tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Player's Song Ch. 01

A Player's Song Ch. 01


Jamal jogged for home from playing football in the park with his friends. He had played very well that day and didn't mind the grass burns on his knees and elbows. He made some pretty solid tackles and even scored a touch down. To make things even sweeter Linda and her girlfriends was there, and even cheered when he scored. He felt his pride swell in his chest feeling that Linda had to be impressed with the way he played.

Jamal saw a car parked in his front yard as he rounded the corner to his street. He slowed his jog to an up beat walk as he came near. He went around to the back of the house knowing how his mother hated being interrupted when she had company. He didn't want anything to spoil his mood, so he entered through the kitchen figuring that he would be able to grab something from the kitchen and sneak back out without being detected.

The smell of marijuana and incense was thick and the music was playing, but there wasn't the usual loud voices and laughter that was generally present when his mother was smoking dope with her friends. Jamal peeked into the living room seeing over flowing ash trays, empty wine bottles and glasses, but there no one was there. It looked like there had to have been six to eight people judging by the number of wine glasses. He breathed a sigh of relief glad that he had missed the gathering.

The wine bottle and the snacks in the bowl called his name. The best think he liked about his mother having company over was the leftovers. Jamal grabbed a hand full of the mixed nuts and crackers stuffing them into his mouth and chased them with the leftover wine. He looked around for other goodies he could scavenge.

Jamal struck gold inside the fold of an album cover that lay on the coffee table. Fifteen to twenty joints lay next to a small pile of unrolled weed. He took a couple of the joints and placed them in his sock. That would be just what he needed for later when he had planned to hook up with Belinda, Tracy, and his best friend Eric.

Jamal headed back to his bedroom to change out of his sweaty shorts and t-shirt into something suitable for his rendezvous. He had gotten far enough away from the stereo for him to realize that he was not alone in the house. The sounds of a female moaning were coming from his bedroom. His heart pounded harder as he got closer to the door. His only comfort was that it didn't sound like his mother.

The sound of a man's moan flowed through the door as Jamal listened. It was clear that whoever it was in his room, they were having sex. He could hear the sounds of the springs in his mattress crying for mercy.

Jamal turned the doorknob slowly trying to make sure that the clicking of the mechanism wasn't loud enough to alert the occupants in his bedroom. He peeked in as he cracked the door open.

His heart made the front of his t-shirt move as he saw the two naked bodies moving on top of his freshly washed covers. He recognized the flower tattoo on the ankle of the woman as it wrapped around the man's body. Her face was turned away from him and he strained to see to be sure.

The woman turned her head looking down at one of her boobs as she grasped it in her hand. Jamal could hardly believe it. It was his best friend's mother. He knew that Eric would trip-out if he was seeing this, and it would cause a big fight if he thought to tell Eric of this.

Eric's mother, the fine Sandra Williams was single like most of the women in the neighborhood. She was never seen acting anyway, but proper. Every man with a pulse wanted to get into her pants. Though many had tried, all seemed to have failed. This was the first proof that she was just like every other woman on earth. She was human, and thus someone could get into her panties.

Jamal couldn't tell who the man on top of her was, but he found himself cheering the man on as the man's butt pumped like a dog on a bitch in heat.

Jamal had never seen Ms. Williams naked before now, only shapes through her sleeping clothes at times he had visited Eric before she was properly dressed. She was even sexier naked than she appeared in her the tight outfits she wore. Jamal took note of ever inch of her exposed body and the sounds she was making. The man on top of her appeared to be doing a good job at his task, though Jamal wished it were he on the bed with her.

Jamal felt he had seen enough when his eyes meet Ms. Williams'. She was still moaning and squeezing her breasts, but her eyes were fixed on his. He felt frozen in her stare. Time seemed to stand still. She didn't have the look of anger or disgusts. She looked as if she was welcoming him to join them.

The man went to rise and Ms. Williams grabbed the man's head and quickly pulled him down to her large breasts. Jamal realized that he was standing with the door wide open and his hand on his crotch. Ms. Williams wave at him to leave the room.

Jamal backed out of his room and closed the door as quietly as he had opened it. He had the feeling that she didn't want him to get caught spying on them, and the prospects of his mother finding out dawned on him. He stole another joint from the album cover, took another drink from the wine bottle and went back out the back door.

Jamal found Eric cutting across the back yards down the street from their house. He had been Belinda's house sitting with her until her parents showed up.

"Man, I was just about to get some...until her pops showed up," Eric said as they walked to his house.

Jamal wasn't about to mention to Eric that he had just seen his mother bagging some dude. Eric was cool. A lot of girls liked him, but he was secretly shy around girls that he didn't already know. Jamal, on the other hand wasn't shy at all, which made them an awesome pair.

"How far did you get?" Jamal asked always eager to get the details about Belinda.

"I was fingering her and licking them big o'titties," Eric chuckled. "Then her pops pulled up. Talk about fuckin' up a wet dream."

"Don't worry bud. I got you covered," Jamal said pulling one of the joints from his sock.

"Damn man! Where did you get that?"

