tagRomanceA Private Dance Ch. 04

A Private Dance Ch. 04


David wanted nothing more than to spend another night with Miranda, at her place or his. He didn't care as long as they were together. From the moment he saw her, David felt an instant attraction to Miranda that was more than physical. He felt they had connected on another level, one that transcended the amazing sex they had the night before yet heightened their lovemaking. Yes, David wanted nothing more than to spend another night with Miranda, but he needed to get things straight with her first.

"Miranda," David started as he held her hand at the table, "Last night was incredible and I'd love to spend tonight with you, but don't you think we should talk about this?"

"Talk about what?" Miranda asked.

"About the whole situation," David replied. "You have to admit. It's not your normal relationship."

"What's normal these days?" Miranda countered.

"Well," David answered, "I don't consider a billionaire hooking up with a male stripper exactly orthodox, do you?"

Miranda leaned over and kissed David's lips softly before she answered. "David, I don't care what you do for a living, where you live, where you came from, or what you did in the past. All I care about is where we go from here. I need you to understand where I'm coming from so hear me out before you make any decisions, OK?"

David began to protest, "Miranda, I kind of know where..."

"Let me finish, David, then you can say whatever you want," Miranda interrupted him then continued. "I know exactly who you are, David Andrews. You live in a studio apartment on Tarry Lane. It's one of the buildings Earl Everest owns, if I'm not mistaken. You've worked at Maxxy's, owned by one Max Devlin, for five years now, the last two as one of the feature performers on the weekends. Your parents live in Columbus, Ohio and you have a married sister who lives in Ann Arbor with her husband and two children, twin girls." Miranda slid from her chair next to David then set herself in his lap and draped her arms around his neck. "And, most importantly, you are here now having breakfast with me after an incredible night. One that I desperately needed, even if I didn't want to admit it. And I hope to have many more with you."

David sat dumbfounded at Miranda's knowledge of his life as she laid her head on his shoulder and kissed his stubbly cheek below his ear. "Miranda, how did you...? I mean, how could you know all that in just one...?"

Miranda lifted her head off David's shoulder and spoke loudly to the room, "Alexa, information on David Andrews, employee at Maxxy's nightclub, in Gravel City, Michigan."

Just like the night before when Miranda recalled the song that David danced to, the female computer voice echoed through the room, "David Andrews, lives at 1427 Tarry Lane, Apartment 12, Gravel City, Michigan, currently employed at Maxxy's nightclub since October 18, 2013. Parents are Benjamin and Julie Andrews, 883 Cloverfield Drive, Columbus, Ohio. One sibling, Danielle Walker, lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Gregory Walker, married April 9, 2011, and two children, Ariel and Holly, born..."

"Alexa, discontinue." Miranda said. "The whole house is hooked to a very powerful computer that I control through Alexa. It makes multitasking easier when you want to know something about someone and your hands are busy scrambling eggs." She placed her head back on David's shoulder, "And I pay a lot of money so that I have the resources to know things about people I do business with." Miranda then looked David in the eye and kissed him once more, "And who I want to spend time with and possibly have a relationship."

"But that's just vital statistics, Miranda." David countered. "I'm sure if you dug deep enough you'd find my immunization record too. But it doesn't tell you anything about the real David Andrews. I don't know anything about the real Miranda Mason either, just what I read in the newspapers and online." He brushed her cheek with his fingers then tapped his index fingers twice to her lips, "And what I found out for myself last night..." David shot her a quick wink and another of his million-dollar smiles. Miranda could feel her insides flip-flop again and she began to moisten at his grin.

"I'll tell you anything you want to know about me, David," Miranda told him, "but not right now. Right now, I'd like a shower," Miranda then swung her leg over David's middle so that she was straddling his lap, her ever-dampening pussy leaving a trail of her natural lubricant on the front of his light blue pajama bottoms, "And I have a spot on my back just below my shoulder blades that I can never quite reach. Wanna help me scrub it?" It was her turn to shoot David a wink and a smile.

"Just let me get my loofah," he said as he picked her up and carried her out of the dining room. Miranda wrapped her legs around David's middle and kissed his lips as he carried her to the gigantic bathroom for a steamy shower.


