tagErotic CouplingsA Pint of Blood Ch. 01

A Pint of Blood Ch. 01


Chapter One - Don't Look in the Basement

She was saying something but her tits were too fantastic for my eyes and ears to work at the same time. Everything about this woman obliterated my higher level brain functions and turned me into those monkeys I see at the zoo. Being nineteen didn't help, and being at eye level to her massive chest caused me great anxiety as she stood on her front door step, handing me the key to her house.

"I'll be back in three days," I think she said. Her white dress was a very thin cotton and the material of the dress struggled to stretch over her expansive tits. Her twin bullet nipples were trying to pierce the cotton like they were pulled toward my mouth. The tits, unable to come straight through her dress, were trying to pour out the top, mashing together to form a long line of deep cleavage.

I nodded as her voice continued. The material was so thin... Could I see the darker skin of her nipples? I could see the outline dimpling the cotton and I was suddenly sure that the material was see-through enough that I was actually gazing at her bare, bra-less nipples only inches from my face. My shorts began to shift as my body responded.

"Do you remember where the cat food is?" She asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Eggleston," I replied. I wrenched my eyes away from her chest so I could prevent my growing problem from destroying my shorts and my relationship with our neighbour.

"Donovan," she said, holding my eyes with hers. "Once again: do not under any circumstances go in the basement. Understand?"

I nodded. "Of course, Mrs. Eggleston."

She walked past me toward her car, her high heels clicking on the walkway. I watched the sway of her round buttocks as they taughtened alternately beneath her narrow waist. She was definitely the hottest forty-something mom on the block.

"Bye, Donovan," she called from her car as she puled out of the driveway. "Thanks again for doing this!"

My friends and I were prepared. The house was packed with noisy, grinding, alchohol-fueled young bodies living the delerium of school summer vacation before her car even hit the highway. I settled myself in her backyard hot tub, feeling the sun warm my shoulders and face as I watched my bikini clad classmates frolick on the lawn. I

complimented physics for its effect on girls' chests as they jumped for volleyballs.

I had a reason for settling in the hot tub, other than the water being deliciously comfortable. It's my penis. The thing is 10.78 inches long when hard - and that's measured along the top without pressing into my pubic bone, not along the bottom, just so we're clear. It's 7.21 inches in circumference at the base. It's narrower at the tip but I'm not going to try and impress you by giving you the smaller dimensions of my penis, am I?

This freaking meat market between my legs is the bane of my existence. First of all, a full erection for me requires just over a pint of blood! At a minimum that causes me to get so dizzy I can barely stand. Secondly, there's nothing you can do with a foot of flesh jutting out from your pelvis. Clothing is not made with some kind of pocket or cool-looking flap to incorporate that kind of protuberence. I've tried taping it to my leg - don't ever do that, not unless you will never need to urinate

again. I ended up hopping on one leg in front of a toilet, urine streaming down my calf and soaking my shoe. I don't even want to talk about taking the tape off. I've tried tying it down but that just means that when I do get an erection I need to find a reason to stand with my foot on a step so that my thigh is also perpendicular to my body.

The only thing that's really worked is avoiding girls. Being nineteen, that sucks. On the inevitable occasions like the party at Mrs. Eggleston's house, I used a combination of mantra and subterfuge, like diving into the hot tub and staying there.

Candy, a perky, taught, mostly naked girl from my psychology class plopped into the hot tub and threatened to ruin me.

"Hi!" Candy said brightly.

I swallowed, meeting her eyes and trying not to take notice of her apple-sized breasts resting at the surface of the water. Water and sunlight sparkled on her skin and she settled in the tub.

"Hello, Candy," I said carefully. "You have nice... hair today."

She smiled again, a brilliant stab of brightness that jolted straight to my groin.

"Why thank you, Donovan! That's so sweet of you!" She reached over and touched my arm as she said it. All I could do now was rely on the mantra.

One, two, porcupine, three. She lowered herself down in the tub, tilting her head back to wet her hair. Four, five, rhinocerous, six. Her throat was pale and moist from sweat and water in the tub. Seven, eight, kangaroo, nine. She brought herself back up suddenly, her breasts shoving the water aside like surfacing nuclear submarines. Water streamed down her smooth neck and shoulders, channeled through her bikini and curled around her breasts. I couldn't stop a groan. The mantra went completely out the window as the heat, alcohol, and filling erection made my head spin.

