tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Policewoman Goes to Prison

A Policewoman Goes to Prison


The Warden of Slaphurst Prison, Alex Cameron, picked up the newspaper from his desk and read aloud for the benefit for his second in charge Jennifer Brooke.

"A policewoman who earned £100 an hour working as a prostitute is today starting a 15-month jail sentence. PC Kate Jordan entertained up to 20 clients a week as part of the Angel Girls escort agency.

The 29-year-old brunette, from Reading, also used her position as an officer to gain access to sensitive police files to obtain information on rivals for the couple who ran the sex business.

Jordan, who used the working name Kelly, posed provocatively in her underwear on the agency's website and proclaimed herself very eager to please.

Crown Court heard the constable specialised in lap dances before having sex with clients at their homes or in hotel rooms, just hours after she had finished a shift as a beat bobby.

She was caught when a police colleague became suspicious after hearing her chatting on the phone to the agency boss.

The professional standards department discovered she had been accessing the Police National Computer to check up on local vice bosses and passing the confidential information to her pimp.

Jordan admitted misconduct in a public office.

Jordan joined the police in June 2002, but four years later started a second job as a prostitute.

Angel Girls boss Kenny Smith, 28, met most of his new escorts for interviews before they signed a contract agreeing which services they were prepared to offer clients.

Smith's wife Julie, 28, then handled the bookings from their home in Nottingham, with the girls working at brothels in private and rented houses across the South and visiting punters.

Jordan, who drove an Audi TT sports car, offered her flat for use as a brothel.

She was arrested in August last year when Police carried out a string of raids.

She refused to co-operate and the only confided in a fellow officer who she was having a relationship with.

Kenny Smith insisted he ran a legitimate PR firm specialising in adult entertainment. He told police his firm turned over £2,000-a-week, but the true figure was closer to £15,000.

Smith - who admitted prostitution offences, aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office, possession of a shotgun without a licence and possession of a class A drug - was jailed for four years.

His wife also admitted prostitution offences, but her 51-week jail term was suspended for two years. "

The Warden folded the paper and placed it carefully back on his desk before looking up at his second in command.

"Jennifer, I think this prisoner is a special case and want her treated as such, do you understand? "

His eyes twinkled as he looked at her and conveyed a unsaid message.

The woman smiled viciously and nodded.

"Oh yes Sir, I understand. I understand completely."

Right then you would not have wanted to be Kate Jordan (no longer WPC) for all the money in the world.


As soon as Kate arrived and was through the booking in / screening procedure she was split from the other incoming prisoners and led straight to the wardens office. She was conscious already that she was being treated differently than the other arrivals and while in some way that relieved her she knew it would breed even more resentment, as if her former occupation didn't mean that anyway. Still there was some comfort to be had from standing in a well furnished, warm office, sipping a cup of coffee and waiting for the Warden to speak. He certainly seemed nice enough on first impression.

"Now then Miss Jordan, I just wanted to speak to you before you entered the prison for real. Just to set your mind at ease that we realise yours is a special case, a delicate case and that we are more than aware of it. How long a sentence did you get? 15 months? Not that long really. And if you keep your nose clean, keep your head down and don't cause me any trouble I'm sure you'd be looking at release for good behaviour in maybe 8, 9 months maybe?"

"My solicitor thought maybe 7 months maximum" she wished she hadn't said it as soon as it was out, she still wasn't used to not having the power that came with being in the police, the power over pretty much everyone else.

He had to bite back a sharp rebuke but he managed, he wanted to give the girl the impression everything was fine, no problems. That would make pulling the rug from under her all the more enjoyable.

"Hmm, well perhaps, but one thing is for sure, you need to not cause me any troubles in here, certainly if you want my help at getting you out of here early on parole."

