tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Private Showing

A Private Showing


This story is largely factual. Although you can never get all the facts and dialogue exact as they happened I've edited this post based on a recent evening spent reminiscing with my wife and best friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did remembering it.


One morning I was on my computer searching Ecards for my friend Wil's birthday. Wil is a very old and close friend that I've known since childhood. On a whim, I took one of my wife Gina's sexy pictures and added a little speech bubble to her mouth that read 'Happy Birthday Wil, I Hope this gets you off'. I saved the picture and attached it to an email addressed to Wil. It felt really naughty as I pressed send since Gina and I weren't in the habit of showing off our photos even to close friends.

The next morning Wil's reply was sitting in the inbox. He was so excited he just kept gushing about how cool it was that my wife would pose for a sexy birthday picture for him. He went on to say how incredibly erotic he thought it was, because it was Gina, his best friend's wife, a woman he'd known for more than 15 years. For him there was a whole forbidden fruit quality to the act that really turned him on. He was even more turned on when he found out that she was unaware of the gesture and that I had picked the shot out of thousands of others. He pleaded with me to send him some more shots which I did, as long as he promised not to share them with anyone.

As it turned out Wil had also been fond of taking pictures and videos of his ex-wife Gail and later girlfriends. Although his pictures were more in the category of porn I certainly had no objection to seeing them and had many a satisfying jerk-off session looking at them as I'm sure he also did with Gina's shots.

A month later I was clearing Emails in the den and got up to get myself a cup of coffee. A minute later Gina came in looking for a pen from the desk and noticed several Emails from Wil, all with attachments. Thinking it was just boys being boys sending some naughty pictures to each other, she opened one to find several pictures of Wil and his ex, Gail, in various explicit poses. She was shocked, especially when she saw that this message was a reply to one that I had sent earlier. She read on to Wil's response 'Thanks again for those new shots of Gina, my dick thanks to too. Here are a few more shots of Gail, enjoy.' When I got back to the den I knew something was wrong by the frosty look on Gina's face. When I saw what was on the screen I really knew I was in deep shit.

"How long have you been doing this and with how many others?" she demanded loudly.

I told her the whole story and she was relieved to hear that I had only included Wil. She said she was really disappointed that I chose to do this behind her back and that she'd figure out what to do about that later. Then she surprised me. She said that Wil was like family and that she even found it a little exciting that he was looking at her pictures and masturbating. I was floored when she told me I could keep on doing it but only with him, no one else. Plus she didn't want him to know of her approval. Not believing my good fortune I continued sharing shots with Wil, never telling him that Gina was aware. Gina would even pick photos for me to send and would often read his comments and look at the shots Wil sent in return.

Now it's important you know a few things about Wil and I. We grew up best friends in another city and like most young friends we had sleepovers. During those sleepovers we would jerk off to nudist magazines or just wanting to relieve ourselves of all that teenage horniness. On a couple of occasions we even tried mutual jerking but that was it, nothing else. Now I am an average sized guy, nothing to really brag about but nothing to be ashamed of either. Wil, on the other hand, is a little better endowed than most guys. Not huge, but a very respectable thick seven inches or so. Enough to be noticeable and Gina did, many times when she reviewed the pictures Wil sent. She only mentioned it a few times saying what a big boy Wil was but I could see her linger as she reviewed the pictures and I was pretty sure she wasn't looking at the women.

As I said, Wil and I were raised in another city and while business called me away to a new home, Wil never moved so now we would only see each other on vacations or business trips. About four months after we began to exchange photos, Wil arrived in town on business and was going to drop by for dinner that evening. Since I had never told him that she was aware of the picture swapping Gina saw no potential discomfort in his visit. I did ask that she put on something a little sexy or provocative for our guest though. At first she gave me a little look, "So you want me to put on a show do you?"

Defensively I replied, "No way, I just love showing you off and watching his tongue hang out. I don't want you to strip for him!"

"Don't worry," she said, "I've already picked an appropriate outfit for tonight, I think you'll both approve."