Max Devlin sat at his desk, a typical Neanderthal business owner with a bad comb-over for a hair-do, sweat stained white button-up shirt with an even worse stained wife-beater underneath, and a stub of cigar clamped between his teeth at the left corner of his mouth. Max always came into the office at seven in the morning to check the nightly receipts before taking the previous day's haul to the bank. Saturdays were his favorite mornings to come in. That's when the big cash rolled through the club. The single horny women in Gravel City never failed to disappoint Max and the stack of bills on his desk this morning testified to that fact. Yes, Saturday was Max Devlin's favorite day of the week, but this Saturday he was troubled by some disturbing news about one of his dancers.

"Leslie!" Max yelled through his office door to his lobby where his assistant and receptionist, Leslie Hodges, sat at her tiny desk double-checking the bi-weekly payroll. She flinched in her chair when her boss screamed her name. Max yelled for Leslie so often that she marveled at her jumpiness every time he beckoned her to his office. Leslie stood and smoothed her black pencil skirt and purple satin shirt, the top three buttons undone so that her top generously showed her ample breasts and cleavage. Max insisted that she dress provocatively, and Leslie didn't complain much. Max paid her well to take care of the details at the club, so she didn't mind showing a little skin for her lecherous employer.

"Leslie, why the cluck did David leave early last night?!" Leslie always chuckled internally at her gruff boss' inability to say the word Fuck. As big and burly and, yes, downright nasty as Max Devlin was, he refused to use that word. He had told Leslie that his dear departed saint of a mother had forbidden that word in her house and Max had carried it over to not only his home but his place of business also.

"I don't know, Mr. Devlin," Leslie responded. "I left before the show started last night." Duh! She thought. Like she would have been here that late on a Friday. Leslie may have started as a dancer at Maxxy's, but she quickly worked her way off the stage and into the main office. After doing her time in the club nearly naked until 2am, Leslie had no desire to hang around after 5pm, no matter how much Max paid her.

"Look at this receipt, Leslie." Max said to his assistant. He purposely laid it on his edge of the desk so that Leslie would have to bend over to see it and show off even more of her large tits, held barely in check by a lacey black bra. Leslie sighed slightly then placed her hands on the tabletop and bent over the desk to look at the paper. "Do you know whose signature that is on that receipt?" Not waiting for a reply, Max continued. "Miranda Mason, that's who! The wealthiest person in this clucking town comes in to my club last night, stays for less than an hour, then leaves and takes one of my best money makers with her!"

Max reached into his top desk drawer and produced a television remote. He pushed a few buttons then an image appeared on the flat screen TV on the far wall of the office. The time index on the video showed 9:47pm. The illuminated parking lot showed a woman standing next to a black limousine talking to a man in a leather jacket. Leslie knew that the man was, indeed, David Andrews. She'd know David anywhere, as she'd been secretly in love with him since the day she laid eyes on him in the club; he a new bartender and she one of the topless dancers working the crowd for dollar bills.

The video then showed the woman getting into the limousine and David following on his motorcycle as the black stretch car sped away. Max punched the STOP button on the remote then replaced it in the desk drawer. "So, Miranda Mason decided to come out of hiding and steals one of MY dancers for her personal pleasure?!" At this rhetorical question, Max slammed his fist down on his desk, causing Leslie to jump once again. "Leslie, get David on the phone and get him in here so he can explain himself!" Max looked at the metal tips on his cowboy boots as Leslie left to call the errant stripper. Max hadn't given a Silver Boot in a long time. David better have a damn good excuse and a cut of whatever that Mason woman paid him, or he may need Leslie to get him some silver polish for later.


David didn't hear his cell phone ring when Leslie called to warn him about Max's impending wrath. As Max Devlin was contemplating shining his boots, David and Miranda were enjoying a sweltering mid-morning shower. A cloud of steam greeted the new lovers in the enormous stall as Miranda had asked Alexa to start the shower in the second-floor bathroom ten minutes prior. David helped Miranda out of her nightie and Miranda returned the favor by removing David's borrowed pajamas. The nude duo entered the shower through the swinging glass door and beads of mist collected on their bare skin. David put his arms around Miranda and guided her under the sprinkling water from the shower head. The two kissed passionately as the hot water cascaded over their naked forms, washing away the sweat and fluids from the previous night's activities.

