylynn was nothing but sympathetic and comforting.

The lack of response from the many companies and not even being able to generate an interview, I had begun thinking that somehow I had been, blackballed.

Finally, Kylynn suggested that her company, Feminine Genetic Research Inc. might just be in the market for a production manager.

"I wouldn't be working for you, would I?" I asked jokingly.

"Silly boy! I'm in research. The Production department is completely different," Kylynn answered with a smile and a hug.

"I guess I haven't been doing too well on my ambition to make enough money so that you could live in luxury with no troubles and just your loving husband to concentrate on, have I?" I half asked, half stated.

"I know you'd like to be the macho caveman and bring home the raw meat for your cavewoman to cook, but this is the twenty first century honey. I love you whether you make a zillion dollars or even if I wind up being the cavewoman/Amazon who brings home the fatted calf for my househusband to handle. Would you object so much being a kept man?" she smiled up at me.

"I think I probably would Kylynn. It's a great life for a woman, but in our society, if a man doesn't work he is looked down on by almost everyone. Women get a greater flexibility in their life roles than men do," I said hugging her, "I kind of envy that."

"You do, don't you?" she looked at me kind of funny and then went on, "I think you just might be right honey. It would be socially unacceptable for a male to be a stay-at-home spouse..." she seemed to be deep in thought for a few minutes but finally brightened.

"Will it make you happy to get work at Feminine Genetic Research Inc.?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes, Kylynn. Getting a real job, anywhere will be a big help for me. I know that there will be those who'll whisper behind my back that 'she got him the job' but I can handle that," I answered, knowing the kind of friends I have.

"Good! You should apply in the morning, that job won't stay open forever. In addition, I'm just the messenger here. You will have to impress the woman you'll be working for, you understand that don't you?" she asked seriously.

"I would be reporting to a woman? Do you know her? Can you give me any insights as to how I can come off looking the best in her eyes?" I asked worriedly. You see I didn't have the best track record with female managers. It had been my experience that most women who were determined enough to be promoted in male controlled business were very cutthroat and backstabbing.

"Not to worry honey, Feminine Genetic Research isn't the normal, male run company that you are used to. The women there are all very caring and work together in harmony. In fact, if they find out that some female has been backstabbing or setting up the others, she is usually let go in a hurry. Do you feel better about it now sweetheart?" Kylynn seemed able to read my thoughts almost before they had fully formed.

"That does make me feel a little better. How did you know that I was thinking of the woman who pulled that nasty trick on me?"

"You were grousing about her for a week hon.. How could I not remember? I just want to see you happy again Vern," she said although she wouldn't look me in the eye. She seemed deep in private thought. She just snuggled up to me so I would know she meant it.

"I don't blame all women for her Kylynn. However, I did have a moment of anxiety. I won't even give it another thought when I interview," I assured my wife.

"It is settled then, I will expect you to have put in your application by noon tomorrow. Can I tell the department head that her head- hunting worries are over?"

"Yes dear, I will do as you asked. I won't stay home and watch Oprah tomorrow morning. Instead, I'll go and put my résumé in at Feminine Genetic Research bright and early," I assured her. She could be quite the nag if I didn't follow through.

Day One

The next day I submitted my résumé as I told Kylynn I would. The girl behind the desk took it and asked me to sit down and wait, which had never happened during my recent job search. I had been sitting there for only a few minutes when a rather tall brunette came towards me. She was nearly six foot tall, slim, her long hair cascaded down her back in layers, and she carried herself with the deportment of royalty. In all, she looked like she should be featuring in an edition of Score Magazine or something.

"Mr. Solman, how nice to meet you. Kylynn has told me a lot about you. Your résumé was just a formality. We here at Feminine Genetic Research, or FGR, like to think of ourselves as a family so when we heard that you were available and that your talents fit our latest opening, well we immediately asked Kylynn if she would ask you to join us," she told me as she rigorously pumped my hand in a firm, though feminine, handshake.

"I guess I hadn't expected such a warm welcome Ms....?" I started since she had not introduced herself yet.

"Oh, pardon me. I feel I know you already. My name is Amber, Amber Reimann. I am so happy to make your acquaintance. Kylynn is our top researcher and when she said you would be available... well we just had to have you. Can you take your physical today or do you want to think over the offer of a position?" she asked, nearly as excited as a cheerleader at a pep rally.

