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A Perfect Wedding


Special thanks to JewelTran for proofing this story and becoming a dear friend. Your awesome Jewel.

A year before we were married I took my girlfriend, the most beautiful woman in the world, out to a romantic dinner for two with wine, candles, soft music playing and our favorite dinners. We shared prime rib and lobster for dinner but before we ordered dessert

I took her hand in mine across the table and said honey you and I have talked many many times and spent a lot of time with each other. I looked Diane deep into her eyes and saw the love she felt in her heart. I pulled one hand free and reached into my pocket and pulled out a small box and gave her the gift. With a surprised look on her face she began to unwrap the small gift. When she opened the last box her eyes grew wide as she looked at the contents, a diamond engagement ring. I reached into the box and took the ring and asked with love if you would be my wife. With tears in your eyes you look at me and say "Yes," with that I slipped the ring on your finger and leaned over and sealed our love with a special kiss. One mixed with tenderness and a hint of passion. All through dessert and the rest of the evening you kept looking at your hand with your ring and smiling. The love we felt for each other soon took the shape of planning our wedding and honeymoon.

It didn't take long to put our plans together. We had both talked about a dream I had about getting remarried at Walt Disney World in Florida. We contacted the bridal coordinators and started making plans. Diane and I flew down to Florida to meet our coordinator in person and go over the menu's and the dinners and lunches we had planned. Diane was taken by the coordinator to find and be fitted for her wedding dress. They gave us a free room in the resort of our choice. Since the wedding would be at the Polynesian Resort that's where we stayed. Diane was fitted for her dress. We had planned that on the day of our wedding the ladies in my life would be pampered. My fiancé and my two daughters would be picked up in a limo and taken to the Grand Floridian resort where they would go through massages, full spa treatment, with their fingernails painted as well as their toenails.

Diane and my girls flew down to Florida the day before so Diane and I could get our marriage license. Since my oldest brother was there he took the kids to the park to have fun. The day of the wedding came around and the ladies were in fact taken to their day of being pampered. Each lady had a gym bag with the remainder of the clothes they would wear tonight. I lounged at the pool , went to the barber shop and had my hair washed and trimmed. After a light snack for dinner I went to the room and put on my tux. I placed candles throughout the room, vanilla scented, and left instructions to have the candles lit 10 minutes before we returned to the room. I walked out of the room and met my brothers and sisters in the lobby before we went outside where the wedding was to take place at. I felt like I was cloud 9 because shortly I was going to marry the woman of my dreams. At the appointed time we were escorted outside. The weather was perfect. We were taken out among the palm trees. Our guests gasped when they saw where the wedding would be, the palm trees, the lake behind us with Cinderella's castle in the distance.

Diane and my daughters arrived by Cinderella's coach. When Diane stepped out of the coach my jaw hit the floor. Diane selected and was wearing a strapless gown. I have never seen such beauty as I saw at that moment. The dresses fit Diane and my girls like a glove. I smiled and took deep breaths to keep myself calm. I wanted to run to my fiancé and give her a kiss and a hug but my feet wouldn't move. Still smiling I looked up to the sky and what I saw brought tears to my eyes. I looked down at my soon to be wife and she looked up and smiled and nodded her head. The words didn't need to be spoken for her to know what I was feeling at that moment. When we came together we held hands interlocking our fingers together. During the ceremony we promised each other that we would love, honor and cherish each other all the days of our lives. Rings were exchanged as well as our first kiss as husband and wife. Then came the pictures and the ride in Cinderella's coach. Diane and I hugged and kissed, then suddenly Diane pulled back and held my hands in hers and asked "Darling when you looked up to the sky before the wedding you looked at me and I saw tears in your eyes, did you see your mom and dad?" Again trying to hold back tears all I could do was shake my head yes. The horse drawn carriage ride ended all to soon. Again we were taken by limo to Cinderella's castle for the reception.

