A Police Woman in Complete Control


I pushed his head away saying, "Fuck me."

He was quick to oblige, after all I was an officer of the law. It was wonderful having this power.

He climbed on me, grabbing my tits as I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He was so hard there was no need to guide that thing. He kissed me passionately as he massaged my melons. Fuck, he loved my tits. Most men did as the were big, natural and firm. My nipples responded as they hardened. He continued kissing with unbelievable tongue action as I could taste myself on his mouth.

He was still holding his cock a bay at the entrance of my pussy, driving me crazy. I wanted to be fucked, now!

At that very moment the door opened! In the doorway stood a man, definitely shocked at what he had walked in on. He was the maintenance man, standing there with his mouth open, unable to speak or move. We were busted!

"I'm so sorry Sir, please excuse me," the man said as he turned to leave.

"Come over here," I said. I figured we'd already been busted, might as well include him.

My sexy offender was standing now, naked with his cock going limp. I knew I had an opportunity to really have some fun now.

I stood as well, walking toward our visitor as he turned now facing us. He was only a few feet away. I dropped to my knees, grabbing his belt buckle and undid his jeans. I quickly unzipped his fly and yanked his pants down as they fell to his ankles.

This man was probably thirty five, a bit scruffy and definitely a working man. He stood before me in complete shock with his cock now hanging limp, as if inviting me to do something about it. This guy had a fantastic cock, it was thick and long even though limp. I had to bring that thing to life.

I reach for his cock, holding it as I stuffed him into my hungry mouth. I gripped his balls as I massaged them while continuing to work this log into an erection with my masterful oral skills. I sucked, slurped and gagged bring him to a full erection. I love to suck cock!

He had kicked off shoes and stepped out of his jeans and underwear, now lifting his shirt over his head. He stood completely naked before me, no longer in shock. His cock had grown to a raging erection, at least eight inches long and fatter than my wrist.

My traffic offender friend had now joined us as he was try to get my attention, standing next to his employee. His cock was hard again, he must have imagined the possibilities of a threesome.

I reached for his cock with my free hand, guiding him toward my mouth as well. I released our new friend's cock from my mouth as I devoured the other.

I had these two men standing side by side, alternating sucking their cocks while stroking them. I was almost pulling them by their cocks as the two heads touched. I stuffed both cocks in my mouth, making certain to pay them equal attention. Two cocks in my mouth felt incredible as I completely stuffed the heads of both in, forcing my mouth to stretch around them.

I could see both men had their eyes fixed on me as each of the men were now breathing heavy, enjoying the site of me worshiping their two cocks.

"Someone fuck me." I said as I stood and moved toward the couch.

My traffic offender sat on the couch as I bent over to drive his cock back into my throat. I could feel my new friend positioning himself behind me, readying his cock for entry.

I stopped sucking just long enough to say "Put a condom on, safe sex only boys."

He must have had one in his jeans because he was behind me again as I barely got the words out of my mouth. His cock was giant as I felt him slip the head into my pussy. Holy fuck, it felt unbelievable. His cock was so fucking fat.

As he pushed that monster into my pussy I couldn't help arching my back and screaming, "Fuck! Oh my God, that cock feels so fucking good!"

I forced my mouth back down the length of my first friend, driving his cock into my throat. I was licking his balls now with his cock deep within my throat. I was in the perfect position over his cock to slide it into my throat with little effort. Though in this position there was no need to gag, I did anyway knowing how it drives guys wild.

The other man had a firm grip on my hips as he was now diving his massive cock into me, his big balls slapping my ass with each push forward. I could hardly keep my mouth on the other cock as he was rocking me so hard back and forth.

I'm sure I actually sunk my teeth into my friends cock as the other guy continued ramming my pussy. I was in fucking heaven, I'm certain they were having a pretty good time too.

I knew my man on the couch was getting ready to cum as hips started thrusting upward to meet my plunges onto his cock. I had both hands now under his ass almost pulling him into me. I was devouring his cock, not giving him a chance to hold back his cum. This fucker was mine. He'd cum when I wanted him to where I wanted him to.

