tagFirst TimeA Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 02

A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 02


Dan was caught up in the excitement of the moment as he and Chloe drove to meet his friends at their predetermined rendezvous spot. He and his friends had just graduated from high school the previous week and to celebrate were taking a trip to his family's cabin in upstate Pennsylvania. His girlfriend, Chloe, sat in the seat beside him as he drove. They had been awkward friends since the start of freshman year of high school and had become a couple during their sophomore year. Both had been very active in sports and marching band. Dan was about 5'10" and had short cut hair that matched his brown eyes. He wasn't ripped, but he had well defined muscles and even a slight six pack. Chloe was also in great shape with a slender body, long brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her legs were well toned from years of track and she was petite all around only standing at about 5'4, with B cup breasts and a tight round behind.

The 18 year old couple was driving with the radio blasting one of Dan's favorite Pink Floyd songs. It was the beginning of June but the temperature felt like mid August so rather than putting the AC on, Dan had all four windows down and the moonroof open. He was distracted by the beauty sitting in the seat next to him. Chloe was wearing a black tank top and short denim shorts that never would have passed any school dress code. Dan knew from their little romp in the morning that she wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her little nipples poking through her tight shirt.

"Try not to kill us, babe," Chloe quipped as she caught him looking, "I want to at least enjoy this trip first."

Snapping out of his daze Dan blushed and refocused on the road he said shyly, "Sorry, I can't help it, you're too damn beautiful."

"Ok, lover boy," Chloe laughed, "save all the sweet talk for the trip, you might get lucky if you do."

Dan couldn't help but smile. He and Chloe had never had sex in the two plus years they've been a couple. They've fooled around plenty though with oral and other sexual activities. Even that morning before they left his house they both went down on each other, so the thought of doing more with Chloe instantly peaked his arousal. They weren't waiting for marriage or anything, just both waiting for the perfect moment.

Dan glanced at the clock on the dash. Even with the unexpected play time he and Chloe had this morning, the couple was a half hour ahead of schedule. Their friends weren't meeting them at the coffee shop until 8am.

"We're going to be pretty early," Dan said glancing over at Chloe, "might want to text Nate and Haley to see if they can make it sooner."

Chloe laughed, "Fat chance! I don't think Nate has ever been early for anything in his life," she said as she typed and sent the text.

The pair pulled into the coffee shop and walked in. They both got cups of coffee and grabbed a booth as they waited for their friends. They chatted and laughed as they always did, never letting the conversation die off. They were both usually pretty shy, but after knowing each other for four years, and being a couple for more than two, their conversations usually went on for hours without stopping.

Finally after waiting for thirty minutes their friends, Nate and Haley, walked through the coffee shop door. Nate was about 5'8 and was a bit stocky, he carried the little bit of extra weight well though. With bright blue eyes he had long wavy hair which caused people to think he surfed, joke was he had never even seen the ocean before. He was also the twin brother of Dan's best friend Jason, whom would be joining the trip with his girlfriend over the weekend. Nate's girlfriend Haley was one of the best looking girls in the school. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair that matched her perfectly tanned skin. Like Nate, her eyes were a bright blue that could have seduced any man. Her body was lean and fit with small A cup breasts.

Haley smiled as she spotted Dan and Chloe sitting in a booth. Her and Nate walked over and joined their friends.

"Hey guys," Nate said with a smile, "sorry we're a little late. Had trouble getting Haley moving this morning."

Dan laughed as Haley punched her boyfriend in the arm, who feigned pain, "Something tells me it's the other way around," he said.

"Of course it was!" Haley said a little annoyed, "This guy will be late to his own funeral."

"Well we're here now," Nate said excitedly, "so let's get this trip going!"

The group all got coffee's to go and piled into their respective cars. Dan and Chloe pulled out in his Lancer with Nate and Haley following in his pick-up. The drive would take about three hours and was nothing but back roads and a few small towns. Chloe had decided to make a playlist of her and Dan's favorite songs for the car ride. Not even fifteen minutes into the ride they were both shouting lyrics and laughing at each other's horrible singing.

Dan always drove with one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the shifter, so Chloe seized her moment and placed her hand over his. Dan felt her soft, warm skin touch his hand and looked over to see Chloe smiling at him.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Oh nothing," Chloe replied with a coy smile, "I'm just thinking about how much I appreciate you bringing me on this trip."

