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A Private Heaven


This story and its characters are copyright © 2002 by StormKitty.

Any resemblance to actual persons, their furry personas, or characters in other works of fiction is unintentional and coincidental.

This story is a work of fiction that contains acts of consensual BDSM sex between adult furries (anthropomorphic animals), and is not intended for minors. If you are under 18, are offended by works of this type, or are located in a jurisdiction where such material is unlawful, do not read it. The author assumes no responsibility for failure to comply with the preceding statement.

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Blurb (what might appear on the back cover if this were a published novel):

Kirin the lynx and Chama the ocelot were inseparable when they grew up together. But Kirin hasn't seen her best friend since Chama sold herself as a pleasure slave to pay off a family debt. Now being reunited for the first time in several years, Chama reveals that she has a pleasure slave of her own, a red fox named Travis, whom she is giving to Kirin for the duration of her week-long visit. By the end of the visit, Kirin will learn some surprising things about Chama, Travis, and especially herself.



Chama and I were best friends as far back as I can remember. We grew up together, went to school together, had countless sleepovers together, and shared all of our joys and sorrows with one another along the way. We were both third children, which in my family was youngest but in hers meant she had four younger siblings. Spots and Tufts, our parents often called us; she an ocelot and I a lynx, we were inseparable. We had our first sexual experience together during one of those sleepovers, as I'm sure many of our peers did when they came of age. But even after we developed an interest in boys and began sharing with each other all of our romantic and sexual escapades with the opposite sex, we continued to have the occasional tryst with each other.

Unfortunately, the time came when we had to go separate ways. My family, though not rich, always lived a comfortable existence, and when I left to go to college, Chama's family fell on financial hard times. Chama loved her family dearly and tried to help any way she could, even resorting to prostitution to help pay the bills. But when her father was struck ill and spent a month in the hospital, the hospital bills together with his inability to work motivated her to make the ultimate sacrifice for her family. She sold herself as a pleasure slave. I went on to graduate from college and land a well-paying job in our hometown of Cragmoor, but couldn't help feeling a little guilty whenever I thought about her and about how differently our lives had turned out. For a while I thought I would never see her again, and truth be told, I was little afraid of what I would find if I did.

Until recently, that is. All that changed when I had a chance encounter with Roald, her younger brother. Though he often annoyed Chama and I when we were younger, he was an adult now and we had a very pleasant conversation. He told me the family had recovered financially, but more important for me, he was back in touch with Chama and gave me her phone number. I called her that night and we spent about two hours on the phone. We talked like we always had when we were younger, and by the end of the conversation it felt like we'd never been apart. I told her about various happenings from the last several years of my life - my college years, my job, my love interests, and so forth. Chama now lived in Port Shelton, a small city on the coast that had some high-tech industries and drew a fair bit of tourist traffic. She said she was happy with where she was in her life now but didn't say much about what all had happened in the interim, and I didn't ask, thinking she'd tell me when she was ready.

I wasn't sure what to think until she called about a month later and invited me to come stay with her. I told her I'd be delighted to. "And when you get here, I've got a nice surprise for you," she told me. I didn't give it much further thought and had nearly forgotten about it by the next day at work where I put in for a week's vacation.


The four-hour journey from Cragmoor went by quickly. Port Shelton has numerous oddly angled and narrow one-way streets, so I was thankful that the directions she gave me took me straight to the High Street address she gave me. I wasn't expecting anything fancy and was relieved to see that it wasn't a run-down area, but hadn't really considered that she might live in a business district. Most of the buildings on this block and the next had either storefront windows or shingles hanging out in front of them. Two doors down was a bakery and coffee shop, and across the street was an art dealer. There was an office supply store, a hair salon, and several professional offices - accountants, doctors, lawyers. Some of these were originally older homes, with picket fences along the front sidewalk, while many of the newer buildings were designed to match the style of the older ones. I knew Port Shelton was a tourist town and I was looking forward to exploring it during my visit, but this part of town evidently catered primarily to local residents.

