tagLoving WivesA Pie at Last

A Pie at Last


At last I got my cream pie! And I want to tell you how it happened.

I have been married to Angela for the last sixteen years, and it has been generally a happy marriage. Angie was a virgin when we met and until recently she had only experienced my cock. We married at twenty after meeting each other in a club, and now aged thirty-six Angie still looks good. She may not be the most attractive girl in the world and won't win any contracts for modeling, but to many she is still regarded as pretty. After all these years she still has a good figure, she may have put a little weight on but it is in all the right places!

When we married Angie was very inexperienced sexually. I had to wait until we were married to even get inside her knickers! She was very hesitant to be adventurous in our love life and most of the time we just made love in the straightforward missionary position with the lights out.

I have a bit of a thing about 'cream pies'. I think this stems from the fact that when I was a teenager for a few months I had a girlfriend that loved sperm. She adored sperm and she loved sharing it! She would love sucking me off and then kissing me passionately afterwards, sharing the warm sperm and passing it between our mouths before she, or I, swallowed it all down. When we fucked on the back seats of my car she made me lick her pussy clean afterwards, so that she did not have to return home to her parents with a sticky mess in her knickers. It was good while it lasted but after only a few months we drifted apart and broke up.

After Angie and I were married it took me a few years of gentle nagging and persuasion to gradually get her to be bolder and less inhibited in bed. I started by getting her to allow the lights to sometimes be on while be made love. It took me a while but after much persuasion I got her to let me go down on her and lick her hairy pussy. It took me a few years of going on and on to get her to sometimes suck my cock, but she never swallowed my sperm. She either stopped well before I came, or if I did come in her mouth, spat it out saying that it was disgusting. It wasn't until we had been married for twelve years that I managed to talk her into letting me go down on her after we had made love and taste my own sperm. I kept going on about it when we had made love until eventually she gave in. I think that she did it more to please me than for any other reason, although it did mean that she always had another orgasm after we had made love. I don't think that she really liked it but did it now and again to please me, keep the peace and stop my constant nagging!

For the last few years I have been giving Angie subtle hints about tasting another persons cream pie from her pussy. You know how it is. You eat your own cream pie but it's like an addiction. You want to know what someone else's will taste like. Will it be different from your own? What will it look like? As I lapped away at my juice from her wet pussy after we had made love I would say to Angie "imagine if this were someone else's cream pie I was eating?." or "I wonder what another blokes sperm would taste like from your pussy." Most of the time Angie just ignored my comments, or would reply that she was quite happy with me and that my cock was all she wanted. Sometimes she would get cross with me and tell me that I didn't love her if I wanted her to make love with someone else in order to give me a cream pie. We had long conversations where I would explain that I did love her and it was because I loved her very much that I wanted her to come home with a cream pie for me to savor.

After a couple of years of me going on about wanting a cream pie from her pussy that was not my own I had still not made any progress. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that it would never happen and that I should just be grateful for the sex I did get. To be honest I suppose I was quite lucky that Angie would let me lick my own cream, from her pussy, as possibly many women wouldn't even allow that.

One night a few of weeks ago we had made love and Angie was lying back on our bed with her legs spread open and my sperm dribbling out from her hairy just fucked pussy. Just as I made contact with her pussy with my tongue and tasted my salty sperm she said, "I wonder if you would like to lick up another mans load of sperm from my pussy."

My stomach lurched with nervous excitement at what she had just said, as it was so out of character. "You know I want a cream pie from you," I said, "so why do you ask."

"Oh no particular reason." she said.

I enthusiastically licked her slit and probed her hairy hole deeply with my tongue swallowing down the bitter mixture of our combined love juices. My licking had the desired effect and Angie', body shuddered as she came.

After we had finished and I had licked her pussy clean of our juices I asked Angie again by what she had meant about tasting another mans cream pie. She insisted she had not meant anything by it but had only been teasing me. She said I had been going on about it for long enough and that she knew it excited me. At the time I thought that this was quite strange for her to even mention another person's creamy pie, knowing how much she usually hated the idea.

A couple of weeks ago Angie and I made love again. I had pumped my load in her and was just about to lick it out of her pussy when she said, "you would really get off if that were another mans load ready for you to clean up wouldn't you."

"You know I would darling." I replied "you know I've been asking for years for you to bring home a cream pie for me. Why do you ask?"

"Well this last week I've been giving it a bit of thought, it might be a bit of fun." She casually said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My prudish Angie had actually been giving the idea some thought, and did not even seem repulsed by the idea. I cleaned her up with my tongue and as I licked my sperm out from her pussy and stroked her clit she had a shattering orgasm.

