tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Policewoman's Secret Ch. 01

A Policewoman's Secret Ch. 01


Danny Pearson sighed as he packed the last of his gear into the trunk of his new Aston Martin DB9. It hadn't been a very profitable day. While he liked to sell drugs in exchange for blowjobs, he always seemed to do it too much. The only money he made today was from drugged out guys from the local football team, the Monarchs. He respected the guys, and their huge cocks, but wished he could make more money out of them.

He turned the ignition and drove out of his member's parking space outside the seedy ‘Ripe Cherries' bar and drove down the high street.

‘Jeez that redhead was hot' he said aloud to no one in particular as he allowed himself a few strokes of his rock hard 11-inch cock. The redhead in question had 38 DDs and a mouth that wouldn't quit.

A flashing blue light then appeared in the corner of his wing mirror. ‘Damn' he thought to himself as he pulled over and waited for the police car to stop in front of him. Then he saw the number plate and the squadron code on the back of the car. ‘OK not quite so bad' he thought to himself, happily.

Suzi Ferron had been a drugs cop for 8 years and had never come up against a dealer she couldn't get drugs out of for free. This new guy though (Danny was it?) had proven to be quite a challenge. Her usual method to get the drugs was simple. Drive up behind them and pull them over, get in their car, lean over and smother their faces with her 40 FF tits. On the weak minded ones this usually worked, however other dealers tended not to be so dumb. Sometimes she would have to give a blowjob or titfuck to get the drugs. Once or twice she had gone the whole hog and had her brains fucked out by the sex-crazed junkies. ‘Good times' she thought to herself as she felt that lovely familiar wetness in her panties. None of this had worked on Danny yet though, he just got a blowjob and left. ‘Not that I mind a few free mouthfuls of my favourite drink though' she mused to herself.

She walked over to the sleek silver car and stuck her head through the window.

"Watcha got today then?" she asked the sex-fuelled druggie.

"Same old, same old," he replied, "how about yourself. What you got hidden between those lovely mounds'o'fun today huh?"

"Those lovely tits could be yours if you'd just give me some drugs in exchange for something special." she replied, loving the sound of her own voice talking dirty, even if she was just offering herself to this heroine-fuelled guy she barely knew.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" he answered in his husky English voice.

"Anything you want hon." Suzi shocked even herself with the words coming out of her well-rounded and plushy lips.

Danny grinned.

The English dealer almost laughed at his situation. The hottest babe in the whole of the fucked up American police force was offering herself just for some of the strong gear in the trunk of his car. ‘Talk about irony' he thought inwardly.

"I got an idea about what I want" he grinned, "get in the back of the car, the windows are tinted there, no one will see you."

The hot police officer stalled for a moment.

"Or I could drive away and leave you dyin' with withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal from my cock not my drugs."

That seemed to make up the bitch's mind as she hastily climbed into the back of his car. Danny quickly drove away.

As they pulled up the drive to Danny's huge rented house he broke the silence.

"What kind of stuff are you after anyhow?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" came the reply from the back of the very British sports car.

"Drugs you slutty cow, what kind of drugs do you want from me in exchange for, I quote, ‘anything you want'?"

"Crack, heroine or ecstasy. I'm really not that choosy. If it's hard and it'll keep me high I'll use it."

"Great. Get out the car after you've taken your uniform off." Danny replied.

"What!!! You must be joking!?!?" she almost yelled back in surprise.

" I want you to get out of the car naked. It is what I want therefore you shall do it. When you are out of the car you will come round to the front and open the door. You will be submissive or you'll get nothing at all,"

The shock seemed to paralyze Suzi for a minute. Then as the words finally came through into that brain of hers she stripped off slowly and reluctantly. When she was down to her panties and overstretched bra Danny asked her to stop.

"That'll do. Come round the front into the light so I can see those huge tits of yours bound up in that tiny bra"

As she got out of the car and walked round to the front she smelt that familiar precum and realized that Danny must be getting off on this kind of stuff. ‘Hopefully we'll do things my way eventually' she thought to herself.

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