tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Real Swimming Lesson

A Real Swimming Lesson


For years now, I have enjoyed watching my husband when he is naked. I am fascinated by how his sex is flaunted so prominently by the design of the male body. While I realize that clothing is intended to draw attention to the female breast and buttock, nothing is put on display quite like the naked penis. Much of the mystery of being male is presented front and center. My sex is hidden between my legs, but his is on open exhibit revealing his moods and desires.

My fascination began many years ago when I once aspired to be an Olympic swimmer. Eventually, reality set in, and I settled for a job as a college swim instructor. Besides providing financial security, it allowed me to continue swimming and pretend that I still had a shot at becoming a professional swimmer. It also gave me the opportunity to train with Rick, a math professor who sometime helped out with swim team and an Olympic-dreamer like myself.

Let me confess right off that I found Rick to be a real hulk. He had the perfect swimmer's physique – long muscular arms; a flat, hard stomach; and buns so firm that you expected them to dent the chair he sat in. When in the pool with him, I had a hard time keeping my hands off him and my mind on my swimming. And I wasn't helped any by the revealing nature of swim suit that he wore either.

Rick's suit was one of the old fashioned racing suits that more or less draped to the contours of his body. Believe it or not, it left even less to the imagination than t modern-day speedos do today. The contours of his manhood were always – I do mean always – clearly visible. He had caught me on more than one occasion eyeing his attributes, although he said nothing about my indiscretions. Not a few female students made a point of coming to the pool just to check Rick out, and they were even less discrete.

One day, we were both called to the Dean's office because the men's swim coach had been called out of town due to an emergency and we had to make plans to cover for him. He was going to be gone about a week, and it was decided that I would fill in for him. Because Rick lacked credentialing, he could only help as an assistant. I would need to take over. A qualified professor from the English department would take over my responsibilities with the women until the men's coach returned.

These were the days when swim instruction for males was conducted in the nude, and the custom was for male instructors also to wear nothing. Supposedly, there was no practical way of dealing with number of wet suits that would be produced in the course of a school day and also some craziness about clogging the filters. (Why this reasoning didn't also apply to the number of female swim suits that were produced was somewhat a mystery.) Under normal circumstances, this arrangement worked fine, but this emergency meant that I would be the head instructor for a bunch of naked men. The principal did not think that the policy could be altered even under these extraordinary circumstances.

After we left the principal's office, Rick and I talked about how we would handle the nudity issue. While Rick normally swam naked with the rest of male students, he asked if I wanted him to wear a suit. Without revealing where I stood, I asked him what he thought. Rick said that swim instruction was always conducted in the nude when he was growing up and that most of his instructors were women. These women always wore suits but were sometime very young, only a few years older than their students. This practice, which had begun in the war years when men were in short supply, continued for him through high school and even once into college. No one seemed to care much, either the women teacher or the male students. While he could go either way, he guessed that it was probably safer to wear a suit.

While I had never admitted to myself, at least not fully, my special attraction to Rick's manhood, I realized that I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by. I felt guilty because I knew that the proper thing to say was to agree and say that he should wear a suit. I thought back to the first time I was drawn to the bulge in the speedos of the boys on my swim team, a bulge that both revealed and concealed what made them boys. I was equally embarrassed – why did they make them wear suits that made their "privates" public-- and infatuated – I wanted to see more than what the bulge exposed. While it was clear that I was still working this stuff out in my head, I knew that I wanted Rick naked.

The problem was that I need a plausible reason. I couldn't just admit voyeuristic tendencies and ask him to reveal himself to me. Without much forethought, I blurted out that I wanted things to be as close to the normal routine as possible and that I thought it was best if he didn't don a suit. Rich nodded okay without so much as the slightest hesitation.

Actually, this experience wasn't as new to me as I have made out. Our high school swim team use to practice in naked, and several of us girls used to slip in and watch with our mother as they sat in the stands waiting for practice to finish. We pretended that it was nothing out of the ordinary just like it was for our mothers, but we knew that this was not the case. We didn't need to imagine what a particular boy looked like without his clothes because we knew first hand, and those boys knew that we knew. The excitement we experienced sitting by our mothers watching our boy friends swim naked was almost beyond description.

Still, this was first time that I would be spending all day beside a fully grown man who was also quite a hulk. The next morning, I stopped by Rick office and suggested that we meet before class to coordinate our lesson plans. I was also concerned about how I was going to deal with Rick's nakedness. As I said before, it is one thing to view the clothed outlines of someone's manhood, even if its features are rather explicitly presented, and another to face the real naked thing. The one thing I learned from my previous experiences was that, because the male sex organ hangs out on full display, there is no way that Rick would be half exposed! He was going to be "on full display" and, because I didn't want any surprises, I wanted to see him in all his glory before the day started.

Rick entered my office wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. As soon as he closed the door, I looked him straight in the eye and told him to drop the towel. He was somewhat taken back by my directness, but he did as I had requested. I don't know exactly what I expected but Rick's penis was a good deal longer that I had anticipated. I had also not foreseen how the head of his penis would hang fully and erotically exposed below the folds of his circumcised foreskin, sending a sexually charged shiver up my spine. Although, I felt my own body respond to what I was seeing, I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder and asked if he was ready. He just shook his head yes. Still, if the truth be told, I wasn't sure that I was.

The daily routine called for the students to enter the locker room, strip, and then proceed to the pool where they would stand facing the instructor for their lessons. In order to deal with the initial embarrassment of being naked before a female instructor, we thought that it was best to line the men by the pool and to have me enter afterwards. After some basic instruction, we would order them into the pool for laps.

