tagNonHumanA Plush Wish

A Plush Wish


*To mark reaching 500 followers here I wrote this last story as an online exclusive one for Literotica.

With this I also want to thank all the readers who supported me and enjoyed my stories, and I hope you'll enjoy many more here.


A plush wolf named Mouse wants to find the thing to make her owner truly happy because he saved her.

To fulfill that wish a plush fairy grants her temporary life.


'Why the sad look?'

Mouse looked at the little plump girl in a very short and loose lime green dress sitting on the window ledge of the living room. 'What?'

The little girl fluttered her shiny, slim wings once and leaned closer. 'Why the sad look on your face?' she asked the grey wolf plush lying on the couch.

'You're talking to me?'

'Who else?'

'You can hear me?'


'You, how!? I can't speak!'

'I'm a fairy. A plush fairy to be precise.' the girl said and smiled. 'I can hear yours, or any other plush's voice.'


'How else can we have this conversation?'

Mouse pondered for a moment. 'Right.'

'So, care to tell me why you're looking sad?'

'I'm not really..'

'I can see it. Just like I can hear you. Something's on your mind, worrying you.'

Mouse sighed. 'It's my owner.'

'Oh? Has he been treating you bad!? I can curse him if you want to.'

'No! Nothing like that! It's just that he's been feeling really bad for some time now.'

'Why that?'

'He's working at a helpdesk and knows a lot of things and people keep asking him to fix things. Even the others at work who then leave it up to him while they go home. But he can't get a better job without getting some sort of papers which he can't afford because they're expensive and he has little free time.'

'I see.'

'I see him come home every day feeling very tired and I can't do anything for him. I want to hug him and take his worries away and let him know he can do what he wants to do because I'll support him any way I can.'

The fairy laid down on her side and smirked. 'You love him, don't you?'

If she could blush Mouse would have done so.

'Never mind, I can see it.'


'He must be special to you.'

Mouse kept silent for a while. 'He saved me when I was thrown away.'

The fairy waited for Mouse to continue.

'I was bought as a gift for a young girl years ago. She didn't really care for me or any other gifts she received because she used to leave anything behind wherever she was after getting bored. She experimented with mud and water and even fire on us. I and other toys spent nights out in the rain or worse weather until a maid collected us and put us back in the toys room.

Eventually I ended up in such a bad shape, enough for her to throw me next to the garbage container when she became older. I knew it would be the end but then he came along and found me.'

Mouse thought about that moment for a while. 'I remember him looking around, then stroking my head and asking what terrible person threw me away. He picked me up and took me home where he patched me up as best as he could.'

The fairy frowned at the parts that had been crudely sown together and fixed with other pieces of cloth. 'Yeah, I can see that. I've not seen much worse before. I'd smack him for that.'

'No! He knew he wasn't any good but he still fixed me when others said it was a waste. He saved me, more than I could ever repay him for.'

The fairy smiled.

'So now I wish I could do something to make him happy.'

'What if I said I will help you to grant you your wish?'

'You will!?'

The fairy nodded. 'But, it might make you become a freak in this world. And it will be only temporary.'

'I don't care!' replied Mouse at once. 'If he can become happy I'll do anything!'

The fairy stood up and stretched. 'Very well, I'll see what I can do.'

'Thank you.' Mouse said as the fairy flew away.

It was later in the evening when Petro came home. He dropped his bag by the door and the plastic bag with the takeaway meal he had bought on the way home on the small table in the livingroom.

After freshening up he slumped in his couch, turned on the TV to some old horror movie, took the foam container from the bag, pulled Mouse on his lap, and ate.

When he was done he dumped the trash in the bin and took Mouse with him to his bedroom. In bed he pulled her close and stroked her coat while he stared at the ceiling. 'I just want out. Peace and quiet for a change.'

Mouse watched him fall asleep and wished she could wrap him up in her arms.


Mouse woke up suddenly. "What just happened?" she thought as she realised she had somehow lost part of the night and it scared her.

She saw Petro's sleeping face and crawled closer to him feeling a little better. 'You always protect me.' she whispered and fell asleep again.

When Petro woke up in the morning he felt like he never had such a fulfilling sleep ever before. He smiled sleepily and hugged his warm plush tighter. He stroked Mouse's fur and she let out a soft moan. Something started nagging on the back of his mind after a few moments. The touch of his plush animal was different, it felt warmer, softer, like real fur. Figuring he must still be dreaming he let his fingers explore the nice sensation further.