I was a little taken aback to learn that Kylynn was held in such high esteem, however I knew the kind of money and benefits that Kylynn has been making, so I was certain whatever salary offered to me would be sufficient, so I answered with, "Ah, sure. I really didn't have anything else on my calendar for today."

"Wonderful! How soon do you think you will be able to start?" she was becoming almost insistent on getting me on board, and on board right now.

"Is tomorrow too soon to start?" I asked almost apprehensively.

"Perfect! That is of course if you pass the physical. But from what Kylynn says you shouldn't have any difficulties there," she enthused, with just the hint of a wink.

"Okay... where should I go for the physical?"

"Follow me. I'll give you a mini tour of our facility as we go," she said, taking hold of my elbow and hustling me along the way.

She showed me the production facilities, where everyone on the other side of the glass was wearing bunny suits. She showed me some of the minor labs, but she told me that Kylynn's lab was off by itself and we wouldn't be going by it.

"You have your own medical facilities here at the plant?" I was astonished but it kind of made sense since it was a bioresearch facility.

"Oh, yes. We have a complete miniature hospital here on site, so we can handle almost any medical emergency. We even care for most of our employees' normal medical needs. It is like having your own doctor on call. Since we need to have the physician available anyway, it pays us to have her be the primary physician for all of our employees. The good part of that for you is there is no Co-pay," she said, giving a lighthearted melodic laugh.

"I can see where you would be able to save some money doing things that way, very ingenious," I complimented, since she was so enthusiastic that it sounded like it had been her idea.

"Why thank you. It was the idea of our vice president in charge of research. We are all proud of the progressive things our company does."

I could see that this woman just might break into the company song any minute, or pin a gold star on my chest. I was beginning to think she was some kind of Stepford wife or something.

"We do still have some things to learn, but we are moving ahead with all of the best suggestions that our ladies offer."

"I am very happy to see that the company has an active suggestion program," I assumed, since that is the only thing, which I knew that would explain what she had said.

"Yes, we all try to make this company the best that it can be. Our employees are like our family, if they have a problem, then we do what we can to help them. We strive to have happy productive employees here, and I think that we have succeeded admirably," she was so enthusiastic it was hard to maintain my cynicism.

"That explains why Kylynn has been such a wonderful wife," I joked.

"I'll bet she is, if she's only a fraction of what she is here," she agreed, "Ah, here we are." She opened the door for me, followed me into the room, and introduced me to the receptionist.

"Dana McCollum, this is Vern Solman," she stated, while she penned something into a logbook.

"Kylynn's Vern? This is a pleasure Mr. Solman," she pumped my hand vigorously.

"I believe I am here for a physical?" I suggested.

"Oh, right away Mr. Solman. You just relax on the sofa out there for a few minutes while Amber and I do some paperwork."

Now this is efficiency. I didn't have to fill out a boatload of forms or documents. They were doing it for me, and it was only a few minutes until they were ready for me, "Mr. Solman? We are ready to see you now. Please follow me."

I followed the receptionist into the exam room where she asked, "Please disrobe Mr. Solman, and put on this gown." She handed me a hospital gown with little flowers all over it. I raised an eyebrow at that but took it and donned it anyway after she left.

They left me alone in the examination room for a while so I started digging through the magazines for something to read. The only magazines were Vogue, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Marie Claire, and Better Homes and Gardens.

I looked about the room and noticed that the ceiling had a landscape poster on it. The things on the wall were about feminine hygiene, and the female reproductive system. There were knick-knacks here and there giving the room a definite feminine feel.

I was becoming a little apprehensive when the Doctor came in, "Hello Mr. Solman. I'm Doctor Neumann. Please call me Theresa. I hear you are getting a pre-employment physical today. The first thing I would like from you is a urine sample and then the nurse will weigh and measure you. When you are through with all of that, I'll meet you back here and we can continue on from there."

The Nurse took me to a 'Unisex' toilet and showed me where the cups were, but did make the comment, "Men are so lucky! All you have to do is whip it out and fill the cup. Women have to do everything on that list on the wall over there. Oh, when you are through put the cup in the holder behind the stainless steel door and I'll meet you back by the scales."

I politely thanked her trying not to grin over her comment.

I filled the cup, (And then some...) and then went out for my weigh in.

"185lb. Mr. Solman... and let's get your height... that is six foot one and a quarter inches in your bare feet. If you will join Theresa back in the examination room, she will start on the hard stuff."

