tagRomanceA Private Dance Ch. 06

A Private Dance Ch. 06


David stepped in front of Leslie to protect her from the intruders in her house. "Anthony?" David said to the large black man, puzzled by his and the blonde woman's appearance in Leslie's doorway. "Why are you here?"

"We're here, "the blonde woman spoke as she stared hatefully at David, "to get a little payback for what you did to Miranda."

"For what I did?" David questioned. "What do you mean? I didn't do anything to Miranda that she didn't want to happen. In fact, it was all her idea. And who are you?"

"I'm Miranda's friend, Jessie." The woman answered. "So, it was all Miranda's idea for you to con a lonely widow out of some money with a little sexy dancing and tawdry sex?!"

"David," Leslie said as she turned him around to face her, "is that what happened last night? Did you take that woman's money for sex?"

"Of course, he did!" Jessie responded before David could answer. "And you're probably in on it too, you little bitch!"

"Listen, lady," Leslie said, her voice stern, "don't come into my house and accuse me or my friend of things when you don't know the whole story. And you'd best watch that 'bitch' talk to before you get my Irish up!" The fiery red head took a step toward Leslie before David stopped her.

"Hold on, Leslie," David said as he pulled her back behind him. "Jessie, I didn't take the money that Miranda gave me." Jessie stared in disbelief at David. David turned and addressed Jessie's companion. "Anthony, tell her I didn't take the money."

Anthony said nothing, just stood staring at David and Leslie. Jessie looked at Anthony then looked at the bulge in his pants pocket. Before Anthony could protest, Jessie reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of hundred-dollar bills.

"Anthony?" Jessie said as she looked at the large man. "You told me he took the money? Why would you lie about it? And why didn't you tell Miranda?"

"I swore to Mr. Mason that I would protect Mrs. Mason from any threats that may arise and that's what I did." Anthony stated proudly. He stood silent for a moment then sagged his shoulders and put his head down. "Or that's what I thought anyway... David, please forgive me. My loyalty got the best of me and I went too far..."

David let out a breath of relief as he realized the large bodyguard would not destroy him that day. "I understand, Anthony. And I want the best for Miranda also, even if she does hate me."

Jessie took a step toward David and laid her hand on his arm. "She doesn't hate you, David. Just the opposite." She said. "Now, we should go clear all this up with her. Please forgive us, David. And you too, Leslie."

They all stood in silence for a moment until the chirp on Anthony's cell phone broke the hush. "It's Mrs. Mason." Anthony told the group. "Hello, Mrs. Mason. Sorry I've been gone so long but..." Anthony was interrupted by an ear-piercing scream, "ANTHONY!!! HELP!!!" Then the sound of flesh hitting flesh and a soft whimper of pain came through the cell phone's speaker.

"Mrs. Mason!!!" Anthony yelled into the phone. The next sound through the phone was a man's voice.

"Hello, Anthony, is it?" the voice asked. Anthony strained to hear through a loud background noise on the other end. Without waiting for an answer, the voice continued. "This is Louis LaChance. Your employer and I have been getting acquainted for the past couple hours. She has some information that I need but is reluctant to give me what I want. Therefore, I'm going to ask you on her behalf: Where is David Andrews?"

Before Anthony could speak, David rushed forward and grabbed the phone. "Louie, you son of a bitch, I'm right here! You leave Miranda alone, you hear me?!"

"Mr. Andrews!" Louie replied. "What a pleasant surprise! I trust you have the money you owe me. Mrs. Mason, although not forthcoming with your location, did tell us that she gave you a substantial amount of cash this morning. I'd like it, please."

"Fine, Louie," David answered, "you can have the fucking money, just let Miranda go!"

"Well," Louie continued through the annoying background noise, "since I have Mrs. Mason with me, I think my demand for repayment just went up. One million from Mrs. Mason's account will suffice. By 9pm tonight. I will call back with the location for drop off with my associate. And, David?" Louie concluded, "don't think about trying anything foolish or she may find out why people call me by that awful nickname."

David looked at Anthony and Jessie as the phone went silent. "What do we do?"

Jessie, with tears running down her face, answered first, "We have to do what he says. Lord knows what he'll do to her."

As the quartet pondered their next move, Anthony's cell phone chirped a different tone.

