tagFirst TimeA Prayer for Mercy

A Prayer for Mercy


Mercy truly wanted to become a slut. Her chosen role model was Paris Hilton. She wanted to be able to fuck any man any time she felt like it. She wanted them to swarm around her like bees after a pot of honey, eager for her signal that she was ready for them. She knew how to act like a slut, and she sometimes did, dressing like a cheap whore and cruising the singles' bars. She knew how to pick up guys and get them to buy her drinks. She knew how to get them to take her home before they got too drunk to get it up. She even knew how to rip their clothes off and pull them into her bed on top of her.

But she had one serious problem.

She had not yet been able to get anyone to fuck her. "A virgin slut?" Mercy often thought crossly to herself. "Talk about the worst of both worlds!"

Mercy was actually, truly, totally a virgin. No one was more shocked and humiliated by this sad and prolonged state of affairs than Mercy herself. Whoever heard of such a thing? Everyone whining about date rape and all of that, and Mercy couldn't get anyone to pop her cherry even when she begged for it.

It's not that Mercy was unattractive in any way. Just the opposite, actually. She was a perfect little 19-year old doll, although she sometimes was afraid that her hard dancer's body made her look much younger. But the age thing didn't seem to be the problem. Guys would drool all over her, feel up her firm little titties, put their hands into her hot pants and rub her clitty, but sooner or later they would try to slip a finger into her steamy little hole and the embarrassment would begin. Most guys couldn't even get a finger in. It was that tight. Mercy would try to relax and make sounds of enjoyment, even moan "MORE, PLEASE," but something about that incredibly tight little tunnel seemed to make them start thinking about putting their pants back on and going home. It also apparently made them lose her phone number, because none of them ever called for a second date.

One man had come fairly close. Mercy was grateful for the memory of that one, at least. It gave her a little hope that some day she would find someone willing and able to thrust a hard cock into her, rupture her hymen, and fuck her properly until they both came. They had met in the usual way, at a bar, and Mercy had noticed immediately that he had long, slim fingers that were perfectly manicured. She learned that he was a professional musician, and clearly he was very dexterous. She began imagining one of his long, slender fingers sliding into her hungry pussy and she knew she had to get him into her bed as soon as possible.

That turned out to be not at all difficult, and quite soon they were both naked in Mercy's bed, kissing frantically and running their hands all over each other's smooth, lean bodies. Mercy reached for his cock, which was hard and leaking already. She ran her hand down the length of it, and it was indeed long, perhaps somewhat frighteningly so for a virgin to contemplate. But Mercy was encouraged by the fact that it was also slender, like his beautiful fingers. Her heart raced as she began to imagine this slender cock sliding right into her.

Meanwhile he had found her cunning little pussy and was petting the pouty lips. He gently massaged her mound, letting his middle finger gather some moisture from her slit, which had become extremely slippery, before pressing slightly inward, separating her inner lips and grazing her clit. Mercy flinched and squealed in spite of herself, and of course this made him think that he had hurt her, which made him pull back, which then in turn made Mercy even more frustrated. She yanked him closer to her by her grip on his cock, and rubbed the velvety head hard against her stiff clitty, moaning her pleasure into his open mouth. She rubbed the underside of his cock head against her until she came, just a little ripple but a real orgasm just the same, and enough to cause her pussy to gush out its clear, sweet lubricant.

When she could catch her breath, she whispered, "I want your finger in me. Please?"

To her disappointment, he pulled away from her, but not for long. He slid down her body and positioned himself between her spread legs, where he began exploring her petite snatch with his tongue. "Your finger," she whispered again, urgently, when it appeared that he intended to concentrate only on her throbbing clitty. Obligingly, he gently inserted a fingertip into her hot opening, and began worming it into her a millimeter at a time.

It hurt a little, actually. But it also felt very good, and Mercy knew it would be even better once her tiny twat was stretched enough to take it easily. Mercy's body was wracked with hot and cold flashes as the finger invaded her virgin cunny, and time seemed to stand still. Eventually he was in up to the first knuckle, and Mercy began to squirm and moan in earnest, because it did hurt, but she definitely did not want it to stop. He kept pushing patiently, working his finger back and forth in tiny increments, penetrating a tiny bit deeper each time. Mercy distinctly felt his finger encounter her rubbery hymen, hesitate, then carefully begin to dilate it. She bucked her hips gently against the invading pressure, and felt the finger slide further into her until it was deep in her molten core. Mercy tried to get control of her breathing as she got used to the feeling of this invader in her pussy. She tried hard not to move, as she feared that it would dislodge this wonderful new visitor too soon, even though she felt rather like she was stuffed full enough to burst.

