A Progression of Fantasies


"What do you mean start?" I said with a stupid grin on my face. When she didn't respond back like I thought she would I told her it was just a joke.

"Not funny," was her reply.

"Granted, we'll probably never do it as much as I want to but there's more to life than sex and if I'd married you just for that, we probably would have been divorced all ready. Look, if I satisfied every one of my fantasies as I got them, what would I have left? Surely not you, if I decided to bed every hot chick I saw, even if they agreed to it. Hell, even when I was single they weren't jumping into my bed two and three at a time," which I think made her feel a little bit better.

"Babes, I've done the majority of the things I've written about in my past. Being with two women is fun, but being with one hot one like yourself is a whole lot better. Doing anal was an experience but oral is a lot more fun and I still want to do it a hot tub one day as we proved that doing it in the shower can be dangerous especially when the floor is soapy. We can get as kinky or as wild as you're comfortable with but at the end of the day I'd rather be making love with my wife than having a fling with a hot girl off the street," I said kissing her. I think she felt a little bit better. "So babes, you want to try on that leather thong and get your nipples pierced this weekend or not?" I said before she called me an asshole and told me never in my wildest dreams but she would consider another tattoo.

So, like I said at the beginning, here I sit at lunch pondering what to do next. I look up at my computer screen and type in:

I found my wife sitting on the bed waiting for me. Her pussy was freshly shaved and she was working in a ten-inch vibrator into her dripping cunt. "Thank God you're home, my batteries just died and I'm no where near satisfied," she told me with that wanton look in her eyes as she got off the bed an approached me. She grabbed my crotch as my throbbing member sprang to life, all ten inches of it. "I hope you had a big lunch, because the only thing you're going to be eating for the next two hours is me," she said pulling me onto the bed.

Yeah, that's how my bride normally greets me every night when I come home from work. Doesn't every guys wife?

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by Anonymous09/26/17

Not Much Of A Story

But you were right about one thing. Your spelling is terrible.

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