"Of course, babe, I wouldn't have even thought about leaving you at home," Dan said, leaning over to kiss her.

Chloe's phone rang out over their loud music, forcing her to mute the radio and put her window up so she could hear it.

Chloe answered, putting her cell on speaker, "'Sup, Haley?"

"Hey, so I forgot to use the bathroom before we left," said Haley's voice through the phone, "any chance we can stop somewhere?"

"Yea," Dan said to the phone, "we're almost in Ashland, there's a nice diner we can stop and get some breakfast too."

"Hell yea!" Nate's voice came booming through the speaker, "I'm starving!"

"Alright, another ten minutes then," Dan told them as Chloe hung up the phone.

As Dan promised the group reached the diner in ten minutes. The four of them stepping out of the two cars, stretching.

"So how much longer?" Chloe asked Dan as they took a seat in a booth.

"We're about half way," Dan replied looking at the menu, "so about a hour and a half."

"Awesome, we'll be there by lunch then," Chloe said in relief.

"In a hurry?" Dan asked her chuckling.

"No, not at all," said Chloe, "I was just curious."

"Okay. By the way, Centralia is right up ahead," Dan said with a big smile, "I figured we could stop and check it out for a little."

"No way!" gasped Chloe, "Everytime you talk about that place I get chills."

Everyone in eastern Pennsylvania knows about the story of Centralia. The town that burns under the ground. In the heart of coal country Pennsylvania, the mine under the town of Centralia had ignited in the early 60's and has been burning ever since. The town was abandoned and condemned by the state. Even still the smoke seeps up through the ground giving the town and ghostly look and an eerie feel.

"Did I hear Centralia?" Nate said returning from the bathroom with Haley behind him.

"Yea, it's only five minutes up the road, we have to drive through it," Dan explained, "I was hoping to stop and check it out, but Chloe won't let me."

"You can do what you want," Chloe said slapping Dan's arm, "but I'm staying in the damn car."

"Sounds a bit scary," said Haley uneasily as Chloe nodded in agreement with her, "I'm with Chloe, in fact I think we should drive around it."

"Well it's perfectly safe," Dan said reassuringly, "the state detoured the road around the part that caved in years ago. Besides, it would be an extra half hour if we drove around."

The girls still looking a bit unsure as the waitress approached the table, they all gave their orders. The four friends ate their breakfast and were back on the road by 10am. Hopping into their cars, Dan lead the way again.

Within a few short minutes Chloe was looking out of her window at the sight. Seeing a few abandoned buildings along the road, but no smoke. Dan guided the car over the crest of the hill and around a turn, bringing the deserted town into full view. Most of the buildings have been torn down, but there was still a couple run down houses. The cemetary was on their left and smoke was visibly coming out of the ground. Instinctively she grasped Dan's right hand on the shifter and squeezed it. Dan put his arm around her and she leaned into him over the center console, placing her head on his shoulder.

Once through the town, Dan felt her relax a bit.

"Don't worry babe," Dan said calmly, "the rest of the drive is boring, nothing but trees, mountains, and more trees."

Chloe giggled, "I guess we better find a way to make it less boring then."

To Dan's surprise, Chloe ran her hand up his right leg squeezing a bit as she reached his thigh. He looked over at her quizzically and all she did was smile. She continued to caress his leg getting higher on his thigh each time. By instinct, his body spread his legs a little wider. She took her cue and ran her hand all the way up to his crotch, feeling his soft member through his pants. Unsatisfied with what she was feeling she reached over, undid his button, pulled his zipper down and reached inside. She started off over his boxers, stroking his now stiffening 8" penis. They reached a stop sign and she told him to lift his hips. Dan obeyed and in one swift move she pulled his pants and boxers down exposing his hardened dick. The cool air blowing in from the open windows tightening his scrotum.

"Don't crash, babe," Chloe teased him.

She undid her seat belt and leaned over the center console. Grabbing his manhood, she loved how silky soft it was. He had a little drop of precum forming at the tip which she spread around with her thumb. Dan moaned, focusing as best he could on the road and not the gorgeous petite brunette playing in his lap. Chloe leaned over even more and she licked the tip of his shaft, tasting the salty precum on her tongue. Slowly she licked up and down, sucking one of his testicles into her mouth eliciting another moan from her boyfriend. She licked back up to the tip and slowly swallowed his entire length.