With his finger gently massaging Mercy's inner sanctum, he returned the attentions of his tongue to her clit. Mercy's pussy immediately went into a violent spasm as she came harder than she ever had before. She felt her muscular little cunt expand and contract in waves of exquisite pleasure, and she bucked and thrashed like a wild thing until she was spent and gasping.

Sadly, this tsunami expelled the lovely finger from Mercy's pussy, leaving her apparently extra-heavy-duty hymen stubbornly intact.

Mercy's lover held her tightly as she regained her composure, and she could feel him smiling in the dark, proud of himself for making her lose control. When Mercy could once again speak coherently, she whispered, "That was SO good. Now I want you to fuck me and make me come again that way."

He rose above her, parted her legs, and positioned his rigid cock at Mercy's tender opening. He pressed forward gently, and Mercy felt his hot cock head part her delicate inner lips. She urged him on and he pushed harder, but that mushroom head would not pop into her fully. And it hurt. This time it really did hurt. Determined to get it over with, Mercy grasped his long cock with both hands and tried to impale herself with it.

Unfortunately the grasp of her soft hands on his rigid tool was more than the man could take. Groaning in humiliation, he jetted his steamy load all over Mercy's little virgin cuntie.

Mercy spent the next hour trying to get him hard enough to fuck her. She milked all the cum from his softening cock, and let him watch her savor it thoroughly before swallowing it. She sucked him, slowly, quickly, and everything in between. She rubbed his cock across her perky nipples, and molded her firm titties around it while sucking naughtily on the still-leaking head. She even switched to the sixty-nine position long enough for him to make her come again, another little one, but his cock never got more than semi-hard. In desperation, she mounted him and tried to stuff at least his cock head into her pussy, but it would not go in.

Before midnight he had made some embarrassed excuses and left. He said he would call her, of course.

Three months later she was still waiting for that call.

Mercy had tried every approach she could think of. At first, she didn't tell her prospective lovers that she was a virgin. Of course they quickly found out that her pussy was too tight to accept even the average finger, and were annoyed with her for not telling them ahead of time. Usually they stayed long enough for a quick blow job, but then it was "Thanks baby, I'll call you sometime." And they were gone. Then she tried honesty up front. That REALLY didn't work. One guy told her, "I'd love to, you know, but if you're really a virgin it wouldn't be good for either of us..." Another suggested that she find someone with a "teeny weenie" to "break her in." Still another suggested that she practice with a dildo, and "quit telling guys that you're a virgin. It's a real downer."

So Mercy decided to give the dildo a try. She went a little overboard and ordered six different ones from an on-line store. She got the smallest ones they had, but they still looked huge in her delicate hands and, try as she might, she could not get any of them into her pussy. None of them felt at all realistic, for one thing. And none of them had a horny, sweaty man attached to it, filled with his lusty need to pump his hot spunk deep into her grasping snatch. And wasn't that the point of the whole exercise?

Mercy didn't have many girlfriends, and not any with whom she felt comfortable enough to discuss the size of her pussy. Then one evening, late, she found herself undressing in the gym locker room next to her friend Connie. Connie wasn't making any effort to conceal her body as she stripped down, and Mercy couldn't help noticing that the crotch of Connie's panties was soaked and that her thighs were slick with milky fluid nearly to her knees. Connie noticed Mercy's point of attention and giggled guiltily. "This guy fucked me in the laundry room this morning when I was on my way to work," she explained, blushing prettily. "And his, uh, stuff, is still draining out of my pussy. What a load he must have shot into me!"

Mercy gaped, now staring openly at Connie's cum-soaked crotch. She could see little globs of cum caught in the curly pubic hairs, and imagined that she could smell the slight odor of bleach and feminine musk combined. "Oh, yeah, I know how it is," Mercy murmured. But Mercy did not "know how it is." She didn't know at all, and that thought made her burst into tears.

