tagAnalA Promise is a Promise

A Promise is a Promise


I've been working at Paul's Plumbing & Remodeling for just about a year, now. Paul Cenowski is the largest employer in my little town east of the river. He is the owner, the president, and the CEO all wrapped in one. And, me, you ask? I am his secretary; his personal assistant, his network administrator, his travel agent, his go fer, his coffee maker, and his personal party planner. I would suck his cock if he asked me to do that, too. Why? Because, I love my job! And, the fact that the man is drop-dead gorgeous just makes my job so much easier to do. He is the reason I arrive at my desk ten minutes before he arrives at his desk.

From my desk, I have a perfect vista of the parking lot. I watch him get out of his little red Honda S2000. He has long legs and when he dismounts his chariot, he towers over it. I've been watching his routine for almost a year. He reaches into the back and lifts out his tools for the day: briefcase, laptop, and blue prints that he works on every night. He struts across the parking lot like a proud rooster entering his chicken coop. That's when I start to hum Dolly Parton's song: Here You Come Again, looking better than a body has a right to. God, I love sports cars and the men who drive them. Ahh. Eye candy for this little secretary all wrapped up in a little red sports car. It's just about the best way to start any day.

Paul just turned 50 this past spring. He asked me to plan the surprise party for him. It turned out to be a great time and he tried to act so surprised when he entered the room.

He doesn't look a day over 40. There's not a gray hair in his head. He doesn't wear glasses, not even for reading. He works out every day at the gym. He has the muscles to prove it, too. He's an early riser; up every morning at five o'clock. He brags how he never has to set his alarm clock. He is always waiting at the gym door at six o'clock when they open it. He lifts weights and then runs on the treadmill. After his one-hour workout, he heads for the shower, then splashes on my favorite cologne, Obsession. Finally, he gets dressed in his suit and tie. On his drive into the office, he stops at his favorite doughnut shop and picks up a cup of coffee for himself and one for me, his favorite secretary.

Since his kids moved out a few years ago, he lives alone. His wife, Lana, died in a car accident when the kids were small and Paul was left to raise them on his own. He never remarried. Said he could never find someone as sweet as Lana. He said he could never find someone as pretty as Lana. He still has pictures in his office of her. She was a tall, thin, blonde beauty queen. Very curvy body and dressed like a sex machine. I can understand why he misses her. She was as pretty as he is handsome.

I just wish he would notice me as being more than just his secretary. After all, I am also thin and blonde and curvy. I just can't dress like a sex machine in the office. There is an image to uphold here at Paul's Plumbing & Remodeling. I am the first one that the customer sees when they walk into the door. The plumbers are the last ones they have to see working. Even though all the plumbers are women, I'm the first woman they get to know.

That's right. Paul only hires women. They are all young, beautiful, and know how to fit a pipe. It's a union shop. All the sales staff in the showroom are women, too. Some of them were former plumbers who decided they were getting too old for crawling under kitchen sinks. Some thought they were too out of shape to be climbing scaffolding to install the fire system pipes in the large warehouses. One of the ladies was burned pretty badly as an apprentice when she was working on a gas furnace that exploded. Susan has gone through a ton of plastic surgery and today, her face looks normal, but her legs are still scarred. Paul offered her the sales job when she was able to walk without pain. He also paid for her to have breast implants. He felt that he owed her something that would make her feel better about herself after all the unpleasant surgeries she had been through.

The plumbers that are out in the field, working on job sites, or remodeling houses are all very capable, skilled, and licensed plumbers. They all wear a tool belt, know how to weld and solder, and lug all their own equipment. They all work hard if not harder than men. What Paul likes best about them, is how neat they are when they are working. Every job, large or small, is always neat and tidy. There are no drips left behind when they leave. He even watched Joanne stop to wipe off a mirror that had water splashed on it before they left a job site. That was the day he decided to only hire women to work for him. He likes the image and how they represent his company.

In all, there are two hundred employees. That's one man and 199 women; not bad odds if you're the man. But, he doesn't date them. He doesn't even socialize with them. Oh, he did date a few right after Lana died. That's when he decided she could never be replaced. That's when he decided to bury himself in his work.

