A Pig in Her Place


"Isn't Dee a beautiful girl piglet?" I oink, wondering what He's getting at. He knows she's beautiful, and by praising Her, He's just pushing me. Her eyes are focused only on Him now. "You are not allowed to talk to her at all tonight. She's here for my pleasure, not yours. If you sit there quiet like a good girl, I might let you watch."

I don't know what to say to this.

I feel confused and aroused... uncomfortable and embarrassed, and I can't imagine how He planned this. My palms are getting sweaty, and my jaw is aching. I struggle against the bonds, but with all four limbs tied and the gag in my hole, there's not much I can do. I'm even more humiliated by the fact that there's drool pouring from my mouth. My ass is still throbbing from the spanking, and I can see how welted the skin is on my thighs. I must look like a complete mess to both of them, and I'm overwhelmed with the desire to bow my head in shame.

He walks over to her, puts His hand on her lower back, and pulls her up off the chair. I see the familiar look of hunger on her face, and my mind turns into something strange as I see His arms inch their way around her waist. I can see how excited she is by Him, and I don't know how to feel at this, other than low. I don't know what they've talked about, and I've never heard Him mention her name to me. He bends down to kiss her, and she throws her arms around His neck, and pulls Him down to her.

As they kiss, the realization hits me.

There will be no more play between Him and I today. He's brought this beautiful girl here to put me down next to nothing, and it hurts. In my house. There will be no more spanks, no kisses, no suckling, no cuddles, and no pain. She's here so that I can remember that I can't be everything to Him. I'm lucky to have gotten anything.

After a few minutes of this, I see her nipples harden under her dress, and He reaches up to squeeze them. She throws her head back and moans, and I bow my own head. I can't watch.

He sees this, pulls away from her, and walks over to me. I don't know how to react to Him now, except to be obedient. He bends down, unbuckles the gag, and pulls it out of my throat. I moan in pain, and my hands are still cuffed to my ankles, so I can't massage my jaw. I try to suck up the drool falling from my open mouth, and do a poor job of it. I want Him to shove His cock in my wet throat right now so I can close my eyes, suck, and forget the beautiful woman standing behind Him, waiting. Instead, He puts His hand on my chin and closes my mouth. It takes all I have not to scream.

"Try not to look so gross in front of our guest, pig."

I can't look Him in the eye. I'm not good enough right now. He bends down and un cuffs my wrists and ankles, and I collapse forward.

"Stay there and watch her, not me." He walks over to Dee, and sweeps her up in His arms again. I can see how aroused she is, and she bites her lip and takes a quick glance at me before locking eyes with Him again. I can't picture what's going through her head, other than how hot this is for her. Humiliated pig in the corner, and my Sir giving her all the attention she deserves.

He rubs His hands against her breasts, and pushes Himself closer to her. I watch Him slip His hands underneath her dress, and by the look on her face, I can tell where He's put His fingers. A few seconds later He pulls it out, and I can see the wetness on His hand. He then turns to look at me.

"She's got such a tight cunt piglet... and she's very wet for me. Crawl over here now." I look at Him with a questioning glance, wondering what He wants. Her face is calm, and I can see a few small beads of sweat of her forehead. She looks dazed from the pleasure, and is focused on Him. I crawl over, ignoring the pain in my limbs and skin, and kneel next to Him. Again, I don't know where to put my eyes.

"Look at me, pig." I turn my eyes upward, trying to keep my expression calm. "Open your mouth wide."

I open my mouth, which is still hurting from the gag being in so long. He shoves His hand into my mouth, practically fisting it. "Doesn't she taste sweet piggy?" I moan an uh-huh, and move my eyes to her. She's smiling. He places His other hand on her breast, and continues to push His fingers down my throat. I gag on them.

"You always tell me how hungry you are piglet... so eat up like a good girl. You know I like my girls wet, and Dee here is wet, but you're going to make her wetter. Dee, sit on the bed please."

"Of course, Sir." She replies.

I watch as she sits on the bed, and hikes her dress up. I'm still on the floor watching the both of them. He walks over to her and places His hands on her thighs, lightly stroking them and spreading her legs with his fingers. He pulls her dress completely off, and her face twists into a cruel smile.

"Fold this dress piglet, and place it on the desk." I do as I'm told, then get back on the floor.

For a moment I just let my eyes rove over her body, admiring her full breasts with their firm nipples, now erect from His caresses. Her pussy is shaved smooth, her lips showing full and swollen between her legs. I'm still shocked at the situation unfolding in front of me, but I can't help but get excited at seeing her like this. I know absolutely nothing about this woman, and she's in my room, ready for my Sir to take her however He wants to.

"Piggy, you're going to clean her cunt for me. I want her nice and wet for me so my cock will slide right in."

I look up at Him, and am filled with anger for what He's doing to me, but the thought of licking her beautiful cunt and pleasing Him has me weak.

I pull myself up on the bed, and position my face in between her thighs. The look on her face is strange, I can see how wet she is and how much she wants to get fucked. I bend down to her pussy lips, and slowly begin to lick. I use my hands to pull her lips apart, and draw circles around her clit with my tongue. She tastes wonderful, and I savor the feeling of her wetness pouring into my mouth.

"Lick her cunt like the sloppy pig you are."

At this, I bury my face deeper in her sex, losing myself in lust. I feel myself get wet again, although my mind is still running all over the place. What the fuck is happening to me?

"Good girl. Now get down on all fours, and keep your eyes on the floor."