She nodded and Warden Cameron took the time to appreciate Kate's figure. The press had speculated that her money earned as a whore had paid for her boob job and if so it looked like money well spent. The girl was very top heavy and it hard not to imagine sliding his cock in between them. She was pretty, long dark hair, dark wide eyes and very slim, why she had turned to whoring he couldn't imagine but it was going to be to his benefit. But not yet. Right now he was going to give Kate Jordan a nice easy first week of incarceration. A pampered easy life. One that would increase her level of disgust from her fellow inmates at her preferential treatment, one that should see her settle into a nice, comfortable routine before things would change very quickly. He really hated cops and the thought of the next few months brought a smile to his face and a erection to his pants.


That first week was pretty easy on Kate and despite the horrors she had imagined she found that other than being trapped and unable to move freely things weren't nearly as terrible as she had imagined (how could they be?). She had a cell to herself, she assumed because the Warden didn't want her at risk as a former police officer, that cell was on the ground floor just a short walk from the Warden's office. She didn't have to work as yet, her cell seemed to have all the mod cons and the prison officers all seemed to treat her well. Despite the loss of her liberty she felt she could handle this for the requisite number of months.

That all changed on the Friday, a week to the day of her arrival at Slaphurst Prison. So far she had showered separately from the other inmates. While they had their time early in the morning Kate had been escorted to the shower block, alone, after seven p.m. each night. She liked that, it was time she enjoyed as she lathered her body and hair and washed herself. And so it was on that Friday, her guard had stood outside the block as she entered and stripped and began cleaning herself and shampooing her hair. Just as she had started to rinse the soap from her long, dark hair she was shoved hard from behind and on the slippery floor and taken by surprise she smacked face first into the hard tile wall in front of her. Stunned she dropped to her knees and before she had time to react her wrists were grabbed and cuffed behind her back.

She didn't take it all in, what had happened she was dazed and confused and as soap dripped down over her eyes she blinked and tried to wipe them and only then did it dawn on her that her arms had been restrained. She opened her mouth to shout but before anything came out she had been shoved over crashing onto her side, where she rolled onto her back, her arms trapped under her. Before the soap had cleared she felt something on her face, pressing on her lips and nose, she didn't know what it was until it was released after fifteen seconds or so when the dark foot was lifted up. Kate stared up as the sole was removed from her face and peered at the two black women grinning down at her.

"Remember us, bitch?"

Their faces were familiar but it took Kate a few moments to place them -- Mercedes and Chelsea Williams two hookers cum drug dealers that Kate had been involved with the arrest of (the Warden had taken a few days to decide on just the right inmates for this job) about six months ago.

Kate lay there trying to free her hands again but as her wrists banged against metal she knew it was hopeless, she was trapped. The two girls were considerably younger than Kate, both just nineteen and with an arrest record as long as your arm. They had been well known in the area and a lot of cops had been only too happy to see them actually sent down, Kate remembered giving evidence in court in their case. The thing was they were both pretty girls, both slim and good looking, Mercedes with long straight black hair and Chelsea with her hair in corn braids. They need not have gone down the route they did but they were both greedy, money hungry girls and their fate had led to this incarceration. But the types they were they still didn't see they had done anything wrong, they felt it was them that had been wronged and now here they were with one of the cunts that had banged them up at their mercy.

Mercedes calmly placed her foot on Kate's face again, grinding her hard heel against Kate's nose before poking at her nostrils with her big toe.

"Look at that sis, a Pig with piggies!"

Kate opened her mouth to make a plea to them but did not get far as Mercedes just moved her foot and jammed it into Kate's open mouth and pressed down on her tongue with her toes.

"Bite" she threatened, "And I'll put on my boots and kick your fucking head off your fucking shoulders!"

It was spoken with enough venom and conviction that Kate did not doubt her and instead lay there and observed them, knowing that she was in their hands so her best policy was to let them make the moves. She looked up at the sisters, noticing for the first time that they were both naked too. Their athletic ebony bodies with a sheen to them from the spray of the shower which was still running, They were strong looking women and while Kate was certain that with her hands free she could deal with them, restrained like this she had no chance. Mercedes wriggled her foot around some more inside Kate's mouth before removing it. But all that happened then was Chelsea's stepped over her and squatted her big black ass down right over Kate's face and with a shriek of joy let off a loud ripper of a fart!