When we had recovered from the sex we sat in bed and talked. Yes we actually talked sensibly about what I had been going on about for years. We talked about cream pies. Angie said that she couldn't get her head round the idea that I was happy for her to sleep with another man. I explained that it was because I loved her and trusted her that I wanted her to do it. I explained that more than anything else in the world I wanted to see another mans come leaking from her freshly fucked pussy and for me to taste it and lick it out from her. As we talked Angie eventually in a quiet sheepish voice said "Ok I'll do it for you."

I couldn't believe what she had just said. After all my years of nagging she had finally given in and was agreeing to do what I wanted. "Who are you going to get to give you the pie?." I asked as Angie blushed a little.

"There's a new chap at work in the office covering for sickness and he's been outrageously flirting with me all week." Angie said. "I think he really fancies me and I'd like him to give me the cream pie."

"Why don't you flirt back with him and see what you can arrange then darling," I said.

A few days later when Angie came home from work she was clearly very excited. "I've done it." she said "I've spoken with Roger at work and I've arranged a meeting with him."

"Where and when." I said, hardly believing that things were moving so quickly.

"I've arranged for a no strings attached sex session at the local motel tomorrow afternoon " she said. "Is that all right with you dear?."

"Of course that is OK with me," I said "as long as you let him come deep inside you and hurry home to me with the cream pie, that's fine."

"You can still back out." Angie said "you do know I don't have to fuck with him if you don't want me to."

"No way, its all I want. I can hardly wait to see his sperm dribbling out from you, and then taste it." I said.

The next day my cock was hard all morning imagining what was going to happen that afternoon. Angie had arranged for Roger to pick her up at two o'clock to take her to the motel. He said he would bring her home again afterwards. Angie had told Roger that I was out of town on business for a couple of days so wouldn't have any idea what was going on. As lunchtime approached Angie asked if I was going to help her get ready for her session with Roger. I said I would love to and started by running her a hot bath.

I sat on the floor by the side of the bath as I watched my wife soap her large breasts and wash her body. "Pass me the razor," she said. Angie lathered her armpits and legs and with long strokes of the razor removed the hair. She then lathered her pussy with soap and began to remove her thick bush of pubic hair.

"What are you doing?." I asked a little shocked.

"Making my pussy nice and smooth for Roger." she replied, "I thought if it were smooth it would be better for you to lick his sperm off afterwards darling."

I was a little shocked, as after years of asking Angie had never shaved, or even trimmed her pussy for me. Angie carefully spent time shaving and when she had finished there was not a hair on her pussy as it was completely smooth and bald. I passed Angie a large towel as she got out of the bath and we retired to our bedroom. I helped Angie dry herself with the towel and as I dried her naked body I let my hand gently slip down to feel her smooth pussy. My finger brushed up her slit and was surprised to feel that she was already slippery and wet between her lips.

"Not now darling." she said "let me save it for Roger."

I was a little disappointed, as feeling her smooth pussy for the first time ever and realizing that she was so wet already, had made my cock hard. Angie went to her drawers and picked out her most expensive lingerie. She squeezed into a matching red lace panty and bra set. God she looked beautiful. She put on a simple black skirt and blouse to complete the look.

As two o'clock approached and Angie was now ready we went downstairs to wait for Roger to arrive. "You can still back out." Angie said, "you only have to say and I will stay here with you."

"No." I said. "I want you to go with Roger and have a good time, I want you to take all of his sperm in your pussy for me." With that I went to the kitchen to hide out of the way as Angie waited for Roger to arrive to pick her up.

When Angie had gone with Roger I went upstairs to our bedroom, slipped my clothes off and got into bed to wait for Angie's return. I lay back and wondered what was happening. What was Angie doing? What was Roger doing to my wife? I felt nervous, excited and strangely jealous as I waited. At three thirty I heard a car pull up outside in our drive, some muffled voices then the front door open. I heard Angie come quickly up the stairs and open the door to our bedroom. "Hello darling." she said, "I have come home to you and I come bearing gifts," she giggled.

"Hi." I said.

"Would you like me to tell you what I've been up to," Angie said.

"Please, I've been waiting." I groaned.

Angie came to the bed and sat down on it next to me. I noticed that she kept her legs together and placed her feet firmly on the floor.

"Do you want me to tell you what Roger and I did together."?

"Oh Yes." I said.

Angie then went on to explain in some detail what she had been doing for the last hour in the motel. She said that when they got to the motel they booked in straight away to the room that Roger had previously reserved. She said that as soon as the door was closed Roger had grabbed her and started kissing her, probing her mouth with his tongue and feeling her ass and tits through her clothes. She had then sunk to her knees in front of him and unbuckled his pants to reveal his cock, which she licked and sucked until it was hard. She said it was about the same size as mine but perhaps felt a little thicker in her mouth. After a while Roger then seductively undressed her and pushed her back onto the bed with her legs splayed wide open. He then made her come by licking her smooth hairless pussy and clit. Angie then said that he then fucked her for ages, firstly doggy style, then with her bouncing and riding him on top and finally with him on top of her. Angie said that when Roger eventually came he seemed to pump for ages and she could actually feel the spurts of sperm as they erupted deep inside her womb. As soon as they had finished Angie said she put her knickers back on and got dressed trying to keep her legs together to keep all the sperm inside her while Roger drove her back home.

