tagBDSMA Pig in Her Place

A Pig in Her Place


He's waiting for me in the other room.

I've been told that there is a surprise for me tonight. Sensations from previous such surprises flash through my mind and a chill, of both pleasure and fear, runs down my spine.

This time around, I can't think straight. The waiting has exhausted me. It's been 2 months since this side of me has come out, and the anticipation has put me in such a hungry state that I wonder how I've gone this long. I've spent more time getting ready for today than I probably ever have. I've thought about getting pretty for Him for weeks now, and now that the day is here, I can't help but want to look as perfect as possible. My hair is curled and in pigtails with bows, and my face is made up like a doll's. I've put my all into every little ritual today. My lashes are big and curled, and my lips and cheeks are painted pink, as per usual.

Every time I get myself ready for this, I slip into a state not unknown to me anymore. I'm not just a pretty little girl now, I'm a pretty little piggy... happy and anxious, and ready with all the strength I posses to go where I need to be, under His hand.

In the time that has passed while I've gotten ready, there have been a million things running through my mind. I've thought about the pain and pleasure, and the need to remember my place and what I am. All of this combined with a fantasy of asking Him, begging Him, not to hold back. He knows what I need, and cares enough to give it to me, and I trust Him enough to request it. All of my thoughts and fantasies seemed to lighten a fire in me that I never thought possible. I'm insatiable and more often than not, I want to give Him reasons to take me further. Even though I feel as if I'm at the end of my tether, the strength building in me has only grown bigger with the waiting.

I want to take pain like a pig. Act like a hungry pig slut, and become one. I know I have the capability to turn myself into and feel like an animal, but I also know that I can go further than just the feelings. I want Him to take me so deep that I don't remember what it feels like to be human.

I no longer feel the need to hide the deepest and darkest corners of my mind from Him. He can see in my face every time we're together how badly I want certain things... like to attack His cock and keep it permanently pushed back against the hot wetness of my throat, or to have Him sit on my face and make me oink while I do it, or simply to kneel at His feet as His pet. I want to be the best pig I can be. I think about the curly tail that will finally be in place today, my nipples squeezed hard by new clamps, being lead around by my leash, cuffed in a hogtie, and hurt with whatever He chooses to use on me.

My anticipation grew steadily as I replayed in my head the conversation Him and I had earlier today, studying His words, His mood, and His expressions for any clues as to what He was planning for me. But, as always, He had given me none. I'm finishing up getting ready, and am about to put my snout and pig ears in place. As I undress, I cup my breasts in my hands and gently roll the nipples between my fingers while I look at myself naked in the mirror. I know that when I turn this corner, ready and willing, I'm no longer me. I submit with all of myself, and there is no going back. I accept it, and don't fear the love.

I have instructions to crawl into the bedroom on all fours, completely naked except for my nose, ears, and bows. I am also to grab my new tail and carry it in my mouth to Him. I take the butt plug from the spot I've been hiding it in, place it in my mouth, and get down on my knees.

I open the bathroom door, and then crawl out towards the bedroom. I push the door open with my snout, and see Him sitting on the bed, smiling. I instantly feel myself react to Him, knowing that from this point on, I will bend to His will no matter what.

"Crawl over here quickly like a good girl piglet." He says. I hurry over, and kneel before Him. I'm initially overwhelmed, seeing the toy bag sitting next to Him, and I'm wondering what's next.

"Well, look at this!" He takes the tail out of my mouth and holds it, examining it. It's wet from my mouth. I watch Him turn it in His fingers, and can't help but smile since I know what's coming. I'm so excited that it takes all I have not to just start running around giggling and reaching for things I shouldn't be reaching for.

"Well, I can see you're drooling already, and you're gag isn't even out of the bag yet."

I let out a giggle and a little oink. He grabs the bag, and pulls out my cuffs, gag, leash, and collar.

"Stand up piggy, and give me your wrists." I rise to my feet, put out my wrists in front of me, and turn my head down as he cuffs them on, tightly.

"Put your feet up here one at a time."

As the restraints are put on me, I can tell that He's amused by my efforts to look calm. He grabs the gag and dangles it in front of me for a few seconds, and all I can think is "Already?" I want something in my mouth all right, but this isn't it. He drops it down on the bed, and grabs my collar instead. I put my hands behind my neck, and wait. He's rough with me as He places it around my neck, tilting my chin up and gripping my neck. He tightens it, then lets me go.

