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A Quick and Dirty Guide


While I am not an award winning Literotica author, I have had many other authors ask me to read their stories and critic them. People who read my stories know I have a certain easy style which achieves the main goal of erotic literature which is to arouse and entertain.

First off, this is not like other writing guides. If you find a writing guide which instructs you to use a spellchecker and you find that information new and helpful, you don't need to be writing stories. Or for that matter stay out of chat rooms and stop sending me e-mails. Leave the planet.

In all cases, write about things you know. If you have never been to France, don't set your story there. Put the story in your hometown. The people or characters should be people you know. In all cases I use real people as a mental model for all my characters, even the minor ones. This way I keep their character consistent throughout the story. If a person has a quirk, I add it for realism and interest. This is erotica writing, which differs from mainstream writing. You want to "build character" but not excessively so. Remember the object is to achieve an orgasm in the reader. Too much description is bad. However, not enough description is also bad. People must identify with the character. For instance, when I said Rachel was "simple and plain," that was too short. When I added, "Her idea of decorating was to fill old whiskey bottles with colored water and place them in the kitchen window where the sun would shine through them" we now have and idea of the degree of "simple and plain" plus we add a little humor to the story. The beauty of the line is that we all know someone like that who we can identify with.

The same goes for locations. Make the setting simple and not overly descriptive. Let the reader use their imagination to fill in the details. For instance in "Tammy and the Twins" (now deleted) I described the apartment as a typical college boy apartment with furniture they found on a curb and a stereo rack made out of cinder blocks and boards. There is no need to describe the type of stereo or the furniture fabric. We have all seen this apartment at one time in our life. It doesn't matter if one reader imagines a Yamaha stereo and another a Kenwood. They both have a solid rigid picture in their mind as if they are there. Remember your reader is most likely some male teen with his dick in his hand. He wants a quick and easy mental picture. He doesn't care about the color co-ordination of the wallpaper.

Writing about sex is not important. The arousal is in the build-up. If your characters are having sex within the first three paragraphs you have failed. Women don't take off their clothes or suddenly get naked. They undress slowly, one piece at a time. When building up to the sex scene pretend you are writing for the "exhibitionist and voyeur" section then add the sex to it. Your build up should normally be longer than your sex scene.

Taboo sex is better than straight sex. Normal couple sex tends to be boring, except for the romance crowd which is a different style of writing. Incest, adultery, group sex, interracial, or forced sex makes for more arousal than two people bumping dirty parts.

Forced sex should not be too descriptive as to be a horrible rape. That arousal factor is low. Also a woman does not suddenly go from fighting off a rape to being a nympho. Make it a coerced sex scene, where the woman has a say. Blackmail is a good tool to set this up. In "White Wedding" Tammy is coerced and enticed by cocaine. This was a way to write that "rape" scene with the woman becoming a nympho while still being believable.

That is another point. Make the story believable. A woman who promises to shower with the basketball team if they win is not believable, especially if we meet her in paragraph one, she promises in two and showers in three. In "Gangbang Shower" I made the scene believable. I had build-up to the story in the previous chapter with Tammy's job. Then I used Tammy's stubbornness to get her into a situation of her own choosing. (Notice how her stubbornness is maintain throughout 120,000 words and it never fails to cause her to make wrong decisions.) Tammy takes a shower with the crew, but with no sex. There is no sex until the end of the week when Tammy allows the guys to wash her back. This then slowly evolves into what would normally be an unbelievable gangbang.

How do you know when you are good? People e-mail you as if the story you wrote is true. They offer advice to help you. Or when a guy complains you are a slut and votes you a one because you cheated on your husband or screwed a guy over.

If you can't score a 4.00 on an incest story you are doing something wrong.

Young teen sex is another good turn on. Characters must be 18 or over. You can state that or never mention ages which will sometimes fly. The best way to write about teen sex is to simply make the characters act immature. You can say they are 18, but the reader will slip into an earlier teen frame of mind if your character acts 16. For instance in "Forced to Strip," Tammy rips a towel out of her brother's hands while he is masturbating under it. She exclaims, "What you trying to do, get me pregnant?" Clearly this is from an immature mind. Other writers are masters at this. I prefer not to dally too much in this field. I remember one author who wrote about playing games with his sister, such as "find the quarter." This painted an image of a younger than 18 year old person, but didn't technically cross the line.

Consistency is semi-important in erotica writing. Readers are more forgiving if you screw something up. In fact they may not even notice. In "Doctor Dad" Tammy's mother had died. A few chapters later in "White Wedding" she was alive again. No one ever e-mailed about it. The important aspect is setting up the scene and making each chapter believable. Erotica writing has almost a Douglas Adams aspect to it. Each chapter makes a statement, but the story can be a little disjointed as long as each chapter is good and has a point.

My stories have humor in them. Not that you are going to laugh out loud kind of humor, but something which makes you smile. This is the tradition of the Porno industry. Candy, Deep Throat, and even Debbie Does Dallas were humorous and at times awkward. They are deemed as "classics" within their own genre. This is s serious element missing from today's published stories. This is what makes Tammy "fresh" because she is actually old. "Tammy" can take a story written 200 times at Literotica and add a creative twist, detail, or point of view to make it worth reading again. Just because a story has "been done" doesn't mean you can't do it too, even better.

The wife/girlfriend at a card playing game or hostess at a football game is one of my favorite themes. We all know the woman is going to be naked screwing all the guys. The talent is taking the long way to get to that point, adding something different, making a twist and making it believable. I don't believe stories with French maid outfits.

Write in first person. It is not only the easiest, but makes the story real. Leave that third person stuff for documentaries and professionals. It is difficult to be a "part" of the story from a narrative. There are very few good third person stories at Literotica, but not many. I don't pretend to be a good writer, I shy away from them. A second person story is permissible once in a while, but it is strictly porno genre. Don't create a character around it. It is usually awkward to read. There are no good second person stories at Literotica, although many readers like them.

A person has 5 senses. Use them all if you can. People are not perfect. Sex is not perfect. Throw an occasional wrench in the works.

There are certain phrases that paint a picture and cause arousal. Don't be afraid to use them. You know what they are when you read them. If you are aroused by a certain scene in a story, what are the words or phrases which arouse you? Remember them and use them. Words such as pussy, cock, ass, and tits have no arousal value within themselves. Words or phrases such as "exposed, spread wide, open wide, thrust, gagged, slurped, licked, felt-up, face fucked, stripped, revealed, flashed, camel toe, all paint a picture with an arousal result. I think Tammy got "face fucked" in nearly every chapter. It can never happen enough. Read your story again after you go away from it. If it doesn't arouse you, it won't arouse anyone else.

Many readers ship over the "fluff" just to get to the porno parts. That is fine. For them you need the long arousal build-up and key words and phrases during the sex act as described. They can enjoy the same story as everyone else. A good author can appeal to both. Your initial introduction of your main character may be a little long. Normally a story background should be done in 2-4 paragraphs. If a reader goes to end of the first page and there is no action, most will go on to the next story, not page two. Remember they are there for arousal, not to read Hamlet.

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