tagBDSMA Promise To Be Kept

A Promise To Be Kept


"Open your eyes" He whispered to me. I could feel his breath across my moist lips. I opened my eyes to see him staring into them. A dark smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

I pulled at my restraints a little, trying to take the weight off my shoulders; my arms bound above my head, my toes barely touching the ground. The rope cut into my wrists. It wasn't as bad as the chains though.

I felt the warm leather of the crop creep up my naked thigh and I looked down to see it snaking up my body.

"Eyes. Here." He snarled, pointing at his own face. My eyes bore into his, the temptation to turn away overwhelmed me. I felt the warm rush as the blood filled my cheeks.

SNAP! The crop bit into the back of my thigh, high up, close to my buttock.

I bit down a squeal and held his gaze.

SNAP! Again. Higher this time, closer to my hip.

SNAP SNAP SNAP. Three in quick succession down the front of my thigh.

These were teasing strikes. If he wanted to inflict pain, He knew how and where to hit me.

My feet slipped a little as I tried to squirm away and the harsh ache hit my shoulders again. A groan escaped my lips.

"Too much?" He asked, a degree of true worry in his voice.

I didn't speak, I just shook my head and offered a shy smile. He knew I was new at this, my limits still uncharted territory. He was taking care of me though, as he said he would.

"Ok...enough of that." He mumbled, knowing my pain. Releasing the ropes above my head and letting me sag over his warm hard shoulder.

"We can try something else for a little while."

He carried my sore body over to the bed.

"Something a little easier to handle. You've had a long day." And with that he let my body slip onto the sheets and curl up. I closed my eyes and rested for a moment, listening to him wander around the room, gathering his toys up. Drawers opening, chains clinking. He took his time deciding.

When the cold metal hit my buttock, I couldn't help but jump forward.

"Two for flinching." He quipped. I could feel his smile at my ear and he gave me two quick slaps on my upper right thigh.

Then the metal again. It was cold, and left goose bumps in its wake as it travelled down my buttock and up the other. Slowly he brought it closer, and held it between my legs. It stung against the warmth of my pussy.

"Here. That's where it can go." And he moved it back an inch to press against my arsehole.

I knew better than to flinch and I'd had some pretty mean plugs up there, so I surrendered, arching my back and pressing against him.

It wasn't a plug. As he pressed it in past the tight circle of muscle, I knew it was much nastier.

I'd seen this toy before in his collection. I remember holding it when I first came to this room.

It was a dildo. Five or so inches long and solid metal. It had weighed a ton and glimmered in the spotlights of the playroom.

Its most worrying feature was the some electrical socket at the base, which had held a long red wire.

As the dildo sunk completely in, and the small ridge that held it inside had entered, master let go.

It stayed, held suspended in my hole, the cold metal taking far too long to warm.

Behind me I could hear master; he was dragging drawers out again. I stayed silent as he worked.

I felt the end of my dildo being tugged, but it wasn't pulled out, and after a few moments, he returned again in front of me.

Smug as a Cheshire cat he folded his arms and smiled.


"Yes Sir." In all honesty my arse stung like a bitch and I knew that shortly it would sting a hell of a lot more.

"Good, now. Let's begin." He pulled a remote from his pocket and settled down into his favourite chair, about 8 feet away from me.

"You are going to cum. Just with this." And with that he pressed a button and a low buzz began.

It didn't feel like a shock, but my arse began to clench involuntarily.

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now this has a multitude of settings, but let's keep it simple. This knob goes from one to ten. You are on one. I won't go past five. It will be pleasurable, but if you need to stop me. You know how."

I nodded my head. "Yes sir."

And then the buzzing increased as I watched his hand move.

My muscles held firm and my pussy seemed to rock against the metal. I felt a moistness grow there.

He watched my pussy clench, the dildo bob up and down with each pull.

I watched his eyes follow the slow trickle of wetness that had begun running down my inner thigh. He chuckled.

A sheen of moisture had built on my forehead too, and my head felt light from my panting.

The clenching increased again, it felt too tight. Almost painful. With each shock, my knees buckled further. My weight rested on my suspended arms and I started to ache. I knew he wouldn't let me down until I came though, so I concentrated on the tingling in my clit and held on tight.

It didn't take long for pleasure to bloom.

I looked up at him and he was watching, on the edge of his seat. The remote was set down on a table, so I assumed I was at five already.

A groaning noise reached my ears and I came to realise the noise was me.

Our eyes met and he gave me a slow nod.

"Yes, come on. For me, for daddy."

I ground my hips and a wave started in my legs. My muscles trembled in anticipation.

The wave came up on my quicker now, tickling every nerve ending as it did, until It crashed down on me, my whole body sinking under.

I screamed out, the dildo falling out of me and to the floor with a clatter.

The waves rocked me again and again, and little short shocks still seemed to be hitting my insides.

My eyes blurred and my head ached.

When I opened my eyes again I was in his arms; cradled in his lap on that armchair. He stroked my hair gently and let me come to slowly.

"How are you feeling?" he whispered the words into my hair.

I nodded.

"No, answer me, you know this works on feedback."

"Can I have another go?"

He chuckled that dark laugh against me again and I felt his chest vibrate against my skin.

"What's the magic word?"

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