I could feel the man behind me tense as he sunk his hands into my hips, pushing and pulling me as his eruption was building. I had fucked enough men to know he couldn't hold back either. He was about to explode into his condom.

I was moaning, groaning and screaming as I had one cock in my mouth with the other pounding my pussy. I knew this put the guys over the top as I drove my friend's cock into my throat. I was really gagging now almost begging for him to shoot his hot cum into my mouth, down my throat.

The man behind me continued pounding me, grunting like an animal as his orgasm started. I made him pull his cock from my pussy, slipping the condom off his cock as he stroked feverishly. I wanted to feel his hot, creamy cum. I knew this was it as he howled, his cum shooting onto my back. He had such forceful spasms his cum was actually spraying the back of my neck and hair as I could feel shot after shot splash onto me.

I grasped my other man's cock as I felt it grow, actually feeling his cum as it shot from his shaft. His cock was rock hard as I drove it deeply down my throat. He now was forcing my head onto his cock as he pushed down with both hands. I was gagging and chocking on his cum as he exploded deep in my throat, not even giving me an option of releasing his cock as he held me firm. He was forcing upward,pushing himself as deep as he could, fucking my throat.

The man behind me had finished cumming as I felt his hot, sticky cum on my neck, back and ass as his massive cock rested on my ass.

My man cumming in my mouth had just about drowned me, not giving me any other options as he held me firm onto his cock. There was no way I could have pulled my mouth away as he came. His cock continued to twitch as the last few drops of cum oozed from it's head.

I held his cock deep within my mouth as he softened, not wanting to end this moment. He released his grip on my head, allowing me to breath again as he practically tried to kill me with that thing by drowning me.

I loved it though as I let his cock fall free from my mouth, looking up into his eyes as he had the just fucked look of shear pleasure. I loved that look on a man's face. I was suck a cum slut.

I had completely satisfied two unsuspecting strangers, them satisfying me as well. We dressed as a look of shock came over our maintenance man's face as I got back into uniform.

"You're a cop?" he asked.

"Shhhh, don't tell anyone." I said seductively as I turned to leave. I loved this part, complete control as I left the room without saying a word.

I never even gave either man a chance to thank me. I hated that after sex shit when men think they have to hold you and cuddle. I liked to fuck, period. That's just what this was. It was one of my favorite experiences as I had complete control over both of these men. I'm sure I left them standing in the room asking each other what the fuck had just happened. I wasn't about to stick around for the explanation.

I got into my cruiser and resumed my duty of looking for traffic offenders until the end of the shift.

It was a long time before I had my next great moment in uniform, or should I say out of uniform. A few months passed until I had my next opportunity.

It was a hot summer day in Las Vegas, the temperature was hovering around 110 degrees. On days like this officers hated having getting out of the comfort of our air conditioned cruisers unless we had to, at least I did. It was hell on the hair and make up.

A call came on the radio, a disturbance was reported in the south end of town. I was near the scene so I accepted the call. I was alone as our department was always short handed. There just weren't enough officers to go around and cover everything in Sin City.

I approached the scene, exiting the cruiser not knowing what to expect. Two men were having a very heated argument over a girlfriend. I guess one guy was fucking the other guy's girl, typical shit in Vegas.

I approached the men, demanding they both turn around as I put handcuffs on them. It was always policy to 'cuff both involved, then try to sort things out.

These guys were big so I didn't want to take any chances. They were black, both being well over six feet tall. They were shirtless and very muscular. I definitely had to be careful as I could easily be overtaken.

"You're a fine Police Officer. You can put me in handcuffs anytime babe," said one man sarcastically.

"She sure is. I'd like to get me some of that," said the other as I tightened his handcuffs.

"Shut up, both of you. I'm not going to take any shit from either of you. You're both under arrest."

"What the fuck did we do? He fucked my girl. I'm the innocent one here," said the first man.

"Fuck you asshole. The little whore fucked me, I didn't fuck her." said the other.

"Shut the fuck up, both of you!" I commanded as I was beginning to think of the possibilities here.