"I swipped it from home," Jamal said putting in to his lips as they entered Eric's bedroom.

Eric's dad was a truck driver was and never around, especially since the divorce. His father spoiled him with lots of cool stuff. Eric said it was because his father felt guilty for not being around.

"My moms got company over, so its going to be tricky getting home to change," Jamal said lighting the marijuana cigarette and handing it Eric.

"Shit man, I got something you can wear," Eric said opening his closet.

Jamal always thought that Eric had more clothes than his mother, some of the stuff still had tags on it. "Thanks man, I sure didn't want to run into my moms...you know how she trips sometimes," Jamal said.

"Sho ya right," Eric said having witnessed Jamal's mother Patricia go complete off on him for something really small. "Ms. Pat'll put a knot on your head in a heart beat," Eric laughed.

Eric turned on the radio and they sat on the floor to play a game of chess while they got high. Jamal was a really good chess player, the best on the chess team, but no one paid any attention to that, but Eric...not even Jamal's mother who professed that Jamal didn't know his head from a whole in the ground. Eric was also on the chess team, especially since girls thought he was really smart. Between the two of them Jamal was the better student, but all of that was over shadowed by the fact that trouble always seemed to find him.

Jamal and Eric was in the middle of getting cleaned up and dressed to go meet Belinda and Tracy when Ms. Williams came home. Jamal was no longer impressed by Ms. Williams' tight booty-shorts and halter after seeing her naked. He looked right through her clothes.

"Were are you boys going?" Ms. Williams asked.

"We're just going to hang out," Eric answered.

"It looks like you'll are going to meet some girls. Don't make me a grandmother, na," Ms. Williams joked. "You know I'm to young for that."

Eric turned around ignoring her as he continued primping in the mirror. Jamal's eyes were glued to the crotch of Ms. Williams's pants.

"Jamal, could you come down stairs with me for a minute?" she asked.

Eric looked at Jamal and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes, mam," Jamal replied looking her up and down with a big smile on his face. The dope was giving him never to go along with his confidence.

Jamal's eyes were focused on Ms. Williams's plump butt-cheeks that moved from side to side with each step she took. People usually stop what they're doing to watch her when ever she passed by.

Sandra went all the way down to the garage with Jamal in tow like a puppy on a leash. She turned around abruptly and grabbed hold of his shoulders. "Look, you weren't suppose to see what you did at your house, and I don't want to end up having people talking behind my back because of what you saw," she said.

Jamal was stunned by the sudden attack, but quickly recovered being use to much harsher treatment. "You don't want it getting around that you were getting screwed on my bed?" Jamal said smirking like his did anytime he felt attacked by older people.

"Jamal, I don't know what your mother usually does, but I don't usually do that sort of thing," she said.

"Looked like you knew what you were doing to me," Jamal said looking her up and down.

Sandra wasn't use to trying to cover her tracks, and getting Jamal to cooperate with her was proving harder than she expected. "How much?" she asked.

"Are you trying to bribe me to keep my mouth shut?" Jamal said. The dope had him feeling playful and she was playing right into his hands.

"How much?" she repeated.

"I don't want no money," Jamal said looking at her tits and crotch before looking back into her eyes.

"Get serious Jamal," Ms Williams said. "I'm the same age as your mother, and you're the same age as my son. I know you don't think for a second that I would actually consider doing anything like that with you?"

"Ms Scott loves to hear stuff about people," Jamal chuckled as he began to turn around. The one thing that Jamal had learned that if you have an old cat over a barrel you never let them up easy, because they will never let up on you.

Sandra turned him back around and looked him in the eye.

"Look, you don't have to go all the way, just let me cop a feel every now and then, and maybe a little grind on that juicy butt," Jamal said.

Sandra felt like slapping the dog piss right out of him for talking to her that way, but she had heard that Jamal goes all out when he gets pissed out, and the last thing she wanted was for anyone to find out what she had done and with whom.

Jamal raised his hand slowly to Sandra's crotch. He rubbed it gently. "See, that's not so bad is it," Jamal said as he traced the outline of her womanhood with his fingers.

Sandra couldn't believe that she was allowing the young man to feel her up. She also knew that she would have to keep him quiet no matter what.

Jamal moved his hands up to her big breast and massaged them. "As long as you let me do this I won't breathe a word to anyone," he said moving behind her and grabbing her ass with both hands.

"You had better not," she warned, not knowing what else she could do to keep him from talking.

Jamal wrapped his arms around her from behind and began grinding his youthfulness against her butt-cheeks. He slid his hand back to her crotch before letting her go. "O, one other thing," he said.

"What," she said angrily.

"If you don't want Eric to find out then you had better act cool about this," he said and leaned to her ear. "I want you to jerk me off when I want it else, no deal," he whispered taking her hand and moving it up and down over his crotch.

Sandra let feeling it was the price she had to pay for her part in the scheme.

Jamal chuckled and went back up stairs. His day was getting better by the minute. He and Eric left to meet Belinda and Tracy at Tracy's house. Jamal was feeling more confident than ever. He held his chin up and chest out as he swung his arms as they walked along.