It was getting on four o'clock and I was tidying around the house when I noticed Gina walk towards the kitchen dressed for the evening. She was wearing a loose sheer lace top that I always loved, especially when she didn't wear a bra. It was almost see-through and had deep open sleeves on the sides. So what you could just make out from the front you could clearly see from the sides if you were at the right angle. She also had a pair of super tight jeans on that showed off her legs, ass and crotch to perfection. I walked into the kitchen, approaching her from behind, I slid my hands into her top from the sides and was rewarded to find no bra. Turning her head around towards me she asked, "You like?"

"Oh yeah!" was all I could say, "This will do just fine."

Wil arrived shortly before dinner and his eyes popped when he saw Gina answer the door. I think she enjoyed it as much as he did because her nipples were so erect they almost stuck through the mesh of her lace top.

We had a pleasant evening of food and drink and Gina providing Wil with an eyeful every time she picked up dishes or move things around the dinner table. They were clearly enjoying themselves. After some after-meal discussion, Gina went down to the playroom to watch TV leaving Wil and I catch up in the den. When we were alone, Wil told me in a lowered voice how happy he was with our little arrangement. He went on to tell me that he was quickly running out of material to send me but I told him it was no problem, I would happily continue without him reciprocating. He thanked me and asked if I had shot anything recently and could he have a quick look. Since Gina was downstairs I invited him over to the computer and started to show him some of the more recent shots we had taken. He asked if we ever did sex shots and I told him that although we did try quite a few times, they never turned out well.

Just then Gina walked in asking if we wanted our drinks refreshed. Looking straight passed us, she could see herself in full screen glory, "Well, this isn't surprising but a little embarrassing just the same!" She stood staring for a moment as Will and I jumped to our feet both with obvious raging hard-ons that tented our pants. She giggled as her attention shifted from the screen to our bulging crotches. "Well at least I know you're both enjoying what you see."

Immediately Wil jumped in front of the bus. "It was me," he said, "you're sexy top got me so horny that I asked Rick if he had ever taken any nude pictures of you and could I see them."

I thought Gina was going to explode with laughter as she covered her mouth and turned beet red. Regaining her composure she looked Wil straight in the eye and said, "Nice try, that's very loyal of you but I'm aware that you've been drooling over my naked pictures for some time now. Heck I've even selected a few to send you, so I guess then it's finally out in the open."

"Wow," Wil said doing a fake wipe of the brow gesture, "I'm sure glad Rick's not in deep trouble. So is it OK if I keep looking? But not if it will make you feel awkward though. I was just asking Rick if you guys ever did sex shots like Gail and I used to do?"

She just said that it did feel a little awkward but she would be OK with our continuing. Then she said that the only sex pictures we had were terrible and she didn't want them seen by anyone. "We could never get the remote working properly," she continued, "and we were always out of frame, out of focus or just plain not sexy."

Wil said he understood that but that he had shared many such pictures with us and we seemed to be OK with them. By this time Wil and I had sat back down at the computer. Reluctantly Gina came over and stooped to use the keyboard, once again giving us both a perfect side view of her tits as she worked. Then she pulled up the folder with the few sex shots we had kept over the years and started up the slide show.

"OK boys, eyes off my boobs and on the screen," she chastised us like a very naughty mother.

As we all looked on Wil began a sort of critique saying that if the camera had been over here or there some of the shots would have been terrific. Almost under his breath he then whispered we should really let him be our photographer while we had sex. Gina laughed out loud giving him an 'A' for effort but he pressed on to say that he had never watched a couple have sex and the thought of doing so was an unbelievable turn on to him. Then he added that this would be purely voyeuristic on his part and promised that he wouldn't try to join in, unless he was invited of course.

Gina and I both broke out laughing again. My laughter turned to shock however when Gina counter proposed with a devilish look in her eye. She said that, providing I was all right with it, he could do it but only under one condition. Wil would have to pose for her first and do anything she requested. The offer had a strange effect on him, he seemed both excited and reluctant at the same time. Realizing the opportunity at hand, he snapped out of it and agreed. "When would you like to do it," he asked?