The address Chama had given me was a villa with a long sloping roof up to dormer windows set back on the second floor. About three-fourths of the front was taken up by a lawyer's office. I read the words "Thomas B. Graydon - Attorney at Law" painted in gold lettering on the front window above the bar association logo. It being a Saturday, the office was closed. To the left was another door, the one Chama's directions indicated, so I rang the doorbell. Less than five seconds later, the door opened, and there stood Chama, looking as if she had run to answer it. "Kirin!"

"Chama! It's so good to see you." We pounced on each other and hugged profusely. "Did you have any trouble finding the place?"

"None at all." I looked her over. Somehow, I had supposed that being a pleasure slave would degrade one's appearance, but Chama looked none the worse for wear. If anything, she looked better than ever.

She showed me where to park and helped me bring my luggage inside. Fifteen minutes later we were sitting at her table, eating sandwiches and sipping wine coolers. As we chatted, I looked around the place. The kitchen, though not particularly large, was well equipped and stocked. A sliding door led outside to a small patio with a flower garden, overshadowed by neighboring buildings. Everything in the living and dining rooms, from the china cabinet to the large screen TV to the pictures hanging on the walls, spoke of affluence. There was still the upstairs, which I hadn't seen yet. One door that apparently led into the lawyer's office looked as if it were permanently closed. "Who's the lawyer up front?"

"He's my landlord. Great guy. I'm sure you'll get to meet him while you're here."

I glanced around again. "Chama, this is a really nice place you've got here. How on earth did you come out so well?"

She gave me a thoughtful look. "I was planning to show you next week, probably Monday. You don't mind waiting a couple of days, do you?"

I pondered this a moment. "I guess not. Just promise me you won't keep any secrets from me for long."

"I promise."


She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "Just relax and enjoy yourself. And speaking of promises, it's time to bring out that surprise I promised you."

"Bring it on."

Chama arose and went upstairs. I heard footsteps through the ceiling, and a moment later, she descended the stairs. Right behind her was a male red fox, about average height and build for a fox, who appeared clean and well groomed. Most notably, however, he was wearing nothing but a breechcloth. And a collar. My eyes must have nearly popped out. He gave me a brief glance, which he quickly averted downward. Chama motioned to him, and he knelt on the floor between our seats. "Kirin, I'd like you to meet Travis, my pleasure slave. Travis, this is Kirin."

"Pleased to meet you," he said, as he smiled and held out his hand.

I shook it. My eyes went back and forth between them in disbelief. "You... have a pleasure slave?" With everything else I saw about the place, and now this, it was just too much. Now I was more curious than ever to find out how she had come to this lifestyle.

"Back when I was a pleasure slave, I thought it might be nice to have one of my own someday, so when an opportunity arose, I took advantage of it." She looked down at him. "He's a good slave, too. I've been very pleased to have him." The words were almost a purr.

"Well... I suppose you have a lot of fun with him." I must have sounded like an idiot, but I didn't know what else to say.

"Oh, of course I do. There's nothing else quite like having someone you can use for your own pleasure, any way you like."

I just nodded. I could hardly believe I was hearing Chama talk like this.

"So, Kirin, what I'm doing with him this week is giving him to you. Any way you want to be pampered, pleasured, or entertained, Travis is yours to command."

My jaw was somewhere beneath the floor. My mouth moved, but no sound came out. Chama's grin was almost predatory, and even Travis seemed to find my incoherence amusing. "W... Wh... Wha... Isn't he... yours? Don't you..?"

"Kirin, don't worry about me. I have Travis to myself most of the time, so it's not as if I'm missing out on anything by letting you have him for a few days. It would be ungracious of me not to share him with you."

"Chama, you really don't have to..."