It only took about fifteen minutes for them to reach Tracy's house after stopping by the store and buying a couple bottles of wine from Old Hank who didn't care how old anyone was as long as they had money. Tracy's parents were gone out of town and her big sister; Lisa was cool as long as it was something in it for her.

"What the fuck do you want," Lisa said when she opened the door seeing the two boys on the steps.

"Chill Lisa," Jamal said. "I thought we were cool, babe." He held up a joint to her face and smiled. "You know I take care of my friends."

Lisa entire mood changed seeing the dope in his hand. "I bet this is some good stuff too," Lisa said taking the joint and letting the two young men in the house. She sniffed the marijuana through the paper.

Tracy and Belinda came down the stair and hugged the Jamal and Erik.

"Hey Jamal, don't you want to smoke this with me? She ain't gonna do nothing but tease ya, I'll give you some this good stuff," Lisa said tossing her curvy hip to the side.

"Nawl, that's for you," Jamal said chuckling thinking one day he would have to make a play for her.

"Slut," Tracy said to her sister as she pulled on Jamal's arm to lead them up to her bedroom.

"Bust that cherry, Jamal!" Lisa yelled up at her from the bottom of the staircase.

"How do you know he hasn't already," Tracy shouted down at her.

"Because your ass is too tight," Lisa laughed.

Jamal finally pulled Tracy into her bedroom behind Eric and Belinda. "Hey, don't worry about her. She's just trying to piss you off."

"She better watch out...I'll kick her ass," Tracy said.

Eric opened one of the bottles of wine and handed it to Tracy. Belinda opened the other one and poured some into a cup for herself and before handing the bottle to Eric. Jamal lit the last joint he stole from his house and passed it to Belinda before sitting on the bed next to Tracy.

"Hey, did you'll hear that Marline Sample won the lotto?" Belinda said.

"Damn, that lucky bitch," Jamal said. "I bet that stupid ass mother fucker give it all to that sorry ass punk she married."

"Man, if I had that kind of money, I would buy me a kick ass ride with sprinners," Eric said.

"I'll move the fuck out of this dump," Tracy said.

"I'll buy me some diamonds and a phat ride," Belinda said.

"I'll save my shit," Jamal said. "Pay for college, get me a nice house, and chill."

The three laughed.

"Man, you know you'll blow that shit in a week," Eric laughed.

"Nawl, man...I'll keep my shit, so I wouldn't have to worry about depending on nobody for shit," Jamal said.

Tracy and Belinda also knew that Jamal's mother was a difficult woman.

"Man, you know I was just fuckin' with you," Eric said seeing how quiet Jamal got.

Tracy kissed Jamal's cheek. He turned kissing her lips as they laid back on the bed.

Eric tried to pick back up where he had left off with Belinda at her house. He lifted her shirt and slid his hand into her panties as they laid on the pillows on the floor.

Jamal wasted no time getting Tracy naked from the waist down. Every other time they had been together, something seemed to happen to prevent him from going all the way with her. He opened his pants and made entry.

Tracy moaned and held onto Jamal tightly as she felt him spreading her insides.

Eric humped away on top of Belinda. As many girls that liked him, he wasn't as experienced as people thought. He was able to count all the times he had sex on one hand and Belinda was number four.

The vision of seeing the man on top of Ms. Williams earlier that day lit a fire inside of Jamal. He pumped into Tracy's tightness like there was no tomorrow.

Tracy's moans were more like grunts as she took Jamal's hefty manhood. She had felt his equipment through his pants, but she had no idea that he was so well endowed.

Eric finished quickly with Belinda and continued making out.

Jamal was in a mad dash marathon. In spite of Tracy's cries, he continued giving it all to her. Thoughts of his entire day flashed before his eyes. The unknown man on Ms. Williams kept coming up.

When he finally finished, Tracy got off the bed slowly holding her crotch as she went off to the bathroom. Jamal followed her.

Tracy looked at his weapon wide-eyed. She shook her head and then looked down at the floor.

"What?" Jamal asked.

"It's too big," Tracy said. "It hurt."

Jamal took a rag and wiped the evidence from his body and zipped up his pants before going back into the room. He didn't say a word to Tracy, but she knew that he wasn't happy with her comment.

Jamal sat on the bed and drank more wine. Eric sat on the floor fondling Belinda's chest.

"Hey man, I'm getting ready to go," Jamal said still not looking at Tracy.

Eric looked up at him and then at Tracy who was still naked from the waist down.

"You don't have to leave," Tracy said as tears filled her eyes.

Jamal stood up. "You don't want me," he said so low that she barely heard him. "You can chill man, I'm up."

Tracy grabbed his hand and pulled him back down on the bed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," she whispered her apology. "I do want you. I'm just not use to it, that's all. Com'on, let's do it again." She grabbed at his pants opening them and pulled him on top of her.

It was something about the way she said what she said that made him excited for her again. He made his way back in her again and pounded away.

"They're cool," Eric said and went back to making out with Belinda again.

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