I pull myself away from her, momentarily locking eyes with hers. As I position myself on the floor, I wonder why He wants me in this position. I can see the two of them moving from the corner of my eye, and I can hear them kissing and caressing each other. I'm happy He's ordered me to look at the floor.

I hear her moans, and am overcome. He's pleasing her, and she's given all of herself to Him. I see Him pick her up off the bed, and walk over to me.

"I've got a perfectly placed table here Dee; I'd love to see you sit on it with your legs spread please."

He lets her down, and she sits on my back. I can feel her wetness against my skin.

"Spread your legs wider."

She repositions herself on top of me, and He kneels down in front of her. I can't exactly see what He's doing, but I can hear that He's eating her cunt now, and she's moaning and squirming on top of me. I stay perfectly still, knowing that now I'm nothing more than a piece of furniture to them. He runs His hands all over her body, and continues to lick her. Her breath becomes shallow, and I can smell her cunt from here.

One of her hands is on my upper back, and the other is on His head, pulling Him closer to her pussy. She moans loudly, and grips my back as she gets close to coming. One "Oh God" later, I feel her shake violently, while I try my hardest to stay still, filled with envy. What I usually have to fight for, He's given her in less than 15 minutes.

After she comes, He gets up, and grabs her by the waist, pulling her into Him. I see her hands reach for His zipper, and they kiss again.

"Piglet, you're going to be a good girl and watch as I get what I need from this perfect girl."

I watch while they kiss in front of me, their hands never ceasing to scrutinize. The hunger they have for each other is apparent in the way they attack each other... and I feel my cunt throb at the sight. He throws her against the wall and pushes His fingers back into her cunt.

He stops only to take His shirt off, and I watch and she unzips His pants and pulls His cock out.

I've been dreaming out this dick for weeks, holding it, nursing on it, sucking it, and choking on it... and I'm about to watch it go into someone else's mouth.

The way she sucks His dick kills me. She's hungry for it, just as hungry as I get. Her mouth is wet, and I can see in His face what a good job she does. He pulls her by the hair as she takes it deep, again and again, gagging on it as it fills up her mouth.

He lifts her up by her shoulders, and then throws her on the bed like a rag doll. Neither of them has so much as glanced at me since they've been glued to each other. I asked for this. I wanted to be degraded. He's done what I asked for. I want to cry from all the emotion, but I don't want to be selfish and interrupt them. I know my place. It's here that I will find the deep sense of fulfillment I seek.

As she falls back on the bed, she spreads her legs and reaches for His dick again. I struggle to watch as He guides His cock into her, and the look on her face says it all. This is my bed they're fucking on. I listen and watch as He moans and she whimpers, wrapping her legs around His back while He bends down to suck on her tits. He turns her over, and fucks her from the back while He tells her how beautiful her ass is. He pulls her hair with one hand and then spanks her with the other.

He throws her around the bed repeatedly, and fucks her from the side while He grabs her tits. Before changing positions, she forces her mouth down on His dick, like she can't get enough. I'm panting in the corner, knowing that I can't touch myself. I'm just supposed to be watching.

I start to examine every part of their lovemaking, losing myself in the smells that now fill my room. He makes her cum over and over, and I watch her face as her orgasms get stronger. A few moments later, He begins to quicken His pace, and I know He's about to cum.

This is a moment I live for, and Dee is going to get it.

I see them both shake as they come together, and I am completely floored by the fact that He came in her cunt. They both collapse on the bed and into each other's arms.

After a few minutes of me looking at the floor and not moving, He calls me. "Piglet, lie down with your back on the floor."

I do as He says, wondering what's next. In a moment they're both standing over me, and He pulls my piggy nose off my face.

"Open your mouth wide whore. Dee, squat down over her nasty face, and give her what she needs."

She squats down over me quickly, and before I know it, she's dropping His wet load into my mouth. I slurp and swallow it up like the hungry pig I am, knowing that this is what I need. She then sits on my face. I'm covered in cum and cunt juice and can barely breathe. I grab her ass and pull her further into my mouth.

"Clean her cunt good piglet. We don't want to send home a dirty girl. You wanted to eat my cum didn't you??"

I oink and keep slurping.

He pulls Dee off of me by her hair, and takes her in His arms again. I can read the satisfaction on her face, and see how pleased she is with what has just occurred.

He pulls me up by my pigtails, and Dee and I stand and face each other.

"Put her dress on her piggy."

I turn and grab the dress on the desk, dress her, then help her back into her shoes.

"Now crawl back to your place." I get on the floor, and head back to the corner.

I watch as He kisses her again, thanking her for her time. Before her departure, she walks over to me, then bends down and kisses my cheek.

"You do have quite the good piggy, Sir." She says.

"I know, thank you.. I hope to see you again soon."

He kisses her again and walks her out. As she leaves, I don't know what's going through my head. What just happened? Am I okay?

Yes, I am. Not only am I okay, but I'm incredibly turned on. My mind is a big mess of confusion, anger, lust, and hunger. I accept what has just happened, and I'm grateful for it. I look up at Him, and He places His hand on my head.

"You did a very good job tonight little piggy slut." I oink, although I'm not happy about my nose no longer being on!

I'm filled with feelings. I'm still overwhelmed with need, but processing all that's happened. He's put me in my place, and I would beg for it again. Just as I'm about to beg to clean His dick and ass with my mouth, He speaks.

"I'm happy that you're everything that she's not. She's not half the pig that you are."

I smile and oink, knowing that He loves me, and that I've done well today.

"Go get your face cleaned up and bring the new nipple clamps when you come back. I'm not quite done with you yet."

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