A Private Show


"What an awesome ass," I thought as I gazed at the naked man that was wiping up the floor in front of me. He was kind enough to wipe up the cum he had just deposited on my floor, having just masturbated for me.

See, I had been perusing the Craigslist ads under M4W when I came across this interesting ad, "Let Me Show Off For You."

Being the closet voyeur that I am I was instantly interested. I find it fun reading the ads in CL. I'm sure most ads are fake, or at least an attempt to get some sort of a dialog going with the opposite sex. I read the ads only. I never respond to them. Except for this one.

And here I am with a naked man in my house, him on his knees, facing away from me, watching that magnificent ass with his balls peeking through between his legs, and his long cock bouncing as he cleaned up his mess.

What made me answer this ad? Well, for one thing he had a nice picture of his body, not naked, but you could tell he had a great body. No face because he was being discrete.

"I have an exhibitionism fantasy to strip for a woman or group of women. I would like to try this at least once in my life. I just want to show off. I will not touch you and I don't expect the woman or women to show me anything. I have recently been exposed to CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) and I find it highly erotic. I am not a professional stripper. I am also not interested in the sick humiliation techniques that are sometimes portrayed. I will not touch you and you will not touch me. It is all for show."

So I wrote him. With fear and trembling. "This is a very interesting ad. I'm not sure it is real but I would be open to talk with you."

This started a dialog. He was very polite and it was obvious that he was also nervous. As was I. We talked though email for a few days and we got more comfortable with each other, often joking about what would happen, but also getting serious about actually doing this.

He shared that he had a few responses but he felt most comfortable with me. One response wanted him to strip at a hen party and let the women touch and stroke and make him cum. He said that scared him.

I asked him if he would masturbate for me. It took him a couple of days to answer me and I thought I had blown it, that I had gone too far.

Finally he answered. "Yes." That's all he said.

I wrote back and apologized for asking. I told him it would be OK if he didn't. He wrote back and said "I want to."

This was getting serious. We were getting serious. He asked for a picture of me. Now this time it was my turn to wait and think about doing this.

He wrote me the next day and told me he realized that it was unfair for him to ask for a picture but he also sent me a face picture of himself. He was CUTE! I had seen his body picture but his face picture put the whole person together. I looked like a nice guy. Not an ax murderer.

So I sent him a picture of me. He wrote back immediately and told me how cute I was. Now, I'm no beauty but I would take cute. I'm five foot four and 110 pounds. He said he was six foot and 150. He told me he was 28 years old, and I replied back that I was 24.

That seemed to break the ice. He asked me if he could call me. I wanted to hear if he sounded like an ax murderer so I gave him my number.

When he called I had his name. Jim Harden. I didn't tell him that his name came up on my phone but when I answered he told me his name was Jim. So that checked out. I told him I was Hanna.

And he sounded nice. Real nice. And we seemed to really hit it off. We didn't talk about him stripping for me. We talked about our lives and work and normal stuff.

While I was talking to him I was also on the Internet checking out "Jim Harden". It turned out he was an architect and in a little bit, without me prompting him, he told me just that. Another good sign.

We had a great conversation and at the end he asked me if he could call me again. I immediately said yes.

I liked this guy. And now I was excited about him stripping for me. So I sent him an email. "When and where would you want to do this?"

He responded; "You could come over here, or I could come to you, or I could rent a hotel room. Whatever would make you comfortable."

I was already comfortable with him. But I couldn't believe that I was setting up a time for a guy to strip naked for me and possibly masturbate for me. This was so strange.

I wasn't comfortable about going to his turf. And the idea of him having to rent to hotel room for him to strip for ME, just didn't seem right.

"Let's do it at my place. I have neighbors on either side of my apartment who will come in a jiffy if I scream (smiley face)."

"OK, when?"

"Friday, 7:00?"

"I'll be there, with bells on."

"Don't worry about the bells. It would just be something else you'd need to take off." I couldn't believe I was talking like this to a man I would eventually see stark naked. But I was.

See, while I liked to read the ads on CL, and, OK, I'll admit it, I...sometimes watch porn on the Internet, I have never been with a guy. Yes, I masturbate...sometimes, but overall, I am very shy. And here I am setting up a date with a guy who is going to strip for me. I was nervous, excited, unsure if I could or should do this. He promised no touching...and I believed him. So I guess it's time to live dangerously.

So it was now Wednesday. Two more days until he came here. I didn't sleep too well that night. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head. How do you entertain a naked man? What do you wear when a guy was going to strip for you?

I figured I would get a little wine in case he needed courage. And possibly a cheese tray. To keep his strength up? How crazy is all this?