I had these two hunk in handcuffs, both fighting over fucking a girl. Hmmm, Maybe they needed a little punishment. Then I could just let them go with a warning. It had been a few months since I'd taken control of a situation with men so I had to come up with a plan.

"OK guys, Is your girlfriend in the house? Is anyone home?" I asked.

"Fuck no, the bitch ran away when she was caught. She ain't fucking coming back, the little cunt," said the larger man of the two.

"Then there's nothing left to fight about, right fellas?" I asked.

Both men were still facing in the opposite direction with handcuffs on. I undid a few button on my uniform and let my hair down. I now had a plan.

"Turn around, both of you," I commanded.

As they turned around, stunned looks were on their faces. This officer had just transformed into a gorgeous woman wearing a uniform. Then each looked me up and down spending a lot of time gazing at my now exposed cleavage. I knew I had them them in the palm of my hand.

"Let's all three go into the house and talk this over. I'd hate to take you both to jail so let's see if we can all reach an agreement." I said as their eyes widened. They couldn't believe what I had just said as I'm sure they thought they were going for a ride downtown to the station.

I opened the door for the men as they were still handcuffed. They entered the house not knowing what to do or say.

As we got into the house I shut the door looking them both over closely. I could see bulges growing as I stared at their crotches.

"Now you two shut the fuck up, don't say one single word. If you as much as say a thing, I'm going to book you both," I commanded. "I'm in control here."

Their eyes got big as they obeyed not knowing what the hell I was up to. I removed my hat, throwing it down. I must have looked like one of those stripper-gram ladies at that point as they stiffened. I kicked off my shoes, undoing my buttons slowly as to really work them up. I kind of liked this stripper show thing. I could tell I had their complete attention now.

"Not one single word or I book you both," I reaffirmed.

I removed my shirt and pants, now standing before them in my bra and panties. Their eyes were locked on me. Neither dared say a word heeding my warning. I knew they couldn't wait to see what was next. I released my tits from my bra, dropping it to the floor. Then I removed my panties, standing before them totally naked as their erections grew and eyes got big.

I continued staring at their bulges grow to the point I thought their cocks were going to rip through the material. These guys were breathing hard now, still not daring to move. Maybe they thought I was just teasing them or something. I loved being in control and this was the perfect situation. I was so fucking turned on now.

"Remember what I said, don't say a fucking word," I said reminding them of our rules. "Now, both of you stand against that wall next to each other, backs against the wall."

They obeyed as I moved toward them. I could see them squirming as their raging erections were becoming very uncomfortable. This was great, complete control of these two sexy guys with tents in their pants. If these guys were bashful, they were in for a surprise.

I dropped to my knees and undid the bigger guys belt, then unzipped his fly pulling his pants and underwear down in one motion exposing his gigantic cock. It wasn't even fully erect and the fucking thing had to be almost a foot long! That fucking thing was huge!

As bad as I wanted to attack that thing my attention turned to the other man. I undid his pants as well and dropped them, he wasn't wearing underwear. Holy fuck! Another huge cock except this guy had sprung to attention as his cock stood straight out, damn near slapping me in the face as it was freed from his clothing.

These guys were so horny now,knowing this wasn't a joke at this point. I'm sure they were wondering if I was going to torture them or please them. They were still in handcuffs and couldn't react if they wanted to, they didn't dare move.

I moved closer to their cocks taking one in each hand, stroking the entire lengths of their massive shafts. These guys were fucking hung like horses!

I looked up as I could tell they were both in shock as a police officer was on her knees, naked playing with their cocks.

"Don't say a fucking word," I said again.

I moved to the bigger guy, his cock was just a bit larger than the other and not quite as hard. It was time to fix that. I licked the head of his cock, pre-cum already forming as I tasted his salty flavor. I licked down the length of his shaft, starting at the head working my way to his balls. I put the head of his massive monster cock into my mouth, stretching my mouth to fit him in. I could barely get my mouth around it, damn.

I started working his cock deeper into my mouth, spitting on the end hoping it would help to fit it in. I couldn't get much of it in my mouth but did get enough in to touch the roof of my mouth as my tongue worked the underside.. He just about came at that instant as I felt him stiffen. Too soon, time for the other guy.

