tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Perfect Star Ch. 01

A Perfect Star Ch. 01


The camera pans up her legs. She's wearing heels, normally nothing special about that, but this is her trademark, those heels. Her skin is smooth, glowing with health and a light coat of oil, rubbed lovingly in. The oil is exotic, smells of musk and flowers, she buys it from a man in Turkey, the cost is excessive, but she can afford it. There are no blemishes, no scars, no marks on those perfectly toned legs. Dancer's legs, they call them. She's leaning on a balcony railing, her long muscular legs spread wide for the camera, for the audience.

She's wearing white, a nice contrast for her light brown skin. Someone once said that her skin was every color, a white woman with a tan, a pale black woman, a Latino... she could be anyone. In fantasies she often is, in fan fiction her ethnicity is the writer's. Like everything else she keeps the answers veiled, hidden, secret.

The white is shorts, tight and tiny. They cleave to every curve, and her curves here are abundant. The spread legs and bend cause the material to stretch even more across her perfect ass, the mound between her legs visible. You could almost visualize the flesh underneath, almost. There is a seam down the middle, crossing her sex, crossing her clit, running up along the crack of her perfect ass. The top of the shorts is as low as the bottom is high, almost but not quite peeling down over the globes of her derriere. She isn't still, of course not, her hips sways from side to side seductively. There isn't any jiggle in those firm mounds of flesh, a bone of contention among ass men everywhere. Is she too firm? Some like the jiggle, but even those men stare hypnotized. It isn't just the curve, but her mastery of her own body. She knows it well, knows how to use it to seduce, to mesmerize. She has spent her entire life learning to use her body like this, that she freely reveals.

Her top is white as well, seeming to blend perfectly into her shorts at first. It's not solid however, but an open mesh, showing her toned body, the heavy curve of her perfect breasts, the nipples protruding from the open material, the sleeves are long, suggesting modesty. The material is tight, form fitting, keeping her breasts from hanging low, her long black hair hanging down, at this angle just short of her toe tips. She looks over the other shoulder at the camera, licking pouty lips with the tip of her coral tongue, her dark liquid eyes shrouded and mysterious. Her face is as exotic, as mysterious as the rest of her. It is unmistakable, and uncatagorizable, unlike any face on earth and yet hauntingly familiar. Her body is her favorite tool, her weapon, but her face is the source of her fame, her appeal, her mystery.

"I am waiting. I want a cock; I want a man to fuck me, to ravage me. I want a strong man to take me, make me his." The words are crude, yet spoken with the soft velvety growl that makes music of them. The voice, the delivery along is enough to make many men stand at attention, ready to go, and she knows it; the soft playful smile caressing her lips is proof enough of that. The Fans already know how this will go. Like the shoes, the choice of words is a trademark, a sign that this is one of HER scenes.

She stands, turns to the camera, her long delicate fingers caressing her flat stomach, peeling up the material, revealing what is already visible, her legs still spread easily, swaying. She's dancing, slowly, subtly, but unmistakably. She is dancing for the camera, for the men watching. The stroke of her hands, while far from her sex, is masturbatory; the entire scene feels that way. Her eyes seem closed; she appears to be in her own world.

"I want a man to touch me, to stroke my body like this. I want him to play with my breasts, pinch my nipples..." her hand pull the shirt up enough for her mimic her words. There is plenty of jiggle here, the soft pillowy flesh swaying gently as she moves. She leaves the mesh up over her breasts, turning slowly, bending down, caressing her legs as she bend, her hair sweeping the floor now. She comes halfway back up.

"I want a man to fuck me, fuck my pussy..." she almost moans, pulling the shorts aside. Like her legs there is no hair, no sign of hair, only the faint sheen of oil and smooth, flawless skin. Her sex is neat, tidy looking, despite the engorged lips and the white cream slowly trickling down them. It looks tight, almost virginal. She strokes it once with a carefully manicured finger, the nails long and impractical by design, but not exaggerated.

"I want his cock in my tight ass, slick from my own pussy." Now peeling down the shorts, fanning her asscheecks, exposing her rosebud. She leaves the shorts down around her thighs as she sighs mournfully, standing once more and looking out over the railing, the cityscape barely visible beyond her, exposed and vulnerable, and alone.

But not for long. A man practically rushes up behind her. Some anonymous stud, they all are, really. She doesn't work with the same man twice. The Fans wouldn't stand for it. Like the generic stud he is, he's muscular, just tall enough to look her in the eyes as she stands in her heels, if she had faced him. He's dressed in baggy shorts and an oversized tee shirt. He wastes no time, grabbing her bare hips, dry humping her exposed ass. Compared to her, he is a crude beast, an animal.