When Angie had finished describing what she had been doing with Roger she slipped off her blouse and unclipped her red lacy bra letting her tits swing free. I noticed that the nipples were still hard and stiff from the attention that Roger had given them. She leant over and kissed me passionately then asked "what do you want now my lover, how do you want my full pussy?."

My stomach churned and my cock hardened as I realized that here was my lovely wife asking how I wanted to eat her fresh cream pie!

"Slip your skirt off, but leave your knickers on and lay back on the bed for me." I asked Angie in barely more than a whisper. She quickly did as I requested keeping her legs closed until she lay back on our bed wearing only her red lacy panties. I crawled up the bed in between her open thighs and took in the glorious sight that was in front of me. Angie's knickers were stretched tight across her pussy and I could see the outline of her smooth pussy lips beneath the material. The gusset of her panties was clearly wet and her inner thighs were glistening and glazed shiny with drying semen. I took in a deep breath and smelt her musky arousal mixed with Rogers sperm. Angie smiled down at me and said, "Is this what you wanted?."

I nodded back in reply to her and then poked my tongue out and licked the length of her pussy through the thin material of her knickers. This caused Angie to let out a gasp and I tasted the unmistakable salty flavor of sperm on the material. With my fingers I slowly pulled the flimsy material of her knickers up and to one side. As I did so I exposed a sticky mess coating her pussy. As I pulled her knickers sideways strands of sticky white sperm bridged the gap between pussy flesh and the front gusset of her knickers. "Take them off for me." I asked as Angie lifted her bum off the bed as she slipped her knickers down over her smooth freshly shaved pussy. She let her legs fall apart and her pussy gaped open. Her lips were red and swollen and a dribble of sperm mixed with her love juice was running out of her well-fucked hole. Her whole smooth pussy area and inner thighs seemed to be coated with sperm.

"Eat Me, "she said, "get your tongue right up inside my pussy and suck his sperm out." she whispered.

I willingly licked the dribble of sperm that was leaking out from the base of her pussy and took it into my mouth. I tasted the bitter metallic taste of Rogers's sperm. It was slightly different in taste to mine and although it had been in Angie's pussy for a while was of a different texture. It seemed to be much thicker than mine. I ran my tongue up her slit parting the soft folds and probing it open with my tongue. I started to suck out the sperm that Roger had deposited deep within her not long before in the motel room. As I licked her slit Angie moaned and seemed to push out more sperm from deep inside her. I drank it all down feeling it coat my tongue and the back of my throat.

"God that feels great." Angie said as she ground her pussy on to my open mouth and tongue. I continued licking her smooth wet slit and as I opened her up I gently slipped two of my fingers inside her and probed the wetness deep within. I pulled my fingers out from her pussy, which made a slurping sound, and as Angie watched me I licked them clean of the shiny slippery sperm mess that was coating them. I returned to devour her slit with my tongue. As I licked, Rogers's sperm was getting less and less as I drank it all down savoring the flavor of my wife's fresh cream pie. I finally moved up from her gaping hole and circled Angie's erect little clit with my tongue and gently bit and nibbled on it. This sent her over the top and she let out a long low moan and her body shuddered as she had a large orgasm.

"That was fantastic." Angie said "my pussy feels like its still throbbing, that was the best orgasm you have ever given me with your tongue dear." I moved up the bed and gave Angie a kiss letting her taste the remains of Rogers's sperm and her juices that were coating my lips. She suddenly pushed me away and bent forward and took all of my cock in her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth brought me to instant hardness. I groaned as Angie used her hand to wank my cock up and down, and her tongue swirled round the sensitive head. Angie bobbed her head up and down on my cock and I felt the pressure gradually build up in my balls. I erupted in to her mouth and for the first time ever Angie kept her mouth on my cock as I deposited several strong spurts of my load in her mouth. When I had finished I looked at Angie and watched as a line of my sperm dribbled out from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. She leant over to me and kissed me, forcing my lips open and pushing most of my warm sticky sperm back into my mouth. It tasted great and we kissed for a while swirling my sperm around with our tongues between our mouths. We shared the sperm kiss and both swallowed some down.

We lay back on the bed "are you Ok with what we just did?." I asked.

"Yeah baby." Angie replied. I 'm glad you let Roger fuck me. I hope you like the taste of spunk as I might do it again for you."

"I smiled in contentment. It may have taken sixteen years but now I had finally liberated my beautiful wife to the joys of making cream pies. Long may it continue?

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Best tasting pussy you can find.
I love to eat my wife after I cum in her. At first Curly was grossed out, as much as I was apprehensive. The first time I did it out of lust because I was still hot formore...

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