Candy, in turn, looked back at me with her eyes wide. "Donovan! Is that...?"

I looked down. Bugger, damn, hell. My cock head had burrowed up under my waistband and past my bellybutton, and now peeked above the water, nearly at the level of my pecs. I slid down deeper into the water.

"Candy I'm really sorry," I said quickly, "I'm sorry about that. It's not my fault!"

"Holy shit, Donovan!" Candy looked around and scooted closer to me. I felt her hand on my thigh. "How big is that thing?"

I told her and she squealed. "Are you kidding me? You can't be serious."

"Candy, please..." I was gripping the edge of the tub now, trying to hold on to conciousness. If you faint now, I told myself, they'll have to pull you out of the tub and your whale penis will be right there for everyone to see. They'll call you Threelegs Donovan for the rest of school.

Candy mistook my pleading as begging her for sex. "Okay, Donovan, let's go inside so you can show me that thing properly."

I had to get out of the heat and sun. I twisted away from Candy and grabbed my towel as I flopped out of the tub.

"Woa! Had a bit too much to drink there, buddy?" One of my friends called out. I nodded dumbly as I clutched the towel to me and ran toward the house, stooped over to hide my erection, and stumbling as the dizzyness hit me hard.

"Look out! He's gonna spew!" Another voice called out.

I heard Candy call out behind me as I reached the patio door and wrenched it open. Shit, she was following me.

Magically, the sea of people in the kitchen and hallway parted as I stumbled inside.

I did look ready to puke, I guess, as I staggered to the bathroom.

The door was locked. I tried the powder room near the front entrance. "I'll be out in a minute!" A muffled voice came from inside.

"Donovan? Did anyone see where Donovan went?" Candy was in the house now. Someone directed her after me.

The stairs to the second level were too far away. There was only one place left. Without thinking I wrenched open the basement door and dove down the basement stairs. I left the light off in case she followed me, but then I moved slowly, feeling my way down the stairs.

I suddenly remembered what Mrs. Eggleston had said and cursed to myself. No problem, I thought. I haven't seen anything because I hadn't turned on the lights. I'll just stay on the landing and then whatever stuff is down here will stay a secret.

Candy ruined that. The door opened and she saw me, squinting into the light from behind her as she quickly darted into the basement and then wrapped her arms around me.

"You like it dark, huh?" She whispered, her breath hot on my neck. I felt her wet kisses trail down my neck and chest. Her hands worked up my thighs. "Let me feel that big monster of yours, Donovan. Ah! There it is!" She giggled joyfully as she tugged my swim trunks down and wrapped one hand and then the other onto my cock.

I moaned and leaned back against the wall of the landing. It felt so good to have her two hands working up and down my rigid cock. I felt a wet flickering near her topmost hand and realized she was licking me. I fought the dizzyness overwhelming me by biting my lip. She kissed and sucked my cock slowly, coating it in wet saliva before she gently blew on it, sending cascades of sensation waving over me. Her tongue edged towards my tip. I felt one hand reach down between my legs and cup my balls, hefting them calculatingly.

"Candy, you're going to make me cum," I warned. She replied with a deep, sensual chuckle and continued to suckle my engorged member. The hand on my balls began kneading them gently, rolling them over her fingers. The hand on my shaft jerked up and down, fanning the boiling surge of cum I felt building deep within me.

Finally, I felt the shock of Candy's wet tongue softly probing the tip of my cock. I stiffened, every muscle in my body tight, my jaw clenched, my hands curled into fists and then my core exploded and bright spots blinked behind my eyelids.

I must have passed out because I was suddenly confused and trying to figure out where I was. It was dark and I was wet.

"Here, let's get some light so we can clean all this up," I heard a girl's voice say.

The memory slammed into me all at once. I was in Mrs. Eggleston's basement, the one place she had asked me to stay out of at all costs.

"No!" I yelled, just as the lights blinked on and Candy and I squinted our eyes in the sudden brightness.

Mouths open, we stared around us, taking in the sight of Mrs. Eggleston's basement.

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