"Is that him?" David asked.

"No," Anthony replied, "just a weather alert. The Gravel River is cresting and the rapids are running fast." Anthony looked up wide-eyed from his phone and grinned. "I know where he has her!"

"Where?!" David asked walking toward Anthony.

"Not far from the mansion." Anthony replied. "Come on," he motioned to the other three. "It's 6pm now. We have to work fast if we're going to save Mrs. Mason."

David turned to Leslie, "You'd better stay here. This could get ugly."

"No way!" Leslie replied. "I'm going to help you nail that bastard Louie. I can't prove it but I think he killed Max."

"OK," David responded. "Let's roll."


Miranda sat tied to an old chair in the middle of a damp musty room. Still blindfolded, she had no idea where she was being held, but she knew it wasn't far from the mansion. Miranda ticked off the minutes in her head during the car ride when Louie and his goon tied her up then put her in the backseat and figured she was no more than ten minutes from home. But where exactly she had been taken was a mystery. Miranda had tried to feel the turns but lost track after the car felt like it had zig-zagged a few times. Never good with directions, she was hopelessly lost.

She knew she was near the river though. Miranda could hear the sound of the rapids rushing, but it was of little consolation. The Gravel River cut a wide swath through the town, so she could be nearly anywhere in town and hear the rushing water. Still, the smell and the feel of the room reminded her of something. It reminded her of someone. It reminded her of Allen...


May 2010

"Allen, this is not my idea of romantic!" Miranda chastised her boyfriend when he brought her to the fishing shack a mile or so behind the enormous Mason home. She and Allen were soaked from the near-torrential rain pummeling the area and they ran to the dilapidated structure for some shelter. The ramshackle construct smelled as bad as it looked. Made from wood that Miranda surmised came from the covered wagons that Allen's forefathers had traveled to Michigan in, rays of light poked through the cracks in the roof along with drops of water from the downpour. Two old wood chairs sat on either end of a small table caked with dried fish scales and blood from the century's worth of catches from the river. Miranda stood just inside the doorway, afraid of what else she might see if she entered any further into the sorry looking shed.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" Allen asked his soaked girlfriend. "You keep saying I never take you anywhere, and now that you've graduated college, we can start experiencing new locales!" He kidded Miranda, who stood shivering in the rickety arch of the doorway, chilled to the bone by the spring cloudburst.

"I was hoping for something a little more exotic," Miranda answered her joking mate through chattering teeth. "Didn't you say something about taking me to Belize if I graduated top ten?" Miranda had actually graduated top five in her class at Western Michigan University two weeks prior. "Does this look like Central America to you?"

"We have the rest of our lives to travel to Belize and other places," Allen responded. "But this place is special..."

"Special isn't the word I would use to describe this place," Miranda said as a shiver overtook her body and she involuntarily spasmed. "But if it's special to you then it's special to me too, dear."

Allen walked to Miranda and took her shivering body into his arms. "It's special to me because my grandfather brought me here when I was seven and took me fishing for the first time. He didn't get a lot of free time from the business, but when he did, he chose to spend that time with me. And most of those times, we'd end up here. He taught me how to bait hooks and cast lines then how to clean the fish after we caught them. We even cooked a few right outside the door over an open fire." Allen paused for a moment as he stifled his tears. "When I lost him last year, I felt a big part of myself was lost as well. But then I came here, and the memories came rushing back and I felt... well, I felt better. Better about his passing, knowing he wasn't in pain anymore. And it made me re-focus and realize what I want out of my life."

Allen unzipped the backpack he'd brought with them and pulled out two blankets. He wrapped one around Miranda's body, still shaking from her rain-soaked chills, then laid the other on the floor in front of them. The third item he produced from the knapsack was a small white box.

"And what I want out of life," Allen continued as he dropped to one knee, "is you. Miranda Danvers, will you marry me?"

Miranda gasped as Allen knelt before her and opened the jewelry box. Inside the box was a stunning 3-carat diamond engagement ring that glistened from the light shining through the cracks of the old fishing shack. Her tears flowed as Allen placed the ring on her finger. There was no doubt about her answer as she shouted loud enough to rattle the fragile rafters.

