tagLesbian SexA Phantastic Memory

A Phantastic Memory


"In love with your ghost" - Indigo Girls

I couldn't go into work that morning, the memories were too much. It had been exactly one year since you had died in a car wreck on Halloween and my heart and body ached from missing you. My red-rimmed eyes constantly tearing as I watched videos of the time we went to Busch Gardens (remember joking about wanting to visit my "Bush Garden" and "Dark Cunt-ry"?) and our week-long vacation at the beach. Two women in love with the future as bright as the sunrise we woke up to view. Until, the accident...

So today I sit on the couch with a box of Kleenex by my side. My ratty red hair hasn't been brushed all weekend and sleeping is next to impossible. Finally, around midnight on Halloween, as I lie on the couch in my loose sweats and T-shirt, sleep overtakes me.

Suddenly...we are at the beach again. A corona of light surrounds you, but I can still make out your features as you stand nude in front of me silhouetted against the dark sky and sea. Your dark hair, nipples, and pussy providing distraction from your smooth, tanned Hispanic body. I look down to find myself naked as well...and already wet from the sight of yourself.

I can not talk and do not know what to say in any case. You solve the problem by moving close to me and kissing me. A chill runs through me as I realize your kiss is different. It's a phantom kiss as you fade in and out of existence, but I will take what I can get. We hold each other tight and lie down on the shore just out of reach of the crashing waves.

Shyly, as if this were my first time, I caress your breast with my hand, feeling the brown nipple stiffen and wrinkle up at the brush of my thumb. You always loved breast play; sometimes I would spend hours just paying attention to each inch of your bosom. I begin to do so now, licking and tickling that spot on the underside of your beautiful breast that makes you moan. I jump a bit at the hint of a banshee wail in your moan, but then begin to softly kiss and suckle your nipple.

You grab my hand in yours and bring it to your lips. I feel your tongue slowly lick my palm and feel as if my contributions to the wetness of the surf have just begun. You then suck on each of my fingers; your dark wet lips caressing each one. I feel your tongue slide over my fingertip and mirror the action on your breast.

I start to tear up again, though, and hold you tight to me. "Let's stay like this forever," I whisper into your ear. "I don't want to wake up; I want to be with you for eternity."

"I know, my love," you reply in that sultry accented tone of yours. "And remember...I will always be inside you. I will always be with you."

My sorrow turned to passion as I kissed you feverishly, willing myself to meld with you once and for all. And that's when it happened...as we moved and ground our hips I felt something part my lips as if it was going to enter. I looked down and saw the ghostly image of your clitoris expanding larger and larger until you were big enough to enter me. I watched as your feminine "dick" slid into my pussy, noticing the difference between your warm clit and the dildo we used to use.

I cried tears of joy as I realized you were inside me...YOU, not some toy or substitute. We made love slowly throughout the night and I clenched your sensitive clit as you fucked me. Was it an hour? Two hours? I lost track of the time, but the moon rose and set and still we had not cum. Finally, minutes before the sun would rise, our second wind hit and we moved faster as you crashed into me. Upward, upward, you filling me as we reached the higher plateaus.

There was no way to describe the super-natural orgasm I experienced as I felt you shake and moan with your own climax. I kissed your face and hair over and over as we came with the sunrise. And then you dissipated like the mist on the ocean...

I woke up wet and shaking still from my orgasm, truly feeling that you were now inside me forever. Was it a dream? A memory? Or a final goodbye? We all have our own theories, but I know what I will tell the little girl I am carrying. I will let her know she is a very special child who was conceived in love by lovers who could not be separated...even by death.

The End

* * * * *

Thanks for reading, voting and commenting! I'm available at the email address in my profile and am considering writing another more light-hearted submission for the Halloween contest. Let me know what you think!


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