Dan loved the fact that she could get his whole dick in her mouth, the way the back of her throat rubbed his head drove him crazy and he had to stop himself from cumming every time. As Chloe guided her mouth up and down, she massaged his testicles with her right hand. Dan flinched a bit at first, her hands were always cold to the touch. Chloe giggled a little bit, her mouth still full of her boyfriends cock, she decided to get a little daring. As she sucked him, she slowly slid her right hand from his balls down further between his legs until she reached his anus. She gently started rubbing it waiting to see a reaction from Dan, when he sighed she knew he was enjoying it. More firmly she continued to rub his puckered hole.

The more Chloe played with Dan's anus, the harder and bigger he seemed to get. It was getting harder for her to engulf his entire penis. Her spit was escaping her mouth, running down his shaft, scrotum, and onto her fingers she had massaging his hole, lubricating them.

Dan was surprised at how daring his girlfriend had gotten. To this point, they had never tried anything other than the basics, oral, groping, handjobs and fingering. Both still virgins, Chloe even forbade Dan from playing with her own anus, and now here she was massaging his. It was driving him closer and closer to orgasm. He felt how wet her fingers were getting, and as he was about to climax, felt her middle finger pop into his hole. He came instantly, waves of pleasure running through his body. Spurt after spurt of semen coating the back of Chloe's throat, and like a champ she swallowed it all.

Slowly Chloe lifted her mouth away from Dan's penis, cleaning it as she did. She grabbed the bottle of water she got from the diner in Ashland and took a swig to wash out her mouth. She looked at her boyfriend who seemed to be in a trance.

Chloe was giggling, "Babe, you okay?"

"Yea," Dan sighed, "that was incredible. What made you think of that?"

"Haley said that Nate loves it," she said matter of factly, "so I figured you might enjoy it too. I assume you did, you've ever cum that much."

Dan responded by leaning over and kissing his girlfriend softly on the lips.

Chloe sat back in her seat and put her seatbelt back on. She looked at the clock and saw it was a little after 11am.

"Only a half hour left to go, right?" she asked rolling her window down.

"Nah," Dan replied, "probably closer to fifteen minutes actually. We're making pretty good time."

They were passing through Sonestown, and from years of making this trip with his family, he knew of the view that was about to appear out of Chloe's passenger side window. Rather than ruin the surprise, he stayed quiet. They were on Route 220, which up head wound along the side of a mountain for a couple miles until it reached the top. About three quarters of the way up, the trees on the right faded away and opened up to an incredible view of the valley and distant mountain ranges.

"Oh wow!" Chloe gasped, "Babe, can we stop and get a picture?"

Dan obliged and pulled off at the overlook. Nate pulled his truck in beside them and he and Haley stepped out. The four of them took in the scenery. Deep green foliage spread for miles into the valley. In the distance they could see far off mountain ranges under the bright blue early summer sky. Chloe sidled up to Dan and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him on the cheek.

"This is perfect," she whispered into his ear, "I could stare at this for hours."

Nate and Haley were silent, holding hands and taking in the view. Looks of relaxed peace on their faces.

After about a ten minute break and some pictures, they all climbed back into their vehicles and began the last ten minutes of their drive. Finally the turn that lead to Dan's family cabin came and he took it, unable to avoid the potholes in the dirt road.

"Damn Pennsylvania roads," Chloe said.

"It's a dirt road," Dan chuckled, "what do you expect?"

Dan turned the music off in the car. With the windows rolled down the only sound you could hear was the car rolling over the gravel road. He loved that sound. A couple of minutes later and he made the right turn into the driveway of the cabin and turned the car off. Chloe took in the sight and kissed Dan on the cheek smiling speechless. Tucked in amongst the trees was a decent sized cabin with stained cedar siding, a large covered front porch with big picture windows in the front. The young couple stepped out of Dan's car, stretching after the drive as Nate and Haley stepped out of his pick-up doing the same.

"Oh my god," gasped Haley, "it's so peaceful."