We arrived at dusk and had a wonderful meal, since we were above the crowd it gave us and our guests a fantastic view of the parade. The band played love songs, we danced. As we danced and held each other close I thought I detected the hard nubs of her nipples, I smiled inwardly knowing that my love desired me. Having waited till our wedding night it wasn't difficult to be turned on to each other. All I could think of was soon I would be able to make love to my wife. After the parade and the fireworks we were once again escorted back to our resort. Walking through the lobby we got applause from the other guests there. After saying our thank you's we went on to our room, I unlocked the door, picked up my wife in my arms and carried her into the room. I didn't need to turn on the lights with the soft glow of the candles. Diane looked around and kissed me deeply saying this is the most romantic thing she has ever seen.

Gently I lowered her to the floor so she could stand up again I turned around and pushed play on the CD player. The CD player started and filled the room with soft music. Once again I asked Diane to dance, this time she took off my jacket and pulled close to me and put her head on my chest as we danced. Our dance was more sensual this time since we were in private. She reached her hands down my back and cupped my ass in her hands, she gripped me tight and pulled me closer, feeling the hardness of my manhood against her stomach. I couldn't help but letting my hands roam over the smooth exposed skin of her back, sliding lower till I too put my hands on her warm butt. I couldn't feel any lines and quickly wondered if she had panties on. Diane pulled away with a grin on her face and stepped backwards and sat down, looked up at me and said " I have a surprise for you," not only was she smiling but the look in her eyes showed love and mischief. With that she pulled her dress up to her knee and stuck out her left leg. Recognizing this move I knelt down on my left knee and balanced her foot on my right knee I softly caressed her ankle in my hands and slowly but very gently, so as not to rip her stockings, raised my hand but massaging her leg as I went higher. A soft moan came from her mouth as my fingers found and softly rubbed the skin on the back of her knee, looking up into her eyes I could see the fire of love burning in her soul. We kept looking into each others eyes as my hands reached further up her dress, suddenly I felt the garters and knew she had on stockings and not pantyhose. When my fingers touched the soft skin of her thighs she let out a moan telling me that she was excited, further I reached up and felt a garter placed erotically just past the top of her stockings. I grabbed the garter making sure I avoided her crotch, then slid it off her leg with my teeth. After I removed the garter I noticed something and looked closer. Red hearts were sewn onto it but the words " You are the Love of my life" were embroidered into it wrapping around her leg.

As we both stood she noticed I had tears in my eyes Diane smiled. With the love I have seen in her eyes all night she looked at me and said " You are the love of my life and the only man I want for the rest of my life" . Looking deeply into each others eyes she removed my bow tie and without breaking our gaze she unbuttoned my shirt and sleeves. Since my shoes were like loafers I took them off while Diane was busy with my shirt. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, then slid her hands down my bare chest till she found my belt and unhooked it, unhooked my pants and unzipped my fly and let the pants fall to the floor to join my shirt. I stood before the goddess I married in my boxers and socks. Diane stood back and this time it was her time to cry. I wore a pair of sheer white boxers with the words " For your eyes only my love" embroidered on the front.

All the emotion and the love we felt for each other was finally being let out. We had met over the internet and took our time getting to know each other. When we fell in love with each other we decided to wait to give ourselves physically until our wedding night. Then the love making and the passion would be so much more special.

