tagBDSMA Pouting Wife Learns Her Lesson

A Pouting Wife Learns Her Lesson


He walked through the house turning out lights and locking the outside doors, the last thing he did before going to bed.

She was in the bathroom, already in her nightshirt, bent over the sink washing her face.

He walked behind her and as he walked by let his hand pass over her backside in an act of affection. Her only response was to stare icily at him through the mirror and then resume splashing water on her face.

He turned, stepped into the walk-in closet behind her, and quickly grabbed two neckties off the rack on the wall. Moving quickly now, he stepped back behind her still bent figure and without saying a word, grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt, jerked the hem up so as to cover her head and ensnare her arms.

She screeched and struggled in surprise and anger as he wrapped his arms around her, lifted her off the floor and carried her into the bedroom. She kicked and flailed as he dropped her on the bed face down and straddled her back.

“Goddammit!” she screamed, “Leave me alone!”

“Like hell I will!” he responded as he struggled to jerk her shirt over her head while holding her in place.

She flailed her long legs and thrashed her now free arms in an effort to hit or kick him, but he was stronger and soon was able to grasp one of her hands, pull it behind her back and wrap one of the ties around it. The other followed and soon her hands were immobilized.

“N-e-e-o-o-o-o! Damn you! STOP it NOW!” she screamed at him.

He grabbed her behind the neck, pressed her face into the mattress and in between her kicks, delivered four vicious slaps to her panty-covered ass.

Stunned by ferocity of the spanking she froze in place then, gasping in pain whispered “I’m sorry!”

“Too fuckin’ late!” he replied as he took opportunity of her sudden loss of purpose to wrap the other necktie around her ankles and secure her legs.

“Really…P-please! I’m so sorry!” she begged as she realized she had pushed him too far.

He pulled on the knots to be sure she was securely tied, then turned and walked back into the kitchen. She rolled to her side and watched in confusion as he returned carrying one of the straight-backed oak chairs from their kitchen table. Without pausing, he then walked back into the closet and grabbed a handful of neckties. As he came back into the bedroom he grabbed her by the arm and said, “Stand up!”

Even with his help it was a struggle for her to stand and keep her balance and her breasts rose and fell with each breath as she stood unsteadily.

“What are you going to d-do?” she asked quietly.

He reached with his free hand and grasped her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger pinching down so hard that she emitted a shrill wail of pain.

“I’m going to tear this nipple right off your tit if you don’t shut up!” he growled. “You’ve walked around the house in a pout for two days over something I did by accident and apologized for not once, not twice, but three fucking times. For some reason it’s always all about you. Well, this time it IS going to be all about you in a way that you soon won’t forget. Now get your ass over to that chair.”

And with that he released her nipple and jerked her arm in the direction of the chair sitting in the middle of the room. Taking tiny shuffling steps she crossed the room and soon was standing behind the chair.

He roughly untied her hands and bent her over the back of the chair.

“Grab the chair here,” he said indicating the sides of the seat.

“Okay but…” S-c-c-r-r-r-a-a-c-c-k!

His hand crashed into her backside with stunning force and she jerked and screamed as the fire of the blow coursed through her asscheeks.

“Y-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w! Oh m-my god! Please don’t spank me again!” she begged, stunned from the force of the blow.

“If you don’t want to be spanked, then bend your ass over the chair and grab the seat!” he said roughly.

Hoping to avoid further pain, she did as he said, and he quickly and securely retied her hands so that she was bent over the back of the chair, her breasts hanging between her arms, her belly pressed into the top of the chair back.

Moving quickly, he used another necktie to tie her midsection to the top of the chair back, untied her legs, reached up and stripped her panties down her legs and off her ankles and then spread her legs and tied each ankle to the leg of the chair. The total effect was that she was now bent over with legs spread, pussy and anus exposed, breasts hanging between her arms and unable to prevent anything he decided to do to her.

Stepping back, he stood just behind her and to the left of her upturned hips, then without speaking a word his hand drew back and delivered a vicious slap to her upturned pussy.

“Y-e-e-e-i-i-i-i-i! God please don’t…” she screeched only to buck her hips forward as another two more slaps landed on the now burning lips of her pussy.

“Oh, please stop!” she begged, “I promise I’ll be good!”

“Too late!” he replied as he walked back into the closet, only to return with a broad leather belt.

Tossing the belt on the bed he left the room and was gone for about five minutes. She heard him go into the basement where his workshop was located then could hear drawers opening and closing. Then she heard the freezer door open and the sound of him getting ice from the icemaker but could only wait in fear until he returned.

He walked back into the room, stood in front of her and then bent and grabbed her right breast. Before she could react, he placed a melting ice cube on the nipple and began to trace its outline over and over,

She gasped as the ice began to burn her nipple and felt the aureole tighten and the pap erect itself in reaction to the harsh stimulation.

“Like that?” he whispered cruelly as he stared into her eyes.

“I-I don’t know!” she gasped as he continued to run the ice over her nipple.

