tagRomanceA Reason to Live

A Reason to Live


Morning streaks of sunlight poured over the face of my beloved. It was the morning of our first year anniversary. A year since pain of rejection had ended. A year since I didn't believe in love. A year without pain. I'd looked upon him a thousand times, but that morning he was the most beautiful thing ever created. The shimmer of rosy gold gave him the incandescence of an angel. I looked upon him like I'd never seen beauty before in my life. If I could have poured that joy into him so that he wouldn't only know it, but feel it, I would have. But I just smiled to myself. My softened lips touched his scruffy face with a dry delicateness that I hoped would not stir him from such a needed sleep.

His scent filled me. I curled beside him, but I could no longer sleep. My movements must have roused him. He stirred beneath me.

"Mmmrrrgg," he said.

"Morning to you, too."

I giggled at him. My brown hair fell over his shoulder. He stroked it gently and lazily. A groan formed in his throat as his muscles stretched beneath me. I placed my hand over his arm to feel it tighten and release. The hairs tickled my palms. His muscle hardened and relaxed. I bent toward his neck and kissed him just under his jaw. I felt the muscles there tighten as he smiled. A small laugh escaped his lips.

His eyes turned to me, and I could see a bit of mischief in them. His lips reached up to meet mine. The corners were still smiling while he kissed me. I smiled, too. It was contagious.

"Happy first anniversary," he said with a quiet, delicious voice.

I kissed him on the lips in reply.

He turned toward me and put his arms around me. We snuggled in the warm sheets for what seemed like eternity. The joy was intoxicating. I was torn, though. I wanted the embrace to last forever, but I wanted to move against him, feel his muscles close around me, and to feel his tongue all over my body.

I pushed myself against him a little more and rocked my hips against his waist. His eyebrows arched a little. He pulled himself up, and I sat up with him. His hands rested on my shoulders for a moment as he positioned himself. I reached toward him and his hands moved to the back of my neck. He pushed his lips to mine. His tongue barely grazed my lips. He puckered his lips and broke the first kiss. His mouth came back to mine more urgently. His lips opened, and I opened my mouth. Our tongues fought and my hands began to explore the skin under them.

I stroked the length of his body as our souls locked in the kiss. His hands mirrored mine. When I touched his stomach, he touched mine. As I moved toward his nipples, his hands roamed up to mine. With experienced fingers, he gently covered my breasts. He pinched just right, he caressed in precise rhythm. My hands ran between his legs. I lightly stroked the length of his cock. I wrapped my fingers around him and applied moderate pressure as I stroked him.

His hands followed my lead, and his fingers caressed the folds of my pussy. In complete response to him, wetness seeped over the mons and over my clit. His fingers stroked the soft skin of my pussy and our tongues still danced in rhythm. I ended this tease and pushed him away from me.

"I crave you. You are mine and I will have you this morning," he said to me. He pulled me toward him again. I laughed an evil laugh and pushed him away again. I made him lay on his stomach. He complied submissively. I climbed on top of him, and bent toward him.

I whispered, "I'm going to massage you first. I will touch you with my hands first, and then I will run my tongue all over you. You can have me in a little while. Right now, I have to feel you."

With a laugh in his voice, he said, "Then do it, woman." I smiled and wrinkled my nose at him. He turned his head back to the bed. He put his face upon the sea-green sheets. The gurgle of groans and sighs told me that he was happy with the work my hands were doing. I spent time on his back and his butt. I touched his arms and his legs. I parted his knees and ran my hand up his inner thigh. I felt the wrinkled skin over his scrotum.

I pressed my face against his back. My tongue desired to taste all of him. I bathed him with my tongue. I ran it over his back, over his arms and shoulders, down to his ass, and over his thighs. I licked gently at the skin on his butt momentarily. Then I ran my tongue over the flesh of his balls. His back arched, and he sat up quickly. He pressed his lips to mine, and we kissed again. He pushed me back, and I knew he wasn't going to wait any longer.

His breathy voice came to me through the haze of delight. He was saying, "I waited far too long for you. I waited until I thought I would die. You were the one thing that has kept me going through all these years. Your eyes speak to me of souls and eternity. We are whole now, though. Here and now, we are finally whole. Give yourself to me now. Open up and let me in."

"Fuck me, then. Do it to me now. I want you. I want you deep inside of me."

Experience taught him how to enter me swiftly without pain. I felt him slide into my pussy. It was an exquisite and excitingly vulnerable feeling. With gentle thrusts, he was soon deep inside my wet crevice. As if by magic, the thrusts stimulated me. The g-spot quickened inside me. His tongue caressed my neck and my mouth. My hands roved over his back, scraping the flesh they touched. I knew the time was quick to come. I reached up and grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to me. I felt his chest and his belly touch mine. There was an intensity of feeling between my legs as his cock thrust in a pattern of four softer, shorter bursts of energy and two long, hard thrusts. My body could not contain the excitement and energy. The release was fabulous. I cried out to him.

I felt like years of pain and anger were washing away from me. "I want you, I want you, I want you, I love you!" I groaned.

His face showed his intenity, and I heard him cry out, "Yes, yes, yes." He paused, then looked into my eyes. He said, "Oh gods, I do love you."

His body mirrored mine again, and as the final shockwaves of orgasm hit me, I felt the more uncontrolled thrusts of his own orgasm. He seemed like he was about to cry as he looked at me in those seconds of ecstasy. Tears escaped my eyes in joy. I cried as we collapsed beside each other. His smiling face nudged the back of my neck, and his arms came around me once more. I sobbed silently at the world and how at the end of such beautiful experiences, it never seemed like enough. His arms just cradled me, and the sunlight seemed to pour over me. I was warm in the cold room, and as my tears ended, I knew there was purpose and desire in me to get up and keep going on in life.

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