Rick lined the students up and, shortly thereafter, I enter the pool side. Their faces registered some initial embarrassment, but this was small compared to my own sudden recognition that I actually had twenty naked men standing before me. Try as I could to look the in the eye, I couldn't keep my eyes off their dangling, exposed penises. Finally, I gave in. I started on the left and went down the line, one at a time, staring explicit at their revealed manhood. When I finished, I looked up and said that, since there were now no secrets, we were just going to have to deal with it.

I gave basic instruction and, after ordering them into the pool, I began coaching their laps. I had failed to foresee that Rick was not going to jump in as well but was going to walk on the other side of the pool from me shouting encouragement. I have to admit that I found it a pretty arousing situation. Every time I looked up, my eyes caught Rick's dangling member swinging from side to side as he walked. I was glad when the hour was over.

It seemed that I couldn't keep my mind off Rick's tight buns and swinging penis. Whenever I lifted my attention from what was happening in the pool, my eyes lit upon Rick's unveiled member. By lunch time, I was going crazy with desire. This was a new experience for me. While I had had the normal hormonal rages of a teenager and various escapades of a young adult, I had never been so overwhelmed with basic horniness.

When the lunch break came, Rick and I walked back to my office. He asked what I was having. As I closed the door, I answered, "YOU!" I grabbed the towel he had wrapped around his waist and yanked it off. I took hold of his flaccid penis and began stroking it. Pretty quickly, he was rock-hard. I wasn't very experienced sexually at this stage of my life. Still, I had heard other girls brag in college that one of the best ways to take a man was with your mouth. While I had never had an occasion to try it, I decide right there to give it a go.

Kneeling before him, I took as much of his erect penis into my mouth as I could. There was plenty left over for me to stroke with my hand. I had to be careful not to gag because, well to tell the truth, he was very substantial and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Soon, I began to notice a faint seaweed taste in my mouth and, a minute or so later, he filled my mouth with warm, musty semen. I wasn't quite prepared the amount of sperm he gave me, and I am afraid that much of it dripped down my chin. I stood and looked Rick in the eye and then planted a cum-laced tongue deep into his somewhat surprised month.

Rick was, to say the least, dazed my sexual aggressiveness. He pushed me gently on to the top of my desk and lowered my swim suit. His mouth found my sex wet and welcoming. I shuttered when his tongue touched my clitoris. The first wave of ecstasy came over me soon after. Before I full recovered, a second wave hit. I came for a third time before I pushed him back from my pulsating clit.

I simply had to have Rick again. His penis had become soft, but when I took him deeply into my mouth, he rose to the occasion. My hand was stoking furiously on his long shaft when, out of the blue, I heard the bell ring. It threw me into a panic because the next class after lunch would be lining up in less than a minute. I quickly put my suit back on but this left not time to return to Rick's raging erection. We simply had to go.

When Rick and I walked before the class, his penis was red and swollen and fully aroused. All eyes left me and went to his display. Rick's face was bright red with embarrassment, but he carried on nonetheless. After about ten minutes, his member had subsided but was still engorged and hanging to mid thigh. Everything went fine – or as fine as it could given the circumstances – except that I still could keep my eyes off his impressive length and width and I was being pretty obvious about it. Then, with five minutes of class to go, Rick's penis suddenly began to stiffen and rise. When we stood before the students to dismiss them, Ricks' sex was protruding about a foot from his rock hard body.

When we got to my office, I asked him what was happening. Rick responded that my eyeing him throughout the lesson had set him off. I quickly took him with my mouth. Now having some experience, I brought him to climax and relished every drop of his musty cum. We returned to the pool and finished the day without incident.

When we were back in my office, I asked Rick what was going on with him standing exposed before the class with his penis looking like a flag pole. He invited me to remove my suit and to stand naked before a mirror beside him. He asked me what I saw. I said an impressive but clearly spent penis and ... my mouth dropped because it was far from obvious that I had had my clitoris worked over as well. The fact that my sex was covered with hair and hidden between my legs concealed this fact.

Rick said that when he went before the class with his in full view, he announced to the class his desire for me. There was no way to hide it. When a man uncovers his penis, he discloses a part of his inner self. This was why the ancient Greeks conducted their politics in the nude. While he had known this intellectually, he hadn't understood it as fully as he had today when he was in full display. He had seen me eyeing him across the pool earlier in the day and was surprised that he found pleasure in it. It was more than just the nakedness, more than the exposing what most conceal. It was the rush of courage that he felt when he embraced the vulnerability that emerges when one discloses one sexual being. To hide my arousal seemed like a betrayal of who he was.

I kissed him long and hard and, when we turned back to the mirror, his penis was on alert. I took his hand and led him to my desk where, simply put, I fucked his brains out. We had four more days before the regular swim teacher would return, and we planned to make our escapades at lunch and after school a routine. Moreover, I learned to relish his nakedness as we taught together, to welcome the sight of his dangling manhood as he walked across the pool from me, and to appreciate the vulnerability that he experienced when he bared his penis before me and the class. Moreover, I found myself taking greater pleasure in the exposure of my naked students. I now knew more about what being exposed to me meant to their sense of self. Moreover, the clearer I communicated my new found knowledge to them, the more they opened to themselves to me, the more they enjoyed the experience of being seen by one fully and obviously appreciated the sight.

What I have told you is true – at least this is how I remember it. Today, I never miss an opportunity to tell my husband to disrobe and let me see his nakedness. I love to take his penis into my mouth and stoke him to climax. I then fuck brains out --just like I did Rick. I do this every chance I get

I have left only one important fact to the very end. However, it may no longer be a surprise. That same Rick, the one with the hulky body and gorgeous penis, the one who found new courage when he revealed himself to me in an public setting, that Rick has been my husband now for forty years.

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by Anonymous08/27/17

Who knew?

It really is true that swim lessons used to be held in the nude. Crazy! Also very hot. Great story!

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