Mouse woke up from his touch and her skin tingled underneath his fingers. She smiled as she pressed herself closer to him. 'Feels good. Thank you.' she whispered.

'No, thank you.' he whispered, then opened his eyes wide to look at her. 'Did you just speak!?'

She looked up at him. 'Did I? You heard me!?'

He looked closer at her. 'Wait, who are you!?'

She pushed herself up on one arm. 'I am Mouse, your plush.'

He stared at her, rubbed his eyes and looked again. 'I must still be dreaming.'

Mouse sat up and looked at what used to be her paws, but were now more like hands. 'I'm no longer plush!?'

'I need to wake up before I really go mad.' Petro said and went to the bathroom to hold his head under cold water.

When he came back he sat on the bed again and gazed at her. 'It must be bad. You're still here.'

She nodded. 'It must've been the fairy.'

He blinked. 'What fairy?'

'I got a visit from the plush fairy and she said she'd grant me a wish.'

'Plush fairy? Maybe I've been reading too many fantasy stories.'

'It's real!' she said and pounced him. 'She really came and now I'm alive!'

He looked up at her. 'It's so unbelievable..'

'Does this make you unhappy with me?' she said looking down.

He carefully stroked her hands. 'I'm just really surprised. It's straight from a fairy tale.' She looked back at him. 'I've always been happy with you, but this is something so unbelievable I'll have to get used to it first.'

'So, it's okay for me to be like this?'

He smiled. 'Yeah.'

She hugged him tight. 'Thank you.'

He stroked her back gently. 'I guess we just begun our own fantasy story.'


Petro left for work after a hasty breakfast and Mouse sat down on the couch thinking about her options. She looked around the familiar living room, hoping to get an idea, then realised she hadn't seen much of the apartment besides the living and bedroom. She stood up and headed for the kitchen.

The dirty dishes from breakfast were stashed on the small kitchen counter, a rack in the corner housed a variety of canned and dried goods, and a few pans and more dishes stood on shelves above the sink. She opened the small refrigerator and found only a few drinks, slices of cheese, and meat, and bottles with little sauce left in them.

She left the kitchen and opened the bathroom door. The moist air mixed with scents of soap and cleaners tickled her nose, making her sneeze hard. She held her nose and closed the door. 'Too much.' she muttered.

The door next to the bathroom revealed a built-in closet, the shelves stacked with an assortment of tools, old paint cans, folded cardboard boxes, various household items, and more of which she had no idea how it could be useful in her quest.

She ended up in the bedroom browsing his clothing closet and laid back on the bed sighing deep when that didn't give her any inspiration. 'Damn, this is hard.'

After a while she got up, went back to the living room and turned on the TV. Flipping through channels showing reruns of nature shows, soap operas, news programs, she stopped at the image of two women talking in a kitchen. A dark haired woman leaned with her elbows on a table while a redhead in apron stirred in a bowl.

'Oh Ethel, what does Carl want?' said the woman at the table. 'He looks so unhappy lately.'

'Well, how about treating him to a nice dinner tonight?' Ethel said. 'You know how he loves great food.'

Both Mouse and the woman sat straight up. 'That's it!' they said.

Mouse went to the kitchen and found a couple of cookbooks at the rack. She flipped through the recipes, holding back on drooling at some of the photos of delicious roasts and sweet desserts. Browsing the food available she saw there was no recipe she could complete though.

She put the books down on the kitchen counter. 'I'll just do the bits that look the same and combine those then.'

After a while she left the kitchen to sit back in front of the TV looking for more ideas. Soon she came up to a happy couple where the man praised the woman for getting rid of the difficult stains in his shirts.

'Ah, of course!' Mouse said and headed for the bathroom.

She had barely opened the door when the smell of cleaners hit her again and made her sneeze. She grumbled, went to the kitchen, tied a fresh dish cloth around her muzzle and back of her head, and went in again.

Petro's dirty laundry hamper stood in one corner of the bathroom. She opened it, then did as she had seen on TV and stuffed the washing machine at the top with the laundry. Picking the detergent bottles from a shelf she found one for white and one for colour. The lid from the machine had four compartments.