It was disgusting and while the stink made Kate's eyes water just the humiliation of it all was too hard for Kate to take. But before she could contemplate it any further she was unceremoniously pulled to her knees by her hair. A pound coin was dropped to the wet tiles beside her.

"Hear you've been moonlighting as a whore, so there's your fee for licking us out!"

She went to remonstrate but never got the chance as her face was pushed between Mercedes' legs and her mouth onto her hairy, wet pussy. Kate refused to open her mouth and felt like vomiting as Chelsea grabbed her head and rubbed her face in the other sisters cunt. Mercedes was not impressed that she wasn't getting tongue though and after a few moments broke off from Kate and snarled at her sister.

"Looks like the bitch don't want to eat me! Well lets see how keen she is on my asshole!"

And at that she turned around, reached behind her and prised her big black ass cheeks apart for her sister to force Kate's face right between. It was horrible for Kate, the tip of her nose was being pushed against Mercedes' puckered anus and the smell was even worse than that fart. Then Chelsea's started to rub Kate's face in there, effectively using the former police woman's face as toilet paper. She struggled to get much of a breath either and it was just fucking awful and Kate was so relieved when her face was finally extricated from her ass. They left her kneeling there gasping for breath in her cuffs as the sisters stood either side of her.

"Bet she fucking wants to eat me, now that it's my turn, eh?" boasted Chelsea.

And she was correct Kate had decided that she should do what she was told and obviously she was going to be expected to eat out the other sister next. Better that than licking that arsehole!

Chelsea's spread her thighs and motioned for Kate to get her head in there and however reluctant the former cop was she realised she was not in a position to renege. She shuffled forward on her knees a bit and slowly put her head in there and stuck out her tongue timidly to dab at the black girls pussy. Whatever she had expected it was not for a hard stream of piss to hit her tongue then the back of her throat and for her to choke of the acrid, horrible liquid. Mercedes collapsed in laughter as he sister continued to piss on Kate even when Kate managed to turn her head away. Chelsea just pushed Kate on her back again and finished pissing all over her face. When she was done she smirked and rolled Kate over, undoing the cuffs before both sisters exited without another word.

Kate lay on her face for a few minutes unable to get rid of the stink of urine that enveloped her head until she dragged herself over to the shower and washed it away.

As she washed herself she considered the attack. It had been a set up of course, someone had arranged it, how else could those two bitches get hold of a pair of cuffs and get in here when she was alone? Worried now and determined to question the guard that had escorted her she grabbed her towel, half dried herself and exited the shower to get dressed. Only to find her clothes were gone. Steeling herself she wrapped the towel around her and stepped out of the shower to question the guard only to find he was gone and waiting for her was the Assistant Warden Brown. She made to tell Jennifer what had happened but within seconds she realised what a waste it was. The Assistant Warden wasn't listening and her voice was unduly harsh.

"I don't want to hear your problems prisoner Jordan. You know what the Warden told you when you arrived, if you cause us any problems we will make sure you don't get an early release, understand. Now forget about your clothes, if you've lost them I'll organise others, come with me while I escort you to your new cell!"

Tentatively Kate stepped after Jennifer only to find her towel tugged from her body and thrown back into the showers.

"That stays there prisoner, no exceptions for anyone."

Confused Kate tried to cover her nakedness as well as she could with her hands and was led through the prison and rather than head back to her safe, ground floor cell she was led right through the main prisoner population giving all the inmates an intimate glimpse of their semi-famous inmate to a chorus of catcalls, insults and threats. No body liked cops in prison. She was led up three floors of the prison until they reached a cell that stood open, a male guard standing outside, baton at the ready for any trouble. The Assistant Warden halted outside the cell and so did Kate, evidently this was her new home. Shivering she peered inside and was distraught to see two cell mates awaiting her -- Mercedes and Chelsea. And since Kate had last seen the sisters they had only put on one item of clothing each, matching 10" strap on dildos!

"In you go prisoner" announced Miss Brooke and she physically pushed Kate into the cell and the guard locked it leaving the three of them locked up together for the night.