"Stand up, and let me have a look at you slut."

His commanding words already have me where I want to be, and all I can think about is being pushed down on the floor and forced to do things that I hate. I stand and twirl, knowing that He'll be inspecting me to make sure I'm clean and pretty. He stands up in front of me, pulls on one of my pigtails, and pulls me to the side.

"Hands above your head, and spread your legs wide."

He runs His hands over my belly, and already I can feel myself getting wet.

"I love how fat my little piggy's getting.."

I'm happy to hear this and I jiggle my porky fat under His hands. We both laugh. He continues to run His hands over my breasts and torso, before quickly turning me around and inserting two fingers into my now sloppy wet cunt.

"Well that was fast slut."

I resist the urge to buck down on His fingers, and know that I shouldn't move until He's finished. All I want is for Him to hurt me, throw me down, slap me, then fuck me until I see stars. He takes His hand out of my pussy, then presses a finger up against my asshole. "

Are you clean and ready like I told you to be pig?"

I oink, and then reply with "Yes, Sir."

He inserts one finger, quickly, before slowly slipping another one in. The juice from my cunt runs down His fingers and I feel my ass tighten around Him. He removes His hand from in between my legs, and quickly shoves His fingers in my mouth.

"You're such a dirty bitch. This won't be the only thing you'll be cleaning with your mouth tonight whore."

I lick it all up like a good pig, remembering that being fed is what I live for, but wondering what else He'll make me do with my hole tonight. He can see how excited look on my face, and smiles again. I'm so built up, but obedience is still first on my list. I want to fulfill His needs and make Him proud more than anything. I'm going to be the best little piggy ever tonight, He'll see.

He pulls His fingers out of my mouth, and for a moment I just savor the taste of His fingers and my cunt. He turns and grabs the curly plug up off the bed.

"I can see how bad you want this little pig..."

I instinctively oink twice, hoping that He doesn't make me wait too long. He sits down on the bed.

"Come over here and bend over my knee." I practically jump into His lap, and anxiously await the pain that's coming. I hear Him reach into the toy bag, but from this angle, I can't see what He's grabbed.

"We can't very well put a tail on a pig whose meat isn't tender now can we?"

I wiggle under His hand, smile, and let out a loud snort and prepare myself for the hits that are coming. He comes down on my ass with His hands, lightly at first, before hitting me incredibly hard with what I can feel is the ping pong paddle. My skin stings under the sensation, and a wave of pain and pleasure flows through me. I wiggle and raise my head as He comes down on my ass again, even harder this time.

"Stop moving piggy. I know you like it. You are going to be a good girl today. I will not tolerate your defiance. If you want more, you'll stay still."

I bow my head and oink, happy for His patience and anticipating the next hit. Being taken over His knee makes everything feel right, and my mind is focused, although it's still filling with thoughts of what might be next. He spanks me over and over again, and the waves of sensation travel to every part of me. I scream and oink and kick my feet, but I can't help but love the pain.

I'm rendered helpless, and as the pain builds, my mind starts to slip. I'm already floating when He lets up. He places both of His hands firmly on my ass over the skin He's welted, and spreads my cheeks apart. I feel His hand hovering over my hole, then the feeling of one of His fingers pushing up against it. He moves His hand down and thrusts 3 fingers into my cunt.

"Such a slippery piggy you are! Time to get the other hole wet now too."

He lets go of the firm hold He had over my back and pushes me off of His lap. I fall to the floor right on my ass, and moan in pain. He laughs at me.

"Who knew pigs were such clumsy creatures. Get up off the floor and get me a bottle of lube, quickly." He says.

I struggle to pull myself up, then walk to the other end of the room and pull out a bottle of lube from my nightstand drawer. He takes it from my hand and grabs the tail sitting next to Him.

"Lay back down on the bed, and spread your legs. Time for a present. You're lucky to be getting so much affection from me today slut, I hope you aren't forgetting your place!"

