tagRomanceA Rekindled Romance

A Rekindled Romance


Jacob walked in the door after school, tossed his backpack onto the kitchen island, "My teacher wants to meet with you."

Elizabeth stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and turned to him, "What? Why?"

Jacob was a high school sophomore and an A student and had never been in trouble, so this was surprising to her. Jacob shrugged his shoulders and went to the fridge to grab a Coke.

"Well, can you at least tell me when?"

He picked up his backpack to retreat to his room, "Tomorrow, after school."

She quickly processed her new schedule change for the day and as Jacob headed for his room she said, "Wait, which teacher?"

"Mr. Roberts," he called out as she heard his door close.

Elizabeth's heart stopped, "Mr. Roberts," she repeated aloud, "of course." She sighed. Richard Roberts. Her high school boyfriend now taught literature at their alma mater. How awkward this meeting was going to be!

She tried to get back to her kitchen work prepping dinner, but her mind kept distracting her with thoughts of her and Rich's high school love affair. It had been intensely physical, and they fucked like rabbits almost every time they were together. After graduation, they each pursued separate college careers and drifted apart, losing touch not long after. She had seen him in her "people you may know" suggestions on Facebook, but hadn't reconnected with him. She didn't know if he would even want to know her now as adults.

Elizabeth had been divorced from Jacob's dad for two years and hadn't dated much since then. Her current sex life revolved around what she called her "bag of tricks" that she kept in her nightstand. Just thinking about the wild sex she and Rich used to have was making her sweaty. They fucked wherever and whenever they could. In Rich's old Honda, in her room when her parents weren't home, once on the hood of his mom's car in their garage and they even fucked under the bleachers one Friday night after a football game.

She felt her panties getting damp while reliving their sexual escapades in her mind. Suddenly she abandoned her vegetables and left them to wait on the chopping board and headed for her bedroom. Every woman knows that when there's any realistic chance of running into an ex-boyfriend, she needs to look perfectly fuckable, whether that's a part of the plan or not. It's just an understood thing among women. She opened her closet and started flipping through the options.

"No...no...no...," she said aloud while quickly eliminating almost everything. "Wait," she spotted something. It was a cream-colored sundress with thin spaghetti straps that laced up the back, corset-style. It was covered in a floral pattern with shades of rose, soft green and country blue. It was the perfect choice; sexy, flirty, but gave the right balance of innocence that she hoped would remind him of the Elizabeth he knew 20 years ago. She pulled the dress from her closet and hung it on the door, giving it a place of honor until the following day. Digging through her closet she found a pair of nude strappy heels to complete the look.

The next day, at 3:30, Elizabeth arrived at the school and giggled to see that her old parking space was empty. She pulled into it and left her white BMW; a far cry from the old blue beat-up VW bug that she last parked there so long ago. As she followed the sidewalk towards the main entrance, Elizabeth looked up at the towering front columns of the historic brick building built in the 1920's. According to Jacob, Rich's classroom was on the third floor, at the end of the hallway, which she remembered was the old science lab.

She entered the old doors, and turned towards the main staircase. She suddenly felt like a teenager again. She had climbed those stairs almost daily for four years. They didn't seem as long this time. Elizabeth reached the top and suddenly got very nervous. The clicking of her heels echoed down the hallway. She felt like the whole school knew she was there, listening to her steps, although it appeared to be empty. The only students that were actually still around were on the athletic fields at various sports practices. Still, she slowed down her pace in an effort to muffle the sound of her shoes on the old wood floors.

Elizabeth arrived at Rich's classroom and knocked on the door softly. After a brief pause the door opened, and Rich stood in front of her. Her eyes widened as she gave him the once-over. He was taller than she remembered, with a short scruffy beard and silver wire-rimmed glasses which perfectly framed his ice blue eyes. He was wearing a green and blue plaid button-down dress shirt and dark navy slacks. Elizabeth always liked how he looked in his old football uniform and that's the image she kept dear. She had been a cheerleader and his biggest fan, never missing a game. She blinked her eyes quickly a few times to bring herself back to the present.

Their eyes met and his brow furrowed, "Um, Elizabeth? Is that you?"

She swallowed her nerves hard, "Yes Rich, it's so good to see you."

They exchanged a polite hug before Rich asked, "What are you doing here?"

Elizabeth suddenly realized that he didn't know..."I'm Jacob's mom, I was told you wanted to see me."

"Wow!" Rich replied, "I had no idea! Yes, please, come on in, have a seat." He closed the door behind her as she chose a student-sized desk in the front row directly across from Rich's big wooden desk and sat down. Rich sat in his faux leather rolling chair, and couldn't take his eyes off Elizabeth. "You really look wonderful. I guess it's been what...20 years?"

"Almost," she replied, coyly as she tossed her long auburn hair over her shoulder; nervously collecting it all in her hands on one side.

The classroom was just how she remembered, except for the rows of desks replacing the old lab tables. It had a line of windows down the side opposite the door, with a row of old-fashioned radiators under the windows that still functioned and provided a steamy heat to the room in the winter.