Friday morning I shaved my legs. Why? I wasn't planning on him seeing ME naked. But I did. Which prompted me to wear a skirt. Maybe he's a leg man and that would help him.

7:00 came and I got a text from him "I'm here." I had told the complex I lived in but not the apartment I lived in. Just in case. I peeked out the window and saw his Honda Accord. The coast looked clear. I texted him my apartment number.

In a couple of minutes my doorbell rang. My heart was racing. I took a deep breath and opened the door. There he was. Handsome! He was wearing a tie and jacket. He looked nervous also.

"Hi, I'm Jim."

"I sure hope so," I laughed. "And I'm Hanna. Come on in."

What's the protocol for a meeting where the guy was going to end up naked? I led him into my living room. "I have some wine. Would you like some?"

He laughed. "Yeah, I think that would be perfect. I'm pretty nervous."

"So am I."

I poured some wine and offered him a seat. I had placed a straight-backed chair across from my couch and had moved my coffee table off to the side. I didn't rightly know how you set up a room for a striptease but this seemed OK.

We talked for a bit and it was obvious that we were both worried about what was going to happen next. In a bit he said "OK, how do you want to do this?"

"This is your show. You tell me."

He pointed to my stereo. "Do you mind if I use this?"

I nodded. I was so nervous I was afraid my voice would crack. This is actually going to happen, I thought.

He pulled a CD out of his coat and walked over to my stereo. He put his CD in my player and hit play and adjusted the volume. Some nice soft jazz.

He turned to me took off his shoes, then his socks. Then he took off his coat and laid it over the chair. He started to sway with the music and untied his tie and slipped it off. Did I say he was handsome? Oh, he was. He filled out his pants nicely. Was there a bulge beginning in his pants? I felt my pussy getting wet.

The things that go through your mind when you're watching a guy strip. I don't even know if this guy has a big wiener or a tiny wiener. Right now it looks promising.

He danced for me a bit. He was a good dancer. He looked comfortable. Except his face still had the look of nervousness.

He reached for his belt, looking me in the eye as he unbuckled it. I crossed my legs, wondering if I was making a wet spot on my couch.

He pulled his belt out of his pants and ran it between his legs. Is that what a stripper normally does, I thought? Yes, there was definitely a bulge, and it was getting bigger. He was seeming to enjoy himself. I certainly was. I guess his fantasy was coming true. I didn't know that I had a fantasy of watching a guy strip for me, but I guess I did. I was breathing very heavy.

He dropped the belt and reached for the top button of his shirt. He slowly unbuttoned it, slowly turning around as his hands loosened each button. When he had his back to me he looked at me over his shoulder and opened it wide.

No! Turn around! Let me see!

He pulled the shirt from his pants and slipped the shirt off, spinning it...like a stripper. And he slowly turned around. He didn't have a six-pack, but maybe a four-pack. He had a nice chest and a nice belly.

As he danced his hands quickly went to the top button on his pants. Here it goes. He's going to do it!

He unbuttoned the button and lowered his zipper. Red underwear! He turned around and began to lower his pants. Yes, he had a nice ass, covered in red silk briefs.

He let his pants drop to the floor and stepped out of them. The only thing he had on was his red silk briefs. Is this as far as he goes? I hope not.

Turn around, turn around, I wished. He did. And he definitely had a bulge and he didn't have a tiny wiener. He danced over to me, standing right in front of me, seemingly enjoying the look of lust on my face. He came right to my legs and I uncrossed them and spread my legs, wishing he'd get closer. He did.

I leaned forward. He stepped back.

"No touching, I remember," I reiterated. He stepped closer again. I leaned forward an inch from his bulge. I breathed in, taking in the musty smell of...of his cock.

I looked up at him. I smiled. He smiled back.

He stepped back and brought his hands down his side, over his belly and used both of his hands to rub his cock through is briefs. There was a wet spot on his red silk briefs. He's as excited as I am. I KNEW my pussy was making a wet spot on my panties and my couch.

He slipped his hands inside his briefs and I could tell he was rubbing his bare cock. I watched. My breathing was very heavy. So was his.

I looked up at him. He gave a questioning look. I knew what he meant, and I knew what I wanted. I nodded my head.

He put his hands on the waistband of his briefs and turned around, lowering them over his ass cheeks. He's doing it! And he has such a nice ass!

When his briefs were no longer covering his ass he turned back around. He pulled the front of his briefs out and stepped forward. I leaned forward and I looked down his briefs to the head of his cock. It was shaped like a mushroom...and purple. It was beautiful.