"I like it when my slave entertains others. It's one of the best parts of having a pleasure slave. Don't tell me you've never fantasized about having a lover who will do anything you wish. One you can do anything to you like." Chama ran her fingers through the fur on his head between his ears. "He'll take very good care of you." She drew her hand across his shoulder and down through the fur on his chest languorously. Travis didn't flinch. "He's very fit." She reached down with her other hand to squeeze his buttocks. "And if I may say so, he is quite talented in the use of his... assets." Her hand strayed out along his perfectly groomed tail, which emerged through a split in the back of the breechcloth.

I took a couple of deep breaths. "Chama, I once swore I'd never have anything to do with pleasure slaves after one of my friends became one. The only reason I'm even considering this is because you are that friend." That, and the fact that turning her down would mean I probably couldn't stay, and might be the end of our friendship.

Travis looked up at Chama and something passed between them in that instant before he resumed his subservient posture. "I can't deny that there is a dark side to the practice of pleasure slavery. I've been one, and I've seen things and done things you probably never imagined. At least slaves nowadays are citizens with some rights. It's not like centuries past when slaves were nothing more than property."

She stopped a moment while I pondered her words. She continued. "There is a lot to a good master/slave relationship, and speaking as a former slave, I know how to treat one. Travis here has been mine for almost three years now and we know each other pretty well. I know what he's capable of, I know what his limits are, he knows what's expected of him, and I know how he feels about being a slave. So please believe me when I tell you he'll be happy to have you as his mistress for as long as you're visiting. In fact, he's been looking forward to it. Right, Travis?"

He looked at me, and something inside me started melting. "Yes, Kirin, I will be pleased to serve you during your visit."

The more I thought about it, the more I was warming up to the idea. My first thought had been that perhaps the last few years had changed my friend in more ways than I had realized, but if our other conversations up to this point were anything to go by, she was still the same person I had grown up with, and my gut feeling was that in a matter of pleasure slaves, I could trust her judgment.

I studied Travis. Subordinate though he was, I didn't see any fear or overt humility in his posture. And he was quite an attractive red fox. His face, from the tufts of his ears to the tip of his muzzle, with those sparkling green eyes between, had a smile that could turn heads. The rest of his body looked very fit, as Chama had mentioned, and the thought of those 'assets' she had mentioned earlier gave me a tingle between the legs.

I walked over beside him and ran my hand through the fur on his neck down to his elbow, savoring its softness, the firm muscle beneath, and the warmth radiating from his skin. I put my hand under his muzzle and lifted it up, looking into those eyes. He had a gentle smile, and that something inside me finished melting. "Okay, I'll take him."

"I knew you would," purred the ocelot. "Okay, he's all yours. Please, enjoy him any way you like. Travis," she said, turning to him, "please take Kirin's luggage upstairs and show her to her room."

I got a nice view of his ass as he carried my suitcases up the stairs ahead of me. Once I tore my eyes away from it, I observed that there were five doors in the upstairs hallway, one of which was probably a closet. One room we passed appeared to be Chama's office and another had some fitness equipment. When we entered the room at the end of the hall, my eyes nearly popped out. It was nothing short of a luxury suite, complete with a king size bed, wet bar, and a full bath with a large soaking tub. And the view out the window of central Port Shelton sloping down to the sea was spectacular.

Chama entered behind me as Travis placed the luggage on the dresser. "Would you like me to unpack your things for you?" he asked.

"Sure," I said without much thought. I usually lived out of my suitcase whenever I traveled, but what the heck. A moment later, however, I began to flush with embarrassment as he carefully placed my lingerie, some of it quite racy, into one of the drawers.

Chama must have noticed. "Don't worry," she said. "He'll probably see you in it before you leave." My ears must have gone about three shades redder at that statement, but Chama was already looking elsewhere. "I bet you'll put that to good use," she said, gesturing toward the soaking tub, which was long and wide enough for two to stretch out in and deep enough to sit in up to my neck.

"I was already planning on it," I replied.