When Paul is not at the office, he's working from his home. He makes his phone calls from the comfort of his den. Or, he'll meet with prospective clients in their homes after they have had their dinner. When he's chasing after a really big job, he will take sub-contractors out to the finest restaurants. Paul is as much a salesman as he is a plumber himself. He knows his craft inside and out and he's very well respected in the industry.

Paul is also very well liked by the women who work for him and to show his appreciation for all their hard work, he treats everyone to some kind of fun day at work each month. The ladies themselves arrange everything and Paul just goes along with whatever they plan for the special day. Last month they hosted a bake sale on the sidewalk just outside of the building. At the end of the day, they turned all of the money over to the homeless shelter down the street. They don't always plan something that will benefit other people. Sometimes, the event is for their own entertainment; like that day in February, when they showed a movie in the cafeteria on the jumbo screen. It wasn't your ordinary movie. Chip and Dale Dance Fever was the feature show that day. Wow! It's amazing how loudly lady plumbers can whistle while they bump and grind to disco music.

The next fun day was about to come up. It is my job to post the memo on the bulletin board to remind everyone about the monthly activity and if there are any special rules that go along with the event, it will be included in the memo, as well. This memo was written long before I arrived at the company. All of these fun days happen on an annual basis and the same memo goes up year after year, but this is the one that I have been dreading since I started to work here. This was the company Nude Day event.

And, now, I held the memo in my hand. I had thought about not posting it at all. I had thought I would just let this one slip by quietly. But, no, no, no, they wouldn't let it slip by. One of the ladies in the showroom called me to ask what the date was going to be this year for Nude Day. One of the journeymen stopped at my desk to ask when I was going to post the damn memo because she was still new to the Company and needed to know ahead of time what all the rules for the Nude Day Event were going to be. Everybody's talking about it already. I didn't see how I was going to let it slip by unnoticed.

By the end of the day, I ventured out to the bulletin board in the hallway; the memo and thumbtacks in hand. I posted it and quietly went back to my seat. Within a few minutes, there was a crowd standing around the bulletin board. First there was silence. Then, there were cheers and clapping, grunts and woohoo's coming from everybody. I could hear from my desk that someone was reading the memo out loud.

TO: All employees. FROM: Paul Cenowski, CEO. Back by popular demand, tomorrow we will be celebrating our annual Nude Day. For those of you who do not wish to participate, you may take the day off with pay. If you choose to participate in the day-long activity, I ask that you please keep safety in mind as you go about your regular assigned duties. Shoes must be worn and for those who will be welding, please cover up what you don't want burned. The showroom staff should be prepared to work overtime hours as this is our busiest day of the year. Have fun everyone and be proud to work for Paul's Plumbing & Remodeling.

When I walked into the cafeteria the next morning to put my lunch in the refrigerator, I noticed Jennie and Liz standing in the corner talking. Liz had her back to me. She was completely naked. I was trying not to stare at her, but how could I keep from staring? Everyone this morning was naked. From their head to their ankles, there was nothing but skin.

Liz had a big round butt. I would almost call it a bubble butt and couldn't keep my eyes from the tramp stamp that was located just above that fine firm ass of hers. There was a tattoo. From a distance, it almost looked like a pair of reading glasses had been stamped upon her lower back, but as I walked toward the refrigerator and moving closer to her, I could see there were two letters there. Clearly, it was the letter P followed by another letter P, both capital letters.

I walked away wondering what they stood for but also felt like I had just interrupted those two from an embrace. I'm sure those two were kissing when I entered the room, but maybe not. Maybe Jennie had something in her eye, and Liz was trying to get it out for her.

I then passed Sara and Jessica walking in the hallway. Sara was carrying her tool box and Jess was dragging a tank of acetylene behind her. I assumed they were getting ready to go out on a job for the day, but I casually glanced at Sara's backside as I passed her. She, too, had the same PP tattooed on the right side of her butt. I couldn't help notice that both of them had very firm butts. There wasn't a jiggle or a wiggle as they made their way down the hallway. I thought to myself it must be from all the squats they do throughout the day.