I made my way back to the room and believe it or not, Dr. Neumann, was there waiting for me, "Alright Mr. Solman, here comes the embarrassing part... well, for you maybe. I have done so many physicals that I'm used to it, so don't you be nervous."

"All right I need to inspect your genitals, so if you will stand and remove your gown, please..." she asked while she sat on a short, wheeled stool and as I took off the gown her latex-gloved hand grasped my penis and testicles, moving them left and right to get a better look at them all around.

I on the other hand was trying my best to think of anything except the fact that a pretty woman was handling my cock. Unfortunately, I was not entirely successful.

"Well that is flattering Mr. Solman but we will not need it in that state for a few more minutes. Please turn around and spread your cheeks. I will be examining your prostate next," she told me as I felt her well-lubed finger penetrate my anus. Now I had a rock hard cock, which wouldn't and couldn't soften until she released me.

"Well there is nothing wrong with your prostate, as evidenced by my exam and your erection. It seems like a good time for us to get the next sample we need. I brought in a couple of magazines for you and I will leave so that you may fill this test tube with semen for me," she said, handing me a sample tube and then briskly exiting the room. I heard the door lock. I guess she wanted to ensure no one walked in on me.

I looked through the magazines and discovered that somehow she had guessed at my tastes. There was a Score magazine, (Boobcruise edition) a copy of Busty Beauties, and a Shaved & Ready. 'Damn, I guess it is more common than I figured to have those fetishes,' I thought, as I got busy masturbating.

When I was through I put my gown back on and I knocked on the door to let them know I had their sample. The nurse unlocked it saying, "Thank you Mr. Solman. Um, can you hand me back our... ah, stimulating magazines please?"

I blushed a little as I handed them to her.

"Will you follow me, please? The doctor wants some X-rays," she led me to the X-ray room and took chest, head, and abdominals.

Back in the examination room, the nurse had me get dressed and then Theresa popped right in and asked, "We will of course need blood samples Mr. Solman. Please, take a seat and I'll get started."

She took an aerosol can of something and sprayed the crook of my arm, "This is just a little Lidocaine to numb the area. Now we poke in the Safety-Lok... and inject a little something to keep the vein open... and we wait a few seconds for that to work. Ah, that should do it. Now to attach the Vacutainer... and we have our first sample. One more and we are finished. Now a cotton swab, remove the needle from your arm and that should do it Mr. Solman. You may get dressed now and I will turn you back over to Amber."

"Thank you Theresa, that was the most comfortable blood sample anyone has ever taken from me," I hadn't felt a thing.

"Why thank you. We strive to make medicine as painless as possible here, but it is still nice to hear someone take notice," she smiled and proffered her hand, which I shook as I smiled right back at her.

Amber strode up to me and asked, "Well how did it go? Is he going to be able to become one of our FGR family?"

"I believe that he is well on his way Amber," Doctor Neumann told her with a queer sort of smile on her face.

"Perfect! Well come along Mr. Solman, we can continue your tour of the facility, so you can get a feel for the place," Amber offered.

"Just as long as you quit calling me Mr. Solman and call me Vern," I had been Mr. Solmaned to death by that point. It kept making me feel like my father was with us.

"Vern it is then. This way and we can show you some of the advanced marvels that FGR is about to move from R&D into production," she motioned with her arms, which way she wanted me to head.

"This is the biological sample repository, where we have genetic material from a vast number of women stored. We categorized and indexed all of the samples in our computer system. Down the hallway here is our growth media for the recombined genetic material," she walked to the end of the hall, and slipped to the left and down a stairway, "Down this way is a place I am certain you will be happy to see."

Amber opened the door and I could see a desk where a woman was working and lots of laboratory equipment of undetermined function lay scattered all about. On closer inspection, I recognized the lab-coated woman, "Kylynn! Hi honey, Amber has been showing me around."

She started for a moment and looked up at me, and then over to Amber, "Has he had his physical yet?"

"Yes Ms. Kylynn. He was a good boy and did everything the doctor requested," she smiled that queer smile that the doctor had on her face when I left her.

"You know, it just dawned on me, out of all the people I have seen working here, I seem to be the only man," I mused, "Am I the only male in the whole company?"

"Yes, for now, you are Vern," Amber answered carefully.

"Ah, I see. I am the token affirmative action male then..." I joked, "Just kidding, I am quite anxious to start work and make a contribution to the firm."

Just then, a wave of dizziness washed over me and I grabbed a desktop to steady myself.

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