tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Quick One While He's Away

A Quick One While He's Away

byDeadly Joker©

Paul checked his watch, pushed his hands back into his jacket pockets, and rushed forward against the wind along the dark city sidewalk.

Shit, he thought, I’m probably gonna be late. Maybe not. Shit, I think the store’s closed tomorrow too.

The lights were still on in the store when he saw it, and the ‘Kazawa’s Electronics Surplus’ sign still glowed. It was a small cluttered store, set into the first floor of one of the two-storey buildings that line the street.

Paul pulled at the door, and it wouldn’t open. He looked up and a ‘Closed’ sign stared him in the face.


Paul stood there on the cold, windy sidewalk and wondered what to next. He tried the door a few more times, and only succeeded in making a clatter. In his mid-twenties and in good shape, it wasn’t the walk he minded so much as the time wasted. He brushed a stray strand of brown hair from his eyes.

Then something moved inside. Soon he saw the smiling face of Mr. Kazawa, bald-headed and beer-bellied, who unlocked the door and let Paul inside, then locked the door again behind him.

“Gee, thanks Mr. Kazawa, I guess I was running a little late and...”

“No trouble, no trouble Paul,” Mr. Kazawa said in his thick Japanese accent. “I have your order right here. Follow me to the back, huh? I have it for you.”

Paul began to walk along behind him through the cluttered store when he saw another person looking at them in curiosity. Mr. Kazawa usually tended the store alone, and when he did have an assistant, it was usually a pimply-faced teenager. Paul had to blink twice to make sure it wasn’t his imagination or a cardboard cut-out display.

“Oh yes, of course! Paul, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Midori”

Midori was almost as tall as her father, but that was still only up to Paul’s chest. She had doe-like eyes and a red gloss decorated her lips. Her straight black hair fell past her shoulders and her body was slim and sleek, her chest making a tiny bulge in her white T-shirt, while her hips had a little more definition under a pleated black skirt that stopped above her knees. She wore canvas sneakers on her feet.

“She come over from Japan where she live with her mother,” Mr. Kazawa continued. “Two days ago. She going to be going to university here in the new semester.”

“Very nice to meet you,” Paul said, and extended his hand.

“He-hello-o,” Midori said very awkwardly, and when she gave her hand to Paul it disappeared in his. Her handshake was so passive and timid Paul wondered if she maybe didn’t expect him to take up her hand and kiss it instead.

“Hey,” Mr. Kazawa said, “Paul, he work at the university! Maybe he can help you if you have problems!” Midori didn’t seem to understand what he said, and so he repeated it in Japanese.

“Ah-ah!” Midori nodded and smiled.

“She need some help with the English, you know? She from a small town. Shitty town. That’s why I leave.”

Paul hoped Midori couldn’t understand the crass comments from her father. Paul knew that Mr. Kazawa had been here for almost twenty years now, so he guessed he left Japan pretty soon after Midori was born, if not before that. As for working at the university, it was actually a 2-week contract a few months ago, but this was no time to either injure his own pride or get into specifics. “Yeah, yeah, sure. Y’know, if I can help...maybe.”

Mr. Kazawa led Paul into the backroom and Midori followed behind them, sticking close to the side of Paul. The backroom was as disorganized as the front of the store, with boxes not only on the extensive shelves, but scattered all over the floor, many half-opened or ripped. Paul knew his imagination was drifting, but the faint scent of Midori brought the image of oriental flower blossoms to his mind.

“Shit!” Mr. Kazawa cursed, looking in a bin. “I got two of the things you ordered here, but the third one, the refurbished voltmeter, yeah? Well it’s not here. The store got new shipment in at the distributor, but I had no chance to send anyone to pick it up today. I so sorry!”

“Well, if you don’t have it, it’s quite alright...” Paul began to say.

“You know what I do?” Mr. Kazawa asked. “I go there now. You a good customer, and you pre-pay for this order, so-”

“You really don’t have to-”

“Hey, it’s okay, I have to go there sometime anyway, huh? Plus, we closed tomorrow, and I know you a busy guy. Fifteen, twenty minutes tops! You and Midori can chat, yeah? Bye!”

He said something in Japanese to Midori, an then left, locking the door. Locking them inside, Paul realized.

Paul looked at Midori. They were still standing in the backroom section of the store, and she was looking at him with what he thought was half tourist-like curiosity, and half jet-lag daze.

“So...” he ventured, “how do you like it here so far?”

Midori scrunched up her eyebrows. He couldn’t help realizing how cute her confused look was.

“Like?” He tried again, “You like?”

Midori brought her hands up to Paul, one brushing against his chest, the other along his shoulder. “Ya,” she said, “Very big boys!” She’d obviously misunderstood, but something stirred inside Paul at her female attentions.

He raised a hand and brushed his thumb along her cheek. “You’re very beautiful.” She didn’t back away. Something began to glisten in her eyes, and it tempted Paul. He brushed his thumb along her lips, and then pushed in.

His thumb plunged into the wet warmth of her mouth, and she closed her eyes and sucked. Paul was suddenly aware of how warm it was, of the heat of her body, of the heat of his body, and the feelings she aroused.

Midori’s eyes popped open at the sound of the zipper. She spit out his thumb and looked horrified. Paul had tossed off his jacket and lowered his pants around his knees, and now stroked his hard cock.

Paul put his hand on top of her head, over her dark hair, and pressed her head down, along his chest, towards his throbbing cock.

“Ai!” Midori’s head slipped to the side, and she took a couple of steps back. She said a few things in Japanese and then: “No-No!”