I oink and say "Never, Sir." I turn to watch Him, and see as he lubes up the plug end of the tail. He bends over and presses it against my throbbing hole, and slowly begins to push it in. As I feel my ass close around it, the excitement kicks in. I do my best to stay still. His hand is on the back of my neck and His other is making sure it's firmly in place, and all I can think about is how I look.

"Well.. that's just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Get up and show off for me piglet! You're allowed to go look at yourself in the mirror."

I immediately run across the room, and look over my shoulder at the tail sticking out of me, and completely lose it. I start giggling and oinking while jumping around the room, so happy to finally be a complete pig head to toe! I run over to Him and wiggle my booty, proud of my new appendage, although my sore ass is still throbbing. He places His hands on my hips, and twirls me around a few times.

"You'll look much cuter on the floor piggy. Get down there."

I drop down to my hands and knees, and await my next order. Will He spank me again? Am I finally going to get fed? Fucked? Spit on? Kissed? Lead around? Hurt again? I don't know, and I hate not knowing. I've had visions of Him pulling my hair and dragging me around for weeks, and now that mind is so ready for it, I can't bear the wait. I need to be fucked and used like the insatiable whore that I am. I want all of my holes stuffed with Him, His dick choking me while I beg for more. He's been nice up until now, but a big part of me is frightened of the moment when He turns on me. Just as this thought is running through my head and I'm looking up at Him, He bends down and firmly places a hand around my neck and squeezes.

"Open your mouth, slut." I open my hole, and lean against the pressure from His hand. "What are you?"

"I'm a fat disgusting fuck piggy, Daddy."

"That's right. And what else?"

"I'm a filthy little pig whore who will do anything to get your cock." After saying this, I try to inch towards His jeans, but the hold He has on my neck is too strong.

"Keep your mouth open. You need to learn how to follow directions." I let out a whimper before opening my mouth again. He tightens the hold around my neck, and my breath becomes shallow. He lets up His grip, and I sort of half fall down, but quickly reposition myself.

"Are you ready for your surprise?"

I smile and oink, and can't wait.

"Well, you'll have to be a good girl if you're going to get it."

He grabs my gag, and pulls out a blindfold from the bag. He takes the gag and shoves it in my mouth, forcing my jaw open, and tightens it around my neck. It stretches me so far that it hurts.

"You're My little piggy, and only good little piglets get happy surprises. Don't move."

I oink. He grabs the blindfold, and quickly places it over my eyes. I have a hard time with this. I hate never knowing where He is or what He's doing, but at the same time, the blindfold sends me deeper and forces me to focus. I hear Him reach into the bag again, and the next thing I feel is my collar being tugged on. He's put the leash on me.

"Give me your hands."

I feel for His legs and place my hands out in front of me, and I feel Him attach a snap hook and cuff me together. I feel Him pull on the leash, and as He pulls harder, I follow the lead. I sense that He's moving behind me, and the next thing I feel is Him cuffing my ankles together. He suddenly tugs on the leash hard, and I fall forward on my belly.

"Can't you figure out how to move when I pull you? Fuck, you're a fat stupid slut."

I bow my head, and snort as I pull myself back up to my knees. It's hard to do with my wrists and ankles cuffed together.

"You are going to listen to Me now, and listen well. I will only tell you this once pig." He continues to lead me around in circles.

"I have something very special planned for you today, and you've showed me that you deserve it. I'm going to put you in this corner here, in a position that will be very uncomfortable for you. If you care at all about pleasing me, you'll be a good little piggy and not move."

I oink in understanding. He leads me over to the corner, and I can feel the wall in front of me. He un-cuffs the snap hooks around my ankles, throws me down on my bottom, then pushes me into position with my back up against the corner. He orders me to spread my legs again, then cuffs my ankles to my wrists, leaving me against the wall with all my holes out in the open. He runs His hands down the length of my thighs, stopping before He gets to my cunt. I squeak and giggle under the tickling caresses, but I know that there's nothing I can do now, seeing as how I'm immobilized.

I hear Him take a few steps back, then return to standing in front of me. I wish there was a way I could just lean forward to get at Him. As my mind is running, I suddenly feel His cane come down on my inner thigh. I scream in pain, and am now faced with the reality that I can't wiggle away from Him.

"Stay still and take this piggy."

He comes down over and over again, and I squirm and squeal, but stay still. I try to mumble "Thank you, Sir" through the gag, but it sounds silly and I'm drooling all over the place.