"Why don't you two go down to the playroom and continue your show." Gina replied, "I'll stay up here to tidy up and think about that."

With her go ahead to look at the rest of our pictures and maybe more, my heart was pounding with excitement and my hands were near shaking. We went downstairs to our other linked computer and I unlocked the master folder where I kept all her pictures. I started by showing a collection of shots I called the tame series. This was because all the pictures were taken from other series and were all sexy shots in underwear or lingerie.

"Damn," Wil remarked, "she sure is one sexy lady. Let's take our time and look at all the shots from sexy to explicit. I want to see it all."

Next, I upped the stakes by moving to another folder where Gina was much more exposed. Most of these shots were of her naked or nearly naked with her back to the camera or with her arm partially covering her breasts and so on. Again Wil was impressed and visibly excited. "She really doesn't take a bad picture and she poses like a pro. Are you going to show me any full frontals of this incredible woman of yours?"

"Sure," I said and I moved on to other folders, containing series of pictures where Gina posed in and out of all kinds of sexy clothing.

We came to a really special full frontal shot with Gina sitting on the bed, propped up with pillows, displaying her pussy with its plump wet lips. Wil gasped, "Just hold it there for a minute," he said, "I want time to savor this one. I'm in love with that incredible shaved pussy" he mused.

"So am I," I replied, "I can never get enough of it. I can spend all night down there."

Gina is really photogenic at a trim five foot seven with lovely 34C breasts and a terrific curvy body. The camera just loves her. Whatever her pictures are, clothed, sexy or explicit she always has a wholesome approachable girl next door quality. It's difficult to express just how excited I was at showing her off this way to my lifelong friend. As we sat there my throbbing erection pressed up against my jeans. The fact that the audience was Wil, an old and trusted friend, seemed to make a difference and increase my excitement. Looking over I noticed he was also putting a strain on his pants. I Looked down at his crotch and said, "I'm glad you're enjoying the show, feel free to drop 'em and stroke yourself if you want. That's what I usually do when I look at her pictures."

"GEEEZ, thanks for sharing!" he laughed, "I know we've known each other since we were kids and you've seen me naked plenty of times but that might be stretching it."

"OK! OK!" I replied, "don't freak out on me, it was only a suggestion and a good one at that. In fact I'm going to take my own advice." I got up from my chair, undid my pants and let them drop to the floor, kicking them off to the side. I rarely wear underwear and so my dick was now free.

"Hey, whoa!" he jumped, "You were really serious. I can't believe this!"

I sat back down with my hard-on in plain view and continued the slide show only now one hand on the mouse one hand on my dick. "Your loss," I said looking back at Wil.

"What if Gina came down, what would it look like?" he said.

"Well she said it might be awkward for her to be here while we looked at her pictures and she wanted to be alone to think about your proposition," I thought out loud, "odds are she won't show her face until she hears you leaving."

"OK, you win," he laughed, "I don't think I can stand looking at these pics without getting some relief." Standing up he loosened his pants and in one sharp move pulled them down exposing his prominent dick. As he stood beside me, his cock almost at eye level, I was instantly jealous of his endowment. Boy I wished I had one of those.

"Hey," he said, "let's keep those eyes on the screen where they belong before you give me the wrong idea about your motives."

"Yeah right," I laughed, "just a little jealous. You haven't gotten any smaller I see. Sit back down and enjoy the show, the right way," I added.

So he sat back down and we both resumed looking at the pictures of my yummy wife. At first it felt a little odd to be sitting there half-naked with my oldest buddy. With both of us stroking our dicks and looking at the pictures it reminded me of when we were young lads sleeping over and jerking off late at night while we looked at pictures from a stolen Playboy. Only now we were adults and these pictures weren't of some plastic, retouched bimbo, they were of my wife and lover of nearly thirteen years. At that point all the bimbos in Playboy history couldn't have mustered more attention than Gina's pics did for the both of us.

We kept on that way for maybe another half an hour looking at pic after pic of Gina's beautiful breasts, lovely little butt and her incredible shaved pussy. We studied each shot carefully commenting on how beautiful she was or sometimes just groaning when presented with an especially sexy view. Suddenly we heard the sound of footsteps approaching from upstairs.