Her tone changed a bit and she asked, "Is Jacob in trouble?" a look of concern spreading across her face.

"Oh, no," Rich began, "Jacob is a great student and a pleasure to have in class. It's just that...I'm a little puzzled by his most recent assignment."

Elizabeth looked confused and asked, "Puzzled? In what way?"

"Well," Rich explained, "The assignment was to write a 1500 word essay about something that interested him."


"Umm..." Rich began, embarrassed about the topic, considering he was presenting this information to someone who he used to know on an intimate level, "He chose the topic of "Serial Rapists in Modern Day Society."

Elizabeth burst out laughing. Jacob was a bit of a prankster, but in the kind of way that left people uncertain to whether he was serious or not. Rich was really confused at Elizabeth's reaction, since he assumed his news would be somewhat disturbing for any parent to hear. Elizabeth composed herself and explained, in relief, to Rich that Jacob planned to go into law enforcement after college, so anything of a criminal nature was interesting to him. She agreed it was an odd choice, but she assured the teacher that Jacob had no ill-intent or immediate plans to become a rapist. Rich sighed, relieved at her explanation, and the two shared a laugh.

"Well...It's very well-written and he met the word count, but given the topic I wasn't really sure whether to give him an A or alert the authorities!" Rich said with another hearty laugh.

"I really appreciate you bringing it my attention," Elizabeth said gratefully, "and you can bet I will have a talk with him tonight on appropriate paper topics ... and how this one could have changed his future with just a phone call." They both laughed then shared a few moments of awkward silence.

"You really do look wonderful...Just like I remembered you. We had some great times together," giving her a wink and causing Elizabeth to blush.

"Yes, we certainly did," she replied with the flirty innocence of a schoolgirl.

They made polite small talk for a short time, catching up like typical old friends. Rich had married a girl he met in college and was now also divorced, but had no kids, joking that it was because he was surrounded by them all day so in his off time he wanted some peace and quiet. They talked about old mutual friends and what each of them was doing with their adult lives. It was as if the time since High School hadn't taken place. Elizabeth looked at the clock on the wall above and realized it was getting late.

"I should really let you get back to work. I'm sure you're ready to get home and I've taken up plenty of your afternoon."

She stood up and walked toward the door; Rich followed. Elizabeth reached for the handle as she turned towards him to say goodbye.

He pulled her in for a hug, "It really was good to see you again."

She loved the feeling of his arms around her; so familiar and comforting. The lingering embrace went on as neither of them wanted it to end, just like they were 17 again and about to part ways before their next class. The longer they remained in each other's arms, the more anxious Elizabeth became until she felt she had to pull away. But their eyes met and ardent lust took hold. Their lips touched just like so many times in the past and the passion flared. Rich locked the door without breaking their kiss. He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to his desk. Pushing off stacks of essays, pens and dry erase markers, he cleared a spot for her.

He kicked his chair out of the way and lifted Elizabeth onto his desk like a delicate doll. Standing in front of her, still locked at the lips, he cradled her head in his hands. They soon traveled to her back, caressing up and down. Her hands were at his waist but slowly moved them around and down to give his ass a squeeze. She smiled through their kiss after discovering that he had the same tight ass she remembered.

She awkwardly fumbled to unbutton his fly and he sped up the process by pushing his slacks down for her. Her hand covered his rising bulge. It felt bigger than she remembered; the thought made her squirm in her own wetness. It had been a long time since either of them had sex, because neither had dated much after their divorces. They both needed each other in the same way.

Elizabeth's hand on Rich's dick made it impossible for him to wait any longer. His hand dove into his boxers and pulled it out, making easy access for her to take. She leaned down, and, shaking with excitement, took him into her mouth. Her delicate tongue swabbed the head of his cock, until she could taste his sweet pre-cum. Taking the rest of him into her mouth, she was thankful there wasn't a window in the door to his classroom.

He was in ecstasy and could barely think straight but realized that time had perfected her oral skills. He was trying not to shoot his load too soon, but it had been so long since a soft mouth was around his dick that he knew he couldn't last. He grasped handfuls of her auburn hair and she smiled, remembering how he always used to grab her hair when he was about to cum. She used her mouth and tongue to stroke him faster and harder, and in a matter of seconds he gave a moan and was suddenly shooting his cream into her mouth. She swallowed down every drop of it, as if she were being given a special gift that she was lucky to receive.

He stood there for a few moments in front of her, as she tenderly caressed his cock with her tongue until he could see in color again. He put his hands under Elizabeth's arms and pulled her up to meet his gaze. She could smell her own excitement and so could he. Her seductive aroma gave Rich a primal look in his eyes which really excited her. Her panties were completely soaked through now and were uncomfortably slick with her juices.

