tagLoving WivesA Promise For Sex

A Promise For Sex


My wife, Sandy, and I usually take our vacations with our best friends, Cindy and Carl. On a recent trip while traveling, it was time to find a motel. We usually checked into separate rooms, but on this stop, we found a motel with only one vacant room with two beds. Since we were such good friends and felt comfortable around each other, we took the room.

That night I was in the mood. My cock was rubbing up against Sandy when she whispered, "We have to wait. Cindy and Carl will hear us."

I was very disappointed, but as we continued to kiss, I was more determined to have my way. About that time, Sandy and I heard Cindy and Carl in the other bed moaning a little. We knew what was happening.

Sandy relented and allowed my cock to enter her. Soon the room was filled with moans and groans from both beds. Sandy and I were taking it slow to keep the noise down. We heard the headboard on the other bed starting to lightly tap the wall. Evidently, Carl was beginning to fuck Cindy with enough force to shake the bed.

The frequency of the headboard hitting the wall was increasing as we heard Carl beginning to vocalize. Then we heard Carl yell and loudly groan as the headboard rapidly banged the wall. Many "Ohoooooooo and more Ohoooooo" came from the other bed. Carl had been so loud that I wasn't sure if Cindy had made any noises if she had an orgasm.

Sandy and I did our best to keep the noise level down when we had our orgasms. After it was all over, Carl joked, "Glad you two decided to do it. I suggested it to Cindy, but she said we would make too much noise, but then we heard you."

We all laughed and soon went to sleep.

The next morning Carl again said, "Guess we all like sex and couldn't wait last night. It was a turn on for both of us when we heard you."

I commented, "Doing without it would be very difficult. What if Sandy died, what would I do? What if one of you died, what would the other one do?"

Cindy responded, "That poses a good question. I wouldn't want to give up sex, but I would be afraid to sit at a bar to get picked up."

Sandy then jumped in with her comments, "I know what to do. If one of us died, the other couple would have to take care of the remaining person's sexual needs. That way we can be assured of having a good sex life without going out looking for strangers. I agree with Cindy that I don't want to sit in a bar to get picked up."

Everyone laughed at that suggestion.

Cindy posed the question, "OK, do we all agree to that?."

Everyone chimed in with a big "Yes".

At that time we were all young with no thought of anyone dying anytime soon, but the unexpected did happen. A week later Cindy was killed in an automobile accident.

Sandy and I were very supportive of Carl during the next few days, especially during the funeral.

A few nights later when Sandy and I had just finished having orgasms and lying beside each other in the afterglow, I said, "Carl must be very lonely without Cindy. We just enjoyed sex and it wasn't too long ago when Carl and Cindy were in a motel bed beside us."

"Yes, it is too bad for Carl. Do you remember we joked about keeping the remaining person sexually satisfied."

"Yes, we did joke about it and I guess we all agreed. But did we really mean it."

Sandy became more serious, "I did agree and that was a promise to my best friend, Cindy."

I responded, "I never thought of it that way. Do you really think Carl took this seriously."

"I don't know, but I'll bet he remembers our conversation."

We discussed it some more before going to sleep. We decided to talk to Carl about it.

The next evening we had a three way phone conversation with Carl. I asked, "Carl, do you remember what we promised each other when we were in the motel together for the night?"

"I remember we were in one room having sex with our wives at the same time. What are you getting at?"

"Do you remember we all promised to keep the remaining person sexually satisfied if someone died?"

"Oh, yes, I hadn't thought any more about it because I thought it was just a joke."

Sandy chimed in, "I made a promise to Cindy, my best friend and I feel obligated to keep my promise to her."

"You don't have to do that, Sandy. I don't think your hubby would agree to anything like that."

Sandy continued, "He is a little reluctant, but has agreed after we had a long discussion about it."

I spoke, "Sandy is determined to do it to keep faith with Cindy's memory".

There was a lull in the phone conversation until Carl said, "Alright, if you two feel that way. I appreciate your thinking about me. What do you propose?"

I responded to that question, "Why don't you come over Friday evening about eight o'clock, then we can talk about it some more."

Friday, when Sandy and I came home from work, we had a quick dinner and then prepared for Carl's visit. Sandy suggested we get out of our work clothes and clean up before Carl arrived. Sandy wanted to take a shower before dressing.