Dan paused a bit and closed his eyes. All he could hear was the gentle breeze through the treetops above them, birds happily chirping, and the occasional rustle of leaves and twigs, most likely from the hundreds of squirrels and chipmunks rummaging around on the forest floor. If he could, he would have stayed there, forever in that moment. Not a care or worry in the world. He opened his eyes and popped the trunk. Grabbing his bag and Chloe's suitcase. Neither one packed a lot because the cabin did have running water, plus a washer and dryer. He noticed that Nate and Haley had seemed to have packed for a month, when they were only staying six days. Chuckling he lead them all up the porch steps.

Dan unlocked the front door and ushered everyone in. Standing in the living room everyone was amazed how large the cabin felt. The walls were pine wood boards that lead up to high cathedral ceilings. From the living room you walked into the dining room and kitchen which had a staircase that lead up to the loft that had three beds, one queen, and two double. Walking back the hallway was a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, and two bedrooms, one master and one guest, both with queen sized beds. The master bath was a bathroom laundry combination, but no shower.

"Damn, I wasn't expecting this to be so nice!" Nate said, "When you said cabin I was expecting an out house and taking baths in a stream or lake."

"Yea, there's cable and everything," Dan laughed, "it's not exactly roughing it. There is a lake though if you'd prefer to bathe in it while you're here."

Nate chuckled, "Nah, the shower works for me."

"Well, the hot water heater isn't very large," Dan explained, "so we'll all have to take quick showers or the last person isn't going to be happy."

"We could always double up too," Haley chided, winking at her boyfriend, Nate.

They all laughed and separated off into their respective rooms. Dan and Chloe took the master bedroom, while Nate and Haley took the guest room. Sam and Jason would have the loft to themselves once they arrived for the weekend. Dan made lunch for everyone and then they all moved out onto the porch to just chat and relax. Chloe had fallen asleep in Dan's arms on the porch swing as Nate and Haley sat in chairs, enjoying the tranquility.

"Hey," Nate said sounding intrigued, "what's in the shed over there?"

He was looking over at the small detached garage about 100 yards away from the cabin.

"Oh, that's where the ATV's are", Dan replied. "I have the keys in my glove box. They haven't been ran yet this year, so I may need your help getting them started."

Nate had always been good with cars and engines. Except for the state required inspection, Jason did any repairs and maintenance on his jeep himself. He had shown Dan the basics like replacing bulbs and changing his oil and filters, but not much else.

"Yea man", Jason said with a grin, "shouldn't be too hard."

It was about five in the evening when Dan's stomach let out a loud growl. Chloe had woken up and asked Haley to help her with dinner. Nate had already started tinkering with the fourwheelers so Dan decided to go over and help him. They were able to get three of the four running before the girls called out to them, telling them dinner was ready. Once everyone ate, Nate broke out a case of beer and passed one around to everyone, knowing no one would be driving. Dan started a fire in the stone lined pit his father dug years ago, stoking it pretty high.

"Anyone have Marshmallows?" asked Haley.

"Damn it!" cursed Dan, "I knew I forgot something. I'll go into town tomorrow and get some from the store."

"I'll come with you, it was my idea after all!" Haley said, looking guilty, "There's a few other things I noticed we could use that I'd like to get."

As the night wore on, Nate and Haley were getting tired and eventually said goodnight, heading back inside to go to bed, leaving Dan and Chloe by the fire. She moved around so she could sit on his lap, leaning back into him.

"This is perfect already," she said, "and it's only the first day."

Putting his arm around her, Dan kissed her neck saying, "I'm glad you're here with me."

Dan put another log on the fire, merely for light and effect, since it was still warm they didn't need any extra heat from it. He sat back down, and Chloe took her spot back on his lap. Once again, Dan wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her stomach. His face was nuzzled into her neck and he could smell the soft scent of her perfume. It smelled floral, almost like lavender, which Dan knew was her favorite flower after her trip to France.

"I still owe you," Dan said softly.

Chloe turned and looked at him, "What do you mean?"

"For the car ride," Dan said with a grin.

Chloe knew exactly what he meant now, replying, "You don't owe me anything babe. You brought me along on this trip. If anything I still owe you."

"You know better than that," Dan argued, "I wouldn't have come if you weren't with me."

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