Miranda reached above her and took a bottle of body wash from one of the many shelves in the stall. She squeezed out a generous portion of the soap and began to lather David's body slowly and methodically. Miranda focused her washing on David's growing cock and ran her lathered hands up and down his wet member until he was completely erect. She took the showerhead from its cradle and rinsed David of the soapsuds covering his body then kneeled on the tile floor and took his rock-hard shaft into her mouth. David leaned against the stone wall and moaned slightly as Miranda slipped his dick in and out of her hot mouth, her tongue circling his sensitive head and foreskin.

Before he could blow his load down her throat, David backed up and removed Miranda from his protruding cock. He stood her back up then replaced the showerhead in its holder. David returned the favor and washed Miranda with the fragrant body wash then rinsed her completely. His hands found her pink slit and he began to work her clit with his forefinger and thumb. David ran his other hand over her fuzzy mound, then quickly removed both hands from Miranda's middle. David searched the shower shelves until he found what he was looking for then walked Miranda back a few steps so that they both were out of the spray of the showerhead.

David pulled Miranda to his body so that his rigid pud was nestled sweetly in the crack of her wet ass. Miranda heard a schussing sound then felt a creaminess over her excited pussy. David had found her can of shaving gel and was spreading the viscous fluid across her mons creating a white lather. David then produced Miranda's pink-handled razor and placed the shaving head to her puffy lower lips.

"Don't worry," David whispered in her ear, "I have very steady hands."

"I trust you." Miranda replied softly and closed her eyes. David moved the razor up her pussy and expertly began to remove the light brown hair that covered the area above Miranda's opening. Slow and even strokes left Miranda's pussy bare and smooth to the touch. David sat Miranda down on the stone bench at the far side of the shower stall and spread her legs wide. He squirted another dollop of shaving gel on his hands then worked the lather around and under Miranda's pink slit. More smooth strokes of the razor left Miranda's entire private area hairless and silky to the touch.

Miranda opened her eyes when she felt the swipe of David's tongue run up from just above her rosebud anus to her quivering clit. She gasped then looked down at David's handiwork. His razor skills rivaled some of the expensive wax treatments Miranda had done in the past, and his aftercare was much more thorough as he continued to run his tongue over her gash and hot nub. Miranda knew that she wouldn't last long if David kept up his oral assault, but she didn't protest. When David plunged two fingers into her slick tunnel and found her fibrous G-spot once more, Miranda immediately cried out then involuntarily clamped her pussy muscles on his probing digits. Miranda's skin flashed red as her fourth orgasm in the last eight hours sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

As she caught her breath, Miranda brought David to her mouth and kissed him as he lined up his stiff rod to dive into her folds. David glided into Miranda and sent her gasping for air again as his hard cock filled her to her limit. Miranda placed her feet on David's chest then put her back against the wall of the stone shower, bracing herself for her lover's pounding.

"Fuck me, David!" Miranda said breathlessly. "We made love last night but today I want you to fuck me!"

David didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed Miranda's thighs and began pulling her into his crotch as he thrust forward. The combined force created a slapping noise as their bodies met. Miranda heard another noise that sounded like howling, then realized it was her own moans of passion echoing through the enclosed shower. David lifted Miranda off the stone bench and placed her on her hands and knees on the shower floor. He came up behind her and put his hands on her hips then slammed his length deep inside her. Miranda wailed her pleasure once more as David plowed his dick into her inviting snatch. As her second orgasm of the young morning took hold of her, Miranda slapped her hand on the wet stone floor and threw her head back as her loudest scream of pleasure escaped her gaping mouth.

David grabbed Miranda by her short blonde hair and brought her head back farther so that she was looking him in the eye, albeit upside down. He spoke, his voice husky as if weighted down by the fluids building up inside him. "You want me to cum in you, don't you?!" he rasped as his cock continued to slam into her tender slit.