"Good morning, ladies. Off to the Murdock building this morning," I asked as I passed the two naked welders in the hallway? Casually glancing at their backsides and nodding my head with approval I said, "I can see you've been tanning, again. Maybe you can wipe out those tan lines today when you get up on the roof to finish that air conditioning unit you've been installing."

"Morning, Paula," Jessica returned my greeting. "We are going to try our best to catch some rays today. I just hope my nipples don't get burned like last year," she laughed and then out the door the two of them went and jumped into the truck.

Jessica turned to wave to me before she went through the door. I had never really noticed that her tits were pretty big until just then. That's when I saw that she also had two Ps tattooed on her. There was one on each breast, just above the areola. Hers had been done in pink and had a lot more flourish to them than Sara's or Liz's.

It's also one of my assigned duties to make a pot of coffee every morning and bring it out to the showroom for the sales ladies and their customers. Today was going to be just like any other working day, except that I would walk a little more slowly and a little more carefully while carrying that pot of hot coffee. For, I too, was participating in the Nude Day event. I took my time getting dressed for work this morning. It was difficult to decide whether to wear the black paten leather stilettos, or the red satin peep toe wedges. In the end, I chose the basic black.

Since I didn't have to take the time to pull an outfit together, I utilized my extra time this morning to trim my pussy and pluck a couple of eyebrows. This being my first Nude Day, I wasn't quite sure if jewelry was allowed, so I didn't wear any except for the navel ring I had pierced into me a couple of years ago. I can't be without that, plus I don't have the guts to remove it, either. I can remember my mother telling me how naked she felt when she didn't wear her jewelry. Hmmn. Somehow today, I don't feel quite so naked wearing that diamond loop on my midsection. Thanks for the advice, Mom.

This was the first morning this year that I had walked into the showroom with my head held high, my arms outstretched, my shoulders back, my stomached sucked in, and my nipples completely exposed to the world for anyone to see. Oh my God, what the hell was I doing?

There was Martha, standing behind the display island of kitchen sinks with the fancy gooseneck faucets. Martha is our oldest saleswoman on the floor. She's 56. Her hair is completely silver and she is still gorgeous. There isn't a wrinkle on her face. She had her clip board in her arms filling out order sheets, but she stopped what she was doing for a moment to say good morning to me and set down her clipboard on the counter.

Martha is the proud owner of very large knockers. Holy cow! She is definitely a size D and perfectly round with the nipple placed dead center, and there, just above her right nipple are those two P's tattooed right next to a butterfly.

"Martha, I can't help but notice that you have a tattoo. I didn't think women your age went in for that sort of thing."

"Oh, Paula, we all have tattoos," as she flicked her wrist in my direction. "It's no big deal and it only hurts for a day."

"But, why do you all have P's?" I walked a little closer to Martha to get a better look, not at her nakedness, but to get a better look at her tattoo. Her double letters were dwarfed by the overall size of her breasts.

Martha looked a little confused as she began to leer at my body. She walked from behind the island, reached for my hand and began to twirl me in a circle like it was a dance step. Martha had a rather full bush to match her full breasts. I could only assume that women her age didn't go in for trimming their pussies.

After the pirouette was completed she said, "My dear, you don't have your tattoo, yet? What's taking so long? Oh, are you a lesbian? Paul doesn't usually higher them."

"No, I'm not a lesbian. Am I supposed to get one of the PP tattoos, too? What's it for? Since everyone is celebrating Nude Day today, I've already noticed that everyone has one. What's it all about, Martha?"

"Oh, you'll get one soon enough, Paula. Right now, I have to get the showroom doors open. There's already a line of men standing out there waiting to get in and get their orders placed. They've had their faces pressed against the plate glass for the last hour and their cocks are probably ready to throb right out of their pants by now. It's the busiest day of the year and I just hope I can keep the girls up above the desk top all day to get a decent commission paycheck. I'll talk to you later." Martha gathered all of the other salesladies to the floor and they approached the door as a team of eager and very knowledgeable plumbers ready to take orders and to present the latest and greatest in remodeling of kitchens and baths. Nude Day was about to begin!

