tagLoving WivesA Price Well Deserved

A Price Well Deserved


It was saturday afternoon and my mate Dave and I had been watching the game on T.V. while my wife Shelly had been pottering about doing the cleaning and keeping us supplied with cold beers.

The game had finished and Dave had looked through my wifes fitness videos and put one on starring that tennis girl Anna Kornikova.

"Phwoar! Check out the pussy on that," Dave said as he cracked open a can Shelly had brought over to him, "what I'd give for a flash of her pussy," he mused.

Shelly suddenly perked up and seemed to take an interest.

"What would you give?" she asked.

"Well, I'd give her 20 quid for a flash," he said.

"Twenty quid? for twenty quid you can pick up a girl from Kings Cross and screw her," Shelly said.

"Yeah, but this isn't some street whore," Dave reasoned, "this is Anna Kornikova, she's not gonna spread her legs for a twenty. I bet she's got such a sweet little slit, pouting puffy lips, just look at how tight that lycra is, what we need is a closer close up."

"John thinks I've got a nice pussy, don't you honey?" Shelly said, suddenly turning to me.

I had been quite happy listening to them but now they were both looking at me. I slugged my beer, "sure do sweetheart, prettiest pussy I've ever seen, that's for sure. She's got those short little puffy pouting lips you were on about, pink n sweet."

I winked at my wife.

Shelly is 7 years younger than me, still a teenager, well, only just; she's 20 next month, and she's a gorgeous girl. Blondish tinted hair, slightly curly and flowing to her shoulders, beautiful big blue eyes and a pretty face, pert and firm size b breasts with perfect nipples, gorgeous curves, a cute, perky bubble bum, great legs and little feet. She's gorgeous and I love her loads.

Shelly turned back to Dave, "What would you give for a flash of my pussy?" she asked.

Dave smiled, "well, you're a great looking girl, but I can hardly brag down the pub about seeing your pussy, they don't know you down there."

Shelly then stepped into the middle of the room and started to unbutton her jeans. I had to blink my eyes to make sure I was seeing straight as she sensually wriggled her hips and pushed her tight jeans over them and down to her ankles. She kicked her jeans off towards Dave and stood there in a tight, white half t-shirt and a tiny pair of skimpy, white lace panties that fit her very snugly.

He looked almost as shocked as I was but he was soon enjoying the show.

Shelly walked up to him and stood between his legs and as she pulled her panties up tight she said, "are you sure you wouldn't give me twenty quid for a flash of my pussy?"

Dave glanced at me but I was too stunned to say anything and too drunk to think straight, was my wife really offering to show her pussy to my mate?

"Well, ok then," Dave said with a grin, "I'll pay you for a flash of your hot little slit, but for twenty quid I wanna see your pretty tits aswell."

I heard Shelly giggle excitedly then she chirped, "ok," and Dave took out his wallet and put a twenty on the table beside him.

Shelly moved a little closer to him and put her hands on her hips, "there you go then Dave," she said, "you paid for it, it's all yours."

Dave sat up, bringing his face close to my wife's pussy, then placed his hands on her golden thighs and slid them up to her hips.

Shelly smiled that naughty smile I sometimes see, as Dave hooked his fingers into the elastic of her little panties and slowly slid them down to her knees, revealing her hot little pussy to his eyes.

She wriggled her legs to let them slip to the floor then said, "you have two minutes Dave, would you like me to pose for you?"

Dave just nodded as he feasted his eyes on her perfectly trimmed pussy and Shelly stepped back and took off her t-shirt in one go, showing us she wasn't wearing a bra as her perky breasts bounced free.

I could see that her nipples were swollen stiff as she started to push her pert round breasts together while she slowly swayed her hips in front of Dave. After bending over for him and putting herself in various saucy poses for what seemed like much longer than two minutes, she sat on the floor in front of him with her legs spread and her knees bent, putting her feet flat on the carpet as she leant back on one arm, making sure to push her perky tits out.

Shelly smiled sexily at Dave and asked, "well, do you think my pussy is as pretty as my husband says it is?" motioning me with her head.

Dave nodded, "yeah..it's fuckin gorgeous."

Shelly giggled and licked her finger, then ran it up her short little slit between her puffy pink lips and said, "are you sure all you want to do is look at it? add another twenty and I'll let you fuck me right here."

I was stunned.

"Make it fifty and you can take me upstairs and fuck me in private," she added.

I felt Dave glance at me.

"Oh, don't worry about him," she said, "he's been dying to have me fucked by another guy, he just won't admit it."

I could tell Dave was smiling widely even though I couldn't take my eyes off my wife, she looked so gorgeous, naked on the floor, offering herself to one of my friends. I have to admit, my cock was the hardest it's ever been.

Dave took two twenties and a tenner from his wallet, picked the twenty up off the table and dropped the notes over my wife as she giggled like a naughty school girl, saying "ok, lets do it then girl."

Shelly scooped up the money and stood up quickly, brimming with excitement, then skipped over to me and dropped the money in my lap with a wink, saying "you don't mind if your friend takes me upstairs to our bed to fuck me do you honey?."

"..er..no..I.." I stuttered and Shelly jumped up and down slightly as she giggled excitedly, then turned and held out her hand to Dave and said, "I'm paid for and all yours Dave."

He took her hand and she added, "will you take me to bed, you can do whatever you like, I'll obey you totally."

I watched as Dave lead my wife from the room, turning once to wink at me, and heard them go quickly up the stairs.

I sat in a bit of a daze, she was right though, I have fantasized about her being fucked by other guys, but I had no idea she knew that.

After I heard our bedroom door shut I crept up the stairs to listen at the door. My cock was rock hard as I heard my wife giggle and murmer and I imagined her on her knees in front of him as she took his cock out to suck it.

It went a bit quiet for a while until I heard a low moan from Dave and I knew she was giving him a great cock sucking.

I heard muffled talking for a bit, and I think I made out Shelly telling Dave what a beautiful big cock he has, then I heard that gasping sigh my wife makes when her pussy is first entered and I knew he had started to fuck her.

I listened for a bit longer, hearing my wife begin to start panting on his cock, then I left them and crept back downstairs. Shelly seemed to want to have her fun in private so I left them to it.

It was over an hour before they came back down, and Dave soon made his excuses and left, with Shelly giving him a deep kiss before she showed him out.

She came back in, still naked, her eyes glazed from the satisfaction of her orgasms. She said she wanted me to see how wonderfully sated she was by my friend, and standing in front of me she let me see his cum trickling from her pussy to her thighs.

I asked her to tell me everything about what they did and how good it was but she took my hand and said, "come on," and pulled at my arm to get me to stand up, "if you want that money I've made for you, you have to do something for me aswell." I laughed a little, only too happy to make her cum again.

She pulled at my arm, and headed for our bedroom. After shutting the door I asked what she wanted me to do and why Dave had left so soon.

Shelly pulled me onto the bed and kissed me deeply then said, "He was feeling a little embarassed, so I said he could go, as long as he promised to come back in a few days. I said he can have me for free next time, I only charged him money 'cause it turned me on to be like a paid slut, and I couldn't back out either 'cause he'd paid money for me."

"What did you two do, tell me everything," I said and Shelly pushed at my shoulders as she straddled me, then she gripped my rock hard shaft and slid her slippery wet pussy down onto it, and began to ride my cock as she excitedly told me every detail.

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