I got in the shower with her. While I was soaping her breasts, I thought about Carl massaging and kissing her nipples later on in the evening.

I asked, "Are you going to let him kiss your nipples?"

"I think that would be expected of me is he wants to suck on them. I always enjoy it when you do."

That made me think about what else he would do. I felt between her legs, then asked, "I know it is expected that he would fuck you, but what if he wants to bury his head in your crotch and suck your clit?"

"What's wrong with that. You do it and I like it."

I then began to realize the full extent of what was going to happen when Carl arrived. Was I really agreeing to letting another man ravish my wife? There wasn't going to be much choice because I had already agreed and Carl would be here in a short time. Then I thought of Carl and how lonesome and sad he had been since his wife died.

I asked Sandy, "Carl will soon be here. How do you feel about the whole situation?"

"I think you can see I am very nervous. I was a virgin when we married and I've always been true to you. I feel obligated to Cindy because I promised to keep her husband satisfied. Somehow, I'll get though the evening and I hope he likes being with me. I'm going to do my best even though I wish we had never promised what we would do after someone died."

I felt a little sorry for her, but she seemed determined. I finished dressing and went in the living room to wait. I expected to see Sandy looking very sexy when she came in the living room, but I was disappointed. She was wearing jeans and a top that completely hid her breasts.

I said, "Why are you wearing those dull looking clothes? Let me take you back in the bedroom and change in something more flattering for your shapely body."

She quickly responded, "This is what I usually wear around here in the evening. He can take my clothes off to see me. What's wrong with that."

I led her back to the bedroom, picked out a short skirt and a skimpy blouse.

I sternly said, "Now put these on and don't wear panties or a bra. You're going to let him fuck you, so look sexy for the guy!"

I watched as she removed her clothes, then slipped on the short skirt. She put on a top that showed off her breasts.

I said, "Now you look sexy. I already have a bulge in my jeans just looking at you. I'm sure Carl will think you are very sexy, too."

"You may like for me to look like this, but I'll be a little embarrassed to be so scantily dressed when Carl first walks in to see me."

"You will do alright. Now put on plenty of perfume and a little more lipstick. Do you remember the night we were with Carl and Cindy in the motel and Carl made so much noise?"

"Of course, I remember."

"Our bed is not against the wall, so our headboard will not bang in our bedroom when he cums in you. If he yells and hollers like he did that night, I'll be able to hear him while I'm waiting in the living room."

Sandy responded, "I'll be embarrassed if he makes that much noise for you to hear us. Are you going to be jealous knowing he is pumping cum in me at that time?"

"I'm not sure just how I will feel, but I agreed for him to have sex with you since you feel so obligated to keep your promise to Cindy."

Carl arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Sandy. She lightly kissed Carl on the lips to thank him. When he stood back to look at her, he said, "Wow! You really look great!"

Carl and I sat down in the living room while Sandy said she would get drinks for us. Both Carl and I stared at her butt and long shapely legs protruding out the bottom of her short skirt as she walked toward the kitchen. I was sitting in a big comfy chair while Carl sat on the couch. After Sandy served the drinks, she sat on the love seat. I noticed Carl intently watched her legs as she sat down and crossed them.

We talked about current events and seemed to avoid the subject of sex. Both Carl and I easily got a glimpse of Sandy's crotch as she uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way. We were on our third drink before the subject of sex was mentioned. I decided to tell a sexy joke which brought laughter and eased the tension a little.

I said, "Sandy, why don't you sit on the couch with Carl while I freshen our drinks?"

I got up to take our glasses to the kitchen. I glanced back to see Sandy get up to go sit on the couch with Carl. I served the refreshed drinks then sat down in my chair facing them. I noticed they were sitting together but not touching. I saw Carl take quick glances down her loose fitting blouse.

I could see they were shy and would need more encouragement to get something started.

I said, "You two are not even touching each other. Carl, don't you think Sandy is sexy? Are you afraid to touch her?"

"I'm not afraid of her, but with you sitting there staring at us, I feel embarrassed."

I quickly responded, "Oh, I hadn't thought about that. I'm sorry, I'll leave you two alone for awhile."

I walked away and decided to go down in the basement. Before I disappeared from their view, I looked back to notice they were still sitting apart, but watching for me to completely leave.

