tagRomanceA Present of a Lifetime

A Present of a Lifetime


Surrounded by the happy bustle of the holiday, I smile, I joke, I laugh in all the appropriate places. Yet, over it all is a lingering ache, a yearning to be somewhere else. Lingering images of him overlay my thoughts, sometimes vividly catching me by surprise in the middle of activities, always there just below the surface. His voice floats in my mind, filling in his replies to my imagined questions.

Cradling the cup of coffee in trembling fingers, I inhale the aromatic fumes that float around my face and smile at my father, as he proudly models the hat I had knit him. As I lift my eyes, I once again catch a conspiratorial glance pass between my brothers, and brush it off as their excitement at managing to keep their present for our parents a secret this year.

Gradually, the floor beneath the tree became visible. Final packages are distributed and the requisite oohs and aahs uttered. Rising, I offer to help Mom with the meal. She thanks me for the offer, but says it is pretty much ready, just has to go in the oven to cook, and suggests I play some carols for her.

I laugh softly as I realize all my carol books are already spread over the beautiful old upright piano. Lifting the lid, I am overcome with wonder as always by the glittering spread of the keys. Without thought, I begin to pick out the notes of my favorite carol. A smile flickers across my face as I hear my father's mellow tenor blend with my own husky contralto.

Time seems to stand still as the warm melodies of the traditional songs flow through my body and out of my fingers. My floating hands articulate the surging ebb and flow of my emotions on this special day.

The light tap against my shoulder pulls me out of the musically induced trance and I turn to see my brother, a strange combination of guilt and excitement painted on his face. "Hey, I forgot my sweater at your house with my luggage. Would you mind going over to pick it up for me?"

Rising with a sigh, I roll my eyes as I say, "Yeah, cause it's such a long walk...."

Wrapping my scarf around my neck as I walk out the door, I let myself again wonder what he is doing across the sea. He had been strangely reticent to discuss his plans for the holiday, leaving me room to wonder about his activities today.

Turning into my driveway, I'm greeted by two dog paws planted in the middle of my chest, tumbling me back into the snow bank. Laughing and squirming out from under 45 pounds worth of wagging fur, I realize that I never leave her outside when I leave. Simultaneously, I realize that the lights are on in my living room as well. I shake my head, blaming my forgetfulness on my mother's very early morning phone call.


"Are you ever going to get up?"

"I'll be right there."

Throwing a stick for the dog, I slip my key into the lock. I let out a soft groan as it turns with no resistance, indicating my morning confusion had been complete, and I had forgotten to lock the door as well. Stepping inside, I peel off my jacket and decide to let the dog play outside for a few more minutes before putting her back inside.

Without looking, I toss my keys and jacket at the couch as I head toward the spare bedroom where my brother's luggage was stored. A muffled grunt stops me in my tracks as my hand reaches for the baseball bat I keep propped beside the front door. Pulling back the bat, I whirl around to confront the bastard who had the nerve to break into my house.

But, the bat drops from my fingers as the figure on the couch begins to rise, pushing tousled hair back from his face. My breath escapes me in a rush as his name slips from my lips. My feet propel me across the floor to stand before him. Trembling fingers lift to rest lightly on his chest.

In my confusion, the words come out in a hopeless jumble. "But how? When? You didn't say anything. Is it really you?"

His lips rest gently on mine for a moment, halting the tumbling flow of words. "Shush, wench, and I'll answer you." Drawing me against his chest, he begins to explain how my brother had used my computer while I was at work to get in touch with him. Arranging for a flight that arrived within a few hours of my other brother's flight so he could pick them both up at the same time.

His words flowed over me as I savoured the feel of his arms around me, one hand lightly stroking the length of my back and the other cradling the back of my head, his fingers tangled in my hair. My body fitting to his perfectly, as if this were the place I was made to be.

Tipping my head back, I rest my lips lightly against his as I whisper, "I love you so." My hands slip underneath his shirt to spread against the warm skin of his back. The kiss deepens naturally as building hunger sweeps through my body.

My hands begin to skim over his body, reassuring myself that this is not a dream, and I really have him here in my arms. Clothes fall away with every pass of my hands, baring his gorgeous body to my hungry eyes. A chill rushes over me as I realize his hands have been busy as well.

Melting against him, a low groan slips from my parted lips as warm skin meets skin. My nipples harden as my breasts are pressed tightly to his chest as his arms tighten reflexively around me.

My lips meet his in a kiss infused with love and desire, a heady combination. The tips of our tongues entwine in the timeless dance of lovers. Hands urgent, moulding our bodies together. The hard press of his cock sends fiery waves of lust skittering across my skin.

His hands press on my shoulders, laying me back on the couch. The rough texture of the cushions against my back unheeded as the heat of his mouth skims down the side of my neck. Nibbling, biting, enticing my senses with his touch.

The liquid heat of desire pools low in my belly as my body arches up to his touch. His tongue makes ticklish circles around my taught nipples. "Please, baby. Don't tease, I need you," is wrenched from me as his hands smooth over the flexing muscles of my stomach.

One finger slides slowly into my body as his lips enclose my nipple, sensation spearing through my body from one to the other. I can feel the pull of his mouth to my core as my pussy clenches down around his finger in wordless need.

His low moan vibrates against my chest as he slips his finger free and fits his hips between my parted thighs. The slow slide of his cock stretches me and fills me like no other. My legs wrap around his hips, holding him to me.

Our bodies so close, it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. A feeling of completeness closes about my heart like a steel band. As one, his hips and mine start to move, drawing apart only to surge back together again.

Husky words of love and passion spill from our mouths, incomprehensible to others, but oh so precious to us. My nails raking down the sensuously flexing muscles of his back as I strain up to meet him. His hands locked behind my head, to hold my mouth captive to the plunder of his tongue.

Coiled tension vibrates in the air around us as we both near the peak. Breathing grows harsh, and the frantic thrust of his hips speeds. My pussy clenches down around his cock as waves of sensation explode over me. With one last thrust, he buries himself completely within my trembling body and shudders as he is overcome by the force of his orgasm. Our low cries mingle between our lips as we become lost, one within the other.

Gradually, tortured breathing begins to slow as I snuggle up against his side. My eyes lazily drift shut, as I am held, safe within the circle of his arms. With a soft laugh, I mentally remind myself to thank my brothers for the best present I could ever have gotten.

With a start and a squeak, I nearly fall off the couch. "My brothers, my family....good god, Christmas dinner, everyone is waiting..." comes out in a breathless rush. I can feel my cheeks redden as realization sweeps over me.

With a low laugh, he looks up at me from half-closed eyes, an indulgent smile on his face. "Don't panic, sweetheart. They lied to you. Dinner isn't for another hour."

My green eyes glow as I glance at the clock, and then back at him. With an evil grin, I pull him up from the couch. "Perfect, then we have time for a shower first."

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