"Yes!" Miranda cried as David held her by her wet hair. "Cum in me, David! I want to feel you cum in me now!"

At her affirmation, David felt his heavy balls jump in his sack and begin to pump. He unleashed a massive load of his hot ejaculate splashing against Miranda's cervix. David thrust once more into Miranda then held his spasming cock inside her gripping cunt. He brought Miranda's face back to his and kissed her as he continued to fill her with his breeding juices. David finished unleashing his seed into Miranda then both lovers collapsed to the shower floor, the warm water from the shower head washing their combined fluids off their bodies and circling the drain as it disappeared.


After washing again, Miranda and David returned to the spare bedroom where they had made love the night before. Miranda had David's clothes cleaned and brought to the room along with an outfit for herself. As they dressed, David reached into his jacket to check his phone for messages. He saw that he had missed a call while he and Miranda were showering. David didn't have to look at the name on the call, he knew the number well.

"Is something wrong?" Miranda asked, noticing the frown on David's face.

"I missed a call from work about an hour ago." David answered.

"Do they normally call you at eight in the morning on Saturday?" Miranda asked him, becoming more concerned.

"They're probably calling to see why I left early last night," David confessed.

"Y-you left early last night?" Miranda questioned David. "I thought you were finished with work when we met up in the parking lot?"

"Well," David confessed, "not quite. I had one of the other guys fill in for me the rest of the night." David decided to come clean with everything. "Miranda, when I saw you get out of your limo last night I couldn't take my eyes off you. It was no coincidence when we bumped into each other in the entrance of the club. I had to meet you. Like I said before, I can't explain it, but I knew I had to meet you."

Miranda's face went slack as she stared at David. "So, you saw the limo and figured I had money, so you left work early to seduce me? To try to make a few bucks on the side by fucking a lonely rich widow?!" she shouted at David, angered at his perceived deception.

Miranda, it's not like that." David tried to explain his actions to her, but Miranda wouldn't listen. "I would never try to..."

"Just get out!" Miranda shouted, interrupting David's explanation. She had no intention of hearing him out. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a stack of hundred-dollar bills. "Here's what you really came for!" Miranda threw the bundle at David then opened the door. David caught the wad of money before it hit him in the chest. "Now go before I decide to let Anthony do what he wanted to do to you last night!" Miranda had tears running down her face as she pointed to the door.

David held the money in his hand as he looked at Miranda but said nothing as he grabbed his helmet and walked through the bedroom door and down the stairs to the front door. He heard the slamming of the bedroom door then the click of the front door knob unlatching. Anthony was at the front entrance glaring at him. He held the door open as David walked through.

"You heard her, boy," Anthony said, tensed up and ready to strike at the first back-sass from David. "Don't you ever let me catch you near her again, you hear?"

David stopped on the first step then turned to face Anthony. "Would you please give her this?" David placed the stack of cash in Anthony's large hand then quickly made his way down the steps to his Honda. The bike fired as it always did, and David put his helmet on then sped down the driveway and through the open iron gate. Anthony watched as David left then stuffed the money in his pants pocket. Miranda watched David leave the estate from the window of the master bedroom but missed the exchange of money from David to Anthony a minute before the motorcycle sped off. Anthony walked back into the house and closed the oversized front door, happy that things would be getting back to normal.


David throttled his motorcycle as fast as it would go down Old Gravel River Road until he came to the corner of Old GR and Wilmont Avenue. He pulled into the gas station on the corner and shut the engine off as he coasted through the parking lot. David pulled his helmet off his head as the bike stopped and screamed, "Damnit!!" to the cloudy April sky. He hadn't had time to get her cell phone number or giver her his, and there was no way he could go back to the house now, not with Anthony laying in wait for him to slip up. In the end, David decided to go back to his apartment then call the office back to see if he could smooth things out with Max and keep his job.

When he returned to his apartment building and climbed the stairs to his floor, David saw that his fifty-something neighbor, Lynette, was waiting outside her door for him, wearing a nearly see-through multi-colored wrap that reminded him of something Samantha might wear on Bewitched and a pair of cheap plastic pink heels.

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