A Proper Young Woman's Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 02


The slower pace wasn't to give Laura time to regain control of the situation; Naomi was slowing down to admire the effect the oddly designed plug was having on her mother's expertly trained ass. On each outward stroke, every one of those little bumps seems to do its best to pull one portion of her mother's anal ring outward just slightly farther than the main bulk of the plug was. It looked to Naomi as if dozens of tiny fingers were yanking and pulling outward at the ruined ring of muscle, which served as her mother's asshole, on each sawing stroke of the thick rectal destroyer. The entire sphincter was pulled so far out from its normal position that is seemed to want to leave her body altogether and go right along with the plug. It looked more like a cone of pink and alabaster flesh buttressing a column of ebony latex the size of a two liter bottle of soda than what should have been a middle aged woman's anus. Of course, given this day and age, the former sight was probably far more common than what Naomi assumed the latter would look like. There was also a soft sound accompanying the motion. It was akin to running your thumb down the teeth of a comb as each tooth strummed the taunt ring of muscle like a banjo string. The visual effect of the inward stroke was less striking but, curiously enough, the sound seemed to be slightly muffled as the dozens of fingers reversed the direction of their insistent yanking and Laura's entire asshole was pulled deeply up inside her body. Her curiosity sated, Naomi resumed her previous tempo of hard and fast upward thrusts and rotations of the punishment dildo into her mother's pert backside.

"It just doesn't seem to want to go in right. Why don't you reach back and pull apart your cheeks so your daughter can get a better angle?" Naomi again innocently repeated Laura's earlier words. "Oh. That's right. You can't because both of your arms are still buried to the elbow up the teenage butts of my two baby sisters," she said, nodding to the two young women still kneeing on the bed with their butt cheeks spread wide; both of whom were still far too concerned with coming down from their own intense anally induced orgasms to be concerned with the violent fucking their mother was receiving just behind them.

The studded punishment plug continued to saw in and out of Laura's overly tenderized backside for almost another full minute. Despite herself, she felt the beginnings of a tremendous anal orgasm brewing deep in her guts as the intense pain emanating from her abused back hole quickly turned into the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure that got her off every time. It was all Laura could do to scream silently up at the ceiling while the reaming went on and on. Just as she was about to crash over the edge of her orgasm, the plug stopped its violent rampage into her well lubricated butt. A second later, Laura gasped loudly in protest as her hips continued to grinded rhythmically from side to side trying to get the huge, painful plug to move inside of her a little more.

"I just couldn't get it to sit correctly. And a proper 'old' lady is better at getting the larger plugs to sit properly up her own bottom better than anyone else anyway. Just go ahead and seat this one fully when you're ready to stand up and meet us in the bathroom," Naomi finished repeating her mother's words back at her as she stood up.

The motion caused her to grunt slightly herself as she was reminded of her own well stuffed butt. Naomi firmly patted the base of the huge plug hanging halfway out of her mother's violated nether hole, causing her mother to twitch slightly. "My sisters need waking up too, you know. And you can't play favorites; it's just not motherly!"

Naomi grinned, turned and walked out of her sisters' bedroom without a backward glance of her own at her mother's painful and frustrated condition. The only things keeping the plug from slipping right out of the dilapidated anus and falling onto the floor was its sheer immense size and the small bumps that were still grasping and pulling at the soft tissue of Laura's rectal walls and spasming anus.

Naomi had always had a near photographic memory.

"Payback's a bitch, mother," she whispered softly to herself as she walked out into the hall. It was just loud enough so that Laura heard it but not loud enough that Naomi couldn't deny having said it if her mother pressed the issue. The only problem that Naomi soon found with the entirely satisfying situation was that having watched her mother's butt being so brutally sodomized from so close a view point had gotten her own nether hole in the mood for some similar treatment of its own.

Naomi paused at the doorway into her own bedroom and looked down the hall at the bathroom and her waiting morning enemas. "Fuck it," she heard herself say as she turned and walked into her bedroom to retrieve her masturbation kit from under the bed, "I can jill another one out before they're all ready for their enemas," she commented absentmindedly as she selected a veined dildo, which happened to be two sizes up from the uncomfortably large plug which was already wedged up her bottom, a magnetized toy handle and her favorite set of sharp toothed nipple clamps. "What's the fun of being a masochist if I'm not allowed to hurt myself a little?" she asked herself as she resumed her favorite masturbating position on her bed.

A minute later, nipple clamps tightly secured to the bases of her already abused areolas, Naomi set about answering her own question as the four inch diameter, eleven inch long, veined dildo bottomed out in her pre-tenderized anal cavity. Despite herself, she couldn't help crying out loud in discomfort at the intense penetration of the hole that had already given her two powerful orgasms in the past twenty minutes. As Naomi began to relentlessly pound the latex column in and out of her painfully over-stretched bottom with one hand, while pulling hard on the chains of her nipple clamps with the other, she decided that being a masochist wasn't so bad after all. She soon felt the early rumblings of her third anal orgasm of the morning building deep inside her abdomen.

In fact, masochism was pretty damn fun if she had to be honest with herself!

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I don't see anything sexy in a gaping asshole...and nothing healthy either :O

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