Quick as lightning, one of Paul’s hands lunged for her head and grabbed a fistful of hair. His other hand left his cock and slapped her face, forehand-backhand-forehand.


He pulled her head down and the rest of her body came with it, landing on her knees on the concrete floor. Still holding a fist of her hair with one hand he pressed his cock against her lips with his other.

“C’mon, take it! Take it fuckin’ slut!” She didn’t open her mouth, and raised her hands against his hips to try to push herself away. He rubbed his cock over her face, trailing pre-cum. He rubbed it over her eyes and against her nose and slapped it against her cheeks.

“C’mon, say Aaaaaa!” He demonstrated opening up his own mouth, but she just shook her head and tried to push herself away with her small arms.

He spit on her face and slapped it again: -Phhht!- -Smack!-

“Say Aaaaa!” She refused him again.

He suddenly moved, pulling her head back to bend her at the knees. He pulled up her T-shirt; the nipples on her small breasts were hard with excitement. He used his free hand to slap her breasts, getting them red: -smack!-smack!-smack!-smack!-

“Aaaaaaaiiiieeee!” Midori opened her mouth at last, with a scream. Paul used the opportunity to plunge his cock between her lips. He pulled her head against his crotch by her hair, feeling her gag and the spittle rise. She beat against the sides of his hips with her fists.

He thrust his cock deep into her throat to distract her, and then grabbed both her arms and pinned them behind her back.

In seconds they were in the position Paul wanted: the little Japanese girl keeling down in front of him; him bent over her with one of his hands holding both of hers against her back, and the other with a fistful of hair; and his cock in her mouth.

“You’ve got a fuckin’ hot tight mouth! Ungh!” He began pumping deep into her mouth and throat, feeling her struggles beneath him, feeling the saliva and bile rise up around his cock and sometimes splash against his balls. Forcing his cock against her tongue, down into her twitching throat as she gagged and gurgled. In-out, in-out, faster and faster.

Suddenly he pulled off and threw her back. Paul breathed heavily, his pants still around his ankles. Midori tried to catch her breath with her ass on the floor, her lips wet and drool running down her chin and neck to soak the T-shirt that was still scrunched around her chest.

“Paul-” she huffed; the rest was in Japanese, though he heard his name a few more times.

“Fuck you,” he growled, and picked her up by the throat, tossing her onto a large cardboard box. He guessed something was in there because she didn’t fall in. He forcefully spread her legs, threw up her skirt, and yanked off her plain white cotton panties.

“Paul! No!” she cried. He had a short glimpse of the sparse dark hair around her pussy before she clenched her legs shut..

“I said fuck you, and I’m going to fuck you. You understand that?” He forced her legs apart and thrust his hips between them. He guided his cock against her pussy and pressed inward.

“Aiiieee!” Her scream was short before he shoved her panties in her mouth and forced her mouth closed with a hand, keeping it there. She rained punches on his chest as his cock pressed deeper.

“Fuck you’re tight, I can barely get half my cock in!” He began moving in-and-out, trying to push in a little further each time into her hot hole. “Fuck, it’s like your sweet pussy’s milkin’ my fuckin’ cock! So god-damned tight!”

Paul, still with one hand over her mouth, brought his head down and bit and sucked at her small breasts, her chest almost flat now as she struggled and strained to get away from him. Midori’s small fists beat against his shoulders, against his back, even against his head.

He worked his cock in deeper and quicker. He felt her stop struggling, and then it was just the two bodies huffing and grunting.

Her hands wrapped around his body again, but now there was no violence, just contact. He felt like her hips were beginning to try to work with his fucking.

The edge of the box began to rub painfully against one of his legs, so he stood up, pulling up Midori with him, still impaled on his cock.

He pulled his hand from her mouth, but she didn’t spit out her panties. Paul stood there in the back room of the electronics store, hands under Midori’s ass supporting her as she hung impaled on his cock, her legs around his ass and thighs, her arms around his neck.

Paul felt her twitch a little. Then a little more. She began to rub against him, to move her body up and down his cock, to thrust her clit against his pelvic bone.

“MMMmmmmph!” her orgasm was muffled by the panties in her mouth. As she came down her face was still flushed red. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and she gasped deeply.

“You swallow me?” he asked. He made a motion with his finger, beginning at her mouth and ending at her stomach, where he gave a little rub.

“Yeah, sir. Paul.” She nodded.

Midori pulled off and got on her knees in front of him. Paul pushed his pussy-soaked cock into her mouth.

“Aaaaargh, take it!” With a few sucks he came, and Midori lookup up at him wide-eyed, her tongue and throat working hard to swallow down the hot gooey cum as it burst into her mouth.

When he finished and began to soften, she pulled her lips off his cock with a smacking suction sound. “Fuck!” she sighed, and then continued on a roll of Japanese exclamations.

Midori wiped up her face with her skirt, and Paul moved another box on top of the one where they had left a wet spot. He saw wet spots on the floor from her drool and who knew what else, and used her panties to wipe them up.

Midori stood and let Paul slip her panties, now dirty and wet, up her legs. As he was pulling them up he paused. Her asshole looked at him between her asscheeks, bright pink and glistening from pussy juice and sweat. He stared at it until he heard the door open.

“Gotta save that for next time, I guess,” he muttered, and slipped the soiled and stained panties over Midori’s asscheeks, where they damply clung and pressed in against her asscrack.


Thanks for reading my story. Please remember to vote, and if you have anything to say you can either leave a comment below or send me personal feedback. I always love to hear what readers think of my stories.

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