"I'll make you my bitch." He snarls, slapping her ass for emphasis. "Get down and suck me good." Sometimes the stud is a lucky fan, or so go the rumors. They say she likes her studs to be pumped full of drugs so they have the stamina to keep up. She smiles at him, knowing, compliant, submissive, as she spins slowly, corkscrewing down until her eyes are level with his shorts, her knees wide. The camera makes love to her body, exposed as it is. This is a classic shot and they don't waste a moment of it. It takes a single tug to get his shorts down; he doesn't even need to step out of them. His cock springs free, long and thick and hard. Her hand seems tiny wrapping around it; it twitches visibly at her touch, the long hard nails scraping gently along tender flesh. She kisses it, licking the oozing precum from the tip, a sticky trail leading from cock to tongue as she pulls away.

He grabs her hair, wrapping his fingers in the glossy locks, pulling her face closer, thrusting his hips obscenely towards her, splitting her lips, stretching them wide. He isn't gentle, fucking her mouth until she chokes on it, coughing, her eyes watering even as the smile never leaves her lips. . She fights his grip, pulling back until he pulls her down again, overpowering her, almost yanking her from her perch on heels. This time she takes all of him; ready for him, stroking his heavy balls as she works his dick into her throat, her lovely neck distending slightly. Saliva coats her chin, dribbles down her hand, dropping to the concrete between her spread legs.

He pulled her up by the fist in her hair, kissing her roughly before pushing her back over the railing, her upper body hanging out in space. With his free hand he grabbed her ineffectual shorts and tore the material off her body, tossing the scraps over the edge. His cock glistened wetly as he stroked it, beating it against her damp slit. She was wet, even without the saliva; it was obvious that she was excited by the rough treatment of this nameless stud. With a grunt he pushed his cock into her cunt, tearing a yelp from her, then a moan.

His eyes were closed, her hand stroked his face, her legs, the white heels still strapped to her feet, raised up, wrapping his hips. Only her ass pressed into the metal bar and the grip of his fist in her hair held her up as he began to fuck her, slamming his cock into her tight twat vigorously.

"You like that, bitch? You like my cock? You a cock hungry slut?" he demanded. She could only make a mewling assent, a continuous stream of noise that indicated exactly how much she was enjoying it, not that anyone could have any doubts with the spray of milky fluid that accompanied each thrust, coating both their now sweating bodies with yet more fluid. Eventually she regained her ability to speak, trading animal noises for a steady stream of 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...'

The stud leaned forward, nipping at her breasts, biting her, snagging her nipples in his hard white teeth. He reached up with his free hand, smacking her tits with loud cracks, her heels clattering together behind his back as he slammed into her with each slap.

"Fuck me with that hard cock, you fucker, stick that fucking thing up my tight ass..." she hissed at him. He practically yanked her from the railing, shocking her, she barely got her feet down in time to catch herself, staggering as he tossed her around like a rag doll, spinning her. As she recovered, starting to steady on her heels he reached around her, grabbing the bunched up mesh of her shirt, yanking it over her head, then pulling it down her arms around the back, pinning them in place behind her. She cooed at this, shaking her rump at him, teasing his hard member with her hot, eager flesh.

The stud took his slimy cock in hand, pressing it against her yielding flesh, grabbing the rope of white cloth binding her wrists with his other, pulling her back towards him, making her impale herself on his member. She groaned, twisting as she backed up willingly, forcing him deeper until their bodies were fully joined.

She was looking out over the balcony, nude now entirely but for her shoes, her breasts hanging over the edge. Her eyes were actually closed as he sodomized her, his thick cock tearing into her ass. The camera looked up from between her spread legs, seeing the recently fucked cunt, still dripping wet, and above it the tiny rosebud stretched wide by his thick veiny spear. It pulled back away, watching the couple fuck roughly, wordlessly. He grunted suddenly, pulling out, the camera caught a dollop of white cum caught in her suddenly empty ass, then the sudden jet across her backside as he struggled to spin her around, her full lips closing on the head of his cock just ahead of the next blast, a tiny trickle seeping from one corner of her mouth. She swallowed the load, sucking vigorously on his cock, going all the way down one last time, slowly, thoroughly milking it on the way back up for every drop of cum. She smiled up at him, squeezing his cock in her hand as she licked her lips clean, scooping with one long fingernail the dollop from her own ass and licking her finger clean as she stood.

"I'm sorry, but you were just not man enough." She announced, pushing him back roughly, letting the twisted, ruined mesh fall away from her other wrist, again over the balcony. The Stud's face fell, his cock softening as he staggered away, tugging at his clothes. Again, that was the script, what the Fans wanted. They wanted to be the one who was man enough to keep her, man enough to come back for a repeat performance.

The Camera left her, wiping the cum from her skin, licking it up.

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