tagBDSMA Professor's Prize

A Professor's Prize


She was down on the ground, quickly struggling with the doorknob and trying to get up at the same time.

The door was locked shut, and her Professor’s hands were gripped tightly around her wrists.

He ripped her hands away from the doorknob and dragged her across the classroom.

She was crying and kicking, trying to get lose, but he was much too strong for her to even attempt escape.

Knowing her struggles were useless, she began to feel even weaker; she let her body go limp as he lifted her up off the floor and placed her on his desk.

“P-p-please sir,” she begged, “please let me go.”

The professor didn’t reply to her pleading, but put his finger to her lips to let her know to be quiet.

Her chin quivered as she tried to choke back tears, and the Professor responded by shoving his finger in her mouth.

Her soft, wet, rosy lips were too much for him to take. He pulled his finger out of her mouth slowly and than ran his wet fingertip along her full pout.

With his finger on her lips, he ran it down to her chin, pulling down her bottom lip.

She quickly pulled back, shivering with fear at her professor’s touch.

He laughed and proceeded to run his finger slowly down further, down along her neck and stopping at the top button of her white blouse.

He stayed there for a moment, playing with the button, and getting obviously turned on as she felt his erection getting harder against her leg through his pants.

“Have you been a good girl?” he asked her sternly.

She didn’t say anything, but responded with a whimper.

The Professor ran his hands down to her skirt and than slowly lifted it up, revealing her panties.

“Mmm yes I see you are a good little girl,” he said excitedly as he starred hungrily at the white cotton panties clinging to her young pussy.

She quickly shut her legs tightly together when she saw his excitement.

He responded by putting his hands around her throat and cutting off her air.

As she struggled to breath, he squeezed her throat harder.

“I won’t let go until you open those legs,” he threatened.

She had no choice but to quickly open her legs for him, and he let go of her throat to pull her open legs toward him, making sure he between them so that she couldn’t close them again.

Gripping her thighs tightly, he warned he not to try to disobey him again, or she’d be punished severely.

She responded with more whimpering and hung her head down.

“Maybe you’re not such a good little girl after all,” he said.

“Yes I am!” she pleaded with him.

He could see the fear in her eyes and the quivering all over her body, as he looked her up and down.

“Aww…tell me you’re a good girl then and I’ll be nice,” he ordered her.

“I’m a good girl…I promise,” she replied through tears.

He pulled her legs harder toward him so that the only thing keeping her on the desk was the strong grip he had on her white knee high covered legs.

“No,” he breathed, “you’re a bad girl. You didn’t call me Sir, and that’s disrespectful.”

He ran his hands around down to her ass and pulled her hard towards his hard cock.

“You’re a bad, disrespectful little girl aren’t you?”

She was so scared; she didn’t know what was happening.

“No!” she cried. “I’m a good girl s-s-sir!” she cried back.

The Professor quickly covered her mouth with his hand and looked at her with anger.

“No. You’re a very bad, disrespectful little girl.”

His hands on her mouth pressed harder, “I never said that you could speak. Are you going to be good now or do I have to make you?”

She nodded her head and didn’t dare try to speak again.

The Professor proceeded to push up her skirt, again revealing her panties.

He groaned loudly, which made her let out a loud frightened cry.

Of course her cry made him want her even more. She was so sweet and innocent, and pure. Oh yes, he wanted her so bad he could kill, and he was going to make sure he got her.

He undid his necktie and used it to tie her wrists together tightly. Then he pushed her down hard on the desk so that she was on her back, and he tied her wrists to the leg of the desk so she couldn’t get away.

This made her cry harder, as she knew now how serious he was.

He leaned over he trembling body and brushed the hair out of her face with his fingers. He then pressed his body down against her so hard that his erection was stabbing into her stomach.

Then he pressed his lips against hers and kissed her so hard, holding her throat tightly with his strong hands while his tongue probed her mouth.

He got up off of her and stood up so that he could spread her legs apart with his hands. He lifted her skirt up once again so that it was around her waist and threw her luscious legs high up over his broad shoulders.

Her legs were spread so far that she could feel the cool air between them.

She was so terrified by now that she couldn’t even cry anymore.

No one had ever touched her the way that her professor was now touching her and she was so afraid of what was going to happen.

He ran his hand down her calf, down her inner thigh and made his way toward her panties.

She shut her eyes tight and held her breath as he inched his way up, finally stopping his hand on her panties.

He could feel through her panties that she was wet.

“Mmm,” he groaned deeply, “you’re enjoying this aren’t you you little slut.”

“No!” she cried out, and he responded by covering her mouth with his hand. He pressed her head down hard against the desk while he ran his finger along her panties.

“Yes. You’re a very bad, disrespectful little slut, aren’t you?”

He took his hand from her mouth and ran it down to her blouse, ripping away the top button, and leaning down to kiss her neck and chest.

He could feel the rapid beating of her heart as he proceeded to unbutton the rest of her blouse.

Running his fingers down her stomach and back up to her white cotton bra.

He untucked her blouse from her skirt and than pulled the blouse aside.

He could see through her bra that her nipples were hard and he ran his hands softly over her breasts.

He could feel her nipples pressing hard against his palm and that made him start to caress them harder.

“I told you you liked it you little slut,” he said to her smugly as he bent down to lick her nipple through her bra.

She was so terrified and she knew there was no way out of this. She knew he was going to rape her and to her frustration, her body was going along with it; while her heart and her mind were scared to death, her body was betraying her – he was making her quiver out of both fear, and out of longing to be touched some more.