That night was a hell that Kate Jordan could never have imagined. The change of pace in her treatment had caught her totally off guard and before she knew it the two girls had her pinned to the bottom bunk of the bunk bed, one holding her wrists the other her ankles. All the time their plastic phallus's prodding at her only half struggling body.

"Listen up Pig!" snarled Chelsea, "You're in with us from now on and if you want to survive you'll do what we say!"

They then proved that to no doubt, Chelsea manoeuvred herself under Kate and forced her plastic dick into Kate's tight, dry asshole. Kate had tried to cry out and bring attention to her plight, aware that it was hopeless even as she did it, the Assistant Warden had made that clear enough. Her attempts did not last long, a strong black hand over her nose and mouth and a home made shiv of a toothbrush with a razor blade in it ensured she stopped making much noise. With Kate subdued Mercedes climbed on top and forced her dildo into Kate's pussy and as they double penetrated her she felt like she would be ripped in half. A menacing voice hissed in Kate's ear telling how things were and how they were going to be.

"You're our bitch now! And as long as you please us we'll protect you but if you don't please us then you're on your own and believe us a filthy copper pig like you wouldn't last ten seconds on her own, understand?"

Kate had swallowed as she nodded, her new role not really sinking in. She forgot all about her words seconds later as the vindictive sisters started to saw their strap ons in and out of Kate's holes and she braced her body against these harsh invasions. They were not in a hurry and double fucked Kate like that for more than an hour, by the end her holes had finally accepted the lengths of the dicks and it wasn't quite as uncomfortable as it had been for most of the rape. When they were done they pulled her off the bunk and onto her knees on the hard floor and presented her mouth with both their dildos coated as they were with her own dirt. Again she had no real choice but to suck them clean as directed, as vile as that was and kneeling there sucking on their fake dicks she realised how far she had fallen in such a short time. Just months ago she was arresting trash like this every day.

She spent the night on the cold, hard floor of the cell directly under the bottom bunk. The sisters explained that she would not get a bed until they decided she had earned it and she had a long way to go to do that. It was uncomfortable but that was hardly the only reason she failed to find much sleep that night as she silently sobbed and felt each ache and pain that now wracked her body. She could not shake the thought of how much she had fucked up her easy life, how she had thrown it all away just through her own greed.

The police had been, in retrospect, a good job. Ok there was an element of danger sometimes but really it wasn't much. And there was a great pension, good pay, and plenty of unseen perks, so why had she fallen in the manner she had? It was a hard question for Kate to face. She had been the architect of her own downfall. It had all started as a bit of a laugh, helping out a mate who was a legitimate escort. Her friend had had to cancel at the last moment and asked Kate to bail her out. So Kate did it, her friend had warned her that most clients expected to pay for extras but you just told them firmly that they weren't on offer, that wouldn't be a problem would it? Not with her being a police woman. But that first client had been a good looking guy, the type Kate went for and when, after a few drinks he had offered her money for sex she had accepted. It was a dumb move now but at the time it was great. She got a good fuck and got £350 for her troubles. That money Paid her rent for the month and left all her wages to be spent on herself, something she did easily, money didn't linger in Kate's hands. And she liked having that extra money for treats and luxuries so she looked into it and joined an agency and tried not to think that she was prostituting her body and concentrated on all that extra spending cash. And she wasn't adverse to sex when she started either.

It had all gone wrong when she changed agencies, joined in with the Smiths for even more money. But Kenny (the bastard) had discovered her real job and started blackmailing her to find out confidential information on his and rival outfits and then she had been discovered by a colleague and her humiliating fall from grace was completed. And now here she was surely at the nadir of her life. Things couldn't get any worse, could they?


The next day showed that they could, and fast. The sisters refused to allow Kate any clothing whatsoever so she had the ignominy of walking down to the showers stark naked. Even worse one of the guards produced a plastic pig's snout with an elastic string on it and her new Mistresses ordered Kate to wear it, letting everyone in the jail know exactly what she had been.

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