tagLoving WivesA Present for My Wife

A Present for My Wife


We lay in the King-sized bed, side. The hotel room was exquisite and the smooth Egyptian cotton was cool and sensual on our skin. As suggested, Debbie wore a light silky cream top without a bra and tight red thongs. I wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We lay there in anticipation, holding hands.

At exactly 11am we heard a tap on the door. "Come in," I said, a little nervously. The door opened and the man walked in with a tray. "Good morning," he said. I saw Debbie's eyes light up and she squeezed my hand under the sheets and smiled.

He was young -- probably in his early 20s and shirtless with a finely-tuned chest and a hint of a six-pack. He had broad shoulders, which I knew she would like, medium length, well-groomed, wavy hair and brown eyes. He smiled as he walked round the bottom of our bed to Debbie's side. He had an apron around his waist and nothing on his feet. As he walked past I weighed up his naked muscular arse -- all the better for thrusting, I thought, my cock already twitching into life under the sheets.

He was carrying a tray with two glasses of champagne, which he placed carefully down on the bedside table next to my wife. He smiled at her and their eyes met. She squeezed my hand tightly under the bed and I reassured her with a reciprocal squeeze. He calmly leaned over and placed a glass on her bedside table. Then, he brought the other round to my side, giving my wife the opportunity to see his bare buttocks as he walked away from her, just as I had. She looked at them and I wondered whether she too was thinking about how powerful they were.

I thanked him as he placed the glass on my bedside table. He was perfectly presented, even the hairs on his chest seemed to have been groomed and he smelled clean and fresh. And he was clearly wearing nothing under his apron.

Our man walked back round to Debbie's side of the bed and stood there. The instructions had been quite clear. The woman could touch and do anything she liked with the man. She hesitated, still gripping my hand, before running her left hand round the back of his right thigh. He smiled reassuringly. She felt its firmness and then, moving her hand up, playfully squeezed his arse. Yes it was firm and muscular. He said nothing but allowed her to explore some more.

Her hand explored under his apron and stroked the inside of his left thigh. He sighed quietly in encouragement and moved a little closer. She let go of my hand and leaned across, both hands now on his young thighs and buttocks, stroking and feeling his muscles. I placed my hand on her arse which was turned towards me and beautifully round. She felt hot. She continued to stroke his legs and thighs for a while, not touching the apron hanging down his front. He put his hands gently on her shoulders and she shuddered as he did so.

Then she snuggled into his stomach, smelling him, feeling the soft hairs of his chest on her cheek. She was flushed already. She kissed him there instinctively, moving her lips in butterfly kisses up to his chest and then flicking her tongue around each of his nipples in turn. She was definitely getting into this now -- showing far less reticence than I had imagined now that her initial reserve had been dissolved. I continued to stroke her arse reassuringly. The big step was yet to come.

She let go of him with her right hand and reached round for mine, squeezing it again, wanting me to know that she was doing this for me and only with my approval and encouragement. Then she gingerly reached her left hand under the apron and her breathing suddenly stopped. She had found it. "It's huge," she whispered under her breath. "Show me," I replied.

She seemed reluctant to let her prize go. The man obliged by lifting up the apron. His cock hung down -- and he was certainly hung. It was long and thick and ever so slightly swollen, his head smooth and round, his balls tucked behind equally fulsome. And my wife's small hand was trying to grip the monster. Her fingers could hardly get round it and it wasn't even erect.

"Stroke him," I suggested, my voice almost choking. She ran her index finger slowly and sensuously down its length, like a child with a new toy. She was looking for a reaction, but the man didn't flinch. But under the bedcovers my own cock was stirring and thickening with every touch of his. She licked her finger and then very carefully and teasingly ran it around his cock head, moistening it, making it glisten. This time there was a visible reaction, and she giggled in pleasure at her achievement.

Next she cupped his ample balls to feel their size and weight. She seemed satisfied, returning to stroke his shaft with her fingers and then, as before, slide a finger gently across its bulbous head. Slowly but surely, he started to thicken and twitch and began to rise a little. I watched transfixed as my wife's hand stimulated another man's penis. By now I had a raging hard-on pressing against her back. She must have felt it, but all her attention was on her new plaything and the challenge of making it as hard as mine. I must say I admired his self-restraint.

He was smiling, his hands on Debbie's shoulders gently rubbing them in tune with her stroking. Again she licked her fingers in order to moisten and polish his growing and glistening head. Now she used both hands, one underneath squeezing his balls, the other stroking his shaft with her right hand. Soon his dick was horizontal - poking out and demanding even more attention. It really was big.