She pondered for a moment, figured she needed both detergents since there was both white and coloured laundry and at least one of the compartments was used to pour the detergent in, filled all four with both bottles, closed the lid, and hit the power button. The machine came to life and Mouse stepped out of the bathroom with an accomplished feeling.

She went back to the living room to see if the TV would provide her with more interesting ideas. She flipped channels but saw nothing interesting and soon she yawned and fell asleep, not used to being alive yet.


Petro had managed to get back from work earlier and wondered if he'd find Mouse alive, and not as plush like always. He couldn't shake the feeling he'd been dreaming the whole thing and desperately needed a vacation.

His train of thought was derailed by almost bumping into a man carrying a cardboard box from a truck. The man was one of several who were carrying up stuff to the apartment next to his. "Ah, the place has finally been rented out." he thought as he passed the front door and stepped up to his own and opened the door. "I wonder who's going to live there."

He stepped inside and froze. Bubbling sounds from the kitchen, a thin mist floating near the ceiling, and a muffled churning sound from the bathroom were not in his expectations.

He hurried inside and saw Mouse curled up on the couch. 'Mouse! Are you okay!?'

She looked up with sleepy blinking eyes. 'Hmm..?' She yawned and gave him a sleepy smile. 'Hi. I made you dinner and did the laundry.'

Petro looked into the kitchen. Cans and cartons were spread all over the counter with bowls and dishes of food combinations he didn't even dare to try as a kid, and a large pan with a red brown sludge bubbling slowly over the edge. It was also the source of the mist.

He turned off the stove in a hurry and went to the bathroom to see what was going on in there. An avalange of soap bubbles burst out of there the moment he opened the door. It spread out and drifted in every direction.

He stepped inside after a moment and turned off the machine. Behind him Mouse fiddled with her fingers and looked down. 'I wanted to surprise you..'

Petro sighed and wiped his face. 'That, you did.'

Together they first cleaned up the bubble mess, and Petro showed Mouse how to do the laundry properly. He figured he'd wear his formerly white shirts in summer now, when rainbow colours were more in fashion.

The various food experiments went into the bin after trying to salvage what was still edible and Mouse helped to make dinner from the leftovers under Petro's guidance.

'I'm really sorry.' Mouse said after they cleaned the dishes and kitchen. 'I thought I could help.'

Petro watched her sitting with her legs crossed on the couch while holding her big fluffy tail in front of her and plucking at it. He smiled softly thinking she was cute.

He put his hand on her knee. 'I understand. And I appreciate the thought, but you'd better ask before doing something you've never done before, okay?'

She nodded quickly.

He leaned back. 'This is all new to you, so we'll take things one step at a time. Let's see what you can do tomorrow later. It's time to get some sleep now.'

She smiled at him and nodded again.

He undressed, they crawled under the blanket and she snuggled up to him while he held her in his arms like he always did.

'Good night.' Mouse whispered, smiling sleepily.

'Sweet dreams.' Petro whispered and closed his eyes.

It didn't take long before the realisation dawned on him about what the two firm lumps pressed against his chest were and he opened his eyes at once. Mouse was already fast asleep. He knew it was going to be a long, sleepless night for him.


The next morning Petro hit the buzzing alarm clock with a groggy groan. He rubbed his face, glad to have fallen asleep eventually. Mouse watched him with a smile and wagged her tail. He had to admit it was a nice thing to wake up to.

He went to work but told Mouse he'd try to get back early, and she kept herself busy with doing the laundry properly, watching a little TV, and reading a fantasy book from his collection. By the time Petro came back she was restless enough to pounce him.

He chuckled and gave her a pat on her head. 'I didn't think you'd be so glad to see me back home.'

'I am, but..' she said and looked away.

'What is it?'

She pawed at his chest. 'It's not that I don't like it here, I really do, but I'd like to go outside and see what's out there.'

Petro pushed himself up in a sitting position. 'I thought about that too today. At work I said I have a cousin visiting me for a while and wanted to leave early more often to take her, you, around to show the city.'

Mouse's ears went straight up. 'Really!?' she asked, her eyes bright as she looked at him.

He smiled and nodded.

She hugged him tight and wagged her tail hard. 'Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!'

He hugged her back. 'What kind of guy would I be to keep you locked up here now that you're alive?'