I imagine how I must look to Him now, tears starting to fall from my eyes, drool pouring from my mouth, and muffled thank yous begging Him for more. He smiles and says "You're welcome slut."

He slaps the left side of my face, and for a moment, I'm not thinking about the pain in my thighs. I'm high from it, and all I want is for Him to take the gag out of my mouth and use my hole the way it was meant to be used. I'm begging for it.

"It's time for your something special pig. Don't move. When I come back, you will wait for me in this corner until I call you or come for you. No speaking unless spoken to. I'll be back."

I hear Him walk away, and exit my room through the outside door. I can't imagine what He has for me, and I'm done guessing, but what could He possibly be getting from outside?

The fear sets in. I know He's said that this is a happy surprise, and I trust Him fully, but what is next? Is He going to throw me in the back of a truck and cart me off somewhere? At least 10 minutes go by, and my legs are beginning to cramp. I calm my mind and try to keep it clear, knowing that I'm safe and happy being in bondage, and anxiously awaiting His return. Another 10 minutes, and I'm still calm. I can feel that my cunt is still wet, and the firmness of the tail in my ass, and the fear excites me. I can't wait to see what's going to happen. I start to lose track of how much time has gone by, and I can't help but be worried. Being blindfolded and sentenced to one position has me in a low space. I remember that I'm nothing but a fat hungry cum whore who needs to learn how to be patient.

Just as I begin to worry that He's going to leave me here all night, I hear the gate open outside, and not one, but 2 sets of footsteps. What the fuck.

Immediately, my state of mind changes. He's not alone. Who is with Him? How many seconds to I have before they walk in? I'm blindfolded; I won't be able to see them. What do I do? I can't believe this is happening.

The door opens. I hear no words, only the sound of feet on the carpet. I smell a new scent that isn't Him... perfume. My heart skips a beat, my stomach tightens and I feel the heat of a deep blush spread over my body. I suddenly become aware of my exposure.

There is a woman in the room with my Sir, and she can see everything. My pussy, my tits, me dressed up like the pig that I am. I consider moving to somehow try and cover myself, but in a flash I remember that I am under strict order not to speak or move. I'm uncomfortable and everything is out in the open, but I don't dare disobey Him. He told me never to forget my place, and I know now that I never should have questioned it, even in the most hidden recesses of my mind. I feel my hands start to shake, and wonder who will be the first to speak.

"Let me get you a chair," I hear Him say.

"Thank you, Sir." The mystery woman says. I don't recognize her voice. Again, I can't believe this is happening. I've never been a pig in front of anyone but Him before, and suddenly there is a stranger in my room, one I can't see. After she sits, He walks over to me. I can feel Him hovering.

I keep my head bowed, awaiting His next move. I feel His hands over my ears, reaching for the back of the blindfold. I start breathing heavier, and wonder what's going to happen now that this is coming off. He pulls it away from my face, and everything looks strange since I've been in the dark so long.

I look at Him, before my gaze settles on her. She's sitting with her legs crossed, wearing a short black dress and red heels. I've never seen this woman before in my life, and I'm taken aback by how she looks. Even though she's sitting, I can see that she is tall, and she doesn't seem nervous. Her hair and eyes are dark, and look stunning against her tanned skin. She's absolutely breathtaking, and she's staring right at me.

"Piglet, this is Dee, and I've brought her here because you aren't half the woman she is."

I suddenly forget my discomfort, and play His words back in my head. They cut me deep.

"Dee, this is the dirty little piggy I've been telling you about. I'm sure that you can see what a whore she is all tied up in the corner."

"Oh yes, I can definitely see how filthy she is. I like her red skin. Did you do that Sir?"

"Sure did. Piglet, this is Dee. I've told her a lot about you, especially what a good girl you are. I hope you live up to her expectations and don't make me look bad. She knows how much you like to be degraded and treated like a pile of shit. Isn't that right hole?"

I can't believe He's talking to me like this in front of her. I feel confused, wanting to please Him, but I'm still completely humiliated being in front of this stranger, and don't know what to do. I don't want to hesitate too long and be punished for it, so I oink twice, trying to look as if it's the most natural thing in the world. They both smile. He looks down at her, then back at me.

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