She grabbed it around its girth and stroked it more forcibly, wanking him now unashamedly. It was very thick now and a small circle of precum oozed tantalisingly for her out of his slit. She was growing more and more confident, realising what she was doing was having the desired effect, enjoying the control she was exercising and the pleased with the result of her work. She paused and looked at me for permission as she licked her lips. I knew what this meant and nodded, my heart racing.

My wife reached behind herself again for my hand and squeezed it. I felt on her fingers the moisture and heat from her stroking. His expanded cock was just above the horizontal, a string of precum dripping off his swollen end and making its way down onto the bed. That would never do, she would be thinking. So leaning forwards she stuck out her tongue and deftly, almost without touching, flicked the end of his cock, removing the errant liquid before returning her tongue to her mouth and smiling.

"You missed a bit," I lied, and she smiled, leaning back in, opening her mouth she gave him a better lick across his end. This time her tongue made full contact. His cock jerked and he flinched. He was losing some of his coolness now. Now Debbie was asserting control, and she was fully enjoying the tease.

With the next lick, she flicked underneath the end of his dick where the skin is sensitive. He flinched again in pleasure. Now he was leaning on her shoulders now for support. When she opened her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around the end of his cock, I knew it was all he could do to not thrust forward and fuck her mouth like a pussy.

I was in awe of his control, especially as I was painfully erect and leaking like a tap under the bedclothes -- not daring to move unless I came. She must have sensed this and pushed her arse back at me and I slipped a finger between her legs to test her arousal. She was absolutely flooding with juice and her lips were soft, hot and puffy. She was totally aroused. I wondered how close she was to cumming herself. And I knew she would be aching for a fuck very soon.

She wanted his thick cock. She started to lick up and down his thick, long shaft. Now he was very hard and upright. No more half-measures, he was fully erect and upstanding. Even I had to admit he had quite a specimen between his legs; hard, thick and a good seven inches long. She put her hands inside his thighs and prised them open a little. He got the hint and opened his legs allowing her better access to his balls. Still on the bed, she manoeuvred herself onto her back across the bed. I moved out of the way to the edge of my side of the bed. I grabbed the bedclothes to hide my leaking hard-on -- and tucked them around me.

Now, I was a spectator, a voyeur, transfixed by the erotic action in front of my eyes. Lying on her back, Debbie slid her head between his open legs and started to lick and suck on his balls from beneath. Her hands reaching round again to stoke his cock. She could not keep her hands off him.

She had thrown off the sheets and most of her inhibitions. Her nipples were hard and protruding through her top and her legs were splayed with her red thong exposed. The dampness was seeping through them from her aroused pussy. Her man could see all of this and she wanted to show him. She was starting to play the slut for him.

I wanted to touch her pussy but I no longer felt it was mine to touch. She was about to give herself to another, younger man. And as if to confirm this she rolled her top up and exposed her delicious ample tits to him. She squeezed them and smiled at him. The subtle hint was accepted.

Leaning forwards he placed his strong young hands on my wife's stomach and started to caress her. She squirmed and wriggled, enjoying another man's hands for the first time since we had been married. He was firm but gentle and experienced beyond his years. He stroked his hands up and down her body, each time closer to her delicious round breasts. Teasing her as she had teased him.

She had stopped playing with his cock whilst he did this, enjoying the attention and watching the stranger's hands on her body. Now they were stroking around the side of her breasts, then he dragged his fingers over her breasts, either side of her nipples. She closed her eyes in ecstasy.

She loved having her breasts played with. Finally, he rubbed his fingers over her swollen nipples and circled them. They were red and swollen with arousal. She moaned and squirmed and instinctively opened her legs. Her thong was soaked and tight, separating her pussy lips. She was turning into his wanton whore.

I watched, but I was now invisible to her. All of her attention was on him, and making him want her. Her head was now over the edge of the bed, underneath his balls. Her back was arched and her breasts freely and totally offered to him. He was taking ownership, playing with them with his firm hands. Happy now that she had his attention, she returned to work on his cock.

She sucked again on his balls, this time with more urgency. She wrapped her tongue and lips eagerly around his shaft, teasing the underside of his head. She wanted him in her mouth, so reaching up she pulled him down over her, positioning his cock at an accessible angle and his head closer to midriff. She grabbed his buttocks, pulling his cock down towards her face, sliding his hard thick member between her lips. The sight of my wife's mouth being penetrated by another man's cock was almost too much to bear. The rush of envy was overwhelmed by my arousal. I wanted him to thrust his meat into her mouth and down his throat.

Which is what he did, albeit more slowly and carefully than I would have wanted. His cock eased like a piston in and out of her mouth, each time going in deeper. Her lips were stretched, her jaw wide open. She was unable to breathe and was increasingly red in the face as she pushed her head back and forth in the rhythm of his thrusting. She was torn between the thrill of his thick cock fucking her mouth and the need to breathe. Eventually she had to release him and come up for air.