"Yes, Allen!" Miranda cried as Allen rose back to his feet. "Yes, oh, yes, baby! I love you so much!" The newly engaged couple kissed as the storm raged outside the rundown shed. They broke their lip lock then embraced in the middle of the room. Allen's hands found the rounds of Miranda's sexy ass and he caressed her butt through her wet slacks.

Miranda stepped back slightly so that she could look into her fiancé's eyes. Her hand trailed down the front of his soaked shirt and came to rest on the front of his jeans where his zipper poked out from his growing bulge.

"I think I should give you something now, since I just got something..." Miranda stated as she unbuttoned her water-logged white shirt, revealing a red lace bra barely holding her delicious breasts in check. She then slipped the black slacks from her hips until they pooled on the floor around her feet. Her thong matched her bra in material and color and she was a vision of desire in wet skimpy red lace. Miranda helped Allen out of his drenched T-shirt then released the pressure on the zipper of his Levi's. She pulled the damp jeans and boxer briefs from Allen's lower half until he stood naked before her, his hardening cock pointing perpendicular to his lanky frame.

Allen unhooked the clasp on Miranda's crimson bra then slipped it from her shoulders, exposing her light pink nipples to the evening air in the shack. The cold and damp had made her nipples poke out erect and Allen sucked one into his mouth and rolled his tongue around Miranda's half-dollar sized areola. He returned the favor to her other nipple and greedily sucked and nibbled. Miranda seized Allen's hard dick and began to pump his shaft as they stood together.

Miranda moved back slightly, breaking the suction of Allen's mouth on her nipple, then slipped her thong off her womanly hips until it joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. Miranda knelt in front of Allen then took his erect cock into her mouth and began to bob her head on his stiff dong. Allen leaned back slightly and let out a soft moan as Miranda's tongue went to work on his sensitive foreskin. Her hot mouth encased Allen's cock and bathed it in her sweet saliva, causing his pre-cum to leak from the tip of his dick and coat Miranda's tastebuds with its salty flavor.

Miranda continued her assault on Allen's hard pecker, running her tongue up from the base then twirling around his purple head when she reached the top, then back down to the base as far as her throat would allow. When Miranda reached up and caressed Allen's scrotum, he could hold out no longer. His balls jumped in his skin pouch then sent his fluid rushing through his rigid pud. His load splashed against the back of Miranda's throat and tonsils and she swallowed as fast as she could, eager to take every drop of her lover's offering.

Allen moaned loudly as the orgasm ripped through his temporarily paralyzed body. He spewed forth rope after rope of cum into his bride-to-be's mouth as she knelt before him, a sacrifice to him as a virgin to an enraged volcano. As his pleasure subsided, Miranda released his shrinking member from its capture in her moist maw then stood to face him.

"I know that doesn't make up for the gift you gave me," Miranda said as she licked Allen's remaining fluids from her lips, "but I promise to show you how much I love you every day of our lives in any way you desire." She once more embraced her lover then stooped to pick her clothes up from the floor.

"Hold on," Allen said as he stopped her from gathering her things. "We're not finished yet." He took Miranda's hand then opened the flimsy door on the fishing shack. Night had begun to creep across the horizon, but no stars were visible as the rain continued to fall in sheets from the dark cloud-filled sky. The couple walked into the downpour, he confident, she reluctant. Allen walked Miranda toward the riverbank then laid her on her back in the wet grass by the flowing water. Although she should have been shivering more, Miranda felt instant warmth when Allen laid on the grass with her and placed his head between her parted legs and his mouth over her drenched pussy. He sucked both rainwater and his lover's moistness from her pink slit as his tongue flicked wildly around and over her engorged clit.

Miranda, propped on her elbows in the soft ground by the river, looked on glossy-eyed as Allen expertly attacked her throbbing snatch with his lips and tongue. As the rainstorm continued, Allen quickened his pace with his lashing tongue on Miranda's buzzing nub then plunged two fingers into her dripping gash. His fingertips found her fibrous G-Spot and he wiggled his digits back and forth on her ridges until her walls clamped down and trapped his fingers inside her. Allen felt the suction on his hand as Miranda began to convulse in sweet erotic passion. He could taste Miranda's deliciousness as her emissions overflowed from her hot cunt and leaked into his mouth.