Suddenly we came together in a passionate kiss. I unzipped the dress, slip and corset and pulled back enough to let it fall to the floor. Diane took advantage of this and pulled the front of my boxers out in order to clear my rock hard cock and let them fall to the floor. For all practical purposes we were naked since Diane wasn't wearing a bra with her corset and she wasn't wearing panties either. This time when we hugged I felt her elongated nipples pressing deeply into my chest. Our hands roamed freely over the smooth hot flesh of each others bodies. With her arms over my shoulders she gave a small leap and locked her legs around my waist and pulled me tighter to her. My hands instantly cupped the hot flesh of her butt to hold her up. Feeling the head of my cock at the very wet entrance to her love canal she loosened her grip a little impaling herself on me. At that instant I knew this was right, like a jigsaw puzzle we fit together perfectly. We rocked together to the tune of our madly beating hearts. Still together as one I walked across the room till I felt the comforter on the bed against my knees. We fell on the bed still joined as one and I felt at that moment that I had pressed even further inside my love. Instantly she locked her arms tighter and her legs gripped tighter as I felt Diane's body shake in orgasm. I realized that the head of my cock had slipped past the entrance to her cervix and from the reaction she was very sensitive there. I held myself still and let the orgasm take its course and didn't move till I felt her relax. Slowly I pulled out of her the tight grasp she had on me, I didn't want to but I wanted to pleasure her first before I got my own pleasure.

Taking my time I kissed my way down her neck and across her shoulders then kissed lower to the swell of her breasts. Pulling back I notice that Diane's nipples are very hard and that the aureole's are a rosy red. The nipples stuck out like pencil erasers and as I found out they were also very sensitive. I heard a gasp from my beautiful wife as I licked across her nipple before taking it into my mouth. My hand reached up taking her breast into my hand and rolled and pinched her other nipple between my fingers. I felt so very lucky as I kissed and sucked in the valley between the two most perfect mountains I have ever seen. Kissing lower still I lick around her navel teasing it before plunging my tongue inside only to hear her gasp again all the while looking into her beautiful eyes. So close was I to that sweet spot I couldn't resist but to kiss down her smooth tummy to her sex. I knew that Diane kept her hair trimmed but never knew how far. Feeling something very different I pulled back to look at her in all her naked glory before me. What I noticed above the lips of her sex was the most erotic thing I have seen. Not only was she shaved but above her lips she had trimmed and shaved a perfect heart with the bottom pointing to her erect clit. Looking up into her eyes with a look of surprise she said "I love you sweetheart. .I wear my heart with pride and you will be the only person to ever see the love I hold dear..I'm yours forever." When those words were spoken so eloquently I never thought it was possible but my cock grew a little larger and harder, it now felt like an iron pipe. I lowered my head and flattened my tongue and gave a long lick from the rosebud of her anus to her very sensitive clit. Upon reaching her clit she gave a low primal moan indicating its sensitivity. A few minutes later I felt her body stiffen and looked into her eyes as her eyes opened wide and she started bucking her hips off the bed. Suddenly she said " Oh my Gawdddddddddddd" , at that point I knew she was in the throws of a massive orgasm. I kept licking her clit and it seemed like her shaking and the extreme pleasure she was feeling wouldn't cease till she pushed my head away from her clit.

I slid up her body and softly kissed the goddess that was my wife. Catching her breathe she pushed me onto my back and moving her head down she grabbed my hardness and lowered her mouth on my very hard cock. Instantly she started bobbing her head coating my cock with her saliva. Suddenly she pulled off and moved up to my lips while she straddled my hips. With a look of total passion in her eyes Diane said "I need you inside of me." At that she reached for my cock and aimed it at the entrance of her very wet pussy and took it all the way down in one smooth stroke. My hands went to her waist to help set the rhythm and then slid up to cup her breasts. As she was bouncing on my hardness I saw a look on her face that told me of her impending orgasm. All of a sudden she yelled "Cum with me my love." I felt my cum boiling in my balls and then with a force I have never known my cum spurted from me and instantly we joined each other in a mutual orgasm. Not able to support herself anymore she fell forward crushing her breasts to my chest. At that moment I knew that my very essence was deep inside her womb.

A short while later Diane slid off on me and laid on her side with her head on my shoulder and cuddled tightly with her leg draped over mine. With a look of total love in her eyes she said "You're the love of my life and I promise to never let you slip away" With that she closed her eyes and slept peacefully.

I love you Diane.

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