“Well then, maybe this will suit you better!” he said with a wicked grin as he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and retrieved a coil of wire about sixteen inches long upon which a small alligator clip was attached to each end.

“W-what do you mea…Oh god! No! Please don’t…..” she begged as he gripped the tiny clip and opened the toothed jaws.

Unable to tear her eyes from the sight of the clip moving toward her now red and erect nipple she watched as he centered the nipple pap between the teeth then slowly let them bite into the nipple.

Her eyes bugged and her mouth opened in a silent scream as the pain coursed from her now entrapped nipple and through her body. He stood back and watch her thrash in pain for a moment then repeated the process with the other nipple.

In all her years she had never experienced such agony. The clips were so strong that the blunt teeth, although not cutting her, almost met. Not satisfied, he bent and attached a short piece of heavy twine to the wire connecting the two clips, then pulled it down. Screaming frantically from the pain she desperately bent over until she could bend no more, but he continued to pull until her nipples were stretched away from her breasts. Finally satisfied, he tied the string in place.

The effect was to bend her over the chair so that her ass was upturned with her pussy and anus fully exposed and her nipples stretched to the extent that any movement of her torso would pull the cruelly biting teeth of the alligator clips attached to her nipples.

He picked up the belt and grasping the buckle in his hand wrapped the broad leather strap around his hand until about twenty-four inches remained free.

She stood panting in pain, begging desperately for him to release her, only to hear the whistle of the leather and the sharp “S-c-r-r-r-a-a-c-c-k-k-!!” as it coursed across her upturned ass.

“Y-e-e-e-c-c-h!” she screamed as the leather bit into her ass, followed by “Oh g-god! Y-i-i-e-e-e-e-!!!” as her jerking from the belt caused the alligator clips to bite into then pull her nipples.

He continued to use the leather strap on her, varying the slaps so that some fell full across her ass, others slapped over only one cheek leaving the tip to fall between her cheeks and brutalize her anus, and still other were directed between her legs so that her pussy received the full force of the blow. At almost every stroke of the leather, she, despite her best efforts jerked in reaction, thereby inflicting excruciating pain on her nipples. He delivered more than fifty strokes before he paused.

She was weeping quietly, drool dripping from her mouth and pooling on the seat of the chair, tears streaking her face and snot running from her nose.

He reached out and stroked the bright red surface of her bruised and burning ass, marveling at the heat emanating from it.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“Do you understand?” he questioned.

“Yes,” she whispered.

His hand continued to caress her, moving from her backside between her legs, where her pussy lips, red and irritated, lay under his fingers.

“U-n-n-h-h!” she grunted in surprise as his finger grazed her rapidly erecting clitoris.

“Are you ready for the rest?” he asked as he slipped his finger into her now dripping pussy.

“Oh, y-yes please!” she replied.

He quickly removed his clothing and stepped around in front of her.

“Wet me!” he commanded, his voice shaking with lust.

Straining to reach him without hurting her now bruised and aching nipples she took the head, then the shaft of his penis deeply into her mouth. He grunted in pleasure and slowly fucked her mouth until his penis fully erect, was dripping with her saliva.

Then he stepped back behind her and with one swift thrust plunged his cock into her hot, wet pussy.

“Ah! Go slow! P-please, you’re k-killing my nipples!” she begged and he slowed then pulled his penis from her pussy.

“Wha…??” she blurted at the sudden emptiness and bucked her hips searching for his cock.

He stepped back and grasping his penis firmly at the base, milked the stem until a large drop of precum formed around the opening at the tip. Then he moved forward and dipped his cock so that it touched her anus, smearing the precum over the crinkled opening.

“N-o-o-o-o-o!” she screeched as she felt him push forward, imbedding the head of his cock in her anus.

“Y-i-i-i-i-i-i! Oh d-don’t…Not there!!”” she screeched thrashing in panic as he pressed forward not stopping until the head disappeared into the brownish opening.

“Oh no! Please don’t punish me like this. You’ll split me!” she begged, panting in a double dose of pain from her anus as well as her nipples.

Without responding, he pressed forward and slowly slid in until his balls cracked against the lips of her pussy.

Reaching between around her hips and between her legs he stroked her clitoris lightly as he began to pull back.

“U-n-n-n-h! Oh god! U-n-n-n-n-h baby!” she gasped trying to still her body response to minimize the torture on her nipples.

Another in and out stroke and he began to fuck he ass in earnest, each instroke slamming against her upturn asscheeks and each outstroke accompanied with her anus grasping onto his cock as if she feared losing it….

Suddenly, he grunted in recognition of his impending orgasm and she wailed as his cock began to swell in her ass…Finally, he pulled her hips tight into his pelvis and she bawled in lust as his scalding load seared into her bowels….

“I’ll be good!” she begged his as she bucked in her own orgasm. “I promise I’ll be a good girl!”

He crawled into the bed after his shower and snuggled against her spoon style. Nude, she pressed her still burning ass into his bare belly and winced as he cupped her tender nipple in his hand.

“Thank you!” she whispered.

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