"Oh, what's wrong, honey?" asked Connie, concerned with Mercy's unexpected outburst. Connie reached out to touch Mercy's hand, forgetting momentarily that they were both nearly naked in the otherwise deserted locker room.

"I wouldn't know "how it is" because I've never had a man's cum in my pussy," Mercy sobbed. "I want to know, but..."

"Oh, sweetie, you're just being responsible," Connie comforted her. "I guess you always ALWAYS make them use a rubber, which is what you should do. It's what I should do too, I know. But I'm such a slut I just can't resist it, sometimes. I should think with my head instead of my cunt, really I should."

"NOOOOoooooo...." Mercy howled. "I've never...with a rubber...or without...."

Connie gathered her into her arms comfortingly. "There, there, now...you mean, you've never...uh, never been fucked at all?" Mercy nodded against Connie's shoulder, still shuddering with sobs. "Maybe you really prefer girls?" Mercy shook her head vehemently. "I love guys! I love to suck their big cocks, and I always let them come in my mouth if they want to. And I so want them to fuck me, but they won't...." Her sobs intensified, and Connie rocked her in her arms.

"Maybe you should try eating pussy, just to make sure," Connie suggested hopefully. And before Mercy knew exactly what had happened she found herself with her head buried between Connie's slick thighs as Connie reclined on the cold locker room bench. Mercy really did not want to lick Connie's sweaty pussy, but Connie had been so nice, and she was right there already....Gingerly Mercy extended her tongue and traced it along Connie's drooling slit. The mixture of male and female cum was delicious, and Mercy began to lap at it like a kitten with a saucer of cream. Connie sighed and spread her legs further, allowing a fresh wad of cum to leak out of her cunt. Mercy lapped it up eagerly and pushed her tongue into Connie's slippery hole as far as she could. She then substituted a finger, pushing it easily into Connie's hot tunnel as she suckled gently on her clit. Before Connie came explosively, smearing Mercy's pretty face with second-hand spunk, Mercy had thoroughly explored Connie's pussy with two fingers and was considering trying to work in a third as well.

"It doesn't get any better than that," Connie gasped, giggling. "Now lie back and let me do you."

It didn't take Connie long to discover Mercy's problem. "Honey, you have a miniature pussy," Connie told her as she gently worked a slender finger into Mercy's hole. "You're going to have to either find a guy with a miniature dick or get some kind of surgery to open this thing up."

"Surgery!" Mercy squeaked, sitting up in surprise and dislodging Connie's probing finger. "I don't want some guy with a knife to..."

"Oh, it's no big deal," Connie told her. "In the old days the little rich bitches used to get a doctor to pop their cherries surgically so they didn't have to deal with a bloody mess on their wedding nights." Connie glanced at her watch and hurriedly began to dress. "Sorry, but I'm late for a dinner date, gotta run, maybe we can get together sometime...?" And she was out the door before Mercy got her thoughts together enough to realize that, once again, she had been dumped because of her tiny pussy. Back in her apartment, Mercy began despondently surfing the web, looking for some kind of "virgin surgeon." She really didn't know where to start, and had no luck until she stumbled on a web site labeled "Hymen Busters Inc." Her hopes rose as she read the brief listing, which appeared to offer a service called "termination of virginity" and suggested that she present herself for examination and assessment at an office downtown. With shaking hand she copied the address carefully onto a slip of paper. She would check this out. Absolutely. It was time to take positive steps.

The very next morning Mercy was standing in front of the listed address, which turned out to be a small, shabby office building in a rather dilapidated section of town. Mustering her courage, she entered the lobby and took the elevator to the third floor. Room 312...there it was. With pounding heart, Mercy pulled the unmarked door open. A lone receptionist sat behind a battered desk in a grimy waiting room. She had a telephone clamped between her shoulder and head and was filing her fingernails as she talked.

"Sign these," she whispered around the phone. "He'll be right with you."

Mercy took the stack of papers and signed her name in several places without really reading them. One paper said "Release and Waiver" and appeared to be some legal thing. She assumed that it was a standard medical release form, and was grateful that she hadn't had to explain her embarrassing situation to the clearly unconcerned receptionist.