She sat up, turning to face me, her lips wet from his cock juices, a look of almost desperation on her face. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist and I knew that I had to let them. I half smiled, no longer feeling I had a choice. We were at the mercy of this situation we had designed and invited.

He was now sat on the edge of the bed. She lay back against his chest and I watched as his hands slid across her breasts and down her stomach. Then the fingers of his left hand eased slowly into her thong. The bastard had his hands in my wife's knickers and I didn't want to, wasn't able to, do anything about it. He was doing as he pleased and we were powerless to stop him.

I could see his fingers working inside her thong, his knuckles pushing down between her legs, between her lips. She sighed and lay back on his shoulder and I knew his finger was on her clit. She gasped as he touched her most intimate spot and looked up at him. She was loving this. She offered her lips to his and they kissed.

I think this shocked me more than anything. This was more than sex it was desire and lust. I wrapped the bed sheets around me, knowing that with a word I could stop it but unable to speak, fascinated by the boundaries being demolished one by one. She reached her hands round his neck and locked her lips more firmly on his. Her tongue was in his mouth and his fingers were thrusting deeper between her legs. I was sure a finger was forcing itself between her lips. Lips I knew so intimately, which only I had fucked since we were married, were being opened so easily by this stranger.

She opened her legs brazenly for him and now I could see. Her thongs pushed to one side revealed two fingers sunk inside my wife's pussy. He was finger fucking her and kissing her at the same time. I wanted to push him off and punch him, but I was paralysed and I was on the very verge of cumming.

Somehow without removing his fingers, he picked her up and turned her over, laying her out on the bed face down. Now I saw his cock again. It was even bigger than when she was licking it, if that were possible, red and soaked in precum. It was ready for only one thing. He rolled her thong down her legs in one movement and pushed her knees apart. I knew what was going to happen, it was inevitable.

Her left hand reached for mine under the bedclothes and he looked at me for a final assent. The first time I had been noticed since the beginning. I was frozen in the moment, but some part of me nodded. It was done. My beautiful wife was sprawled out on the bed. Her pussy was ready. I could smell her juices. She needed his cock. Holding her arms down, he placed his raging erection between her legs. His balls were hanging down, full of cum. His cock dripped in precum. He was ready.

As I stared at his magnificent member, he pushed it against my wife's desperate pussy. She gripped my hand tightly. He stretched her wide as he entered her. She shuddered and expressed a deep elongated groan, as she came immediately around his thick hard cock, cumming immediately in spasm after spasm on his very first thrust.

He eased in and out of her pussy. She didn't stop cumming. He was huge inside her. She lifted her arse up for him, and he fucked her harder with every inch of his insatiable, rampant cock. "Fuck me you fucker," she pleaded "fuck my hot tight cunt with your fat hot cock." I wasn't used to such language from her. He increased the thrusts, his strokes smooth and controlled, his cock oiled by her flowing juices. And she didn't stop cumming.

Then he slowed down his rhythm. She recognised what this meant. "Fill me up with cum lover," she said, in a suddenly controlled and commending voice. He groaned, losing control for the first time. His thrusting became erratic and desperate. Under the sheets, now in control again, she let go of my hand and searched for my cock.

He groaned and fucked her long, hard and deep one last time. "Yessssssss," he shouted and emptied his full load of cum into my wife's tight pussy hole. At exactly the same time her hand gripped my cock under the sheets and I spurted shot after shot of cum all over her hand and all over the sheets.

Afterwards he lay there for a while, his cock stuck inside of her. She had a deeply satisfied and blissful look on her face. She turned to me and smiled. "thank you, darling, that was wonderful." He kissed her one more time on her lips and eased himself out. My last vision of him was of his thick meat, still semi-erect, coated in my wife's pussy juices. He grabbed his apron and with a polite "thank you," was gone.

I looked at Debbie, still spread across the bed. I leaned forwards and looked at her pussy, still open and swollen. Cum was starting to ooze out onto the Egyptian sheets. The cum of the man who had just well and truly fucked my wife. "Happy birthday darling," I whispered as we reached for our champagne glasses.

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by Anonymous

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by col_lover09/08/18

Hubby is a good man

Getting your wife a present like that once a year is a good idea, only if you add your load as soon as old mate pulls out, to reclaim her.

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by col_lover09/08/18

Hubby is a good man.

Giving your wife a present like that was a fantastic thing to do. She should get one every birthday, and Hubby should always be ready to dump his load in the wife to reclaim her. 5*****

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