Miranda's hips bucked as pleasure waves cascaded over her, matching the driving sheets of rain from the mid-spring storm. Her cries of passion drowned out from the roar of the deluge, Miranda wailed her affirmation of love to her new fiancé.

"Oh, Allen!!! Oh, God, I love you, baby!!" the young blonde screamed into the storm as her lover finally broke the seal of his mouth from her spasming pussy. The coating of white cum from Miranda's orgasm on Allen's pruny fingers quickly washed away in the downpour. Allen, his fallen member sprung to life once again, flipped Miranda over on to her hands and knees then plowed his stiff dong into her creamy twat. Miranda threw her head back over her shoulders as Allen entered her from behind and sank his rock-hard dick deep inside her velvety folds.

Allen pounded Miranda's slippery slit as the torrent continued to wreak havoc on the surrounding area. Both lovers were completely drenched, their hair hanging down soaked as if they had just come up from under water, but neither cared. At that moment, there were only two people in the world and they reveled in each other's passion. As a burst of lightning flashed through the sky, Allen and Miranda reached their climaxes simultaneously. Grabbing Miranda's hair from the back in his fist, Allen shot his second load of hot spunk into her body as her pink hole once more began its convulsive dance around her betrothed's shooting cock. The two lovers vocalized their pleasure loudly, then collapsed on to the ground, rain water puddling under their bodies and splashing droplets of muddy liquid on them as they hit the ground.

Miranda rolled Allen on to his back then laid on top of him, her wet breasts moving up and down due to Allen's heaving chest. She kissed her future husband in post-coital bliss, then both naked bodies jumped when the second bolt of lightning hit not far from the rickety fishing shack where they lay exposed.

"We'd better get out of here before we get electrocuted..." Miranda said as they caught their collective breath, then ran to the clapboard shed, laughing through the torrent. The rusty hinges squeaked their disapproval as the thin door swung open and the duo entered to collect their clothes. Miranda and Allen dressed in damp clothing, kissed once more before opening the door again, then yelled as they ran out into the raging storm and dashed madly toward the Mason mansion.


Present Day

Tears fell through Miranda's blindfold as she remembered the day her and her now-deceased husband consummated their engagement. Ultimately, it was a bittersweet union as Allen's parents never saw their only child married. Their private jet had crashed in the Alps a year before the wedding, killing Allen's mother and father and everyone else on board, and Allen joined them in death five years later when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Even though she had four brothers, none were particularly close to her and Miranda felt alone most of the time. Jessie was the only constant in her life and she was a good friend, but she felt empty without her life companion. Many was the time she had cursed Allen's name for leaving her, then broke in to uncontrollable fits of crying while asking the spirit of her dead husband for forgiveness for thinking such things.

She had felt that spark again with David. She felt right in his arms. His embrace was what she craved. Not just the amazing, mind-blowing sex they had the night before and that morning, but the way she and David fit together as they held each other that night was more like what Miranda had felt with Allen. But it even felt like more than that. Like they were destined to be together.

But he had betrayed her. He had admitted that he had stalked her that night at the club. He had seen the limo and deduced that she had money. And the bump and grind at the show was enough to get her going so that David could move in for the kill and sucker her out of money for a little late-night naughtiness. Her tears were replaced by red-hot anger at being duped by David. How could she be so naïve? Yes, she made the offer, but he knew what he was doing from the moment he saw her get out of the car. And now she's sitting somewhere alone, bound and gagged, because her seducer owes some greasy gangster some money.

They were going to kill her. Miranda was almost certain of that. They couldn't let her go now, not after they had told her their names and she had seen their faces. She could see the headlines now: Billionairess' Body Washes Up From River. And who's fault would it be. Why, her very own, of course. All for getting mixed up with that damn stripper. That damn gorgeous, toe-curling, wonderful stripper.

The squeak of the door hinge solidified to Miranda exactly where she was, but she didn't let on to her captors that she knew. The rush of fresh air hit her face when the door of the fishing shack opened, and it felt refreshing for a moment on her skin compared to the stuffy atmosphere of the old windowless shed. Her eyes covered, Miranda's other four senses took over. She felt the presence of another in the small confined space with her and smelled her kidnapper's cheap cologne. Brut, she thought. Do guys still wear Brut? Her olfactory musings ended when she felt the cold steel blade of a knife against her cheek, then heard her captor speak.

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