As Mercy handed the paperwork back to the still talking receptionist, a man in a white lab coat entered through a back door and smiled at her. "Come with me and we'll get started," he told her. "Change into this hospital gown while we get the range."

"Get the range?" Mercy wondered as she undressed. "What on earth..." But the man, (doctor?) was now talking into a cell phone and was paying no attention to her.

His conversation finished, the Doctor told Mercy to lie down on the exam table and put her feet in the stirrups. He knelt between her spread legs and peered at her furry pussy. "Sweet!" he breathed. This seemed a bit unprofessional to Mercy, but she was too nervous to complain. The Doctor gently spread the folds of Mercy's pussy, and examined her tiny entrance hole.

"Did she check your ID?" he asked sternly.

Mercy shook her head miserably. Was she going to be rejected again?

"That lazy bitch!" the doctor muttered. "You got ID then? With you?"

"Yes," Mercy stammered. "My license is in my purse there."

The man rose to his feet and rummaged in Mercy's purse. Finding her driver's license he examined it carefully. "You're really 19?" he grumbled. "Coulda fooled me. But the license looks legal. Make sure that stupid whore gets a photocopy before you leave, OK?"

The Doctor took a shiny instrument from a wall cabinet and returned to his kneeling position between Mercy's thighs. "We'll just get a close-up shot here, then," he remarked as he patted Mercy's pussy. "We want a good tight shot when it's this pretty, don't we?" Mercy, already uneasy about this whole peculiar affair, nearly panicked.

"You mean you're taking pictures?" she squeaked. "Is that, uh, usual?"

"Just for your medical records," the Doctor smirked. "Federal regulations, you know."

Before Mercy could object further, he again spread her pussy lips with one hand and gently pushed the cold metal instrument against Mercy's entrance. She shivered as it slid into her. When he had it in place he fiddled with a knob that seemed to expand the device, opening Mercy's tight pussy a little more with each turn. She tried to look down between her breasts to see what he was doing, but could see nothing.

"Oh ho, you want to see too, don't you?" The Doctor chuckled. "Well you're in luck, because we have the technology." He reached up and pulled down a video screen so that Mercy could see it. There on the screen before Mercy's eyes was the image of her own little cunny, with a metal thing sticking out of it. Somehow the Doctor zoomed in even closer, and she could see how she was being opened up. The Doctor adjusted the knob even more, and Mercy began to feel an uncomfortably cold draft invading her body.

"And there's that sweet little maidenhead, all intact," the Doctor breathed as the picture zoomed in to focus on her hymen. He gently prodded it with his forefinger and Mercy flinched at his touch. When he touched her there it was almost like an electric shock. "Now we'll just open you up a little more, OK? Not too much. We don't want to break that thing now, do we?"

Mercy was completely bewildered. "I came here to get it broken!" she exclaimed.

"Of course you did, dear, but not just yet, OK? First we're going to stretch you out just a little more. Relax now...that's right. Good. See, I can put my finger right in there now. But you want to be able to take more than a finger, don't you. Of course you do."

After tweaking the knob a few more turns, the Doctor rose to his feet again, and, to Mercy's horror, dropped his white pants to reveal a very hard, thick cock. "We'll just check the size now," he murmured soothingly as he guided himself toward her expanded hole.

The door from the waiting area burst open and the receptionist leaned in. She had an excellent view of Mercy's exposed pussy but didn't waste a second glance. "I think there's been a mistake," she whined.

The Doctor turned to face her, still holding his rigid cock in one hand. "Dammit, Julie, how many times have I told you not to come in here when the red light is on? Now get the hell out."

Julie rolled her eyes theatrically. "I'm trying to tell you, that actress you scheduled for this morning just got here. She was late, and I just thought this other one was her, but obviously she's not, and anyway, I don't recall the script calling for you to fuck her."

The Doctor ground his teeth in frustration. "I'll have to try to work that other bitch in later. I've already got 15 minutes of really good footage on this one and I'm going to continue with her. SO GET OUT!"

As the Doctor turned back toward her, Mercy noticed that his cock had begun to wilt. Just her luck. He shook it once or twice, cursing, and tucked it back into his pants. "Alright, cut then. We'll have to go with what we got, and if someone doesn't remind me to fire that stupid bitch TODAY I'm going to fire all of you!"

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