As I grabbed the other guy's cock I could tell he was really turned on, his cock was pointing toward the ceiling. He wasn't quite as long but still must have measured ten inches. I easily plunged onto his cock taking him deeper into my mouth than the first guy as his wasn't as thick either. I forced this one to my throat, gagging as I slurped.

I looked up as the guy I was sucking had his head back with his eyes closed. The other man was watching in amazement, still silent as I had ordered. I continued working his very hard cock in and out of my mouth, my hands around the other guy's cock stroking him as to not have him feel left out.

I stopped sucking and looked at them saying,"One of you is going to fuck me as the other cums in my mouth, I'll decide."

I looked at each of their cocks and said, "I want the big one in my pussy, let me get a condom."

I always kept a spare rubber or two in my uniform for occasions like this. I retrieved it as I returned to the huge cock. I grabbed it with both hands and plunged back down onto it, sucking and stroking with all I had. I wanted this fucker to be hard as a rock when he fucked me, then I rolled the condom down the length of the shaft. Holy fuck, it was a tight fit. I could barely get the thing over his cock. I thought for sure it would break.

I released his cock as I stood, bent over at the waist and grabbed the other cock. I started stroking his cock with both hands, first spitting in my palms for that extra great feel of lubrication. I knew guys loved this.

"Fuck me now," I said to the big guy as I started sucking the ten incher.

I could feel him step toward me until his body was touching mine. I reached underneath grasping his tool, guiding him into my pussy. I turned my attention back to man number two. I grabbed his cock again with both hands as I slid his cock back into my mouth.

Wow, these guys were a perfect setup, both super studs with huge cocks.

Just then, I felt the man's huge cock plunge into my pussy, I thought he was splitting me open.

"Holy fuck! Ahhhhrgg, that's so fucking big. Easy with that thing big fella." I said as I went back to sucking the other cock.

He pushed forward again, this time not hurting as bad as he didn't force it in as hard. He gently slid it in and out until I was full of his cock. I had never had that much cock in me, this guy had a horse cock. He started rocking back and forth, sliding in and out of my pussy as I started to cum. I tensed, quivering and screaming as he pounded me from behind with his monster. I could feel myself release as I soaked his cock. Now he had more lubrication and increased his vigor.

I was really working the other cock now, sucking as hard as I could with one hand holding his big balls. I knew he was about to explode as I felt his cock begin to contract.

The other guy was grunting loud, ramming me with his massive meat as I tried to keep focused sucking the other guy. I felt him tense as well and knew they were both within a few pumps of cumming.

I pulled away from his massive cock removing his condom as I now had both huge cocks in my hands, stroking and alternating sucking them.

"Cum for me now, both of you, Now!" I commanded.

I could hear both men growling and grunting as they were about to erupt. I wanted to see these huge cocks cum all over me. I stroked each at the same time still driving my mouth onto one, then the other.

I could feel the cum as it exploded from each cock violently as each shot into the air, hitting me in the face. I continued stroking them as I had both now aimed at and rubbing on my tits. Another blast of hot, sticky cum shot from each of their magnificent cocks. This time cum splashing into my chest. I grabbed each as hard as I could grasp, still milking them for their hot cum

I know I told them to say nothing but each of them were now grunting, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

They continued blasting me with their cum, shot after shot landing on my tits and face. They were soaking me, covering me creamy cum. It felt so fucking good, complete control of these hunks and they were loving it.

I milked the final drop of cum from each cock as I licked the tips, just to taste the salty cum, each man tasting different. I always enjoyed sampling each cock. I love the taste of cum.

They were both totally relaxed now, wondering what was next as I stood and got dressed. I was standing before them dressed in uniform before I said, "You were both exceptional prisoners, it's time to let you loose. Be good boys or I'll have to come back here to arrest you again. Next time I might have to actually take you in,"

They both smiled as I took the handcuffs off their wrists, still not saying a word until I was about to shut the door behind me.

"Thank you Officer," said the big guy.

"You were fantastic," said the other one.

"Shhhhhh, don't say anything," I said as I shut the door behind me.

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