He stepped back and lower his briefs to the floor, kicked them up and caught them and handed them to me. I moved them to my nose as I took in his naked body.

His cock and crotch were free from any hair. He had shaved himself completely and it was beautiful. His cock was hard as a rock, slightly curved up near his belly button. I could see the veins going up his cock. It was not huge, but it was more that most I had seen on the Internet. I wanted to measure it but I couldn't touch him. I would think easily, seven inches. And quite thick.

"You're beautiful!"

He smiled. "I would prefer handsome," he said.

"No, with clothes on, you're handsome. Naked you're beautiful!"

He smiled. "I'm glad you like me."

He walked around my living room, showing me his body. His cock bounced! That was so cool. And his ass. I already told you it was magnificent. I loved watching his ass cheeks flex and he walked. What did I like most? His ass? His cock? My answer is yes. Both. All of him. He WAS beautiful. And he seemed to be really enjoying me watching him.

He came back to me, standing between my legs again, letting me really see his cock. I had never examined a cock up close and personal like that, but he seemed to want me to, so I did. No, I couldn't touch, but I could get really close. And I did, smelling that cock smell, that arousal, and he WAS aroused.

Then he turned around and let me examine his ass. What an ass. So strong, so...perfect. I wanted him to stay in my apartment and just...be naked, so I could look at him all the time.

He walked away from me, circled the chair and then sat down on it. He spread his legs so I had a great view of his cock.

"Come closer," I said. He scooted the chair close so our knees were almost touching. His right hand went to his balls, lifted them up, almost presenting them to me. His left hand went around his cock and he began stroking.

My eyes got big. "You asked if I would masturbate for you and I told you yes. Would you rather I didn't?"

I shook my head. "I mean yes! I would love for you to masturbate for me."

"What if I make a mess?"

"Then you'll have to clean it up," I smiled. "It's a wood floor. It will clean up."

He smiled and continued to stroke. His right hand rolled his balls. He leaned back and I could see his ass cheeks.

"I would like this to last a while, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind," I answered. This was really interesting. I had never watched a guy masturbate. And here was a stranger, I guy I just met, what? Thirty minutes ago, stark naked, legs spread, stroking his cock. I was squirming. I was SO hot. I wanted to pull up my skirt and rub my soaked panties. But I couldn't...could I?

I didn't, I just watched. From his cock, to his face. Watching him roll his balls, taking in his ass cheeks. He was beginning to breathe very heavy. He was looking right at me, watching me watch him. He had a slight smile on his face.

"Oh, Hanna. This feels so good. I'm gonna cum if I keep this up. Do want me to cum?"

I could just nod. Yes, I wanted him to cum. I'd never seen a guy cum. I wanted to see him cum.

"I haven't masturbated for three days. I hope I can give you a good show."

His hand was going faster and faster. The head of this cock was getting bigger and bigger. The veins on his cock were more prominent. His balls were pulling in. I think he's getting ready to cum!

"O Hanna! I'm gonna cum!"

I wanted to get right in front of him and take his cock in my mouth. But I couldn't. We'd set the rules.

I watched his face. He was really concentrating. He almost had a look of agony. I'd heard the term beautiful agony. The look at the moment of orgasm. That's what I was seeing. He was going to cum for me.

And then he did. He lifted his ass off the chair and a big rope of cum shot out of his cock. It must have gone two feet in the air and landed on his legs. Then another. His ass had come back down to the chair and this rope landed at my feet.

He kept stroking and he kept cumming until all he had left was a trickle coming out of his cock. I was the most amazing thing I ever witnessed.

I watched as he settled back down. He finally opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled.

"Wow!" I said.

"Wow indeed. That was the best orgasm I've ever experienced. And you watching me made all the better."

I smiled. What do you say to a naked man who just came all over your floor?

"Oh, I made a mess. Where can I find a towel to clean this up?"

"Kitchen." I watched him as he walked to my kitchen, that magnificent ass, slightly flushed, that wonderful cock bouncing along as it was shrinking. The view of him walking back was just as good, his cock swinging back and forth, him getting on his hands and knees in front of me, displaying that magnificent ass, with his balls peeking between his legs. A little peek at his asshole. Mmmmmm. What an experience. I want to run to my bathroom and masturbate until I came also. Would he want to watch? Oh, I could never do that...could I?

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by Anonymous05/28/19

I've never watched a guy masturbate

Live, that is. But I sure would love to. Not sure about asking a stranger come by my house, but Hanna seemed to do a good job vetting him. Glad it worked out. I guess I'll need to read the next onemore...

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