I went to the basement and listened to the footsteps upstairs going down the hall to the bedroom. It sounded as if they went in the master bedroom. I kept listening but didn't hear any more. I could visualize Carl taking my wife in his arms and deeply kissing her. Right now he was probably removing her blouse and kissing her nipples. I waited a couple more minutes and assumed they were now naked on the bed in each others arms. Maybe she was sucking his cock now or maybe he was fucking her.

I couldn't stand being in the basement anymore, so I went upstairs to sneak down the hall in front of the bedroom door. To my surprise, the door wasn't shut all the way and I could see a dim light in the bedroom. I couldn't see them directly on the bed though the cracked door, but I had a good view of them in the big dresser mirror against the wall. It was in just the right position for me to see the image in the mirror of Carl and my wife on the bed. I could clearly see them in a six nine position with my wife's mouth licking and going up and down on his cock.

They continued in this position until I saw Sandy's body shudder through an orgasm and her familiar vocal moaning and groaning. She kept going up and down on Carl's cock while his butt was pushing up to her mouth. He started short ear splitting yells as I could see his body spamming. I knew my wife was getting a mouth full of cum.

I thought they may get up and catch me looking, so I went back in the kitchen to get another drink. They didn't come out of the bedroom. Evidently, they wanted to stay for another round of sex. I could hear them talking in low tones, but couldn't understand them. After a few minutes passed, I didn't hear them talking anymore and wondered if they were kissing and getting ready for more sex.

I decided to walk back down the hall to look at the mirror through the cracked door. Now I could see them again on the bed. It looked as if she was lying on top of his body while their lips were joined. Then she sat up and started gyrating on him. I could only guess she had sat down on his cock and was fucking him. Earlier this evening, both Carl and my wife acted rather shy, but now had lost all their inhibitions.

I decided to ease the door open wider because they were so engrossed in fucking that I didn't think they would see or hear me. They were both moaning a little as she continued riding him. I quietly walked in the room to stand at the foot of the bed. I could easily see her butt moving on him and could see his cock buried in her pussy. No doubt in my mind she was keeping her promise to Cindy to cooperate with Carl.

They were now groaning and getting ready to explode. I watched as both bodies blended together and strained as their orgasms started. Again, Carl was loudly vocalizing. I decided to back out of the room before they knew I had been watching.

I was sitting on the couch when Sandy and Carl came back in the room. Carl was fully dressed while Sandy was wearing a light weight robe.

I looked at them and grinned, "Looks as if you two had a good time. Sandy, your hair is all tousled and I see Carl's face has lipstick in several places."

Both Carl and Sandy looked a little embarrassed when I said that.

I continued, "But, glad you had a good time, Carl."

"Oh yes, a very good time. Sandy is wonderful. I really thank you two for inviting me here. I'll always remember tonight and how wonderful it was."

Sandy came over to sit by me on the couch and hugged me. I turned to her for a kiss.

Sandy said, "I love you. You are my husband and I love you very much."

She turned to face Carl, "You are our best friend and I love you too. Come over here to sit with us on the couch so I can hug both of you."

Sandy sat between us, turned to Carl for a kiss, then turned to me for a kiss.

I looked over at Carl, then said, "Looks as if everything turned out alright tonight. As far as I am concerned, you are welcome to come back again."

Sandy chimed in, "Yes, you can come back soon. I'm happy with the arrangements as long as my dear husband is OK."

Carl then looked at me to say, "You must be horny. I'll leave so you two love birds can have your own private party."

Carl got up, kissed Sandy at the door then left. She said, "Come back to see us."

Sandy and I went to bed. I didn't say anything about watching them.

Sandy said, "He is a good lover, but he yells too much. Also, he gets a little wild."

"I heard him yelling all the way to the living room. Evidently, he really enjoyed fucking you."

"Yes, the first time he cum, we were in a six nine position, so when he started yelling, my ears were a long ways from his mouth. I was riding him the second time, then I fell forward on his chest. He was howling in my ears. Next time, I'll avoid that if I can."

I thought for a couple of seconds, then said, "Why don't you let him fuck you doggie style next time. That way his mouth will not be next to your ears."

"That's a good idea. Now shut up about Carl and lets have our own fun. I know you are turned on enough to fuck me the rest of the night."

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