Despite her unwanted lust for his hands on her body, she continued to try her hardest not to give into it.

The feeling of his mouth on her nipples was making her tingle all over – she wanted him to stop, yet she could barely stop herself from begging for more.

Once he saw that he’d wet her bra so much that it was see through, he tore it right off of her, making her scream loudly in surprise.

Without hesitation he slapped her across the face and then quickly covered her mouth with his hand mid-scream.

Tears were running down her face from the hot sting of his slap. He pressed his hand down on her mouth harder.

She could see how angry he was, and she was afraid of what he might do to her because of it.

“Shut-up or you’ll get it a lot worse next time!” he threatened.

She didn’t dare try to test him: he removed his hand from her mouth, and she kept it shut.

The Professor stood up and began rubbing her bare breasts softly; enjoying the feather soft curves and the hard, erect nipples in contrast.

Suddenly, he lifted his hand up high and than brought it down hard on her breast.

The pain surprised her and she let out a short yelp, regretting it right away when she remembered his earlier threat.

He ignored her noise and continued to slap her breasts hard. The painful sting she felt on her sensitive breasts somehow managed to turn into pleasure as it traveled down her body, making her even wetter than she already was.

She shut her eyes tightly, trying hard not to let her Professor know she was enjoying his even a little.

The Professor had stopped his slapping after a few moments, so she opened her eyes to see what was happening.

Staring her right in the face was a huge erect cock being held there by the Professor.

She had never seen one before and it scared her.

The Professor began to rub his cock all over her face and along her slightly parted lips.

She shut her mouth in protest and turned her head away from him.

Then the Professor began to run his hard cock over her breasts and down her stomach.

Once he hit the hem of her skirt, he came back up to her face and forced her head upright.

Again she felt his silky shaft rubbing all over her face.

“Open up,” he told her.

And she did, out of both fear and curiosity.

He shoved his cock into her open mouth right away, barely being able to fit it in.

“Suck on it good!” he demanded.

So she began to suck on it, as she would have a lollypop, and made him moan in pleasure.

“I knew you would like that,” he said to her as he withdrew his still hard cock out of her mouth and ran his hand down her body.

The Professor went down between her legs again and spread them wide before him, so he could admire his virgin prize.

He ripped off her skirt so it would be out of the way, then he leaned his head down and began licking her pussy through her white cotton panties.

As soon as she felt his hot, wet tongue on her, she tightened up and began to whimper.

With long, slow strokes of his tongue, he soaked through the panties and hungrily tasted her sweet juices.

Her breathing became heavy and fast as she found herself wanting more; anticipating each stroke of his tongue.

Before she could stop herself, she let out a loud moan and then another as he probed his tongue deeper.

She was enjoying it so much that she almost forgot that she was being forced and molested by her professor.

Her back arced and her legs began to quiver uncontrollably.

When he saw how good this was feeling for her, the Professor stopped his licking and lifted his head, not allowing her to orgasm.

Though she knew not what orgasm felt like, she longed for more - not feeling satisfied enough. She longed for release, and was mad at him for teasing her so badly.

When he saw her pout in disappointment, he let out a chuckle and quickly slapped her between her still open legs.

At that, she let out a yelp out of both pleasure and surprise.

“You’re my little slut, aren’t you,” he teased, and she turned her head away from him in shame.

Her panties were now soaked through, and the Professor took them off of her.

Standing back, he stared at her, lying on his desk, her wrists bound above her head, completely naked except for her black Mary Jane shoes and white knee high socks. Completely helpless.

Just looking at her made his cock so hard that he though it would explode.

“Now, my sweet slut, I’m going to fuck your tight virgin pussy, because I know how badly you want me to.”

With that, he spread her legs and again laid them over his shoulders as he got on top of her.

Now she was so terrified she began to cry and struggle, but to no avail.

He held his hard cock and began to rug her pussy with the head: rubbing her clit and then circling the opening of her pussy.

Despite her fear, she could feel her juices flowing as her body became aroused.

The Professor than slid his cock into her pussy just a little and he could feel her tensing around it.

Slowly, he began filling her up with his cock, stretching her pussy and making her cry out in pain.

Once he was fully inside her, he stayed there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of her pussy squeezing his whole cock.

He felt triumphant for having been the first to have this young girl, and he wanted to enjoy every moment of her innocence.

He groaned with pleasure as he slowly withdrew.

She was breathing fast, trying her best to endure the pain of his huge cock inside her.

The Professor slid hid cock in again, and again, just a little faster and harder each time.

Soon the pain was joined by immense pleasure in places she never knew could feel pleasure as her Professor fucked her.

He fucked her deep and hard, taking her breasts into his mouth and sucking on them hungrily.

They both moaned and groaned in pleasure as he continued fucking her.

She no longer cared that her Professor had bound and violated her; she was loving every inch of his manhood and had never felt anything before as good as this.

She gave herself up to him as she felt herself climax, and than in complete ecstasy, she quivered beneath him uncontrollably, having the first orgasm of her life.

As soon as her felt her cum, he came to the most pleasurable orgasm he’d ever had and let his hot cum out inside of her as he collapsed on top of her still quivering body.

They lazed there like that, breathing heavy relief, for a few moments.

She felt him untying her bound wrists from the desk, and she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him harder against her body.

The Professor rose up and sat down, taking her on his lap and holding her limp naked body close.

He kissed her softly on the lips and let her fall asleep in his arms, for he knew how exhausted she must have been.

“Good girl,” he said softly in her ears as she drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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