"SHIT!" Wil gasped, "Is she coming down here?"

Realizing there was no way we could get our clothes back on in time I just sighed, "Well, looks like we're gonna get busted."

Gina was half way down the stairs when she leaned forward and peeked in, shocked at the half-naked sight. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?" she shouted in an unsettled voice.

"Well," I responded nervously, my face beet red, "we got so excited looking at your pictures that we needed to relieve ourselves. You just got us way too horny I guess."

"Really," she replied as she descended the staircase, "as much as I love posing and as much as it makes me feel sexy and desirable, I've never really seen what all the fuss was about. I'm not a model, I'm just an everyday woman next door type. The two of you look like a couple of school boys who stole their dad's Playboy." She was now wearing my favorite two piece pajama outfit that consisted of thin very loose fitting cotton shorts and an equally loose v-neck top with large drooping sleeves again. I especially love this outfit because it's so easy to get my hands in for a feel and every move is an opportunity to peek. As she cleared the basement landing and approached, I saw her gaze turn to Wil's diminished yet still substantial member. "What set are you looking at now?" she asked.

"The ones in front of the mirror," I answered.

"Those are nice but what did you think of the parking series Wil?" she asked.

"We haven't got there yet." I said, "We'll look at them now if you like. Still too shy to stay?"

"Well, I guess I am here now and you two have a lot more to be embarrassed about than me. Just look at you both." This time she took a good long look at Wil's dick which had extended back to its full impressive size.

"He's really well hung isn't he?" I said to her, as she snapped out of her gaze.

"Y..yah" she replied nervously turning her attention back to the computer screen. Grabbing the mouse and kneeling down between us, she guided the cursor to the folder with her favorite series while Wil and I returned to the business of stroking our dicks and watching. "This feels weird but very erotic, kneeling between two men masturbating," she mused taking another prolonged glance at Wil then returning her attention to the screen.

This set was really her best at the time. The lighting was perfect and her skin was beautiful and milky in every shot. She had an extraordinary leggy look and her breasts and pussy were absolute perfection. There wasn't a mediocre shot in the file. Each one was better than the last right up to the climax where she stood completely naked except for high heels out in the open parking lot. The shot so took Wil by surprise that he almost came right then. "Weren't you nervous being naked out in such a public place?" Wil asked.

"Actually we were alone, or so we thought," Gina answered, "Right after I put my coat back on and got into the car, a truck that was parked nearby started up and as they passed us a young man stuck his head out the window and thanked me for the show. As much as I was shocked I was also thrilled at being so exposed. Just as another time when Rick was shooting me at a deserted beach. When I waded into the water wearing only a tight sun dress, I peeled it off exposing myself to the camera. Just then I saw a couple of hikers on the hill over Rick's shoulder waving at me and smiling. All I could do was wave back as Rick turned around and got a picture of them for fun."

Gina leaned forward to work the mouse and the large sleeves of her top fell forward exposing her right breast. "Beautiful," Wil exclaimed, "so much more so in real life." Gina turned and noticed his line of sight. With her left hand she held the sleeve wide open giving him an even better glimpse of both breasts before she closed up again.

"So have you thought over our deal Gina," Wil asked all the while slowly stroking his long fat dick?

"Yes I have," she answered not taking her eyes off the screen, then turning to look at him and his erect cock, "I was going to suggest we do it the next time you're in town but honestly, I know that I'd probably chicken out. Frankly I'm so horny right now going over these pictures and looking and your beautiful cock, hell, let's do it right now. Now let's get things straight," Gina asserted, "this isn't an invitation for a three-way. After I'm finished with your photos, you can take pictures of us making love but you can't join in! Understood?"

Wil nodded his agreement, "What do you want me to do?"

As I went to get the camera Gina looked around the room for set-ups. "OOOOKAAAAYYY!" she squealed, "Stay right where you are and I want you to pretend you're home alone and slowly start playing with yourself and do whatever you might do at home while viewing my pictures."

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