I returned to my desk to wait the arrival of my boss. I didn't know if Paul would be participating in the Nude Day event or not. I hoped that he would. I laid in bed last night imagining what he would look like crossing the parking lot this morning.

I imagined his body was tanned and muscular. I imagined that his cock was stiff and erect as he carried his briefcase into the building. I imagined him standing completely naked at my desk asking me to bring him the list of the day's appointments. My thoughts drifted back to last night again as my hand reached below the desk and felt the moisture between my legs. I repositioned my black paten leather stilettos on my foot rest to accommodate my finger on my clit. I moved my finger in that familiar circular motion and the moisture grew. His car pulled into the lot and my finger moved faster and faster, with a little more pressure. By the time he parked the car and opened the door, I had already had an orgasm.

Oh, I can see now that Paul was participating in the Nude Day activity, too. My dream was coming true. He is tan and has great looking legs that begin with a huge set of balls and end with leather sandals. He has very broad shoulders and a little chest hair that I hadn't already imagined. Nice! I can see a small tattoo on his bulging bicep. His cock is stiff and erect. That, too, is much larger than I had imagined. Even nicer! I watched every step he took as he crossed the parking lot. There are two round balls bouncing back and forth with each step. My hand grew warm as I imagined holding them while my tongue circled the tip of his cock. I can see he is as excited to be at work today as I am. It's National Nude Day!

"Good morning, Mr. Cenowski. Here are your appointments for the day."

"Good morning, Paula. I think it's wonderful that you are participating in the Nude Day activity. It should be a fun day for everyone. Enjoy!"

Paul reached over the desk to retrieve my handful of appointments and I knew he was staring directly at my nipples. I could feel them get hard as soon as he stepped out of his sports car. God, I love sports cars. I love men who drive sports cars. I love men who drive sports cars and have big dicks. God, I love big dicks. I couldn't take my eyes off of his huge cock that lay on my desk top directly across from me. It was dripping with pre-cum. I wanted to stand up and offer to lick it dry for him, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stop at just licking it. I knew I wanted to take him in my mouth and suck him until he was completely empty of any, pre or post ejaculation. I reached for a tissue and handed that to him along with the appointments.

"Let me know if there is anything I can do for you," is all that I could think of to say to him.

He walked toward his office saying, "I hope that telephone cord doesn't get hung up on those nipples too many times today, Paula. I wouldn't want you to hurt them. They're quite nice looking."

Oh, I could feel the drip starting again between my legs. I reached for another tissue.

I tried to compose myself at my desk after that, but I didn't know how I was going to do it. My palms were sweating, my pussy was wet and my nipples were as hard as a rock. Even I had never seen them so hard that my areolas were joining in, too. I tried to warm them with my palms but it only made me want him more.

Finally, I went to the supply closet where I thought I could seek refuge from the sight of his six-pack abs and the scent of his cologne. I began to rifle through a box of pens and pencils to make myself look busy. While fanning my face with one hand to cool me off, I reached for a box on the top shelf only to have it tip and spill its contents of copper elbows all over the floor with a terrible clanging, bouncing, rolling clatter. Paul came rushing to my rescue to find me bent over from the waist, my lily white ass pointing directly toward his waiting cock.

"Can I help you pick those up? They shouldn't even be in here!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry for disturbing you. I'll have everything put away in just a few minutes." I distinctly felt his harden cock brush up against my ass as he moved closer to help me out.

"No, really, I want to help. Let's just clean the whole damn closet right here and now, just you and me. We'll take all the credit for organizing the office supplies. We can brag how we were free of clothes and free of clutter all in the same day. What do you say?"

Paul started to clear one whole shelf off by combining half used boxes of copier paper. He put all the toners in one section and before I knew it, there were two empty shelves. I reached up high to place an empty recycle basket on the top shelf, but I couldn't quite reach it. Again, he came to my rescue by reaching his two arms right above my head from behind to give it a final push to the back. His cock was definitely in the crack of my ass now.

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