"You'll enjoy having Travis scrub the day's worries out of your fur." But of course, I thought. I was used to giving myself a bath and hadn't quite put two and two together. This is scary, I thought, but that tingle between my legs was getting stronger too. Seeing the thoughtful look on my face, Chama continued. "Travis is anxious to please, and I think a bath would be a good way to get you two off to a good start." I followed her out to the hall. "This is my room," she said, indicating the room opposite the stairs. It was almost as nice as mine, though it lacked the soaking tub. I suspected the room she gave me was normally her room. "If you need anything, you know where to find me."

She placed a hand on my arm and looked at me. "You can do almost anything you want with Travis, but I need to mention a couple of rules. I don't think they'll limit your choices much. First, you can't alter his appearance. No shaving or dyeing his fur, in case you're into that sort of thing, or leaving any marks on his head. Second, he does have a safeword..."

"A safeword?"

"You know, something he says when..."

"I know what a safeword is. Do you think I'd ever do anything to make him use it?"

"It's 'pumpkin', and I'd be very surprised if you did, but I had to mention it just in case. Finally, Travis and I have some other commitments during the week, so there will be time periods when I'll need him back. The first one isn't until Monday morning, so he's all yours for the rest of the weekend."

"Okay," I replied. I had no idea what sort of commitments a pleasure slave might have but let the question slide. If she wanted me to know, she'd tell me.

"Oh, one more thing I almost forgot. Don't plan to take him out in public with you just yet. You'll be able to do that later in the week, but until you've had a couple of days with him it would be best if you kept him here at home."

"No problem," I said. Though I hadn't yet had much of a chance to think about what I might want to do with Travis, none of these rules prohibited anything I'd thought about so far.

We peered back in my room, where Travis had finished emptying my luggage which he had also put away somewhere. "What else can I do for you, Mistress?" he asked. His voice was almost a purr.

My eyes explored his body again, knowing my hands would be doing the same later on. "I think I'd like to just sit and talk with Chama for now."

He came down and fixed himself some lunch while Chama and I sat and talked. She mentioned that masters sometimes spoon-feed their slaves and she occasionally did, but she had wearied of the practice after doing it almost every meal for nearly a month after his doctor said he was a few pounds over his ideal weight.

"Mistress Kirin, is there anything I can get you?" asked the fox.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Something to drink? A foot rub?"

I shrugged. "I'm not used to having a slave."

There was a long pause as he and Chama exchanged another look. "Travis, perhaps it would be best if you go easy on her at first."

His ears flicked. "Yes, ma'am." He turned to me. "In that case, may I go upstairs and exercise?" asked Travis.

I turned to Chama. "Does he normally ask for permission for things like this?"

"No. He knows what he doesn't need to ask my permission for."

"Then why is he asking me?"

"Because you're his mistress now."

I looked back at Travis. "Okay. From now on, whatever Chama would normally allow is fine with me."

He seemed pleased with that answer as he turned and ascended the stairs. "Okay, so he's mine for the week, but I still don't know what I'm going to do with him. What do you suggest?"

Chama shrugged. "Travis would prefer that you decide on your own what you want to do with him. That way it's more personalized. He feels more like he's doing what you really want instead of what I would want." She paused as I took this in. "I think you'll get plenty of ideas soon enough, but if you really do get stuck, ask me again and I'll give you some suggestions."

I just nodded.

"I'll give you a couple of pointers. His tongue is amazing," she purred, drawing out the last word.

"Already thought of that one," I whispered back. I didn't have to ask where she was referring to him using it.

"And the exercise room upstairs is also our 'playroom'. Feel free to rummage around in that room. There's plenty of gear up there and you're welcome to use any of it."

"Okay." While I intended to put the exercise room to good use, I had a feeling not all of the 'gear' she was referring to was for that purpose. "This is all so unexpected," I exclaimed, and let out a sigh. There was one other worry about the situation that nagged at the back of my mind. "It was you I came to see. Are we..? I mean, will it be a problem with him, too..." I couldn't think how to phrase it.

She leaned over and placed her hands on mine. "Don't worry. We've got the whole week and we'll have lots of time to spend together."

I grinned at her. "Aren't you afraid I'll want to spend all my time with him?"

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