tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Reason to Shop

A Reason to Shop


There's a reason that men don't like going shopping with their girlfriends. It's because, when she's in the fitting room, we have to just wait around outside for what seems like forever. And we never even get invited inside, that's all we really want! "Hey, come in here for a second." I lost my train of thought and had to rethink what she'd just said. Wait, did she want me to come in the changing room with her? Oh, nice! Okay, play it cool, act disinterested.

She was... wearing clothes. Well, not that she didn't look great in them, she always looked great. "What do you think of this?" She did a little turn. "Yeah, I like it." I can see enough of the parts of you I like to look at, yes, it's perfect. "I was thinking... maybe a different color blouse?" What the hell's a blouse. "Yeah, I can see that." How do I stick around without seeming to be trying to stick around? Hm...

"Okay." she said, dismissively. She started unbuttoning the jeans and slides them off halfway before she looks at me. "Are you waiting for something?" Oh good, it's the playful voice and not the serious one, that's all I need. "Yeah." I make it obvious I'm paying close attention to her without making it look like I plan on doing anything to help. She smirks, then takes the pants the rest of the way off. She also unceremoniously removes her shirt and stands staring at me expectantly in her underwear. "Are you good now?" I can't tell if she's challenging me with her voice. I decide to assume she is. "Nope."

I approach her, cornering her in the small cubicle. She instinctively backs away, but her smile is getting bigger. I take her in my arms and hold her close, lowering my lips to hers. I pause before kissing her to make her giggle. "Well?" I kiss her, lightly, barely grazing her full, moist lips. I spread my hands over her back, holding her closer as I step up the passion of my kisses. As soon as she gets short on breath I stop, leaving her breathing heavily. She's looking up at me expectantly now... do I try to go all the way? I'm suddenly extremely aware of the people shopping around the area we're in, and how they can't see us but might be able to hear...

I unfasten her bra by memory, knowing that this one is a little tight. I let it fall and maintain eye contact with her, telling her it's her move in this game we're now playing. She heaves her chest with heavy breaths a couple times to show that she knows exactly where I'm looking (and she's right, her breasts are fantastic), then looks at me and bites her lip. That always kills me. Her hands reach for my belt as she whispers, "You'll have to be quiet, you know..." I slide a hand between her panties and her thigh. "We both know you're the one who has trouble being quiet..."

She finally finishes fumbling with my pants and pulls out my throbbing cock. Between the lip biting and the situation, I'm completely hard by the time she gets it out. She looks up at me as she takes it gingerly into one hand. "This is turning you on, isn't it? Being in the middle of the store with your dick out?" She pauses with a sharp intake of breath as she's unable to ignore my own wandering hand, which just found her clit in the moist slit between her legs. I start rubbing it in tiny circles, trying to ignore how good her hand—no, now it's both hands, both of the stroking my cock at different speeds.

I've got her in the mood in a fitting booth, I'm not going to let it stop at just a handjob. I take a step backwards, which is about as far as I can go in this tiny room, and she follows. I keep the intense eye contact we have going and try to will her to get on her knees. I think she can tell, but she isn't doing it. Fine, we can play that way. I bend down to kiss her again and whisper, "I want you to suck my cock." in my lowest, most whispery voice. She pretends to consider it, but I can tell by her eyes that she's just putting on a show for my benefit.

Without responding, she starts kissing my chest, slowly lowering to where her hands were still working. As my own hand slid out of her panties, I briefly pinch a nipple before continuing on to rest my hand on the back of her head. On her knees, she looks up at me again before planting a small kiss on my glistening head. She loves teasing me almost as much as I love her teasing me. She closes her eyes as her lips spread to engulf my member. She kisses her hand around my cock before she starts moving backward, coating my dick with her hot saliva. She gets into a rhythm, then looks up at me when I let out a low moan. She holds my dick like a popsicle she's about to get back to. "You have to be quiet." she taunts. Before I can retort, she's already back at work.

I gently apply pressure on the back of her head with my hand as I slowly thrust into her awaiting throat. She gets nearly all the way there before she starts making choking noises, and I release my hold on her. She stares up at me defiantly for a moment before removing my now wet and dripping cock from her gasping mouth. Her shiny lips distract me with the light strands which arch between her and I. "Get on the bench." I breathlessly order.

She licks up my shaft before finally removing her hand and backing off, sitting on the small bench they have in the cubicle. Her hands move to her waist and her breast, slowly rubbing herself in the ways I spend my day waiting to do. I kneel before her and take off her moist panties with both hands, leaving her now totally naked. Without wasting a second, I spread her legs apart at the knees and dive in head-first.

