tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Quiet Jog Turns Violent

A Quiet Jog Turns Violent


On a warm summer evening, you decide to take a run. Putting on a pair of shorts and cutoff top, you drive to the beach where you know you can have the place to yourself. Unknown to you, it is the same place where I enjoy lurking for my next conquest. As you are running along the beach near the tree line, feeling the wind through your hair, you don't hear me come up behind you until my hand clamps over your mouth and my other arm wraps around your waist pulling you close.

Whispering in your ear, I say, "Let's you and I have some fun, baby."

As you kick wildly I pick you up and drag you into the woods, your screams muffled by my hand. After a while, we stop and still holding you tight, I watch your breasts rise with each hurried breath you take.

"No one can hear us here, lover."

You again struggle to escape and I laugh at your futile attempts. Throwing you to the ground, I again look at your hot body, your toned legs, tight stomach, lovely breasts and I feel my cock growing hard at the thought of having you. Taking off my tee, I order you to take off your cutoff top.

Crying, you beg, "Please let me go."

"We can do this hard or easy, your choice."

With tears running down your cheeks, you reach down and remove your top. I can't help but stare at your perfect breasts even as you shamefully try to cover your tits with your hands.

"You are not even wearing a bra, you wanted this, slut. Now, take off your shorts, bitch."

You shake your head no saying, "Please let me go, I won't tell anyone."

I laugh and say, "When were done, you'll tell the world how wonderful it was."

Jumping up, you attempt to run away, but I catch you and pull you to the ground. You scream and struggle as I rip your shorts off, glancing at your soft mound covered with golden pussy hairs.

Lying on top of you, I say, "Lets not have any more of that crap, shall we?" and I twist your nipple to show you who is boss. You cry out but make no effort to escape. Standing, I tell you to get on your knees and undo my pants. Sobbing, you slowly get to your knees and begin to unbuckle my belt and undo the button and zipper. My cock is bulging against my underwear as I tell you to pull my pants down. Looking away, you do as I command.

Grabbing your face, I force you to look at my ramrod hard cock, saying, "Do you see it, bitch, do you smell my musk. This is what a real man looks and smells like. I am going to show you the greatest pleasure you'll ever know. You know what to do now."

Looking up, your eyes plead with me one last time, but I have no compassion as I force my cock into your mouth. I moan as I feel your soft lips encircle my shaft, your tongue caressing my dick even as you try to pull away. My hands pull your face back and forth, forcing your mouth to caress my dick.

"Suck my dick, you whore, make love to my cock."

You gag as I force you to take all of me in your mouth, your nose in my pubic hairs smelling my musky scent, your hands against my thighs trying to push me away. Looking down I see your nipples standing erect and know that your body is becoming aroused. Pulling your face away, I lay on the ground with my legs at your face. Again, I command you to suck my cock. Slowly lowering your head unto my dick you begin sucking me again, this time with more passion, your lips tight around my shaft, your golden hair caressing my thighs. I reach over and begin to caress your pussy lips with my fingers as you milk my cock. You moan as your body responds to my touch, your pussy growing wet with desire. Spreading your legs wide, I plunge my fingers deep in your pussy.

"God, bitch, I'm going to cum."

You try to pull your head away, but my hands force your face back on my cock. Guiding your head up and down my hard shaft, my cum explodes in your mouth.

"Damn, yes, slut......suck me dry."

My cum spills from your lips as I finally release your head from my grasp. Pushing your legs apart, I lean my head in between your creamy legs, feeling your heat.....smelling your scent. Sucking, kissing and licking your thighs fuels my lust to have you.

Tears again appear on your face as you realize that you have no control over your feelings, your thoughts of shame at feeling the way you do. I feel you tense as I plunge my tongue deep into your snatch, smelling you, tasting you. Hungrily, I suck you, my tongue running up and down your pussy, my hands on your perfect ass pulling my tongue deeper into you. No longer do I need to force your head on my dick, you are blowing me of your own will now. As I feel your orgasm building, I increase my rhythm until I hear you cry out in pleasure, your hand rubbing my cock as the waves of passion envelop you. I suck every drop of your female juices as you rock on the ground with my head between your legs. After, I hear you crying as you realize what has happened, that your lust had overcome you and forced you to respond in a way you would never have imagined.

Standing, I tell you, "We are just getting started, bitch."

Grabbing you by the hair, I pull you to your feet and drag you to an old tree stump. Sitting on the stump, I order you to straddle me and ride my hardening cock. Once more, you plead with me, "Please let me go, I've done what you want". But, grabbing you by the hips, I pull you close and force you down. I moan as I feel my cock slide easily into your wet pussy. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I begin to suck as my hands force your hips up and down on my shaft, every stroke leaving my cock slick wet with your juices. At first, you resist, trying to push me away, but after I take your other nipple in my mouth, you pull me close as I suck and caress your nipple to hardness. I can hear your breathless cries as you whisper, "Oh God, no, this is so wrong." And you look away in guilt and shame. Increasing the rhythm of my strokes I continue to furiously fuck you. I can't get enough of you. My loins are on fire as I continue to pound your sweet pussy with my cock.

Grabbing your face, I force you to look down at me and I say, "Has your husband ever fucked you like this, whore, has he ever made you feel more alive than right now?" You don't answer as we continue to fuck, our gasps growing hurried as we climax together, both crying out as my cum shoots deep in you to mix with your sweet juices. I bury my face in your neck and feel you pull me close as our orgasms subside.

Standing, I realize we are covered in dirt, grass and leaves from our sex. Taking you by the hand, we walk toward the beach. You no longer resist and allow me to take you into the warm waters. The sun is beginning to set as I slowly run my hands over your body, washing the filth from you. We stroll deeper into the surf and face the sunset. Your body leans against me, your back against my stomach, your ass pressed against my pelvis, my cock resting against your thigh. As the sun continues to set, you lean your head back on my shoulder. I feel your hand reach back and grab my cock rubbing it to hardness.

Barely audible, you whisper, "No."

"No, what".

"No, my husband never fucked me like that and I have never felt more alive than now."

I turn you around to face me and pull you close for a deep passionate kiss. Your arms encircle my neck and our tongues meet to caress each other in passion. I reach down and, grabbing your ass, pull you up. The waters buoyancy helps me hold you close to my rigid body. You know what I want as you spread your legs around my thighs. I lower you unto my cock and we begin to make slow, passionate love in the water. As the sun sets, we continue to rock together, our motions as one, as we explore each other fully before returning to our normal boring lives.

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My pussy is soaking wet reading that, so hot. Want that to be me x

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