She pulled back and laid her hands on his chest. 'What are we going to do first?'

'First, we need to get you some clothes. You can't go around like this, unless you want to pretend you're a big dog all the time.'

She shook her head fiercely.

He chuckled but then looked seriously at her. 'But you will stand out in public though. Will you be okay with that?'

She pondered for a moment. 'I will. As long as you don't mind and I can be by your side.'

He smiled softly. 'Okay then. Let's see if I have any clothing that fits you, and then we'll go shopping.'

'Yes!' she said and pulled him up as she stood up and dragged him into the bedroom to browse the closet.

Petro sat down on the bed while Mouse picked out items she liked. She pulled out one of his white dress shirts and held it up. 'Can I try this?'

'I think it's big enough, sure.' he said.

She put it on, fastened a few buttons and turned towards him. 'How does this look?'

The excitement at coming home had made him forget, but seeing her small breasts poking against the inside of his shirt while she puffed up her chest as well brought back the sensation of the night before.

His face turned hot and he tried to avoid staring at the obvious. 'Ehm, nice, but I think it might attract a little too much attention.'

She looked down. 'Really?'

He nodded quickly. 'It's.., too white. More colour would be best.' he said and thought "And look less dangerously sexy.".

'Okay.' she said and Petro had to look away as the shirt slid down her shoulders while she unbuttoned it. "She's really a plush animal! Stop thinking weird things!"

She bent and her tail flipped up while she looked through his stack of shirts and now he really had to turn around. "Okay, there's nothing there, but it's still way too much!"

She pulled a light blue shirt with a sailboat on the front over her head. 'How's this?'

Petro let out a sigh of relief. She still looked sexy but at least the print camouflaged her chest curves. 'Good. And I think my beach shorts are wide enough to fit your bigger thighs.'

After she put on those he nodded in approval. 'Yes, that'll do for now.'

Before they stepped out of the front door of the apartment building Petro noticed Mouse's flattened ears and tucked in tail. 'If you don't want to go outside now we can go back.'

She shook her head. 'It's just all new.' she said and pulled on her shirt. 'Is it okay if I hold your arm?'

He smiled and held his out. 'Of course.'

She smiled as she took his arm in hers, relaxed a little, took a deep breath and let it out. 'Okay, I'm ready.'

As they walked down the street they received startled and amused looks. Mouse's grip on his arm was firm when they walked out the door but it loosened slightly in the meantime. She looked at him and smiled a little.

He gave her hand resting on his arm a pat. 'We're just around the corner of a general clothing store.'

She gave him a nod and tried to focus on the nice weather.

Inside the store Mouse found her excitement again at seeing all the clothes. Petro chuckled as he watched her browsing the racks with an enthusuasticly wagging tail.

One of the attendants, a young woman named Cheryl according to the tag she wore, walked up to him and glanced at Mouse. 'Can I help you with anything?'

Petro saw her hesitation to ask Mouse directly. 'We're looking for clothes for her. She doesn't have anything to wear.'

Cheryl relaxed a little and watched Mouse examining a short dress.. 'Ah, that explains the costume. It's very well made.'

'Ah, actually, it's not a costume.'

Cheryl snapped her big eyes back at him.

'It's a long story.' he said. 'Think of it as a genetic mutation.'

Cheryl looked at Mouse again and nodded. 'I think I understand.' She turned back to him. 'Don't worry! We'll find her outfits that will make her feel like a fashion model!'

She gathered a couple of her female colleagues and together they took a surprised Mouse to the changing rooms while Petro had to wait on the bench there. He chuckled while he heard Mouse doubting and the women reassuring her looks.

After a short while Cheryl presented Mouse in her first outfit, a dark pink short dress with a blue sash and shawl. Mouse stared at her feet and plucked at the dress.

'What do you think?' asked Cheryl from him.

Petro had no specific imagine in mind and was pleasantly surprised at what he saw and smiled. 'She looks good.'

Mouse turned her eyes up at him. 'You really think so?' He nodded and her tail wagged.

Cheryl giggled and pushed Mouse back into the changing room. 'Come, we have more ideas for you to show to your boyfriend.'

Mouse gasped and tried to protest but the women didn't listen and were already busy putting together the next outfit.

A few minutes later she was presented in a light grey mini skirt and blazer with a white blouse.

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