She has to slide forward a couple times to get to a comfortable location, and for me to get a good grip on her hips. It suddenly starts to hit her, and she coos in appreciation of my tongue's efforts. I bury my face in her wet lap, inhaling her scent like an aphrodisiac, driving me faster and more wild. She rests her hand on the back of my head while her hips thrust towards me in a rhythm I can feel throughout my entire body. I pause for a moment and look up at her, knowing I must look like a mess with my beard and lips soaking like they are.

Suddenly, there's a timid knock at the door. We both freeze. "Uh..." a slight woman's voice barely penetrates the plastic door of the room, "are you all right in there, miss?" We share a panicked look before she starts pulling a dress down from the wall. "Oh, YEP! Yep, I'm doing just fine, thanks!!" I have to stifle my laughter at the situation, all the commotion caused by her pulling on a dress as fast as she possibly can. She motions me behind the door as she opens it a crack and looks out. "Nope, I'm fine! See? Are... YOU okay?" On my side I get a great view of her still-stimulated pussy hiding behind her amazing ass, which the dress isn't quite covering.

"Oh, okay, we just have to check every once in a while to make sure you're not stealing anything or whatever." The disinterested clerk goes back to her desk and my girl slowly closes the door to stare at me accusingly. I feign innocence, of course. She playfully punches me and sits down on the bench to catch her breath. I stand looking at her, trying to make sure she notices that I'm still very erect. "Nice dress." I whisper, causing her to laugh.

For a second she forgets the situation and the interruption, and she stands to check herself out in the dress, which wasn't quite sitting right and looked tousled on her flushed body. I move behind her so only my arms and head can be seen in the mirror behind her. My hands go to work again, addressing all the interesting details of her body through the dress. At the bottom, I grab the hem and pull up, exposing her pussy and the short patch of red hair above it. She started breathing heavily again. "I wonder what you'd look like in THIS." I cheesily say as I slide my dick between her thighs. She giggles again, which turns into a soft moan of anticipation as I start slightly moving back and forth.

"We can't!" she whispered to me, turning and catching me in her glance. For a second I remembered every single thing I love about her all at once, and I kiss her. Her eyes plead with me and I tell her to lean against the mirror. She puts her hands on either side, presenting her ass to me. Without taking off the dress, I impatiently drive my dick into her pussy, my head going white with pleasure for a moment. I grasp her hips and start slowly pumping her, eliciting quiet sounds of pleasure from us both.

"Do you like what you see?" I ask, pulling her dress aside so she can see the reflection of my entry point in the mirror she's pushed up against. She doesn't respond, biting her lip and staring at the area I had exposed. She starts thrusting back at me and I bury my dick deep inside her, somehow resisting my urge to slap her ass. "Wait, wait, stop, we're going, to knock, this thing over," she whispers, gasped out between breaths. She's probably right. I stop and pull out, spilling several driplets of sex on the floor.

I sit on the bench and motion for her to come over to me. She rips off the dress and sits in my lap, positioning herself with no delay. I'm back inside her and feel relieved. She must feel the same way, given the way she gasps. As she starts gyrating in my lap, I match my motions, causing her to stare at me. I kiss her passionately, even though it screws up the rhythm for a second. She places her hands on my shoulders and uses them as leverage and I can tell that I'm getting close. I don't say anything, as she looks pretty close herself. Her head hanging down, her eyes squeezed shut, she lifts herself up off of me and slams back down, sending shakes throughout her entire body. It reaches her head and I can tell she won't be able to silence herself, so I grab her and roughly kiss her, taking her orgasmic screams into my mouth.

Her mouth isn't the only thing uncontrollable in the moment, though. From inside, I feel her squeeze tightly around me in bursts, successfully defeating my mental grip on my own pleasure and causing me to spurt. I count three big bursts before I have to close my eyes and let the ecstasy wash over me. A moment later, we look at each other. Out of breath, naked, covered in sweat, still connected at the hip. I kiss her again with dry lips, softly, and enjoy this moment before we have to deal with any consequences of this action. She slowly lifts herself off me, leaving thick white strands on my slowly softening cock and running down the inside of her thighs.

She looks at me accusingly as she wipes some of it up with her hand without thinking. "Wanna clean me up?" I ask impertinently, knowing full well she won't. She laughs, "haha, no!", then takes a long look at me. She quickly gets on her knees again and takes my member into her mouth. I feel her tongue covering my entire extremely sensitive length and feel small orgasmic aftershocks. She finishes and licks her lips, my dick now clean. "Now, help me get this stuff back together!" She's suddenly in a rush again. "We have to get out of here!" She giggles. She's about to put her panties back on, but rethinks, handing them to me. "Here, I don't want these to get messy." I stuff them in my pocket and we try to exit a fitting room together nonchalantly. Somehow. I'm pretty sure we failed.

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