His hands went under her sundress, stopping briefly to tightly squeeze her ass. His slowly deflating penis got new life when he felt no fabric covering her cheeks...she was wearing a thong. He needed to take her now more than ever. He kept his left hand where it was while moving his right hand around to the front. Finding the top edge of her panties with his fingers, he plunged his hand inside to cup her soft wetness, making Elizabeth melt with desire. His left hand went in search of her breast, finding her nipple through the fabric of her dress. It was hard as a rock when he rolled it between his fingers. The nipple play was the final straw for Elizabeth, she needed him urgently. Pulling his ear to her lips she was panting like an animal in heat.

"Fuck me as hard as you use to!" she purred.

That was all Rich needed to hear. He grabbed her by the waist, spinning her around and bending her over his desk so her perfect tits came to rest on the laminate wood. He lifted the hem of her dress over her hips and out of his way. Working her panties off, he pushed them to her knees and quickly plunged his stiff cock into her now frothy pussy. She was so wet he sank to the hilt with the first thrust. He shoved it in again and she moaned, grabbing the opposite edge of his desk to brace herself for his repeated impacts.

As he drove into her over and over with primal strength, he was taken back to the day they had fucked on the hood of his mother's car in their garage. Elizabeth was sprawled out over the hood of the car with her tits smashed against the cold metal. As he pounded her pussy from behind, hoping his mom wouldn't catch them, he thought she felt just as good wrapped around his dick today as she did back then.

Elizabeth was in a state of pure bliss. She noticed how his member felt like it fit inside her so perfectly, like a missing piece to her body's physical puzzle. He continued to slide his cock in and out of her wetness, until she reached around her own ass with her hand, stopping his rhythm just long enough for her to turn around and assume a new position. She wiggled out of her drenched panties and hopped up onto his desk, feeling the cold surface on her bare ass. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, locking them at the ankles for stability while gripping the edge of the desk.

He aimed his steely member at her drooling folds and drove it into her again. This time Rich enjoyed her help as she pulled him in with every thrust; perfectly in sync with his timing. He rested a hand on her abdomen to massage her clit in circles with his thumb. She was so slippery with their combined wetness that he struggled to keep his thumb in place during his continued thrusting. His planned circles ended up going in all directions. She began squirming uncontrollably which didn't help his mission at all. There was no way he could keep a hand on her clit now, so he withdrew his dick from her and dropped to his knees.

Before she realized what was happening, his mouth was covering her pussy and his tongue was working its magic on her swollen clit. She moaned and panted in time with his hungry oral assault. He felt her body suddenly tense up as Elizabeth fell into the swirling vortex of release she needed so badly. He continued to lick and suck her clit as she rode out her orgasm in his mouth. When she relaxed into the aftermath, he stuck his cock inside her again. She gasped. With a few quick thrusts inside her still throbbing pussy, he came and flooded her tight canal with his cum. Rich filled her to the point that it was dripping onto the floor beneath them.

She released her white-knuckled grip on the edge of Rich's desk and wrapped her arms around him. He returned her embrace and kissed her warmly. She could taste her juices on his mouth and tongue. They stood there for several minutes, recovering from the unplanned passion they just experienced with each other.

Their feeling of satisfaction was broken as they heard the footfalls of someone else's shoes echoing down the hallway. They both froze and listened.

"We better get dressed before the janitor comes and unlocks my door," Rich said once the footsteps passed.

Elizabeth nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She found her previously discarded panties, collected herself, and smoothed down her tousled hair. Rich pulled up and buttoned his pants while tucking his shirt back in. The noise level inside the school got progressively louder as kids returned to their lockers after various sports practices were now over.

"I'd better go before it gets any busier out there," Elizabeth said reluctantly.

"Don't forget to talk to Jacob."

"Jacob? Oh yes, his paper," she laughed, almost forgetting why she was there to begin with.

Rich chuckled, "Needless to say, he will get an A from me this time..." They both laughed and as Rich reached up to unlock his classroom door he asked, "May I see you this weekend?"

Elizabeth smiled at the possibility of having Rich back in her life again, "I'd like that," picking up a dry erase marker and writing her cell number on his whiteboard. "Jacob will be with his dad this weekend. Why don't you come over and let me cook you dinner?"

A huge grin crept across Rich's face at the thought of spending an evening with Elizabeth, not to mention the idea of a real home-cooked meal. "That sounds perfect," he said, "You can make dinner, if you'll allow me to take care of dessert." He winked at her again and she blushed beet-red.

"I'll definitely be looking forward to that," she winked back before leaving a final kiss on his lips.

She entered the hallway and began the walk back to the stairwell. Rich closed the door behind her and leaned against the back of it as he listened to her clicking heels get quieter, until he couldn't hear them anymore. He looked at her number on the board, and got his phone out of the desk drawer to enter it.

Then his curiosity made him move towards the windows which overlooked Elizabeth's old parking space. He noticed a white BMW parked there now, and he chuckled as he saw her approach the car and get in. For a moment, he would have sworn he was not looking at a shiny BMW. No, all Rich could see right then was an old, blue beat-up VW bug.


Special thanks to Drakon66 for the help with this story

*Constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated*

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